UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
March 14-15, 1986


Pages 46-84



March 13-14, 1986

The Board of Regents met on the above date in Room 321-233, West-

ern Nevada Community College.

Members present: Mr. Daniel J. Klaich, Chairman

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mrs. Joan Kenney

Mrs. Jo Ann Sheerin

Mrs. Carolyn M. Sparks

Mrs. June F. Whitley

Members absent: Mr. Joseph M. Foley (on 3/14/86)

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Anthony Calabro, WNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President V. James Eardley, TMCC

President George Hidy, DRI

President Paul Meacham, CCCC

Vice President John Unrue, UNLV

Dr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

Mr. Mark Dawson, Deputy Chancellor

Dr. Warren Fox, Vice Chancellor

Mr. Ron Sparks, Vice Chancellor

Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairs Gretchen Billow (WNCC),

John Clevenger (TMCC), James Deacon (UNLV), Christopher Exline

(UNR), George Isham (CCCC), Jim Williams (Unit), and Student

Association Officers.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Klaich at 10:00 A.M.

On Thursday, March 13, 1986, the Board of Regents held a workshop

led by Dr. Ray Bacchetti, Stanford University, who discussed how

Universities and Colleges differ organizationally from business/

industry. Dr. Bacchetti explained that the University is pre-

sented with the challenge of moving forward while structured

internally with 3 main groups, the Board, the Administration and

the faculty, who view the world very differently and work in

different time frames. The challenge lies in seeing "how not to

have power struggles and figure out who is accountable to whom."

1. Personnel Session

Upon motion by Ms. Del Papa, seconded by Mrs. Kenney, the

Board moved to a closed personnel session for the purpose

of discussing the character, alleged misconduct, profes-

sional competence or physical or mental health of a person

in accordance with NRS 241.030.

The Board reconvened at 10:00 A.M., Friday, March 14, 1986.

2. Approved the Consent Agenda

Approved the Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A, and filed

with the permanent minutes) containing the following items:

(1) Approved the minutes of the regular meeting held

January 9-10, 1986.

(2) Approved the gifts, grants and contracts listed in

Ref. C-1, filed with the permanent minutes.

(3) Approved the appointment of the following members to

the DRI Statewide Advisory Committee:

David W. Clark, Reno

Thomas R. Clark, Las Vegas

Bob Lewis, Reno

David Mc Nelis, Las Vegas

John S. Baker, Reno

Arthur Anderson, Incline Village

Conrad Ryan, Las Vegas

General R. G. "Zack" Taylor, Las Vegas

Honorble Clifton Young, Reno

Joseph Murray, Elko

David Fullstone, Sparks

(4) Approved the appointment of the following member to

the College of Engineering Advisory Board, UNR:

Robert Churn, Reno

(5) Approved the appointment of the following as replace-

ment and/or continued members of the College of Agri-

culture Citizens Advisory Board at UNR:

Kelly Buchner, Reno

Chris Gansberg, Sr., Gardnerville

Karen Hayes, Las Vegas

John L. Mc Lain, Carson City

William A. Molini, Reno

Larry L. Pedrett, Minden

(6) Approved the establishment of an Advisory Committee

for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Nevada Insti-

tute of Contemporary Art and the appointment of those

listed below to serve as members.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas has established

the Nevada Institute of Contemporary Art. The primary

purpose of the Institute will be to foster public un-

derstanding and appreciation of contemporary art. The

Institute will serve Las Vegas by becoming a focal

point for cultural enjoyment, seeking to educate the

public and serving to encourage and inspire further

growth in the areas of artistic creativity. The In-

stitute is affiliated with the UNLV Department of Art.

Mr. Patrick Gaffey, Executive Director, Allied

Arts Council

Mr. Steven Molasky, CEO, Pacific Properties and

Development Corp.

Mr. Michael Saltman, Larkin-Saltman Investments

Dr. Thomas Wright, Dean, College of Arts &

Letters, UNLV

Mrs. Elaine Wynn, Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino

Mr. Park Fine, President, American Nevada Corp.

Mr. Tom Holder, Chairman, Department of Art, UNLV

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa, Regent, UNS

(7) Approved the establishment of an Advisory Committee

for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Arboretum and

the appointment of the following to serve as members:

Mr. Robert Morris, Area Extension Agent

Mr. Linn Mills, Area Extension Agent

Mr. William Blaine, Horticulturist

Mr. Nanyu Tomiyasu, Horticulturist

Dr. Wesley Niles, Botanist, UNLV

Dr. William Pratt, Curator of Collections, UNLV


Mr. John Smith, Horticulture Coordinator, CCCC

Mr. John Jones, Resource Manager, Nevada Division

of Forestry

Mr. James Sells, Arborist

Mr. Dennis Swartzell, Superintendent of Grounds,


(8) Approved an extension of leave without pay for the

1986-87 academic year for Barbara C. Thornton, Depart-

ment of Social and Health Resources at UNR. She was

granted a 0.5 FTE leave without pay for 1985 Spring

Semester, and a full-time leave without pay for the

1985-86 academic year.

(9) Approved an extension of leave without pay at UNLV

for the following:

Dr. Philip Taylor, Department of Management

Mr. David Pearl

(10) Information Only - President Hidy regrets to inform

the Board of Regents that Dr. Chris Stojanoff has re-

signed as Director of the Environmental Energy Center

at DRI. DRI is examining alternatives for the use of

the Boulder City facilities and will organize an ap-

propriate search for a new Director.

(11) Approved the Joint Powers Agreement which has been up-

dated to reflect the following changes.

In 1985, the federal government changed the service

area of the Far West Laboratory for Educational Re-

search and Development so that the region now consists

of the states of Arizona, California, Utah and Nevada.

Prior to this time the southern half of Nevada was in

a region serviced by the Southwest Laboratory. Nevada

has two representatives on the Far West Board of Di-

rectors. Dr. Edmund Cain, former Dean of College of

Education, UNR, represents the northern part of the

State. Regent Joseph Foley, representing southern

Nevada, has been appointed to fill the vacancy created

by the resignation of Regent Del Papa. This term runs

until May 31, 1988.

Mrs. Kenney moved for adoption of the Consent Agenda and ap-

proval of the prepared agenda with the authority to change

the order of items as specified throughout the meeting. Ms.

Del Papa seconded. Motion carried.

3. Introductions

President Calabro introduced his secretary, Mrs. Terry

Tauebel, and extended his gratitude for her services to


Chairman Klaich thanked everyone throughout the System who

has supported him and his family through his father's ill-


Chairman Klaich introduced Vice President for Academic

Affairs at UNLV, Dr. John Unrue, who was designated the

spokesperson in President Maxson's absence.

