UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
March 5-6, 1952

Volume 6 - Page 346

                        March 5, 1952

The Executive Committee of the Board of Regents met in the Pres-
ident's office on Wednesday, March 5, 1952.  The meeting was
called to order by the Chairman at 9:30 A.M.  Present:  Regents
Hardy, Lombardi, Ross; Comptroller Hayden and President Love.

Gardner Supply Company Bill

    The Regents, at their meeting on October 26, 1952 (item 5 of
    minutes), submitted the Gardner Supply Company bill which is
    in dispute, to a Board of Settlement.  Mr. Hayden reported
    that on March 3, 1952, Russell Mills, M. L. Smith and William
    Wagner met as the Board of Settlement.  They were of the
    opinion that the bill is excessive.  However, this opinion
    was not accepted by Mr. Royal Stewart, Attorney for Gardner
    Supply Company.  The Board of Settlement then recommended
    that a Board of Arbitration be appointed.  Mr. Stewart, on
    behalf of Gardner Supply Company, agreed to accept the
    decision of such a Board, which would be composed of one
    person appointed by the University of Nevada, one person
    appointed by Gardner Supply Company and a third person ap-
    pointed by these two.

    By unanimous agreement, the Executive Committee agreed to
    submit the Gardner Supply Company bill to a Board of Arbi-
    tration, with 3 members appointed as indicated above, and
    agreed that the University of Nevada would be bound by the
    decision of the Board.

    President Love recommended that Russell Mills be named as
    the representative of the University of Nevada; and the
    Executive Committee unanimously agreed.

Thompson Account

    Mr. Charles Thompson has made claim for payment of sums
    which he feels are due him for work on the University Heating
    Plant.  Mr. Hayden said, in explanation, that there is no
    question in regard to an item amounting to $685.00, but that
    there is question regarding the validity of his other claims.

    By unanimous agreement, the Executive Committee authorized
    the Comptroller to pay to Mr. Charles Thompson $685.00; and
    instructed the Comptroller to require Mr. Thompson to submit
    a detailed statement of the other charges he feels he has
    against the University.

Government Research Project

    President Love reported on a recent visit to the Campus of
    a representative of the government.  As a result of the
    visit, it has seemed that certain research work could be
    done for the government in the way of beneficiation of
    uranium-bearing ores.  The University Administration has
    been asked if it would be willing to have the University
    of Nevada considered for a project of this kind.

    By unanimous agreement, President Love was authorized to
    negotiate with the government for such a research project.
    Final arrangements would be submitted to the Board of
    Regents for approval.

The meeting adjourned at 10:25 A.M.