UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
March 10-11, 1972


Pages 84-92



March 10, 1972

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Donald C.

Moyer Campus Student Union, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present: Fred M. Anderson M. D.

Mr. James H. Bilbray

Mr. Archie C. Grant

Mr. Clark J. Guild, Jr.

Mr. Harold Jacobsen

Mr. William Morris

Mr. Mel Steninger

Miss Helen Thompson

Members absent: Miss Molly Knudtsen

Louis E. Lombardi, M. D.

Mr. Paul Mc Dermott

Others present: Chancellor Neil D. Humphrey

President Charles R. Donnelly (CCD)

President N. Edd Miller (UNR)

President John M. Ward (DRI)

President R. J. Zorn (UNLV)

Mr. Procter Hug, Jr., Special Deputy

Attorney General

Vice President Donald H. Baepler (UNLV)

Vice President Edward L. Pine (UNR)

Dr. Edwin Carey (CCD)

Mr. Herman Westfall (UNLV)

Mr. Edward Olsen (UNR)

Mr. Mark Hughes (UNLV)

Mr. Niels Anderson (UNS)

Dr. Tom Hoffer (DRI)

Dr. Hugh Mozingo (UNR)

Dr. Paul Aizley (UNLV)

Mr. Dan Klaich (UNR)

Miss Shelly Levine (UNLV)

Mr. Shane Stahl (ECC)

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Jacobsen at 10:15


1. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of February 11, 1972 were sub-

mitted for approval.

Mr. Grant moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Guild,

carried without dissent.

2. Report of Gifts

Upon motion by Mr. Bilbray, seconded by Miss Thompson, the

gifts and grants were accepted as reported (report identi-

fied as Ref. 2 and filed with permanent minutes).

3. Approval of Purchases in Excess of $5,000, UNLV

A. President Zorn reported that bids were opened February

14, 1972 for a programmable calculator and accessories

to be used by the Mathematics Department:

Wang Laboratories, Inc., Tewksbury, Mass. $8,400

Monroe, The Calculator Co., Las Vegas 8,485

Hewlett-Packard Co., Albuquerque, N. M. 7,712

President Zorn recommended award to Hewlett-Packard Co.

Funds are avilable from the Supplemental Science

Equipment appropriation. Chancellor Humphrey concurred.

Mr. Bilbray moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Grant, carried without dissent.

B. President Zorn reported that bids were opened February

18, 1972 for 19 72-tray card catalog cabinets to be used

by the Library:

Chapman Company, Salt Lake City, Utah $15,295.00

SPD Office Equipment, Las Vegas 16,577.50

Culver-Newlin, Inc., Santa Fe Springs, Ca. 16,912.00

Bro-Dart, Inc., Williamsport, Pa. 13,958.00

President Zorn recommended award to Bro-Dart, Inc.

Chancellor Humphrey concurred.

Mr. Bilbray moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr.

Anderson, carried without dissent.

C. President Zorn reported bids were opened February 23,

1972 for the purchase and installation of louver style

drapes for the Teacher Education building:

Louver Drape, Santa Monica, Ca. $10,459.00

House of Carpet, Las Vegas 12,209.00

Custom Drapes, Las Vegas 18,380.80

President Zorn recommended award to Louver Drape. Funds

are available in the original budget allocation. Chan-

cellor Humphrey concurred.

Mr. Bilbray moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Guild, carried without dissent.

4. Preliminary Plans, ECC Learning Resource Center

President Donnelly presented the preliminary plans for this

project and reviewed the project summary as included with

the agenda (project summary identified as Ref. 4 and filed

with permanent minutes).

President Donnelly reported that the preliminary plans had

been approved by the ECC Advisory Board and by the State

Planning Board. He recommended approval by the Board of

Regents. Chancellor Humphrey concurred.

Mr. Steninger moved approval of the preliminary plans as

presented. Motion seconded by Miss Thompson, carried with-

out dissent.