4. Emergency Item: Application for Federal Emergency Agency


President Crowley requested approval to consider an emergen-

cy item on the agenda concerning application to FEMA for

Federal disaster assistance. The deadline for applying was

March 14, 1986, and this was the reason for the emergency


Ms. Del Papa moved to accept an emergency item concerning

application to FEMA. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion car-


President Crowley explained the need to apply to the State

and to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for

the purpose of obtaining certain Federal financial assist-

ance under the Disaster Relief Act (Public Law 288, 93rd

Congress), or from the President's Disaster Relief Fund,

for the destruction caused by the recent flooding on the

UNR Campus.

Approved the appointment of Mr. Brian J. Whalen, Director

of the Physical Plant at UNR, as the agent to execute for,

and in behalf, of the Board of Regents.

Mrs. Kenney moved approval of the application for financial

assistance and the appointment of Mr. Brian J. Whalen as

the agent. Ms. Del Papa seconded. Motion carried.

5. Emergency Item: Sale of Property, UNR

President Crowley requested approval to consider an emer-

gency item on the agenda concerning the sale of property in

the Ida Pittman Estate. It was feared an offer to purchase

would expire before the Board's next meeting in May and

this was the reason for the emergency item.

Mrs. Sparks moved to accept an emergency item concerning the

sale of property in the Ida Pittman Estate. Mrs. Gallagher

seconded. Motion carried.

President Crowley informed the Board that the appraised

value of the cooperative apartments property in Las Vegas

is $45,000. There has been a $38,500 offer to purchase the

property before the next Regent's meeting. He noted several

reasons for this decrease, such as cooperative association

fees, maintenance, buyer's own stock in the property, and

there are no children or pets allowed.

Mrs. Kenney moved approval to sell the cooperative apart-

ments property in Las Vegas for $38,500. Mrs. Gallagher

seconded. Motion carried.

6. Architectural Presentation of Phase IV, TMCC

President Eardley introduced Mr. Fred Dolven, Dolven Larson

Associates, who presented an overview of the approved Phase

IV addition at TMCC.

This will add 55,000 sq. ft. to the present Campus and it

will accommodate the Local Area Network (LAN).

President Eardley also described the capital improvement

requests for Phase V and VI and related these projects to

the facility Master Plan for TMCC, as contained in Ref. C,

filed in the Regents Office.

7. Approved the Institutional Goals Statement, TMCC

Approved the 1986-87 Institutional Goals Statement for TMCC,

as contained in Ref. B, filed with the permanent minutes.

President Eardley requested that this statement be left open

for the new President to discuss with staff and make appro-

priate changes as necessary.

Mrs. Whitley moved approval of the 1986-87 Institutional

Goals Statement at TMCC. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion


8. Approved the Revision to Public Works Board Project #85-8A,


Approved a revision to the Public Works Board Project #85-8A

to include construction of a new building rather than to re-

model the existing building to house the ceramic programs at

CCCC as recommended by the State Public Works Board. This

revision will not increase the original cost of the project.

Mrs. Sheerin moved approval of the revision to Public Works

Board Project #85-8A for CCCC. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

9. Approved Personnel Appointments

University of Nevada System

Mrs. Gallagher, Chairman of the Regents TMCC Presiden-

tial Search Committee, stated that the Regents and the

Institutional Advisory Committee conducted an extensive

national search. It is the recommendation of the Com-

mittee that Dr. John W. Gwaltney, President of Pratt

Community College in Pratt, Kansas, be appointed. Mrs.

Gallagher related that there was a number of well-quali-

fied applicants.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the recommendation of

Dr. John Gwaltney as President of TMCC with the same

salary and all appropriate perquisites and allowances

of the other Community College Presidents. Mrs. Kenney


Ms. Del Papa stated that selecting System Officers is

the most difficult and most important decision a Regent

makes while in office, because of the responsibility to

choose effective Officers to conduct efficient UNS busi-

ness. The decision was difficult to make, but she em-

phasized the search process was fair and thorough. She

commended the personnel at TMCC, stating they were co-

operative and helpful throughout the search process.

Motion carried.

University of Nevada-Reno

Approved the appointment of Mr. Christopher T. Ault to

the position of Director of Athletics at UNR, at a sal-

ary of $56,700, effective July 1, 1986.

Mrs. Whitley moved approval of the appointment of Mr.

Christopher T. Ault to the position of Director of Ath-

letics at UNR, at a salary of $56,700, effective July 1,

1986. Mrs. Sheerin seconded. Motion carried.

Chairman Klaich emphasized the importance of this ap-

pointment and Ms. Del Papa expressed her support. Dr.

Chris Exline, Chairman of the search, stated the Commit-

tee emphasized the need for commitment to academics in

athletics, along with a commitment to women's sports

and to non-sports.

10. Approved Promotion or Assignment to Rank

Approved the following promotions or assignment to rank ef-

fective July 1, 1986:

A. University of Nevada-Reno

Robert E. Blesse, to Rank III, Library

*Bonnie Brinton, to Associate Professor of Speech Pathol-

ogy & Audiology

Lucille R. Guckes, to Professor of Curriculum & Instruc-


*Robert W. Hammond, to Rank III, Cooperative Extension

Service, College of Agriculture

Robert Thomas King, to Rank III, Library

*Cecile Lindsay, to Associate Professor of Foreign Lan-

guages & Literatures

Francesco Manca, to Associate Professor of Foreign

Languages & Literatures

Nelson Rojas, to Professor of Foreign Languages &


Stephen St. Jeor, to Professor of Microbiology

Kenton M. Sanders, to Professor of Physiology

Donald W. Winne, to Associate Professor of Managerial


B. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

*John Bates, to Associate Professor of Counseling, Edu-

cational Psychology and Foundations

William J. Corney, to Professor of Management

Andrea Fontana, to Professor of Sociology

Joseph Fry, to Professor of History

Richard Harp, to Professor of English

James Hazen, to Professor of English

Carol Kimball, to Professor of Music

*Nancy Master, to Rank III, Library

Lyell E. Metcalf, to Associate Professor of Hotel


Gary Palmer, to Professor of Anthropology

Rick Tilman, to Professor of Political Science

*Also recommended for Tenure.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the promotion or assignment

to rank. Mrs. Sparks seconded. Motion carried. Mrs.

Whitley voted no.

