UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
March 15-16, 1883

       03-15-1883  Volume OA - Page 164                            Carson City, Nevada                            March 15, 1883    The Board of Regents met at the above named place and on the date  above given at the call of S. H. Day and organized by electing  S. H. Day, President, and M. D. Noteware, Secretary.  Present:  E. B. Harris, John H. Rand and S. H. Day.    On motion, the salary of Principal was fixed at $165 per month  for each month while employed on and after April 1, 1883.    On motion, it was ordered that the class in Assaying and Mining  Engineering be closed for the term on March 31, 1883.    On motion, the President of this Board was authorized to purchase  a secretary for its use.    On motion, it was ordered that the present term at the University  be closed on the 29th day of June, 1883.    On motion, the following described bills were allowed:        T. W. Stone         Salary as Principal, Jan & Feb    $500.00      J. E. Gignoux       Salary as Instructor in Assy. &                              Mg. Eng., Jan & Feb            500.00      J. H. Rand          Traveling expenses, Elko to                              Carson & return                 66.00      E. B. Harris        Traving expenses, Virginia City                              to Carson & return               5.00