UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
March 11-12, 1919

Volume OE - Pages 189-202

                         Reno, Nevada
                        March 11, 1919

The regular meeting of the Board of Regents was called to order
at 10:30 on March 11th by Chairman A. E. Cheney.

The following members were present:  Mrs. Hood, Mr. Pratt, Mr.
Cheney, Mr. North (late).  Absent:  Judge Curler.

The minutes of the meeting of January 6th with slight correction
were approved.  The minutes of the meeting of the Executive Com-
mittee of January 30th and March 1 were approved.

Under unfinished business the President reported to the Board his
recommendations relative to the awarding of the Regents' scholar-
ships, as follows:

    5 Regents' scholarships of $50 to be awarded to regular
    students on the basis of scholarship, 1 to a Freshman,
    2 to Sophomores and 2 to Juniors.  These scholarships will
    be announced at Commencement time, but shall not be paid
    to the winners until the first of October following, and
    after the recipients have enrolled for the subsequent
    year's work.  There shall be alternates chosen to whom
    the scholarships will be given in the event of the winners
    not enrolling for the subsequent year.

After discussion it was moved by Regent Pratt that the 5 usual
Regents' scholarships of $50 each be offered for the coming
year along the suggestions offered in the recommendation of the
President.  Motion carried, vote as follows:

    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Cheney           Aye
    Mr. North            Had not yet arrived

The President then explained to the members a plan for scholar-
ships to be provided through the formation of a fund in the
various counties of the State through which a steady stream of
the very best high school students would come to the University.
The plan had been explained to members of the Collegiate Alumnae,
who were interested, and it was expected that his plan would be
put before the Federation of Women's Clubs at their coming meet-

The President reported on the settlement with the Government on
the S. A. T. C. that he was not yet ready to report fully the
complete settlement.  The barracks had been offered for sale but
the best figure obtained if salvaged was $1100.  The President
thought best to retain the building on the Campus in the event
of need for housing displaced Departments by reason of the pro-
posed building program.  He reported that University Check 27
for $10,565.75, the remainder of money due the Reno National
Bank for the construction of the barracks, had been sent the
bank.  He stated that the final settlement would likely be that
the Government paid 3/4 of the cost and the State 1/4.

List of Claims #3 for Checks 20 to 28 inclusive amounting to
$12,307.56 was approved by the following vote:

    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Cheney           Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

President Clark reported that Wayne B. Adams, Assistant Chemist
in the Food and Drugs Department, who had been absent on war
service, had been restored on March 6th to his former status
and salary, in accordance with the action of the former Board
of Regents in granting such leaves.

The President reported the following:

    That in the event of the reclamation bill passing the Legis-
    lature, J. G. Scrugham, Dean of the College of Engineering,
    would go into State work and in that case he would resign
    his position at the University.

    That Mr. Preston had stated that he expected to be back to
    take up his work as Assistant Professor of Mechanical En-
    gineering in September.

    That he had written Professor Schappelle that we should like
    to have him return to the University for work next Fall.
    He expected to have final word from him by April 1.

The President recommended that the action of Dean Knight in plac-
ing Miss Leah Regan in the position of Clerical Assistant in the
College of Agriculture at a salary of $80 per month, beginning
March 1, to succeed Mrs. Florence T. Anderson, resigned, be

It was moved by Regent North that Leah Regan be appointed Ste-
nographer in the College of Agriculture at $80 per month.  Vote:

    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Cheney           Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

The President reported that Assistant Professor Lantz, on leave
for war service, had received his discharge and desired to do
graduate work in the University of Illinois until September or
possibly August.  He recommended that as Mr. Brown was doing
the work in the absence of Mr. Lantz, that the leave be extended.

It was moved by Regent Pratt, seconded by Regent Hood, that Mr.
Lantz be given extended leave of absence without pay until he
returned for duty, which should not be later than September 1,
1919.  Motion carried, all voting aye.

On the recommendation of the President, it was moved by Mrs.
Hood, that Associate Professor Goggio of the Department of
Romance Languages be made Head of the Department, instead of
Acting Head.  Motion carried, all voting aye.