11. Approved Award of Tenure

Approved the following awards for tenure effective July 1,


A. University of Nevada-Reno

Renato G. Bautista, Professor of Chemical/Metallurgical


*Bonnie Brinton, Assistant Professor of Speech Pathology

& Audiology

Michelle A. Gross, Assistant Professor of Recreation,

P. E. and Dance

*Robert W. Hammond, Extension Agent-in-Charge of Southern

Extension Area

Gregory J. Highison, Associate Professor of Anatomy

Ling-Jung Koong, Associate Dean and Associate Director

of Animal Science

*Cecile Lindsay, Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages

& Literatures

Phyllis A. Reed, Department Chair of Social & Health


Julie Schorr, Associate Professor of Nursing

Gordon B. Severance, Professor of Managerial Science

Stewart W. Shankel, Professor of Internal Medicine

Dave Torell, Area Extension Specialist of Southern

Extension Area

Larry A. Walters, Assistant Professor and Director of

Technical Theatre of Speech and Theatre

B. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

*John Bates, Assistant Professor of Counseling, Educa-

tional Psychology and Foundations

Ranel Erickson, Associate Professor of Management

*Nancy Master, Reference Librarian of the Library

William Robinson, Assistant Professor and Director of

Business and Economics

James Selser, Associate Professor of Science, Math and


Evangelos Yfantis, Associate Professor of Science, Math

& Engineering

C. Clark County Community College

Alan Balboni, Dean of Educational Services

D. Truckee Meadows Community College

Deborah Baker, Radiologic Technology, Allied Health

Mary Love, Nursing, Allied Health

Diana Mc Coy, Economics, Arts & Sciences

Anne-Louise Pacheco, Publications & Public Information,

Arts & Science

Keiko Pitter, Business, Business/Management

Paula Ringkob, Controller, Business/Management

John Septien, Welding, Industrial/Technical and Public


E. Western Nevada Community College

Michon Mackedon, English

Claude B. Peden, Auto/Diesel

Donna Sacks, Counseling Services

Sable Shaw, Allied Health Programs and ADN Program

F. Northern Nevada Community College

Ruth Holland, Coordinator/Instructor, Nursing

*Also recommended for Promotion or Assignment to Rank.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of award of tenure. Mrs.

Sparks seconded. Motion carried. Mrs. Whitley voted no.

12. Approved Promotion to Emeritus Status

Approved the following be appointed to emeritus standing,

effective upon their retirement.

A. University of Nevada System

V. James Eardley, President Emeritus Status, TMCC

B. University of Nevada-Reno

Roscoe M. Booth, Professor of Music

Americo Chiarito, Assistant Reference Librarian

Hugh S. Collett, M. D., Clinical Professor of Surgery

Elisabeth Jane Constantino, Lecturer in Mathematics

Martin H. Dickstein, Assistant Catalog Librarian

*Thomas V. Frazier, Professor of Physics

Paule-Colette Fricke, Associate Professor of Foreign

Languages & Literatures

Ronald H. Gustafson, Chairman, Western Extension Area

Thomas K. Hood, M. D., Clinical Professor of Surgery

Anthony L. Lesperance, Professor of Animal Science

Robert A. Manhart, Professor of Electrical Engineering

and Computer Science

Barbara Jean Margerum, State Extension Specialist

David H. Mathis, Extension News Editor

Robert Mc Queen, Professor of Psychology and Scholarship


Wayne L. Miller, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engi-


Howard W. Owen, M. D., Clinical Professor of Surgery

Keith G. Papke, Economic Geologist

John M. Read, M. D., Clinical Professor of Internal


Elmer R. Rusco, Professor of Political Science

Richard M. Trachok, Director, Intercollegiate Athletics

*Thomas V. Frazier retired in 1985, but was inadvertently

not submitted to the Board for Emeritus Status.

C. Truckee Meadows Community College

Ms. Esther Chalmers, Nuring Instructor Emeritus

(Ms. Chalmers retired in 1977, but inadvertently was not

submitted to the Board of Emeritus Status.)

D. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Richard Byrns, Professor of English

William T. White, Professor of Economics

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of promotions to Emeritus

Status. Mrs. Sparks seconded. Motion carried. Mrs.

Whitley voted no.

In response to a question posed by Mrs. Whitley, the Presi-

dents indicated which candidates for promotion or assignment

to rank, tenure and emeritus status represented minorities.

Mrs. Whitley voted in the negative on all motions because

affirmative action information was not submitted with the

recommendations. Chairman Klaich stated that he did not

take affirmative action lightly and cited that he attended

a 2-hour interview/audit with the Department of Labor which

has recommended additional policy and guidelines. General

Counsel Klasic has been directed to address this request and

will bring policy and guidelines to the Board for review and

possible action.

13. Information Only - Recommendations for Award of Tenure

The following recommendations for tenure have been forwarded

for Board consideration. This is an information item only,

with Board action scheduled for the May 8-9, 1986 meeting.

A. University of Nevada-Reno - President Crowley recommend-

ed award of tenure, effective July 1, 1986, to the fol-


William L. Eubank, Assistant Professor of Political


14. Information Only - Recommendations for Promotion or Assign-

ment to Rank

The following recommendations for promotion or assignment

to rank have been forwarded for Board consideration. This

is an information item only, with Board action scheduled for

the May 8-9, 1986 meeting.

A. University of Nevada System - Deputy Chancellor Dawson

recommended the following promotions, effective July 1,


Lois Kurtz, to Rank III, Senior Software Systems Analyst

Robert Kunkle, to Rank III, Senior Software Analyst

Becky Seibert, to Rank III, Support Services Manager

B. Desert Research Institute - President Hidy recommends

the following promotion, effective July 1, 1986:

John W. Hess, to Rank IV, Research Professor

15. Reports from Presidents on 1986-87 Goals

Each President reported on his 1986-87 institutional goals.

University of Nevada-Reno - President Crowley announced the

1986-87 goals for UNR:

1. To continue the process of streamlinging academic and

fiscal planning.

2. To continue the effort to develop and allocate addi-

tional resources to designated centers of excellence.

3. To begin implementation of the student recruitment,

academic advisement and retention plan.

4. To continue to build a stronger affirmative action and

minority student recruitment capability.

5. To develop new approaches and strategies for inter-

collegiate athletics.

6. To expand the effort to attract private fund support

through the Office of Development and the UNR Founda-


7. To initiate planning towards accomplishment of signifi-

cant administrative reorganization by 1987-88.

8. To continue to expand the work of government relations.

9. To continue to expand the work of community relations.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas - Vice President Unrue an-

nounced the 1986-87 goals set for UNLV:

1. Enhance the academic reputation of the University and

continue to develop and implement additional selective

and appropriate academic programs at the baccalaureate,

master's and doctoral levels.

2. Uphold the authority and integrity of the President's

Office at UNLV with special emphasis upon institutional

control in all areas over which the University should

exercise authority and ensure accountability.

3. Provide essential fund raising for academic programs

and for faculty and student development and increase

sponsored research.