5. CCD Student Representation at Board Meetings

President Donnelly recalled that in October 1971, the Board

approved a recommendation that the student representative

from ECC be designated as the official representative from

CCD until such time as the other student bodies organize and

desire a change. He recommended that effective with the

April meeting, the Student representative from WNCC be

designated to represent the CCD at Board meetings held in

Reno, the CCCC student representative be designated to rep-

resent the CCD at Board meetings held in Las Vegas and that

the ECC student representative continue to be the official

representative at meetings held in Reno.

Mr. Steninger moved approval of President Donnelly's recom-

mendation, with the further stipulation that at such times

as the agenda may include an item of particular concern at a

CCD Campus whose representative would not normally be sched-

uled to attend, that Campus representative may also be

invited at the discretion of the President of the Division.

Motion seconded by Dr. Anderson, carried without dissent.

6. Quarterly Report of Disciplinary Cases, CCD

In accordance with the requirements of the Rules and

Disciplinary Procedures for Members of the University

Community, President Donnelly submitted a report for the

period ending March 1, indicated that "there have been no

violations at Elko Community College, Clark County Community

College or Western Nevada Community College involving disci-

plinary action."

7. Graduation List, January, 1972, UNR

President Miller submitted a list of 266 students who have

been approved by the faculty of each College concerned and

the appropriate University Officials for graduation on

January 24, 1972 (list identified as Ref. 7 and filed with

the permanent minutes).

Upon motion by Miss Thompson, seconded by Mr. Morris, ten addi-

tional items were admitted to the agenda.

8. Approval of Purchases in Excess of $5,000, UNR

A. President Miller reported that the bids were opened

February 11, 1972 for 90 tons of urea fertilizer to be

used at the Main Station Farm:

Albers, Reno $7,254

Agro-Chem, Fallon 7,650

President Miller recommended award to Albers. Funds are

available from the Experiment Station Sales Account.

Chancellor Humphrey concurred.

Mr. Bilbray moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Guild, carried without dissent.

B. President Miller reported that bids were opened February

23, 1972 for semi-annual purchase of canned fruits and

vegetables for the Dining Commons. Low bidders on a

per-item basis were:

Abbott Supply, Sparks 25 $ 4,812.57

Monarch Foods, Reno 16 4,409.03

M & R Westco, Sparks 4 1,362.90

Price Wholesale, Sacramento 13 1,304.45


President Miller recommended award on the low-bidder-

per-item. Chancellor Humphrey concurred.

Mr. Bilbray moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Steninger, carried without dissent.

C. President Miller reported that bids were opened February

28, 1972 for 60 electronic study carrells (48 units to

be installed in the Fred M. Anderson Health Science

building and 12 to be installed in the College of Edu-

cation building).

Institutional Equipment Specialists, Alamo, Ca. $22,696

Ramsey Mill & Supply, Reno 29,610

Gilmore Design & Construction, Redwood City, Ca 31,920

President Miller recommended award to the low-bidder,

Institutional Equipment Specialists, in the amount of

$22,696. Funds are available from the original budget

allocations. Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mr. Bilbray moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Morris, carried without dissent.

D. Vice President Pine reported that bids were opened

March 7, 1972 for furniture and equipment for the Phys-

ics building. He reported the following results and


Schedule A - Desks and Credenzas (items 1-9)

*All Steel Equipment, Aurora, Ill. $6,452.07

E & I Cooperative Service, Irvine, Ca. 6,776.66

Armanko's, Reno 7,308.71

Schedule B - Files (items 10-12)

*Armanko's, Reno $3,343.73

All-Steel Equipment, Aurora, Ill. 3,411.48

E & I Cooperative Service, Irvine, Ca. 3,466.23

Schedule C - Bookcases and Shelving (item 13)

*All-Steel Equipment, Aurora, Ill. $ 297.70

Armanko's, Reno 313.45

Item 14

*Armanko's $ 320.88

All-Steel Equipment 496.50

E & I Cooperative Service 594.90

Item 15

*All-Steel Equipment $1,960.18

Armanko's 3,556.26

S. P. D. Office Equipment, Las Vegas 3,628.94

Schedule D - Office Chairs (items 16-19)

*All-Steel Equipment $4,425.48

E & I Cooperative Service 5,535.87

Armanko's 6,581.44

Item 20

*E & I Cooperative Service $1,859.22

All-Steel Equipment 2,031.70

Armanko's 2,641.54

Schedule E - Classroom Chairs (items 21 and 22)

Bids are being evaluated.

