UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
March 8-9, 1917

Volume OE - Pages 23-25

                         Reno, Nevada
                        March 8, 1917

The Finance Committee of the Board of Regents met at the Univer-
sity on March 8 at 3:30 P.M.

Present:  Regents Curler, O'Brien, Baker and Vice President

Comptroller Gorman presented and read his report as follows:

                                    March 8, 1917

Finance Committee
Board of Regents
University of Nevada

I present herewith for your approval State Claims as follows:

List No.  Claim Nos.      State Tax  Pub. Service  Ton. Sch. Min.

   5      66-78 inc.     $   943.08
   5      79-95 inc.                  $   685.62
   6      96-98 inc.       7,256.78
   6      143                           1,409.78
   7      99-142 inc.      3,131.20
   8      144-158 inc.                  1,487.24
   8      159                                        $   187.50
                         $11,331.06   $ 3,582.64     $   187.50

Claims against University Funds as follows:

Claim Nos.            Fund                               Total

6, 7, 8               Various                        $   943.09
9                     February Payroll                16,333.75
10                    Military Uniforms                  477.40
10 1/2, 11            Dairy                                4.10
12-16 inc.            Federal Smith-Lever                116.20
17-29 inc.            Adams                              251.48
30-35                 Hatch                              124.50
36-46 inc.            Dining Hall                      1,610.71
47-49                 Vet. Science & Sales               176.00
50                    Contingent                          33.40

I wish to call your attention at this time to State Claim No. 113
on List No. 7 in favor of Friedhoff and Hoeffel for $582.45.  The
letter attached from the State Controller regarding this bill is
self explanatory.

Also Claim No. 111 on List no. 7 in favor of the Estate of O. P.
Johnstone for $178.68 and Claim No. 147 on List No. 8 in favor
of O. P. Johnstone Estate for $821.32.  My understanding is that
the University by action of the Board of Regents, agreed to pur-
chase this equipment for $1000.00.  After distributing materi-
al among the various Departments of the University, there re-
mained material to the value of $274.63, which no one wanted.
None of the parties interested, Dr. Mack, Professor Frandsen,
Professor Dinsmore or Dr. Mullin, could agree on the Department
to which it should be charged.  It has been practically admitted
that this material was purchased as an accommodation and through
the feeling of friendship that existed toward the late Dr. John-
stone and his family, and inasmuch as Mrs. Amy B. Miles, Admin-
istratrix of the Estate, has written on various occasions asking
for a settlement, I took the liberty of filing the Claim for the
said $274.63 against the Public Service State Tax Fund to be
charged for the present, at least, against the State Hygienic

Claim No. 132 on List No. 7 in favor of the Sagebrush for $125
in payment of the second installment of a contract entered into
with the students by the Board of Regents whereby they pay $250
per year to the Sagebrush for copies of the paper that are being
sent to the various high schools.

In the list of Claims against the Regents Fund, I wish to call
your attention to Voucher No. 50 in favor of the University
Revoling Fund to T. E. Kepner for $33.40.  When the Hartung case
was taken on appeal to the Supreme Court it was necessary for us
to deposit a cash bond for $300.00.  When the Hartung case was
finally determined, the $300 was returned to us by Hoyt, Gibbons
and French, less $33.40, accrued charges, which this voucher

I hand you herewith U. S. Fidelity Guaranty Co., Fidelity Bond
No. 10289-17 in behalf of Charles Henry Gorman, to the Board of
Regents of the University of Nevada, February 20, 1917 to Febru-
ary 20, 1918, for $20,000.

The net balances in the various funds are as follows:

    Public Service State Tax            $8,370.91
    University State Tax Fund           $5,265.08
    Contingent University               $3,031.57
    90,000 Acre Grant Interest
        Account, Overdraft                          $  254.34

This overdraft was created by the payment of $671.35 accrued
interest on Massachusetts Bonds when the bonds were traded for
the Lincoln County 4% bonds.

The above balances are net as of March 1, 1917, taken after de-
ducting Claims on the lists herewith.

                         /s/ C. H. Gorman

Moved by Regent Curler that the bill of Mr. Friedhoff, Claim
No. 113, List No. 7, for $582.45, be referred to the Comptroller
with directions that he ascertain from the State Controller, Mr.
Friedhoff, and any other available sources the particulars re-
specting the Claim and report to the Board of Regents at the
meeting on March 13.  Motion was carried.

The following resolution was on motion adopted:

    WHEREAS, on December 29, 1916, the Board of Regents agrees
    to purchase from the O. P. Johnstone Estate certain labora-
    tory supplies and chemicals at the price of $1000, and

    WHEREAS, those supplies and chemicals have been delivered
    to and received by the University, and

    WHEREAS, the Claim therefor is presented to the Finance Com-
    mittee in two Claims, one being Claim No. 111, List 7, for
    $176.68 and the other Claim No. 147, List 8, for $821.32, and

    WHEREAS, it appears that said Claims are proper and legiti-
    mate Claims, now

    THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that said Claims appearing on said
    lists be approved and allowed for the sums therein and that
    the Comptroller be directed to apportion the same to the
    Departments deriving benefits therefrom.

The matter of $125 for the Sagebrush was referred to the Comp-
troller for payment, it already having been referred to the Busi-
ness Office in December.

On motion the following resolution was adopted:

    WHEREAS, it appears that the University took an appeal to the
    Supreme Court in the matter of the Estate of Otto Hartung and
    that a cash bond was deposited in the sum of $300, and

    WHEREAS, the appeal was decided adversely to the University
    and the amount of costs properly charged to the University
    was the sum of $33.40, and

    WHEREAS, the amount of the cash bond was returned to the
    University less the sum of $33.40,

    BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, that the Claim for the sum of
    $33.40 be paid out of the University Revolving Fund.

On motion the U. S. Fidelity Guaranty Co. Bond No. 10289-17 in
behalf of Charles H. Gorman as Comptroller, to be in effect from
February 20, 1917 to February 20, 1918, for $20,000 was accepted
and delivered to the Chairman of the Board for safe keeping.

The Claims presented to the Committee as listed in the Comptrol-
ler's report, with the exception of Claim No. 113 in favor of Mr.
Friedhoff, were approved and signed.

The Committee discussed with Frederick M. Lee the matter of
completing his audit of the University books.

The Committee adjourned.

                             J. F. Abel

L. J. Blaney
Acting Secretary