4. Attract the best and brightest students from the State

of Nevada, including those from the Community Colleges,

and continue to respond to the needs of minority stu-

dents with an increased emphasis on minority recruit-


5. Continue to make progress to earn accreditation for

all of our academic programs that have an appropriate

accrediting body.

6. Hold the confidence of the Regents, faculty, staff and

students in the President's ability to lead the Uni-


7. Increase and improve student housing on Campus.

8. Examine the applicability of national trends concerning

the development of assessment and evaluation programs

for UNLV Campus. Continue review of administrative

structure and programs to ensure most effective use of


9. Recruit and retain the best faculty scholars and staff.

10. Continue support for the development of the library to

meet new program and research needs of a comprehensive


Clark County Community College - President Meacham announced

the 1986-87 goals for CCCC:

1. Continued emphasis on instructional excellence as the

cornerstone of our educational efforts. This will be

accomplished by two primary methods:

a. Developing and utilizing unobstrusive measures of

instructional effectiveness.

b. Encouraging and rewarding faculty and staff members

who exhibit exceptional efforts in this regard.

2. Provide the leadership necessary to guide the College

toward greater institutional stability which will be

apparent in the following areas:

a. Fiscal stability

b. Operational stability

c. Effective utilization of space

d. Scheduled and periodic review of program areas

3. Provide for more effective community involvement in the

institutional life of the College. Major areas of

attention will be as follows:

a. Institutional access

b. Specialized population

c. Business and industry

4. Continue efforts to furnish the leadership that will

allow CCCC to contribute in significant and meaningful

ways to a systems approach to providing for the higher

educational needs of Nevadans. This goal involves the

following parameters:

a. Chancellor's Office

More effective and timely representation of CCCC's

plans and needs to the Chancellor's Office ... and

visa versa.

b. Other UNS Institutions

1. Developing a series of Systemwide staff devel-

opment programs.

2. Instituting a teacher-exchange arrangement with

at least one UNS institution.

c. Business and Computing Centers

1. Developing a closer working relationship within

the appropriate CCCC and Center staffs.

2. Reducing the incidence of returned paperwork

due to improper processing at the Campus level.

5. Create a permanent display for photographs of members

of the Board of Regents.

16. Nominations for Distinguished Nevadan, UNR and UNLV

Mrs. Kenney moved, Mrs. Whitley seconded, that the follow-

ing persons be honored as Distinguished Nevadans and that

the awards be presented at Commencement at UNLV in May,


Mrs. Florence Lee Jonse Cahlan

Mr. Herb Mc Donald

Judge John F. Mendoza

Motion carried.

Mrs. Gallagher moved, Ms. Del Papa seconded, that the fol-

lowing persons be honored as Distinguished Nevadans and that

the awards be presented at Commencement at UNR in May, 1986:

Senator Paul Laxalt

Mr. Warren L. Monroe

Leon and Jacqueline Nightingale

Mr. William K. Woodburn

Motion carried.

17. Nominations for Honorary Degrees, UNR and UNLV

Ms. Del Papa moved, Mrs. Kenney seconded, that an Honorary

Degree be presented to the following persons with presenta-

tions made at Commencement at UNR in May, 1986:

Mr. V. James Eardley

Mrs. Marilyn Melton

Motion carried.

Mrs. Sparks moved, Mrs. Whitley seconded, that an Honorary

Degree be presented to the following persons with presenta-

tions made at Commencement at UNLV in May, 1986:

Mr. William Boyd

Mrs. Margaret Elardi

Mrs. Elaine Wynn

Motion carried.

Chairman Klaich extended his thanks on behalf of the Board

to Mr. Rick Stetter, Director of the University of Nevada

Press, for the gold embossed folders presented to each


15. Reports from Presidents on 1986-87 Goals (continued)

Western Nevada Community College - President Calabro an-

nounced the 1986-87 goals for WNCC.

1. Update the College long-range plan to reflect the peri-

od from 1986 through 1990. This plan will be coordin-

ated with the UNS long-range plan through the year


2. Increase the number of Community Service courses and

workshops. Expand the Summer Session to reflect stated

community needs.

3. Support the University of Nevada System and WNCC Budget

Request in the Legislature.

4. Support the approval of the next phase of construction

for the Carson Campus in the Legislature.

5. Implement a full-scale College marketing plan that is

directed toward the following results:

a. Increase enrollment of recent high school gradu-


b. Increase enrollment in new programs related to

Manufacturing Engineering Technology.

c. Increase customized training programs for business

and industry.

6. Secure resources to erect the metal building for the

machine shop facility.

7. Plan for the local area network and coordination with

UNS telecommunications efforts.

8. Continue to utilize the WNCC Advisory Board as a re-

source for community input and the development of ex-

ternal resources.

9. Complete remodeling of the Carson Campus faculty of-

fice area.

10. Enhance Campus level management information systems

through the utilization of microprocessors and related


11. Continue work on a comprehensive staff development


Northern Nevada Community College - President Berg announced

the 1986-87 goals for NNCC:

1. Updating 4-Year Plan: With the flexibility a Community

College must possess in meeting the needs of its serv-

ice area, a shorter period of planning than 10 years is

needed. Therefore, NNCC will use 4 years because this

gives the equivalence of 2 biennia and it will be up-

dated at 2-year intervals.

2. Evaluation of Agriculture Program: As mentioned last

year, this is still a problem area. NNCC requested the

assistance of UNR in an evaluation of this program. As

a result of this assistance, NNCC will either modify

the program to better meet the needs of the service

area or recommend to the Board that the program be dis-


3. Completion of Phase III: The architect has indicated

a November 1986 deadline for completion, and it is in-

tended to use the period between semesters for movement

into the facility.

4. Modification of Lundberg Hall: The movement of student

services from Lundberg Hall will permit modification of

this facility to better meet instructional needs which

have arisen since the facility was completed in 1973.

The proposed modification will be ready by the time the

Legislature meets in 1987 ($100,000 capital improvement


5. Creation of White Pine Advisory Committee: The County

School Adult Vocational Advisory Committee of White

Pine has been disbanded. NNCC will replace it with a

new committee. Assuming success, it will serve as a

model for other larger communities in the NNCC service


6. Improved Telecommunications between Elko and Winne-

mucca: NNCC is exploring the feasibility of using the

existing microwave link to establish better and cheaper

communications between the two centers. This would in-

volve computers, phones, etc. If the concept proves

feasible, then NNCC would explore links with the other

centers it serves.

Desert Research Institute - President Hidy announced the

1986-87 goals for DRI:

1. Improve the EEEC leadership and organization by ad-

dressing the need for a change in center executive

director, and recruiting a new director as needed.