Schedule F - Tables (items 23-28)

*All-Steel Equipment $1,952.17

E & I Cooperative Service 1,971.99

Armanko's 2,045.67

Schedule G - Storage and Wardrobe Cabinets (items 29-31)

*All-Steel Equipment $1,944.68

Armanko's 2,678.27

S. P. D. Office Equipment 2,729.34

Schedule H - Misc. Furniture and Accessories (item 32)

*All-Steel Equipment $ 441.77

Item 33

*Ajusto Equipment, Co., Bowling Green, Ohio $ 174.60

Item 34

*E & I Cooperative Service $ 400.80

Armanko's 488.10

Items 35 and 36

*Armanko's $ 177.40

Item 37

*E & I Cooperative Service $ 270.72

*Recommend award.

President Miller recommended a report be made at the

next meeting concerning items 21 and 22 of Schedule E,

and that Vice President Pine's recommendation concerning

award of the other items be approved with total awards

as follows:

All-Steel Equipment $17,474.05

Armanko's 3,842.01

E & I Cooperative Service 2,530.74

Ajusto Equipment Company 174.60


Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mr. Morris moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Bilbray, carried without dissent.

9. Progress of University Projects

Vice President Pine submitted a report on the status of

University Capital Improvement projects. (Report on file

in the Chancellor's Office.)

10. Lease in Excess of $5,000

Chancellor Humphrey presented a recommendation, with his

endorsement, from the Data Procession Policy and Planning

Board and the Computing Center Director Niels Anderson, for

approval of an equipment lease with Control Data Corporation

for $156,000 per year for an 8-year period. This equipment

would replace the Sigma 7 computer with a CDC Cyber-72


Mr. Anderson, Director of the Computing Center, reviewed the

negotiations leading to this recommendation, noting that in

1969 the Data Processing Policy and Planning Board adopted

the objective of creating a Statewide educational computing

network which would consist of a central computer and vari-

ous terminals located at University sites throughout the

State. Workload trends indicated a need to evaluate comput-

ing capabilities to meet this goal. Computer vendors were

invited to submit plans to meet future needs.

Mr. Anderson noted that a committee represented by each Di-

vision and the Computer Center have evaluated various vendor

computing plans. In general these plans were measured for

financial feasibility, technical capability, service provid-

ed to computer users and degree of support of a Statewide

educational computing network.

Mr. Anderson continued by noting that the Control Data Cor-

poration's plan was selected to be most viable. Briefly, he

explained, this plan would replace, in August 1972, the

present central computer and provide for the installation of

an interactive terminal on the Las Vegas Campus. Future

expansion of the system will be geared to the needs of the

individual Divisions of the University. The cost of this

plan was approximately $20,000 a year less than the cost of

expanding the present computer and provided equal mainte-

nance and software support. The Data Processing Policy

and Planning Board recognized the inconvenience and cost

of changing from one computer vendor to another. However,

it was also recognized that this change would effectively

support the University's long range and fiscal goals.

The procedures followed by the Data Processing Policy and

Planning Board in inviting, reviewing and selecting a com-

puter plan have been reviewed by the University's Legal

Counsel who advises the procedures are in compliance with

State law and Board of Regents regulations. Also, Mr.

Anderson noted, the National Science Foundation which pro-

vided a grant in 1968 to purchase a part of the present

central computer, has advised that it would interpose no ob-

jection to changing computers at the University and that the

University had the authority to dispose of owned components

of the computer.