On recommendation of the President, it was moved and seconded
that the salary of Margaret Hunkin, Departmental Stenographer,
be increased from $75 per month to $80 per month, effective
March 1, 1919.  Vote:

    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Cheney           Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

Attorney Huskey asked for permission to appear before the Board
relative to a claim he had in favor of Mr. Eugene Schuler for
alleged unpaid services in 1908 in connection with the construc-
tion of the Mining building, in amount $316.46.  Mr. Schuler's
claim was pending in the Legislature and needed the acknowledge-
ment of the Board of Regents that the claim was a just one.  Mr.
Huskey explained the details of the claim to the members of the
Board.  After a discussion of the matter and as to the reason
the claim had not been paid earlier, the Chairman suggested that
the matter be referred to the Executive Committee and that Mr.
Schuler be asked to furnish evidence that this is a correct and
just bill.

It was moved by Regent Pratt that the matter of the claim of
Eugene Schuler ($316.46) be referred to the Executive Committee
of the Board with power to recommend its payment by the Legis-
lature whenever that Committee was satisfied that the claim is
just and has been heretofore recognized as such by any previous
Board of Regents.  Vote:

    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Cheney           Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

The Chairman asked the Secretary of the Board to look over the
back records to obtain any data pertaining to the claim of Mr.
Schuler.  Mr. Huskey heard the action of the Board in regard
to Mr. Schuler's claim and withdrew.

The President reported for the information of the Board that he
had received from Miles B. Kennedy an application to be appoint-
ed Acting Commissioner for the Food and Drugs and Weights and
Measures Department.  As Mr. Dinsmore was expected to return at
an early date, he made no recommendation as to the application
from Mr. Kennedy and the same was ordered filed.

The President presented an application and letter from the
Christian Science Association, through the Secretary, Miss Sears,
that the Association be allowed to use the name adopted in their
constitution, viz:  The Christian Science Association of the
University of Nevada.  The President also stated to the Board
that this Society had asked permission to hold public lectures
in the interest of the Christian Science Church in a University
building, the Gymnasium, on the Campus, which permission he had
not granted.

A full discussion on the reasons of former Board action in re-
fusing to allow the name "University of Nevada" to be used in
connection with any religious or political society was held,
the law being that the University was non-sectarian.  General
discussion was held also relative to free public propaganda
lectures being held on the Campus by speakers sent out by the
Mother Church.

The matter was then laid over until the afternoon session.

A letter from Mrs. Fulton thanking the Board for resolutions of-
fered on the death of Mrs. Ella S. Stubbs was read.

The President read a letter from Sardis Summerfield of Reno,
asking for permission to fish in the University Lake.  It was
moved by Regent Pratt that the matter be left in the hands of
the President with power to act.  Motion carried, all voting aye.

The President read to the Board letters from architects F. J.
De Longchamps and W. O. Lewis applying to be chosen architects
for the University in the building program.

The President presented a request coming from Librarian Layman
to the Governor, and the Governor's reply, relative to the print-
ing of the Biennial Report of the President and Regents for the
period ending December 31, 1915, which report had not yet been
printed.  After some discussion as to the reason the report had
not been printed when due, the matter was laid over until the
afternoon session.

Board recessed at 12 o'clock to attend a luncheon given by the
Home Economics Department.

The Board reassembled at 3:15 P.M. with all members of the morn-
ing session present.

The Chairman of the Board reported that the key to the Washoe
County Bank Safe Deposit Box was delivered to Regent North and
he had asked Mr. North to file a memorandum of the contents of
the box with the Secretary for filing.

The matter of the Christian Science Association petition was
taken up and after further discussion the following motion was
offered by Regent Hood:

    That the application of the Christian Science Society of
    date January 17th, 1919, presented through the Secretary,
    Miss Sears, coming up for consideration, the application
    is denied and the action of the Board of Regents of Febru-
    ary 12, 1917, in granting such permission and prohibiting
    connection therewith is approved and the Board of Regents
    is opposed to extending the privileges heretofore granted;
    and further, the President of the University is permitted
    to assign a room for the meeting of this Society provided
    that such meetings are not to be invitation meetings either
    to the Campus people or to the general public.