2. Strengthen two designated centers of excellence for

staff and program -- these are (1) the Center for Arid-

Lands Regional Air Quality Studies, and (2) the desig-

nated (NOAA-sponsored) Regional Climate Center.

3. Accommodate building space needs through construction

of a new DRI building in the Dandini Research Park,

and resolve the constraints on development of the park

within the federal government.

4. Improve the activities of the DRI Research Foundation

supporting the Dandini Park development, and fund

raising for the new Biosciences Center greenhouse


5. Extend the cooperative research and education among

DRI, UNR and UNLV by expanding faculty interactions,

and instituting joint programs in Departments, includ-

ing physics, engineering and the biosciences.

18. Approved Lease, UNR

Approved the lease for Central Nevada Field Laboratory which

has been negotiated with the Lander County Development Cor-


Dean Bernard Jones, College of Agriculture, explained there

was a person located on the property year round, but that

the property was only utilized by the College during the

Summer months. A family has agreed to lease and maintain

the property.

Mrs. Whitley moved approval of the lease for the Central

Nevada Field Laboratory. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion


19. Discussion of Joint Publication

At a joint meeting with the State Board of Education in

December, it was suggested that a joint report on education

in Nevada be published prior to the next State Legislature


Because the topic had not been placed on the agenda, a deci-

sion could not be made at that meeting. Mrs. Gallagher sug-

gested that this item be addressed by the Academic Affairs


Mrs. Gallagher moved approval to refer this item to the

Academic Affairs Committee. Ms. Del Papa seconded. Motion


20. Approved Allocation of Grants-in-Aid for 1986-87

NRS 396.540 provides for tuition waivers to "students from

other states and foreign countries, not to exceed a number

equal to 3% of the total matriculated enrollment of students

for the past preceding Fall semester." Board policy pro-

vides for similar grants-in-aid for the same number of stu-

dents for the payment of in-state registration fees.

Based on enrollment figures for Fall, 1985, the Officers

request the following allocation of grants-in-aid for Fall,


In-State Out-of-State


Athletics 100 100

Music 40 25

Foreign 0 15*

Other (General) 121 121

Total 261 261

*30 1/2 awards


Athletics 99 99

Music 76 76

Other (General) 107 107

Native Americans 10

Total 292 282


Regents 104

Native Americans 10

Total 114


Regents 15

Native Americans 17

Total 32


Regents 72

Veterans 2

Native Americans 3

Total 77


Regents 30

Native Americans 11

Total 41

Mrs. Whitley moved approval of the allocation of Grants-in-

Aid for 1986-87. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

21. Approved Handbook Change, Title 4, Chapter 18, Section 5,

Grants-in-Aid, Professional Staff and Dependents

Approved the following change to the Handbook, Title 4,

Chapter 18, Section 5, Grants-in-Aid, Professional Staff

and Dependents:

For the purposes of this chapter, "financially dependent

child" shall mean a natural, adopted or stepson or step-

daughter of a professional staff member who receives at

least 50% of his or her financial support from the pro-

fessional staff member and/or the professional staff

member's spouse. The professional staff member must

complete and sign a dependency each time a grant-in-aid

is issued.

Based on the current wording of Title 4, Chapter 18, Section

5 of the Board of Regents Handbook, a possibility exists

that a formerly financially dependent child, one who marries

and does not change his or her name, may receive an unwar-

ranted grant-in-aid because the Administration has not re-

ceived notice of the child's change in dependency status.

The above policy revision will have the effect of placing

the professional staff member on notice that the "child"

must be financially dependent. This gives assurance that

even if the child does marry and does not change his/her

name, the professional staff member must verify each time

a grant-in-aid is issued that the child is a financial


Mrs. Sheerin moved approval of the Handbook change regard-

ing grants-in-aid for professional staff and dependents.

Mrs. Sparks seconded. Motion carried.

22. Report and Recommendations of the Academic Affairs Committee

A report and recommendations of the Academic Affairs Commit-

tee meeting, held March 1, 1986, were made by Regent Jo Ann

Sheerin, Chairman.

(1) Approved changing the Geotechnical Science program at


As a result of an informal program review, it was pro-

posed that it be restructured slightly to accommodate

the 3 main divisions of labor in the mining industry.

While the restructuring will leave the core program

intact, changes in elective areas will allow students

to select one of three options: Geotechnical, Metal-

lurgical and Engineering. The degree title Geotech-

nical Science would be replaced with Mining Technol-

ogy. Students would have more analytic classes,

mathematics, chemistry and computer requirements. The

engineering emphasis would require more surveying,

computer and computer-assisted drafting courses.

As this is not a new program, no Phase I, II proposals

were required.

(2) Approved the Phase I proposal for an AAS degree in

Paramedic Medicine at CCCC, as contained in Ref. AA-2,

filed in the Regents Office.

This proposal will provide students with a 3-tiered

program. Participants who complete one semester may

receive an Emergency Medical Technician II certifica-

tion; those who complete the one-year program will re-

ceive a Paramedic certification, and two-year gradu-

ates will be awarded the AAS in Paramedic Medicine.

The program has been designed to meet the accredita-

tion standards of the American Medical Association and

Emergency Department Physicians Association. 20 to 25

FTE students are anticipated to enroll during the 1st

year of the program, increasing to 45 FTE by the 4th


The planned date of implementation is August, 1986.

The majority of faculty, facilities, equipment and

core courses are currently in place. An additional

part-time instructor and laboratory assistant will be

necessary during the 1st year of the program. The

estimated budget for the 4th year is $42,000, and

includes an additional full-time instructor.

(3) Approved the Phase I proposal for an AAS degree in

Court Reporting at CCCC, as contained in Ref. AA-3,

filed in the Regents Office.

Completion of this program will prepare students for

careers as courtroom hearing and conference reporters.

Career opportunities are available at all levels of

government and range from reporting stenographer to

civil service and specialized reporting.

Funding needs are estimated at $10,000 for the 1st

year to provide for part-time faculty salaries. One

full-time faculty member, plus adjunct faculty and

equipment needs will call for $45,000 by the 4th year

of the program.

The planned date of implementation is August, 1986.

(4) Approved the Phase II proposal for an MS degree in

Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering

at UNR, as contained in Ref. AA-4, filed in the Re-

gents Office.

This multidisciplinary program will involve Depart-

ments in the Colleges of Engineering, Arts and Sci-

ence, and Business, as well as the School of Medicine.

Students will be awarded a degree from a traditional

Department, with emphasis on Computer Integrated

Manufacturing Systems Engineering. A curriculum

committee, with representatives from the particpating

Department, will oversee the program.