Mr. Anderson submitted the following recommendation on

behalf of the Computing Center and the Data Processing

Policy and Planning Board:

That the Chancellor be authorized to accept the proposal

of the Control Data Corporation to lease to the Univer-

sity, at $156,000 per year, effective August, 1972, a

CDC Cyber-72 Computer, a Model CDC 731.10 Remote Batch

Computer Terminal, together with supporting software

and other hardware components; said lease to be renew-

able annually, for an eight year period, subject to lack

of funding clause; said lease subject to cancellation at

any time during the 5th year of the lease period at the

University's option upon payment of reasonable contract

termination charges. Further, that the Chancellor be

authorized to sell the present XDS Sigma 7 Computer to

the Control Data Corporation for an amount equal to the

sum of the cost of computer site modifications in Water

Resources building, licenses for software products,

training costs, on-site system analyst services, and any

other incidental costs agreed to by the University and

the Control Data Corporation. In the event the Univer-

sity receives an offer for the Sigma 7 from a buyer

other than Control Data Corporation which is greater

than the sum described above, it is recommended that

the Chancellor be authorized to reimburse the Control

Data Corporation for the cost of site modification in

the Water Resources building, licenses for software

products, training costs, on-site system analyst

services, and other incidental costs from the proceeds

of the sale of the Sigma 7.

In the discussion following, concern was expressed that an

effort be made to include, if possible, a provision in the

contract for negotiating the termination charges should the

University choose to exercise that option at the appropriate


In response to questions concerning the decision to change

computers and the selection of the CDC equipment over any

other and what assurance, if any, could be given that this

was a satisfactory piece of equipment, Chancellor Humphrey

noted that each of the Divisions had been represented on

the committee which had reviewed the proposals. If there

was any opposition from any of the users (research, educa-

tional, administrative), it had not been expressed to him.

He pointed out that considerable expertise in the computing

area exists within the University and, in the opinion of

these people, this CDC computer is the best equipment for

the University's purposes.

Dr. Anderson moved approval of the lease as recommended.

Motion seconded by Mr. Bilbray. Mr. Guild moved to amend to

stipulate that every effort be made to provide for negotia-

tion of the termination costs. Amendment accepted. Amended

motion carried without dissent.

11. Subsidy for Day Care Centers

Chancellor Humphrey recalled that in February, requests were

made for Board of Regents subsidy of Day Care Centers at

UNR, UNLV and ECC. $260 was allocated to UNLV and a request

was made by the Administration. No action was taken on the

UNR or ECC requests.

Chancellor Humphrey noted that a report had been received

from President Donnelly, concerning the Child Development

Center at ECC and a request that the Board subsidize the

Center's 1971-72 deficit of $960.

President Zorn reported that the problem encountered by

CSUN has been resolved and the Day Care Center will be able

to continue in operation for the balance of the academic

year without further Board of Regents subsidy.

President Miller reported that further discussions have been

held concerning the Center at UNR and a determination has

been made that it would be inappopriate to expand the oper-

ation at this time.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended that these programs not be

subsidized with University funds.

Mr. Steninger moved approval of the Chancellor's recommenda-

tion. Motion seconded by Dr. Anderson, carried without


Mr. Jacobsen suggested again that these kinds of requests

should be called to the attention of the Campus Administra-

tion so that the Division concerned might have an opportu-

nity to resolve the matter before it is called to the

Board's attention.

12. Approval of Fund Transfers

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval of the following

transfers of funds.

#131-UNR $2,210 from Contingency Reserve to Civil Engi-

neering Professional Salaries to provide for an

Instructor to teach a course which was originally

to be taught by Acting Dean Breese.

#147-UNR $3,600 from Contingency Reserve to Office of

Student Affairs to provide sufficient funds to

pay existing personnel through June 30, 1972.

#541-UNLV $2,500 from Contingency Reserve to Art Department

to provide additional funds for part-time


#174-UNR $2,000 from Statewide Contingency Reserve to

Nevada Mining Analytical Lab, Operating to pro-

vide funds for supplies and equipment through

June 30, 1972.

#182-UNR $4,000 from Contingency Reserve to Miscellaneous

Electric to provide funds for electrical mainte-

nance for balance of fiscal year.

