UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
March 6-7, 1885


Volume OB - Pages 3-5

                          State of Nevada

                Office of Secy. of Board of Regents

                     Carson City, Mar. 6, 1885

At a meeting of the above Board, held this day, for the purpose

of organizing for the consideration of matters pertaining to

the University, all members were present and responded to the

roll call by the Secretary, as follows:  Jeff Rand, H. G. Shaw

and L. W. Getchell.

The result of a ballot for election of President was the receipt

by Jeff Rand of the votes of Messrs. Shaw and Getchell, he (Mr.

Rand) declining to vote.

Having accepted the Presidency of the Board, Mr. Rand  appointed

Messrs. Shaw and Getchell, a committee of two, to inquire of the

Secretary of State concerning the amount of the appropriation

made for support of the University during the years 1885 & 1886.

    Their report is as follows:

    Salary of Principal,                     $ 3500.00

    Salary of Mining Engineer,                 3500.00

    Salary of Library,                          500.00

    Expenses of Board,                         1000.00

    Incidental expenses -- Buildings,

    Grounds, Water and Insurance               1200.00

    Incidental expenses, Assaying Dept.,        600.00


Upon motion of Regent Shaw, seconded by Regent Getchell, the

time for commencement of the term of four months, an "Academic

Department" was set upon March 16, 1885, to continue four (4)


Upon motion of Regent Getchell, seconded by Regent Shaw, the

salary of the Principal was fixed at One Hundred and Seventy-Five

($175) Dollars per month, during the ensuing term.

Upon motion of Regent Shaw, seconded by Regent Getchell, it

was resolved -- that all communications to the Board of Regents

be directed to the Secretary of the Board -- viz, the Deputy

Surveyor General.

The Secretary of the Board received instructions from the

Board, to purchase suitable books for keeping of records and

minutes of the meetings.  Also requisite stationery.

1:33 P.M., recess of ten (10) minutes.

Re-assembled with President Rand in the Chair.

Moved and seconded and carried, that one room in the Dormitory

be assigned for use of the Principal, free of charge, and that

the Secretary of the Board be instructed to so notify T. W.

Stone, Elko, Nevada.

The Board proceeded to the election of Principal.  Messrs. Rand,

Getchell and Shaw opted respectively for Messrs. Ring, Stearns

and Granger.  Neither candidate receiving a majority, a second

vote was taken, resulting in the unanimous election of Mr. A. T.

Stearns, who was declared elected.  Mr. Rand was appointed a

committee of one to purchase such supplies as may be required

for use of University.

Benson Craighead was elected Janitor at Fifteen (15.00) Dollars

per month.

Upon motion of Regent Rand, seconded by Regent Getchell, that

the same course of studies be pursued during the ensuing term

of school as during the last-carried;  moved by Regent Shaw,

seconded by Regent Getchell, that advertisements be inserted in

"Elko Superintendent" and "Free Press" at an expense not to ex-

ceed ten (10.00) dollars.

Further moved and seconded, that the Principal Elect be directed

to prepare an inventory of University property coming under his

charge and belonging to the State.

Also moved and seconded that T. W. Stone be directed to prepare

like inventory of Dormitory effects. -- Carried. --

Messrs. Rand and Shaw were made a special committee to purchase

such books, as may be needed for University Library, the amount

not to exceed Fifty ($50.00) Dollars.

Adjourned subject to call of the President.

                             J. H. Rand


M. D. Noteware