UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
March 14-15, 1889


Volume OB - Pages 71-73

                        Reno, Nevada

                      March 14th, 1889

Board of Regents met pursuant to adjournment.  Present T. H.

Wells, President.  Also E. T. George and H. L. Fish.  Minutes

of Feby. 9 and 20th also March 4th, read and approved.

Upon motion it was ordered that regular meetings of the Board be

held hereafter on the Saturday next preceding the final Tuesday

in each month.

Upon motion it was ordered that the necessary gas pipe be pur-

chased and the connected with that at the University building,

thence extended Southerly to a point below the water canal on

the University grounds.

Upon motion it was ordered that racks be made for 100 stand of

guns for use by the Cadets at the most convenient point in the

University building.

Upon motion it was ordered that Major A. C. Ducat, be placed upon

faculty staff to be employed as Instructor in modern language,

mechanics, and on such other Departments as desired by the Presi-

dent of the University, at a salary of One Hundred Dollars per

month, commencing Jany. 1, 1889, to be paid alternately by the

State and Agricultural Experiment Station.

Upon motion it was ordered that whereas the Instructor in book-

keeping is required to extend the time 1/3 for such service and

that his compensation be increased 1/3, namely $66.66/100 per

month from March 1, 1889.

Upon motion it was ordered that the Secretary of the Board re-

ceive a salary of $25.00 per month from March 1, 1889.

Upon motion the President was instructed to order fifty Diploma


     RESOLVED that the President of the University be instructed

     to arrange the members of the faculty so as to accommodate

     the greatest number of students, and to this end that he

     be authorized to transfer any Professor or Instructor to

     any Department of the University in which he deems their

     services may be most needed, unless otherwise ordered by

     the Board of Regents.

     RESOLVED by the Board of Regents of the State University,

     that on and after Wednesday, September 4th, 1889, the

     admission of students into the University from each County

     in the State be in pro rata proportion to the number of

     persons in each County between the ages of six and eighteen

     years, and that proper notice be given accordingly by the


     RESOLVED FURTHER, that if any County shall fail to avail

     itself of the above-stated privilege on said date or in a

     future time when a term commences, other Counties if they

     desire may supply the omission to the full extent of the

     capacity of the University.

The following claim was presented and approved by the Board:

     A. Ducat.  Salary for February, one hundred dollars, $100.

No further business appearing, the Board, upon motion, adjourned.

                             T. H. Wells


Geo. H. Taylor