#542-UNLV $4,250 to cover changes in the charging of vari-

ous accounts for part-time contracts, as request-

ed by Vice Chancellor Baepler, as follows:

From College of Education, Dean's Office $ 250

Hotel Administration 750

Engineering, Geology & Geography 50

Mathematics 2,500

Contingency 700


To College of Business & Economics $1,000

History Department 1,750

Mathematics 750

Physics 750


#545-UNLV $4,200 from Contingency Reserve to Foreign

Language, Wages, to provide funds for part-time

secretarial help.

Mr. Bilbray moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Steninger, carried without dissent.

Chancellor Humphrey reported the following transfers for


#176-UNR $923 from Contingency Reserve to Personnel

Services to provide additional funds for 1971-72.

#536-UNLV $250 from Contingency Reserve to Educational

Administration to provide coverage for P-99 funds

for the Fall semester.

#538-UNLV $910 from Contingency Reserve to Admissions for

purchase of equipment.

#539-UNLV $1,000 from Contingency Reserve to Registrar for

purchase of equipment.

#540-UNLV $849 from Contingency Reserve and $1600 from

Foreign Languages, Graduate Assistant Salaries to

Foreign Languages, Professional Salaries, to pro-

vide funds for salary for replacement of Sheilagh


#935-ECC $100 from Contingency Reserve to Administrative,

Operating to pay overdue utility bills.

#543-UNLV $1,400 from Contingency Reserve to Library,

Operating to purchase special periodicals and

books for ethnic studies ($400) and additional

library shelving $(1,000).

#544-UNLV $840 from Contingency Reserve to Library, Wages

to provide interim hourly help until permanent

position is filled.

13. Report of Investment Advisory Committee

Chancellor Humphrey presented the minutes of the Investment

Advisory Committee meeting of February 11, 1972 (identified

as Ref. 13 and filed with permanent minutes) and requested

confirmation of the action of the Committee.

Mr. Bilbray moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr.

Anderson, carried without dissent.

14. Graduate Assistant (Fellows) Salaries

Chancellor Humphrey reviewed the earlier discussions on this

matter, noting that in February, the following recommenda-

tions were made concerning Graduate Assistants (Fellows)

salaries for 1972-73:

1. UNR Faculty Senate recommended the base academic year

salary be increased to $2,700 with the maximum salary

at $3,500.

2. UNLV Faculty Senate made no recommendation.

3. President Zorn concurred in the Coordinating Council

recommendation that no change be made in the present

salary level of $2,500 to $2,900.

4. DRI made no recommendation.

5. Chancellor Humphrey recommended that a classification

system be provided for Graduate Assistants (Fellows)

with actual job descriptions suggested, but subject to

review and modification, and salaries be specified by

classification with a range from $2,500 to $3,000 per

academic year.

6. President Miller endorsed the concept of classification

with the description subject to modification, but pro-

posed a salary range from $2,600 to $3,200.

At the Board's direction, this matter was tabled "until the

March meeting to permit time for this matter to be further

considered and the Administration to make a recommendation

both on job descriptions and on salaries." Subsequently,

this matter was discussed by the Coordinating Council on

February 17, 1972. The effect of the Council's action was


1. Refer the classification concept to Faculty Senates.

2. Recommend that the Divisions need not be uniform in the

payment of Graduate Assistant (Fellow) salaries for

1972-73 only.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended that:

1. Compensation of $2,500 to $3,200 salary plus grant-in-

aid for payment of registration fee and tuition be

approved for Graduate Assistants (Fellows) for 1972-73

academic year.

2. Decision as to placement of individual Graduate

Assistants on the salary schedule be left with the

Division Administration.

3. As soon as feasible, a proposal for uniform classifica-

tion system and job descriptions be presented for Board


Presidents Miller, Ward and Zorn expressed agreement with

the proposal, stating that it is acceptable to their respec-

tive Divisions and can be accommodated to their situations.

Mr. Bilbray moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Guild,

carried without dissent.