A 32-credit curriculum will consist of courses defined

as "breadth" and "depth" courses. "Breadth" courses

will be selected by the student from 3 areas of ex-

isting courses, and will involve cooperative programs

between the University and industries. Students will

have an opportunity to work at industrial sponsors'

plants. "Depth" courses will be completed in the stu-

dent's traditional department. UNR plans to implement

the program in the Spring of 1987.

Funding will be provided primarily by outside sources.

Xebec Corporation will provide $150,00 of the total

1st year budget of $265,000. The Computer-Aided De-

sign Laboratory, also provided by Xebec, will be a

major component of the program.

The Phase I proposal was approved by the Board of

Regents in October, 1985.

(5) Approved the name change of the Department of Medical

Technology of the School of Medicine to Department of

Clinical Laboratory Science.

(6) Approved the Phase I proposal for an MA for the Teach-

ing of Mathematics at the University of Nevada-Reno,

as contained in Ref. AA-6, filed in the Regents


This program, designed for practicing secondary

school teachers, will provide an emphasis on subject

matter preparation in the area of mathematics. It

is designed as an interdisciplinary program between

the College of Education and the College of Arts and

Science. Students will be required to demonstrate

competency in 5 areas of mathematics which relate to

the professional needs of secondary teachers. These

courses, as well as those in the College of Education,

are currently in place and will require little or no


The program will fill a gap between the existing mas-

ters' degrees in education and in mathematics by pro-

viding a terminal degree which emphasizes subject


A recent report revealed that close to 400 full- or

part-time mathematics teachers will be hired in the

northern portion of the State during the period 1982-

1990. In order to accommodate teachers, 2/3 of the

classes will be offered in the Summer; therefore, no

State funds will be required during the 1st year of

the program. $15,000 is requested by the 4th year,

which includes support of two teaching assistants.

No new faculty are needed, and existing facilities

and equipment are adequate to support the program.

4th year enrollment is projected at 15 FTE.

(7) Approved the Phase I proposal for a Ph. D. in En-

vironmental Biology at the University of Nevada, Las

Vegas, as contained in Ref. AA-7, filed in the Re-

gents Office.

This degree will provide graduates with a broad back-

ground which can be utilized in academia, government

and industry. In addition, the program will allow

specialization in one of 4 areas: Environmental

Physiology, Comparative Ecophysiology, Aquatic Biol-

ogy or Desert Biology. This preparation will allow

graduates to respond to the special needs of southern

Nevada. Currently, only 6 doctoral degees in the

area of environmental biology are offered in the

western states. This degree will be the first Ph. D.

offered at UNLV.

Rapid growth in southern Nevada has resulted in a need

for locally trained scientists who can respond to im-

pact on the biological resources in the area. This

program will place special emphasis on State and local

needs. Faculty are in place, or are being added, and

library holdings are being enhanced. It is expected

that there will be an opportunity to share resources

and research opportunities with UNR and DRI.

1st year enrollment is projected to be 4 FTE, increas-

ing to 16 by the 4th year of the program. Funding

will be provided through State allocations and grants,

contracts and gifts. Included in the request is

$300,000 for a research facility which will provide

the capability to control important environmental


Dr. Pete Starkweather, Chairman of the Biology Depart-

ment at UNLV, stated there will be a cooperative work-

ing effort among UNR, DRI and UNLV.

The request for $300,000 will be included among capi-

tal improvement requests, but if that should fail,

faculty and classified positions will be funded from

other sources and new resources will be established.

(8) Approved the Phase II proposal for an Associate of

Science degree at Northern Nevada Community College,

as contained in Ref. AA-8, filed in the Regents Of-


This degree, an alternative to the Associate of Arts

degree, will consist of 60-64 credits, with 18 credits

required in the science and mathematics areas. All

required and elective courses listed in the Phase II

proposal can be covered by the present curriculum.

More specialized courses can be provided through a

telecourse or PLATO. Requirements for admission and

completion of the degree will be similar to those for

the Associate of Arts degree.

The AS degree will better prepare students to transfer

into 4-year programs in science and engineering. Es-

timated 1st year funding will total $74,100, decreas-

ing to $5,500 in the 4th year. This is required pri-

marily for remodeling and equipment needs. Existing

faculty and staff are sufficient to offer the program.

The Phase I proposal was approved by the Board of

Regents in December, 1985.

Mrs. Kenney moved approval of all the above programs. Mrs.

Whitley seconded. Motion carried.

(9) Mrs. Sheerin stated that because the review and ap-

proval by the Board of Regents of new programs at

Nevada Campuses is an extremely important Board func-

tion, and because needed resources to support new

programs are often barely adequate, the Board should

consider coupling the approval of new programs with

a review of existing programs, especially in areas

related to the degree. If, for example, the new

proposed program is in the area of the sciences, then

the proposal for a new program, or programs, should

be accompanied by a program review of related pro-

grams in that science.

Currently, using established guidelines from the

Handbook for program review, and utilizing the Phase

I, Phase II process for new programs, programs can

be submitted to the Board of Regents through the

Academic Affairs Committee at any meeting of the

Board. To provide for better planning and better

coordination of the degree proposal process, the

Board might consider receiving both requests for new

programs and a status report on existing programs

twice yearly: in the Fall and in the Spring.

Vice Chancellor Fox, the Academic Affairs Council and

the Council of Presidents have been requested to de-

velop a proposal to accomplish such a review process

and present it to the Board for consideration, with

a progress report on these activities to be scheduled

for the next Board meeting.

Mrs. Kenney moved approval of the Academic Affairs Committee

report. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

(10) A discussion of the document, Proposal for Alternative

Methods to Satisfy New University Admission Require-

ments, was held. The document is filed in the Regents

Office. Vice Chancellor Fox stated that there have

been lengthy discussions between UNR and UNLV, but

that this document will need to be communicated to

Nevada high schools as well as to inquiries from out

of State.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the alternative

methods to satisfy new University admissions require-

ments. Mrs. Sparks seconded. Motion carried.

Mrs. Kenney requested that the State Vocational Edu-

cation office be notified of these alternative meth-


23. Approved Reinstatement of Regents Ad Hoc Committee

In accordance with policy, the Board of Regents ad hoc Com-

mittees expire after one year. Approved that the ad hoc

Committee on DRI Liaison be reinstated. (The Chairman

appointed the following to serve: Dorothy S. Gallagher,

Chairman, Joan Kenney, June Whitley, Mr. Art Anderson and

Mr. Fred Gibson.)

Mrs. Kenney moved approval of the reinstatement of the ad

hoc Committee on DRI Liaison. Ms. Del Papa seconded.

Motion carried.