Motion was carried, vote standing:

    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Cheney           Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

The Secretary of the Board having located the data with refer-
ence to the Schuler claim presented through Mr. Huskey at the
morning meeting, the Chairman suggested that this matter be taken
up again and handled, a summary of the finding being:  That on
April 26, 1910, Mr. Schuler filed a bill covering items mentioned
in this claim except with a difference of $33, the claim of 1910
being for $1385.55 and not for $1424.54 as presented by Mr.
Huskey for Mr. Schuler.  That the claim for $1385.55 was acknow-
ledged in a letter from former President Stubbs under date of
April 20th, 1910, with payments as follows:

    Total April 17, 1909                    $1385.55
    On this we have a credit                  705.32
    leaving a balance of                      680.23
    Check being sent for                      400.23
    leaving a balance of                      280.23

The sum of $280.23 is as much as was ever allowed by any previous

The findings of this Board then are that in the matter of the
application of Eugene Schuler for evidence that there was unpaid
to him $313.16 on a claim made by him April 1910, the Board upon
consideration of the same, finds that there is an unpaid balance
of $280.23 upon a claim of Eugene Schuler which was received and
filed April 26, 1910, which same claim appears to cover the same
items in the claim presented this date (March 11, 1919) and upon
which there is a balance of $280.23, as shown by a letter from
former President Stubbs of date April 20, 1910, and the present
Secretary is authorized to certify to that fact if it is so

The President reported to the Board the death of Mrs. W. A. Clark
Jr., the donor of the Katherine Hays Mc Manus Scholarship of $250
and stated that he was taking up a continuance of this scholar-
ship with Mr. Clark.

The Board returned to the matter of the printing of the Biennial
Report for the two years ending 1915, and it was moved by Mrs.
Hood that the Biennial Report of the Board of Regents and the
President for 1915 be printed and that the time of printing and
the number of copies to be published be left to the judgment of
the President.  Vote:

    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Cheney           Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

The President reported a gift of a display storage battery, a
considerable number of telegraph and telephone parts, switches
and wiring material and a collection of mounted pictures of
machines and machine sections for use in the lecture room, value
of gift estimated at $75, to the Engineering College from Mr.
Ralph A. Jones, now State Vocational Director, and formerly one
of the District Educational Directors for the Committee on Edu-
cation and Special Training.

The President reported that the bond for Mr. Gorman, Comptroller,
had been duly continued and that he had word to this effect from
Mr. C. R. Carter of the Insurance Department of the Washoe County
Bank, the bond being No. 7084-17 in the sum of $20,000 with the
United States Fidelity and Guaranty Co.

For the purpose of incorporating in the catalogue the President
recommended the following members of the Extension and Agricul-
tural Experiment Station staff, to become members on a part time
basis, of the College of Agriculture:

    That V. E. Scott of the Extension staff be elected to be
    Professor of Dairying with the understanding that he shall
    give in each University year 1/2 of his time beginning with
    the semester January 1920, and that for such 1/2 time he is
    to receive from the University funds 1/2 of his annual sal-
    ary, this 1/2 not to exceed $1200.  It was also understood
    that Professor Scott is to give some time looking after the
    Dairy herds and the herd records.

    That George Hardman, at present a member of the Experiment
    Station staff, be elected Assistant Professor of Agronomy,
    to give 1/2 time to the University beginning January 1920,
    and that for such 1/2 time he is to receive from the Uni-
    versity funds, 1/2 of his annual salary, this 1/2 not to
    exceed $1200.

    That C. E. Fleming of the Experiment Station staff is to
    be Associate Professor of Animal Husbandry beginning with
    the semester opening September 1920, and Mr. F. L. Bixby is
    is to be Associate Professor of Agronomy beginning with the
    semester January 1920.  These last two men, Mr. Fleming and
    Mr. Bixby, to have their compensation determined in accord-
    ance with the courses and hours given and in accordance with
    the system found in letter of January 28th to Mr. Gorman,
    which is as follows:

    1.  Any man who devotes his entire time to teaching and
        Departmental work in the University for a full Univer-
        sity semester shall be paid from the University funds
        for this teaching and Departmental work, 1/2 of his
        regular annual salary, this 1/2 not to exceed $1200.

    2.  Any such man who is teaching, throughout one semester,
        a two or three credit course in any Department of the
        University shall be paid from the University funds and
        for this teaching, 1/12 of his regular annual salary,
        provided that such payment in no case shall exceed $200.

    3.  Any such man who is teaching, throughout one semester, a
        four or five credit course in any Department of the Uni-
        versity, shall be paid from University funds and for such
        teaching during the semester, 1/6 of his regular annual
        salary, provided that such payment of 1/6 of his salary
        in no case exceed $400.

    4.  No such man shall receive any pay from the University
        funds for teaching or Departmental work unless the course
        or courses for which he is scheduled are actually given
        by him.

The President had no definite recommendation as to courses and
pay to make at this time relative to Messrs. Bixby and Fleming,
but if in January these men are to give courses, he will then
make a recommendation to the Board.