15. Progress Report on University Code

Chancellor Humphrey reported that the Coordinating Council

has developed a new proposal Code which substantially modi-

fies the consenus document developed by the Chancellor's

Advisory Cabinet. He noted that the document is now being

reviewed by the Senate of each Division. A copy was distri-

buted to the Board. (Coordinating Council document on green

paper for easy identification and on file in the Chancel-

lor's Office.)

Chancellor Humphrey also reported that all suggested changes

or new documents are scheduled to be presented to the Board

at the April meeting and time will be provided for full

discussion of the various proposals.

16. Regulation for Tuition Charges

Mr. Hug presented a document entitled "Regulations for

Tuition Changes" which he noted was developed in cooperation

with the Presidents, their Administrations and the Chancel-

lor. He pointed out the document was still in the draft

stage, and in fact the copy distributed was intended as a

substitute to one distributed with the agenda (both docu-

ments on file in the Chancellor's Office). Mr. Hug also

read a letter which he had sent to Chancellor Humphrey in

which he had identified some of the reasons and the purposes

for the regulations. (Letter also on file in the Chancel-

lor's Office.)

The meeting adjourned for lunch and for a tour of the Performing

Arts building, and reconvened at 2:05 P.M.

17. La Raza and Nevada Association of Latin Americans

President Zorn introduced Mr. Louis Paez, President, La

Raza, and other members of his organization and of Nevada

Association of Latin Americans. Mr. Paez presented four

areas of concern to the two organizations, requesting the

University's assistance in accomplishing the following:

1. Recruitment and hiring of Chicano Instructors, Counse-

lors and Administrators.

2. Acquisition of necessary Chicano library and audio

visual materials.

3. Recruiting and providing incentive for Chicano high

school students.

4. Provision of scholarships and/or financial aid for

Chicano students.

In his presentation, Mr. Paez commented on efforts of the

members of his organization in these areas but pointed out

that they need and desire more help from the University.

President Zorn stated that discussions have been held con-

cerning the needs of the Chicanos, as well as other ethnic

groups, and noted that some positive steps have been taken.

Other areas of concern have been identified and cooperative

efforts are continuing toward further resolution.

18. Foreign Travel Report, UNR

In accordance with the Board's policy on foreign travel,

President Miller reported that Dr. Charles V. Wells will be

traveling abroad April 6-25, 1972. He will be attending the

annual conference of the Council of Affiliated Institutions

of the Institute of European Studies in Vienna and will make

inspection visits to the Freiburg and Paris Centers.

19. Approval of Purchases in Excess of $5,000, DRI

President Ward requested approval to purchase a closed cir-

cuit television camera system from Lear Siegler Company for

$5,205. The system is essential to the Laboratory of

Atmospheric Physics for research under a National Center for

Atmospheric Research (NCAR) contract. The Lear Siegler

Company is the only source for this equipment, which is to

be incorporated into a Formvar Replicator Instrument being

fabricated and delivered under the NCAR contract. Chancel-

lor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mr. Guild moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr. Anderson,

carried without dissent.

20. Revision of Budget, UNLV Natatorium

President Zorn reported that the State Planning Board had

revised the project budget for the Natatorium by decreasing

the allocations for surveys, A/E fees and plan checking,

resulting in a unobligated balance of $11,268. Comparison

of the budget approved by the Board and the revised budget

was presented (identified as Ref. 20 and filed with perma-

nent minutes).

President Zorn and Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval

of the revised budget.

President Zorn also reported that the preliminary plans have

been received but have not been reviewed by the staff. He

requested that an ad hoc committee of Clark County Regents

be authorized to act on behalf of the Board in reviewing and

approving the preliminary plans.

Mr. Steninger moved approval of the revised budget for the

Natatorium and delegation of authority to the Clark County

Regents for approval of the preliminary plans. Motion

seconded by Mr. Morris, carried without dissent.

21. Bid Opening, ECC Instructional Building

President Donnelly reported that the bids will be opened by

the State Planning Board on April 11, 1972 for construction

of the ECC Instructional building.