24. Report of Capital Improvement Requests, NNCC and WNCC

At the January 1986 meeting, the Board requested that Cam-

puses develop presentations outlining their Capital Improve-

ment requests. NNCC and WNCC made presentations. (UNLV and

CCCC are scheduled for the May meeting; UNR and DRI are

scheduled for the June meeting.) For TMCC's Capital Im-

provement requests, see item 6 above.

Northern Nevada Community College

Northern Nevada Community College will request $100,000

in its 1987-89 Capital Improvement request to cover the

expense of remodeling Lundberg Hall once NNCC has oc-

cupied the Instructional Building Phase III (January,

1987). Should proposed modifications exceed $100,000,

NNCC will seek permission of the Board of Regents to

use additional NNCC Capital Improvement funds.

Western Nevada Community College

Staff members of WNCC presented details of their Capital

Improvement projects, and explained the need for more

classrooms, laboratories, and office space at the Carson

City and Fallon Campuses.

25. Report and Recommendations of the Budget and Finance Com-


A report and recommendations of the Budget and Finance Com-

mittee meeting, held March 13, 1986, were made by Regent

Sparks, Chairman.

(1) Approved the following Summer Session budgets. The

WNCC budget includes an increase in fees as reflected

in item 3(a) below.

WNCC, see Ref. B-1a, filed in the Regents Office

UNLV, see Ref. B-1b, filed in the Regents Office

(2) Approved the Handbok change, Title 4, Chapter 17,

Section 8.1 and 6, Refund Policy, WNCC, as contained

in Ref. B-2, filed in the Regents Office.

(3) Approved the following changes:

WNCC - Summer Session Fee from $24 to $27 per credit,

effective Summer 1986

TMCC - Placement Office Fees

$5 - Placement Office Registration

$5 - Placement Office for Reactiving and

Updating Credentials

These will be new fees and Student Placement files

will be maintained for 10 years after initial regis-

tration if the file is not udpated. If the file is

updated, it will be maintained for 10 years after the

last update.

The purpose of this request is to move the TMCC Job

Placement Center towards the goals of creating place-

ment files for TMCC graduates.

Student participation in the placement service is


UNR - Health Service Fee from $30 to $35 (See Ref.

B-3, filed in the Regents Office.)

A UNR committee was established to study student

health fees and the consensus of this committee, the

Student Senate and ASUN was to continue with the

student health fees on a voluntary basis and to con-

tinue allotting $.90 to the Health Service and a $10

late fee charged if a student signs up for health

fees in the middle of the semester.

ASUN President Ted Lancaster distributed a survey of

students' opinions regarding the health service fee,

which is filed in the Regents Office.

UNR will report back on this issue after a one-year

trial period.

(4) Approved the following change:

UNR - Private Instrument and Voice Instruction from

$75 to $125 per credit

The Music Department and the College of Arts & Science

have proposed a fee increase for private music lesson

courses from $75 to $125, effective Fall, 1986. Maxi-

mum charge for student registering for two or more

credits would increase from $150 to $250. The last

increase for private music lesson courses was in 1969.

(5) Approved the Handbook change, Title 4, Chapter 17,

Section 15, Residence Hall and Food Service Rates,

UNR, as contained in Ref. B-5, filed in the Regents


(6) Approved the Handbook change, Title 4, Chapter 17,

Section 17.2 and 4, Rental of Stead and Off-Campus

Apartments and Houses, UNR, as contained in Ref. B-6,

filed in the Regents Office.

(7) Approved the Handbook change, Title 4, Chapter 17,

Section 2, Delinquent Accounts, as contained in Ref.

B-7, filed in the Regents Office.

(8) Approved the use of Capital Improvement Funds for

projects as follows:

WNCC $ 7,375 Architectural services for planned

faculty area remodeling.

NNCC $ 2,000 Modification of electrical wiring to

handle computers.

$ 4,500 Construction of a pit in diesel facil-

ity to house a dynamometer.

$ 6,500 Total

UNR $48,021 Construct an overlay on the existing

road from Virginia Street to the

recently completed Family Medicine

Clinic's Brigham building and build

a concrete turnaround for buses at

that facility. Citifare has agreed

to provide bus service to the front

door of the clinic and the overlay

to the road is required to handle

the additional load.

(9) Approved the following estimative budget for JTPA,

JOIN Office Occupations/Clerical Lab at WNCC:


JOIN Office Occupations/Clerical Lab

Registration $ 6,000

Lab Fees 2,000

Textbooks 2,100

Materials/Supplies 1,000

Indirect Costs 2,340

Special Assistance and Additional

Instruction 4,000

Operating 2,000

Total $19,440

This budget is to support 20 students referred to this


Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of items 1 through 9 of the

Budget and Finance Committee Report. Mrs. Kenney seconded.

Motion carried.

(10) Information Only - Vice Chancellor Sparks presented

the report of the 1984-85 UNS Operating Budget vs.

1984-85 Actual Results as an information item. The

report is filed in the Regents Office.

(11) As provided in Title 4, Chapter 10, Section 6.2(a) and

(d), the Committee accepted proposals requesting fund-

ing from the Regents Special Projects Funds. The un-

expended amount of the fund is $57,315. Proposals

from Campuses total $249,332, and Regents/staff pro-

posals total $113,000. Vice Chancellor Dawson with-

drew a request from the University of Nevada Press.

The Committee will meet prior to the next Regents

meeting to review the policies for the use of these

funds and all submitted proposals.

(12) Mr. Gordon Gochnour, Chairman of the System Compensa-

tion Committee, presented compensation recommendations

for the 1987-89 biennium (filed in Regents Office).

Upon acceptance of the report, the Chairman requested

the Compensation Committee report the cost of this

salary package at the next meeting.

(13) Approved the categories outlining new funding in the

enhancement budget, but postponed establishing a

priority order until dollar amounts are affixed to

the requests. The categories are:

1. Professional Salaries

The specific salary recommendation will be de-

veloped when the latest comparative salary data

for the current fiscal year becomes available.

However, several components of the recommendation

include extending the merit program to all UNS

professional employees, providing a cost of living

increase and establishing salary goals.

2. Non-Instructional Support Positions

This priority will include the most critical sup-

port positions which relate directly to enrollment

and instructional growth. It also will correspond

to the expansion of the funding formula currently

being developed by the Legislative Committee

Studying Funding for Higher Education. These sup-

port positions will include areas such as student

services, institutional support, academic support,

O & M of plant and support for business centers.

3. Instructional Enhancement

Instructional enhancement proposals are being de-

developed and will include strengthening develop-

mental student/faculty ratios and the full-time/

part-time ratios in the Community Colleges, re-

quests for additional graduates, teaching and lab

assistants, equipment, libraries, research, schol-

arships and grants-in-aid.