It was moved that the recommendations of the President in respect
to Professor Scott, Assistant Professor Hardman, Associate Pro-
fessor Bixby and Associate Professor Fleming be approved.  Motion
carried, vote standing:

    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Cheney           Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

The President reported to the Board for their approval the action
of the University Senate by which action the University Senate is
to be superseded by the general University faculty which shall
consist of all persons of the rank of Instructor or above who
shall give instruction in any of the regular College Departments
and later that the Librarian, the Registrar and the President
should be members of this general faculty.  There were two excep-
tions to this membership rule, as follows:

    1.  Any member of the faculty not teaching during any given
        College year shall not have the privilege of voting in
        faculty meetings during that year.

    2.  New appointees shall not have the right to vote until
        one year after appointment, except those who may be ap-
        pointed to the rank of full Professor or as Heads or
        Acting Heads of a Department.

The report of the Committee on Committees designating the regular
committees of the University faculty was presented as follows:

    1.  Committee on Admission and Advanced Standing    3 members

    2.  Committee on Registration and Scholarship
        To be composed of the Deans of the Schools of
        Arts and Science, Agriculture and Engineering
        with the Registrar as Secretary.

    3.  Committee on Schedules                          3 members

    4.  Committee on Athletics                          3 members

    5.  Committee on Library
        To consist of Librarian and 2 or 4 other members.

    6.  Committee on Scholarships and Prizes            3 members

    7.  Student Affairs
        To be composed of President or Vice President
        of the University, the Dean of Women and the
        Master of Lincoln Hall.

It was moved by Regent Pratt that the Board of Regents hereby
approve the organization of the University Faculty adopted by
the faculty in March 1919, to the effect that the University
Senate is superseded by the University Faculty, that the Council
of Administration disappears and the standing committees be as
outlined in the report, the members of these committees except
where specifically named to be appointed by the President.
Motion carried, all voting aye.

The President recommended that the University grant the sum of
$125 to cover the expense of entertaining the Club winners of
the Boys and Girls Club work, Extension Division at the Univer-
sity this coming year, and to buy prizes, etc. for the winners,
the same to be paid from the Regents' Contingent Fund.

It was moved by Mr. Pratt that the recommendation be approved,
vote being:

    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Cheney           Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

The President gave a short summary report on the legislative
status and his efforts in behalf of the University with the mem-
bers of the Legislature and its various committees, the outlook
being reported as entirely satisfactory.

Plans for the Summer Session having been definitely made, the
President so reported to the Board.

The matter of Commencement speakers was discussed and names sug-
gested by the Chairman and other members.

The calendar for the coming year with the opening and closing
dates as follows, having been approved by the University Faculty
was offered for adoption:

    Opening September 2, Close December 22, Open January 5-6,
    1920, Close May 12.

It was moved by Mr. Pratt that the calendar as adopted by the
faculty be approved.  Motion carried, all voting aye.

The members of the Board suggested the following desirable mem-
bers to the Honorary Board of Visitors and asked that the Pres-
ident send to the Governor to be considered by him when that
Board was named:

    Mrs. Lucy Grimes Burton                 Fallon
    Mr. C. S. Chandler                      Ely
    A. Carman                               Pioche
    John H. Miller                          Hawthorne
    Ada Torreyson                           Carson
    Delle B. Boyd                           Reno
    Mrs. H. F. Dangberg                     Minden
    James Leonard                           Virginia City
    George A. Myles                         Austin
    Walter J. Handley                       Eureka
    W. C. Pitt                              Lovelock
    J. I. Earl                              Bunkerville
    John Henderson                          Elko
    Judge J. Emmet Walsh                    Goldfield
    H. H. Atkinson                          Tonopah
    Judge J. Langwith                       Winnemucca
    Mrs. Maude E. Johnson                   Yerington
    Supreme Court Chief Justice
        Benjamin Coleman

The President reported that under a ruling of the War Depart-
ment's Committee on Education and Special Training, a bond should
be given and a person designated for the University who shall be
accountable for equipment, etc., issued to the University for the
use of the R. O. T. C., which bond would not need outside secu-
rity.  The President stated that Mr. Gorman had been the respon-
sible person in the past who was accountable for supplies issued
to this University by the War Department and in whose favor the
bond should be made, and that it would be well for the Board to
designate Charles H. Gorman, Comptroller of the University, as
the accountable person and authorize him to execute a bond on
behalf of the Board of Regents of the University to cover the
equipment and supplies issued by the War Department to the Uni-
versity of Nevada for the R. O. T. C.

It was moved, seconded and carried that the President's recom-
mendation as above be approved.

The following proposed plan presented through the Librarian for
the Library Committee was recommended by the President for the
approval of the Board:

    The University Library offers to purchase from Professors,
    the publication of learned societies of which they may be
    members under the following regulations:

    1.  Only publications needed by the Library will be pur-
        chased and the question of need will be determined by
        the Library Committee.

    2.  The University will not pay for any incomplete volume or
        any undelivered number.  All publications must be de-
        livered in good condition currently as issued within
        one month of receipt of the same except that the time
        may be extended during the Summer vacation.

    3.  The Library will not buy the publications of more than
        one learned society from any Professor, and ordinarily
        it is expected that the Professor will offer the pub-
        lications of a society which worthily represents his
        Department of learning.

    4.  The price to be paid by the University shall not exceed
        the membership fee paid by the Professor nor the price
        it would pay by other methods of purchase.

    5.  The offer of purchase is made to all Heads of Depart-
        ments as recognized in apportionment of Library funds.

    6.  In case a given publication is, with equal propriety,
        offered by the Heads of two Departments, the privilege
        of sale shall be decided on the basis of seniority of

It was moved by Mr. North that the recommendation be approved.
After some discussion question put and vote stood as follows:

    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Cheney           No
    Mr. North            Aye

An unpaid bill against Joe Scott for $20, of date October 30,
1918, for serum furnished by the Veterinary Department, and which
was thought by the Department as uncollectible, was on motion re-
ferred to the Executive Committee.

A petition from the Associated Students presented in resolutions
to the Board was read to the Board for formation of a hospital
association with compulsory medical fee, as follows:

    WHEREAS, the student body is desirous of protecting the
    health of the students of the University of Nevada,

    WHEREAS, other Colleges have such a means of protecting
    the health of the students,

    BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, that a compulsory fee of $2.50
    be levied on each student (each semester).  This applies
    only to students who comply with the conditions of this

Matter discussed in its various phases, in particular the ques-
tion of exemptions from the general rule.  Following considerable
discussion, the plan was adopted in an amended form as following
for a year of trial operation.

     1.  That the University, as heretofore, would supply the
         hospital building, fuel, light, furnishings and the
         services of a matron free of charge to the students
         provided the University shall in no event be liable
         for medical service.

     2.  That a hospital fee could be fairly exacted only from
         students who were away from home and should not be re-
         quired of those living in Reno, Sparks or the immediate
         vicinity.  That it was not advisable to exact the fee
         of Christian Scientists.  That only those paying the
         fee would be members of the University Hospital Associ-
         ation and as such be entitled to its benefits.

     3.  That with a normal University registration the Associ-
         ation should have a membership of from 150 to 200 stu-

     4.  That between $200 and $300 would be needed per year to
         provide for medicines, linen, laundry, special articles
         of diet and general hospital expenditures.

     5.  That the greater part of the remainder of the fund
         should be applied to securing the regular services
         of a physician who would have stated office hours at
         the University during which members of the Association
         might consult him for advice and treatment.  He shall
         also have the duty of giving the necessary medical
         attention to any member of the Association who may be
         confined as a patient in the University Hospital.

     6.  That other medical services such as those required in
         making physical examinations of students for courses
         in physical training should be paid for by the Uni-
         versity Departments of Physical Training.

     7.  That any medical services to those injured in athletic
         contests should be paid for out of the athletic funds.

     8.  Special nursing, operations or other special medical
         attention should be paid for by the individual con-

     9.  That treatment for venereal disease should not be paid
         for out of this fund but should be considered an indi-
         vidual liability.

    10.  Cases of illness which are indefinitely prolonged shall
         not be treated in the University Hospital for longer
         time than is necessary for the physician to be assured
         that the case will require indefinitely prolonged treat-

    11.  If there is a surplus in the fund created by hospital
         fees at the end of any University year, rebates to each
         student member of the Hospital Association proportion-
         ate to that student's contribution for the year and in
         total amount sufficient to equal the surplus shall be

    12.  The Committee in charge shall be authorized to require
         satisfactory evidence that any student claiming to be
         a Christian Scientist is a member of a Christian Sci-
         entist Church.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

                             A. E. Cheney

Louise Blaney