President Donnelly and Chancellor Humphrey recommended that

the Plant and Property Committee be delegated authority to

review the results of the bids and to act for the Board in

the award of the contract. It was noted that this could

probably be done by telephone.

Mr. Bilbray moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Guild,

carried without dissent.

22. Valley Road Farm

President Miller presented the following recommendation from

Dean Bohmont concerning the Valley Road Farm:

I recommend that the Board of Regents be requested to

authorize Attorney Harold O. Taber to proceed in a

binding arbitration concerning moving costs incurred

by the College in transferring research from the

Valley Road Field property which is being taken by

Interstate 80.

You will recall that in May of 1970, Judge Bowen ruled

that the preliminary issue involved in the Department

of Highways vs. Board of Regents concerned adequate

payment for the taking of the research laboratory lands

and that it would come under substitute facilities

doctrine. It was recognized that the Field Lab is a

"special use property" and that the Board of Regents

have a duty to replace that portion being taken with

an equal utilities facility. Subsequent approval

by the Board of Regents to make an offer for settle-

ment based upon our vouchered costs of moving has been

refused. Negotiations with agricultural experts re-

tained by the Highway Department have not provided a

suitable settlement.

I am of the opinion that the vouchered costs for

moving incurred by the College are legitimate but

that they do contain certain improvements which the

Highway Department considers as "betterments" and

are unwilling to include in their settlement figures.

The binding arbitration by 3 experts, one chosen by

the University, one by the Highway Department and

the third chosen by these two parties, probably can

arrive at a just figure for costs and thereby provide

for an equitable settlement.

Our choice for an arbitrator for the University

would be Dr. J. B. Kendrick, Vice President of Agri-

culture for the California System who was previously

retained on this matter. It would be my recommenda-

tion that we proceed as rapidly as possible to reach

a settlement. It is my understanding that payment for

moving costs would be above and beyond that amount

which is deposited by the Highway Department for the

purchase of this property.

President Miller and Chancellor Humphrey recommended


Mr. Bilbray moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr.

Anderson, carried without dissent.

23. Status Report from State Planning Board

A report from the State Planning Board concerning the status

of the University's capital improvement projects was distri-

buted (report on file in Chancellor's Office).

24. Proposed Lease of University Facilities to KORK-TV

President Zorn presented a proposal from the Don Rey affil-

iate, KORK-TV, to rent the television center at UNLV for use

as an emergency studio facility until the middle of August.

In consideration, they proposed to install a studio lighting

package in the larger studio at an approximate cost of

$25,000 which would be left for the University's continued

use when the facilities were vacated. KORK also proposed to

return the TV Center to its present condition, leaving only

the studio lighting package. President Zorn recommended

approval of the proposal, with the following stipulations:

(1) The facilities would be subject to lease for approxi-

mately five months but under no condition would the

lease extend beyond August 15, 1972.

(2) Lease document would be subject to review and approval

by the University's Legal Counsel.

(3) Installation of lighting package, valued at approxi-

mately $25,000, which would remain with the University.

(4) With the exception of the lighting installation,

facility would be returned to its original condition.

(5) KORK-TV operation is understood to be a 24-hour


(6) A limited amount of parking would be made available to

the organization.

Mr. Bilbray moved approval of the proposed lease as present-

ed by President Zorn, under the conditions as set forth in a

letter from Mr. Donald W. Reynolds, Jr., dated March 8, 1972

(letter filed with permanent minutes). Motion seconded by

Mr. Morris, carried without dissent.

25. Resolution by Elko County Democratic Convention

Mr. Steninger asked that the following resolution, passed by

Elko County Democratic Convention on Friday, February 25,

1972 be included in the minutes:

We condemn liberal and permissive administrative

attitudes by the President and Regents of the

University of Nevada for allowing subversive

speakers to pollute the minds of our young people,

lack of discipline on the Campus and in the Dormi-

tories, and ignoring the wishes of the tax paying

public in running our institutions of higher


The meeting adjourned at 3:30 P.M.

Mrs. Bonnie M. Smotony

Secretary to the Board