4. Non-Instructional Enhancement

Included within this priority will be additional

support positions, O & M of plant, equipment, etc.

Also, Chancellor's Office, Computer Center, Uni-

versity Press and DRI requests will be included.

5. New Programs

Requests such as creation of new centers of ex-

cellence, staff development, telecommunications

and quick-start programs will be included in

priority #5.

26. Report and Recommendations of the Audit Committee

A report and recommendations of the Audit Committee meeting,

held March 13, 1986, were made by Regent Whitley, Chairman.

(1) Vice Chancellor Sparks introduced representatives of

Kafoury-Armstrong, who presented the UNS Management

Letter and recommendations for 1984-85. Mr. Larry

Helseth, Mrs. Debbie Smith and Mr. Tom Brooker, from

Kafoury-Armstrong, presented the financial audit and

management letters. Mr. Helseth referred to the con-

solidated report, which encompasses all the Campuses

and the System. After a lengthy discussion, it was

agreed that format changes need to be made, and that

it would be much more informative and helpful to Re-

gents to have an audit report of each institution.

The staff was directed to develop a new format, working

in conjunction with Kafoury-Armstrong.

Also brought out in the discussion was that because a

decentralized controller system is used, there is no

one currently on the staff responsible for a procedures

book which would govern a Systemwide approach to re-

porting. Upon questioning of the staff, it was learned

that this would indeed be helpful, but it requires a

knowledgeable person to write and maintain a procedures

manual. The Chancellor's staff was directed to return

to the Audit Committee with a proposal for accomplish-

ing this task. The Campus business officers supported

this move, stating that this should be a part of a

management information system.

Mr. Brooker reviewed the Business Center South audit

and described the recommendations which had been made.

Mr. Scott, Controller of BCS, responded that the human

controls are in place, but the gearing up for computer

control is about a year away. The funds appropriated

($2.5 million for MIS) by the 1985 Legislature will be

utilized in that time to apply to the antiquated system

now in use. Further, he stated that all recommenda-

tions for UNLV and CCCC have been addressed.

Ms. Debbie Smith presented the Business Center North

and System audits and outlined the recommendations for

improvements. Ms. Smith stated they had had a tremen-

dous response from the various Campuses and the System

to the recommendations and that Kafoury-Armstrong feels

much more positive.

Mr. Dhingra, BCN, related that it has in place the cor-

rections suggested by Kafoury-Armstrong, although in

some instances alternative methods have been used rath-

er than those outlined in the report. These alterna-

tives have been approved by Kafoury-Armstrong.

In a prior audit UNR had been directed by the Audit

Committee to install cash registers, as recommended by

the report. Mr. Dhingra reported that they had been

waiting for the MIS to be funded in order to coordinate

the equipment so there would not be additional expense.

However, since that request for $7 million for an MIS

system was not forthcoming from the Legislature, an

alternative procedure was developed and has been ap-

proved by the auditors. The cash registers have not

been installed and will not now need to be installed.

(2) Accepted the audit report and recommendations for

Lawlor Events Center, UNR, as presented by Mrs. Sandi

Cardinal, Director of Internal Audit. Mrs. Cardinal

reported that all the recommenations have been imple-

mented or are in the process of being implemented.

Deputy Chancellor Dawson reported that it has been the

policy not to tag items under $500 for inventory pur-

poses. However, a number of these smaller items are

now missing and an alternative method for keeping con-

trol of these needs to be developed.

Mr. Klaich commended Mr. Bob Dagitz, Director of Lawlor

Events Center, for his management of the Center. Mr.

Dagitz will be leaving Reno shortly to assume another


(3) Internal Audit Director Sandi Cardinal reported on a

followup of previous audits as requested by the Board

of Regents. (Complete responses are filed in the Re-

gents Office.) Mrs. Cardinal reported that all recom-

mendations have been implemented.

UNS - Unused Annual Leave

(July 1, 1984 through June 30, 1985)

UNLV - Concert Hall Facilities

(January 1, 1983 through June 30, 1985)

UNLV - Consolidated Students of the University of

Nevada, Las Vegas (CSUN)

(July 1, 1984 through September 30, 1985)

CCCC - Registration and Cashiering Systems

(Fall Semester, 1984 and Spring Semester, 1985)

(4) Information Only

Internal Audit Director Sandi Cardinal stated they

found no changes made from the previous sholarship

office audit; however, there will be a reorganization

of the scholarship office on July 1, 1986. A followup

audit is scheduled shortly thereafter.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the report and recommenda-

tions of the Audit Committee. Ms. Del Papa seconded.

Motion carried.

27. Approved Sale of Property, UNLV

Approved the sale of two parcels of land consisting of 5.53

acres for $4,600 and 7.58 acres for $11,100 to the City of

Los Angeles for power line easements. This land was given

to the University by Pabco Gypsum Properties for use in geo-

logical studies, and funds received will be placed in the

Geoscience Sales Account. The University retains the right

to conduct geological studies on this land.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval to sell UNLV property. Mrs.

Whitley seconded. Motion carried.

28. Approved Easement, UNLV

Approved a request to grant the Nevada Power Company and the

Central Telephone Company a 10' x 10' easement at the north-

east corner of the Houssels House. The easement is needed

to provide electrical and telephone service to the Houssels


Ms. Del Papa moved for approval of the easement at UNLV.

Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

29. Approved the Naming of the New Mines Building, UNR

Approved naming the new Mines building including the exist-

ting structure recently completed and the proposed 80,000

sq. ft. addition, the "Paul Laxalt Mineral Engineering


Mrs. Gallagher moved approval to name the new Mines building

the "Paul Laxalt Mineral Engineering Center". Mrs. Whitley

seconded. Unanimously carried.

30. Accepted Deed to Stead Acreage, UNR

Accepted the Quitclaim Deed to 7.76 acres of land at Stead

which was used formerly by the Reno National Guard. There

is a 30-year restriction on the property requiring that it

must be used only for educational purposes.

Mrs. Sparks moved approval to accept the Quitclaim Deed at

Stead. Ms. Del Papa seconded. Motion carried.

31. New Business

A. Chairman Klaich related that the members of the Board

will conduct an intensive workshop this Summer and re-

quested that members of the Board, Presidents and Chan-

cellor's staff submit subjects to be discussed.

B. The Board discussed various methods of managing the

timeframe required at Board of Regents meetings. Mrs.

Gallagher is opposed to meeting every two months because

the full agenda does not allow the Board to fully dis-

cuss important issues. Ms. Del Papa suggested block

motions be utilized more frequently and Mrs. Sheerin

suggested teleconferencing special Campus presentations

which save on faculty travel expenses.

The meeting adjourned at 4:30 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser