UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
March 9-10, 1951

Volume 6 - Pages 289-294

                    UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA
                       REGENTS MEETING
                      March 9-10, 1951

The Board of Regents met in regular session in the President's
office on Friday, March 9, 1951.  The meeting was called to order
by Chairman Ross at 10:35 A.M.  Present:  Regents Lombardi, Ross,
Hardy, Crumley, Arentz; Comptroller Hayden and President Love.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting

    Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the minutes of
    the meeting of January 12, 13, 14, 1951 be approved as amend-

Claims as presented by the Comptroller

    Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that the following
    claims which have been approved by the Executive Committee,
    be approved by the Board.

        January State Claims 01-196 to 01-226 inclusive for
        a total of $43,733.79.

        January Regents Checks 01-150 to 01-182 inclusive for
        a total of $184,460.24.

        February State Claims 01-227 to 01-261 inclusive for
        a total of $81,814.86.

        February Regents Checks 01-183 to 01-199 inclusive for
        a total of $143,980.16.

Spring Sports

    Referring to the decision at the December meeting to continue
    athletics, as planned, for the year, including all Spring
    sports, pending a further consideration, the President had
    asked on January 20, for a mail vote on the:

        RECOMMENDATION that the Spring sports be continued during
        the coming semester, even though their continuance incurs
        an added indebtedness.

    Result of the vote was:

        "Aye" - Regents Hardy, Lombardi, Crumley, Ross
        "No " - Regent Arentz

Tentative Policies - Board of Athletic Control

    The President submitted the Tentative Policies of the Board
    of Athletic Control, revised to include Regents' actions of
    January 13, 1951 under item 7, and Responsibilities of the
    Board of Athletic Control.  A general discussion followed,
    action was postponed.

The Board recessed at 12:15 noon for luncheon in the University
Dining Hall.

At 1:15 P.M. the meeting was called to order by the Chairman in
the Recreation Room of Artemisia Hall.  All Regents and the
President were present, as well as other administrative officers,
Department and Committee Chairmen, who had submitted reports
previously on the work and program of their respective Depart-
ments.  President Love introduced the members of the staff and
the Board of Regents, and stated that the purpose of the meeting
was to give everyone an opportunity to become acquainted.  Chair-
man Ross then proceeded to the reports and called on the members
of the staff submitting them for further statements.

The meeting recessed at 5:30 P.M.  The meeting reconvened at
9:30 A.M., Saturday, March 10, in Artemisia Hall with Regents
Arentz, Crumley, Hardy and Ross, and the same faculty members
present.  Dr. Lombardi came into the meeting at 10:30 A.M.

The meeting recessed at 12 noon for luncheon in the Dining Hall.

The recessed meeting was called to order by the Chairman in the
President's office at 1:30 P.M. with all Regents, the President
and the Comptroller present.

Athletic Policy

    The Athletic Policy was discussed further.

    Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that the following
    revised policy be approved at this time.


      I - Intercollegiate athletics shall be vested in a Depart-
          ment of Athletics whose Head shall be designated as
          Director of Athletics.

     II - There shall be a Board of Athletic Control which shall
          have the following composition, responsibility and
          method of appointment:

          2 Alumni members, appointed by and to represent the
          Alumni Executive Committee.

          2 faculty members to represent the faculty (method of
          appointment to be left to the discretion of the facul-

          2 students to be elected by the Student Body, as speci-
          fied in the Constitution of the Associated Students of
          the University of Nevada to represent the Associated

          The Comptroller of the University.

          The Chairman of this Board to be elected by the members
          of the Board from year to year.

    III - This 7-man Board of Athletic Control shall have juris-
          diction over intercollegiate athletics subject to the
          approval of the policy and appointments by the Presi-
          dent and the Board of Regents.

          A.  Policy

              1.  Plans will be developed on the basis of an
                  attempt to continue playing schools of similar
                  caliber to those we have been playing in the
                  past few years.

              2.  It is the hope of the University of Nevada to
                  cooperate with such schools in our area in the
                  organization of a conference.

              3.  The program of athletics on the Campus will
                  include a definite commitment to a Freshman
                  program and will be based on the expectation
                  that we will have men competing on our team
                  who will be spending 4 years in the University.
                  In other words, our basic plan will not place
                  undue emphasis upon the use of transfer stu-
                  dents for building our teams.

              4.  While we will continue to accept students from
                  outside the State, we will put a definite em-
                  phasis upon attracting Nevada High School

              5.  Intercollegiate athletics are to be considered
                  as a desirable part of the University program
                  and will be integrated into the total Univer-
                  sity program.

          B.  Appointments

              1.  The staff of the Intercollegiate Athletic De-
                  partment shall be selected in the same way that
                  faculty members are selected.  They will be ex-
                  pected to participate in our total University
                  program just as others participate and will be
                  expected to accept and support the general
                  statements of policy that have been approved
                  by the Board of Regents for the University.
                  At some future time it is hoped that this will
                  result in a faculty relationship on the part
                  of this staff which will not differentiate it
                  from the rest of the faculty.  Until such time
                  as they become regular faculty members, they
                  will have a part and will participate in the
                  regular University program.

              2.  The duties of the staff of the Athletic Depart-
                  ment will be broad in nature and will be de-
                  fined as covering a positive relationship to
                  the needs of students on the Campus, includ-
                  ing the maintenance of high ideals, a regard
                  for definite statements which will lead to
                  training programs for those students, and a
                  positive attitude toward the educational
                  program.  Duties will include a positive pro-
                  gram in the area of public relations and the
                  acceptance of the general understanding that
                  public relations is not a personal right, but
                  an all-University concern and, therefore, that
                  any statements or releases to the Press will
                  be made in accordance with University policy.

          C.  Responsibilities

              The specific responsibilities of the Board of Ath-
              letic Control shall be as follows:

              1.  To work with the Director of Athletics in the
                  supervision of all intercollegiate athletics.

              2.  To recommend to the President of the University
                  for approval or disapproval:

                  a)  Policy as it affects intercollegiate ath-

                  b)  The employment of all Coaches engaged in
                      intercollegiate athletics, and the employ-
                      ment of an Athletic Manager who will work
                      as Assistant to the Director of Athletics.

                  c)  Salary arrangements for all Coaches and
                      for the Athletic Manager.

                  d)  All schedules drawn up by the Director of

                  e)  All budgets for intercollegiate athletics.

                  f)  The granting and the termination of all
                      individual athletic scholarships.

     IV - Eligibility Committee

          A - A Faculty Eligibility Committee of not less than 5
              members shall be set up.  This Committee shall be
              appointed in the same manner as all faculty stand-
              ing committees, i. e., recommended by the Adminis-
              trative Council and approved for reappointment by
              the President of the University.

          B - The duties of the Committee shall be:

              1.  To certify the eligibility of all students
                  participating in extra-curricular activities,
                  intercollegiate athletics included.  Students
                  who participate in athletics must meet entrance
                  requirements, etc.

              2.  To check on and to report to academic Deans and
                  the Director of the particular extra-curricular
                  activity those students who, in the Committee's
                  opinion, are endangering their scholastic re-
                  cord by reason of participation in extra-cur-
                  ricular activities, intercollegiate athletics

              3.  To report their actions to the President.

              4.  To recommend to the President from time to time
                  such changes and improvements as are necessary.

              5.  To elect its Chairman and to draw up Bylaws
                  which shall govern the Committee, said Bylaws
                  to be approved by the President and the Board
                  of Regents.

          C - The rules of the Pacific Coast Conference which
              were printed in 1950, and then as modified by our
              Eligibility Committee shall be applied to determine
              a student's eligibility.  These regulations will
              have, as their basic purpose, to see to it that
              students who participate in athletics are in Col-
              lege for the purpose of receiving an education
              rather than primarily to play in intercollegiate
              athletics.  Following are 5 basic assumptions of
              academic eligibility on which the rules are con-

              1.  Students shall meet the entrance requirements
                  of the University.

              2.  Students who participate in athletics, like all
                  other students, are subject to the rules and
                  regulations of the University which deal with
                  probation and suspension.

              3.  Students participating in athletics shall be
                  required to carry 12 hours of work during the
                  time they are participating in the program.

              4.  In order to be eligible to participate, stu-
                  dents will be required to have passed 10 hours
                  their previous semester.

              5.  A student on scholastic probation is entitled
                  to participate in extra-curricular activities
                  including intercollegiate athletics.

      V - Financial Aid

          A - Raising of funds for grants-in-aid and employment
              compensation for athletes shall be delegated to the
              Alumni Association of the University of Nevada.

          B - Money for scholarships is to be paid directly to
              the students concerned; and payment of any amounts
              due the University will then be the responsibility
              of the students themselves.

          C - This Board shall establish standards of merit and
              qualifications on the basis of which athletic
              scholarships will be granted.

              1.  It is the belief of this Board that students
                  who come to the University of Nevada are en-
                  titled to receive scholarship help whenever
                  such scholarship funds can be obtained, but
                  that the men who receive scholarships in the
                  area of athletics must have the attitude that
                  such aid has been extended to them in order
                  that they might attend College rather than on
                  the basis of the assumption that they are
                  being paid for playing in athletics.

              2.  These awards will be made to students who have,
                  as one of the qualifications, outstanding ath-
                  letic ability.  Other qualifications which will
                  be required are personal conduct, personal
                  standards, maintenance of academic standing,
                  participation as an all-around student in the
                  University program and the acceptance of the
                  spirit of the University of Nevada.

          D - Students in our athletic program are expected to be
              so completely interested in the educational program
              and in the total University program that they will
              accept willingly standards set up for eligibility,
              citizenship and the training procedures required
              for athletic participation.

Reporter Burns came into the meeting at 1:55 P.M.

University Farms

    Following the discussion of the morning concerning the Col-
    lege of Agriculture and the University farms, consideration
    was given to various possibilities of greater utilization of
    the farms and the possible sale of the South Virginia Farm,
    and/or the Fleischmann Dairy Farm.  Mr. Fleming was invited
    to meet with the Regents to present his views, and to give
    information on the cattle breeding project.  Mr. Fleming
    pointed out that if the South Virginia Farm should be sold
    and the dairy herd disposed of, the beef breeding project
    might be carried on at the Fleischmann Dairy Farm.

    Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that the Board of
    Regents go on record at this time as favoring the continued
    use of the South Virginia Farm for the beef breeding project
    and for such other uses as the University might wish to make
    of it.

    Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that a committee of
    the Board be appointed to study the advisability of dispos-
    ing of either or both the two farms mentioned above, with
    the view to purchasing land in another location.  Because
    of the importance of the cattle breeding project and the
    decision to begin such a project, land should be selected
    which would be suitable for its continuation and the neces-
    sary equipment should be provided.  The Agricultural Heads
    of the University should be informed of this plan.


    The President reported that the following gifts had been re-
    ceived by the University:

    a)  $1018.30 from the Estate of George D. Lyman, credited to
        the Permanent Endowment Fund of the Mackay School of
        Mines, in accord with the Will.

    b)  $10 from Dr. W. G. Tangier Smith and his daughter, of
        Menlo Park, California, for the Permanent Endowment Fund
        of the Mackay School of Mines, as a memorial to John
        Horn, an alumnus who died recently.

    c)  Various pieces of electrical equipment and components
        for use in the Electrical Engineering Laboratory, from
        the American Telephone and Telegraph Company.

    d)  Mrs. Edith W. Albert of Des Moines, Iowa, sent $50 for
        the annual Henry Albert Senior Public Service Prize, and
        $203 for purchase of stock to build up the endowment fund
        of the Henry Albert Fund.

University Facilities

    Results of a study by the Committee on Physical Plant, headed
    by Mr. Martie, was presented as follows, concerning the use
    of the Gymnasium:

                         PROPOSED CHARGES

    1.  University Sponsored Affairs:

        a)  No gate ....................................No charge
        b)  Gate .......................................$ 35.00

    2.  Local Off Campus Groups:

        a)  Requiring set up (chairs and platform)......$140.00
        b)  Requiring no set up but charging admission.. 100.00
        c)  Requiring no set up and having no gate......  60.00

    3.  Statewide School Functions:

        a)  Lectures, plays, etc. with no gate..........No charge
        b)  Tournaments, etc. with gate.................$ 35.00

    4.  Public Statewide Functions:

        a)  Requiring no set up and having no gate......No charge
        b)  Requiring no set up but charging gate.......$ 35.00
        c)  Requiring set up and charging admission..... 100.00

    5.  Unusual Affairs:

        a)  Meetings causing unusual wear on the floor to be
            appraised by the Committee in cooperation with the
            Superintendent of Grounds and a charge made that
            should pay for lights, janitor work, etc., as well
            as expected wear and tear.

    Old Gymnasium charges to approximate 1/2 of charges for the
    new Gymnasium.

    Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the President
    be authorized to put this policy into effect immediately,
    that further study be made with the view to possible recom-
    mendations for revision at a later date.


    The President presented the following recommendations:

    a)  Confirmation of appointment of Marjorie Dickinson as
        Assistant in Education at $700 for Spring semester.

    b)  Confirmation of appointment of Olinto Ricci as Assistant
        in Economics, Business and Sociology at $800 for the
        Spring semester.

    c)  Confirmation of appointment of Rosemary Schaefer as
        Assistant Professor of Education at $1833.33 for the
        period January 15, 1951 to June 30, 1951, in the place
        of Genevieve Pieretti, resigned.

    d)  Mrs. Rose Spezia Goss, County Home Demonstration Agent
        for Elko County, resigned January 31, 1951.  Temporary
        arrangements for carrying on the work have been made
        by Mr. Creel, until a permanent replacement is secured.

    Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that the above
    recommendation be approved.

University Trailer Court

    The Comptroller reported that the trailer court for veterans
    housing at the Chism Auto Trailer Court has been losing money
    during the current fiscal year due to lack of occupants and
    that these units are in bad state of repair and the operation
    of them will continue to be costly.  He and Dean Griffin
    recommended their disposal.

    Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that the families
    occupying the trailers be notified that the unit will be
    closed immediately following this school year, and that the
    Administration be authorized to advertise the units for
    sale by bid.

The meeting adjourned at 4 P.M., the next meeting subject to the
call of the Chair.