UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
March 4-5, 1914

Volume OD - Pages 497-511

                         Reno, Nevada
                        March 4, 1914

The Board of Regents met at 10 o'clock A.M. Wednesday, March 4,
1914.  Present:  Regents Reid, Codd, Henderson, O'Brien, Pratt;
and President Stubbs.

The minutes of the meeting held February 6th were read and

President Stubbs read his monthly report, which was ordered
filed in the President's Report Book.

Upon motion of Regent Henderson, seconded by Regent Codd, the
communication from the Comptroller, under date of March 4th,
was ordered received and copied in the Regents' minutes.  It
appears herewith:

    To the Honorable, the Board of Regents
    and to J. E. Stubbs, President
    University of Nevada


    Upon my recent trip to Carson City I had a short conference
    with the Attorney General relative to the bonds in the 90,000
    Acre University Grant.

    On February 9th the State Board of Investment passed a reso-
    lution authorizing the transfer of $16,000 in 5% Nevada bonds
    from the 72 Section University Grant to the 90,000 Acre Grant
    and 52,000 in 5% Nevada bonds from the Permanent School fund.
    This resolution was referred to the Attorney General for his
    legal opinion.

    The reasons for this transfer are well known to the Board and
    were set out in some detail in my statement to the Board of
    Investment under date of February 9th, copy of which is
    attached hereto.

    The Attorney General advises me that he is afraid he cannot
    give an opinion authorizing the transfer for several reasons:

        1st.  All the bonds were printed specially for the
              particular fund from which the money was borrowed;

        2nd.  All the permanent records of the State would have
              to be changed in accordance with the transfer;

        3rd.  He feels that it might be better to go before the
              next Legislature and ask for the transfer by
              Legislative Act.

    He further asks that this Board write him a letter over the
    signature of the Chairman of the Board stating our grounds
    for asking for the transfer, in order to have the records at
    Carson complete.  He will then answer the letter and the next
    move will be up to the Board of Regents.

    Considering the very grave importance of this matter, not
    only to the University, but to the State of Nevada as well,
    I would suggest that it might be possible to arrange a
    friendly suit in order to have the matter adjusted at once.
    The action of the Legislature in amending the law authorizing
    the State loan, so that it was the intention of the Legisla-
    ture to have this matter adjusted immediately, and surely the
    fact that a State Board failed or neglected to carry out the
    intent of the law, should not be made to hold against the

    The Board should take some definite action in this matter at
    once to be in shape for the government auditor in June this
    year.  This matter has been under consideration since Septem-
    ber 1912, without any particular headway having been made.

                             Very truly yours,

                             C. H. Gorman

The Chairman of the Board was to write a letter with respect to
these bonds to the Attorney General, and when the answer is re-
ceived from the Attorney General, copies of these two letters
are to be send to Mr. Henderson, who will write his opinion.

Upon the recommendation of President Stubbs, Dr. Mark F. Boyd
was appointed Associate Professor of Bacteriology and Hygiene
and assistant in the State Hygienic Laboratory at a salary of
$200 per month commencing June 1, 1914.

Upon motion of Regent O'Brien, seconded by Regent Pratt, the
resignation of Dr. O. P. Johnstone as Associate Professor of
Bateriology and Physiology and assistant in the State Hygienic
Laboratory, was accepted to be effective June 1, 1914.

Upon motion of Regent Codd, seconded by Regent Henderson, the
President was authorized to complete plans for the Summer
School for Teachers to begin about June 22nd.  There is $100
available for this purpose.

Upon motion of Regent Codd, seconded by Regent O'Brien, the
recommendation of President Stubbs that Dr. George Ordahl be
granted a leave of absence for 6 months from July 1 to December
31, 1914, on full salary for the months of July and August, and
half salary for the 4 months ending December 31, 1914, was ap-

Upon motion of Regent Codd, seconded by Regent Henderson, the
calendar of the University as submitted by the President was
approved.  The first semester of the year 1914-15 will begin
August 24 and end December 23; the second semester will begin
January 4, 1915 and end May 12.

The appointment of Miss Florence Mc Gavic by President Stubbs
as assistant to the Comptroller in his office at $65.00 per
month from February 15, 1914 was approved.

Upon motion of Regent Henderson, seconded by Regent Codd, the
Regents agreed to take 1000 copies of the article on the Uni-
versity and Diversity of Nevada, which is to be published in
the May number of the Sunset Magazine, bound in pamphlet form
and to be used as advertising material, at a cost not to ex-
ceed $100.

Upon motion of Regent Pratt, seconded by Regent O'Brien, the
bulletin containing the proceedings of the Safety First Con-
ference was authorized printed by the State Printing Office; pro-
vided they were willing to do the work, the University would fur-
nish the stock which would cost not in excess of $100.

Upon motion of Regent Codd, seconded by Regent O'Brien, the re-
port of the Athletic Committee regarding the proposed work for
the Department of Physical Education for Men, as submitted by
the President, was approved, and an expenditure of $300 was
authorized for two showers and additional apparatus.

Upon motion of Regent Henderson, seconded by Regent Codd, the
President of the University and the Chairman of the Board of
Regents was appointed a committee with full power to act to take
charge of the planting of trees in the rear of Lincoln Hall and
in front of Manzanita Hall, consulting Mr. Lynch when necessary.

Upon motion of Regent Codd, seconded by Regent O'Brien, the
President was authorized to get his best material and have the
high schools of Nevada and contributing counties in California
visited and accredited to this University as far as possible,
at a cost not to exceed $500.

Upon motion of Regent Henderson, seconded by Regent Codd, the
President was authorized to have the roof of the Mackay Mining
building repaired and painted according to the recommendation
contained in his report.

Upon motion of Regent Codd, seconded by Regent Henderson, all
orders of the Board of Regents relating to the printing of letter
heads with the Professors' names omitted was rescinded.  The
printing of all letter heads must first be submitted to the
President for his approval.

Upon motion of Regent Henderson, seconded by Regent Codd, the
Reno Regents and Secretary Taylor were instructed to confer
with Senator James Gault with reference to sharing with the
Regents the expense of improving the banks of the Orr Ditch
from the pond to a point just east of the new bridge.

Upon motion of Regent Codd, seconded by Regent Pratt, the Presi-
dent was authorized to proceed to purchase a seismograph.

Upon motion of Regent Codd, seconded by Regent Pratt and Regent
Henderson, the President and Comptroller were authorized to have
the Library building completed, and not to pay the balance due
De Longchamps and Ward Brothers until such work is properly

Upon motion of Regent Henderson, seconded by Regent Codd, a com-
mittee of 3, consisting of the Chairman of the Board of Regents,
the President of the University and one member of the Board of
Regents to be chosen by them, was empowered to visit the various
Colleges in the United States and Canada for the purpose of
securing able men for the vacancies which now exist.

Upon motion of Regent Henderson, seconded by Regent Pratt, the
recommendation of the President that Theodore W. Clark is
appointed Superintendent of the Station Farm and Superintendent
of the College Farm, and made assistant in Animal Husbandry was
approved.  Mr. Clark is to receive a salary of $150 per month
beginning with the first of February, 1914, to be paid as fol-
lows:  $50 from the Hatch Fund; $50 from the State Funds; $50
from the A & M College Fund.

Upon motion of Regent Henderson, seconded by Regent Pratt, all
recommendations of the Finance Committee, except those previous-
ly acted upon by the Board of Regents, were ordered approved.
Their report, with omissions indicated above, follows:

                                  Reno, Nevada February 26, 1914

To the Honorable the Board of Regents
University of Nevada, Reno


We, your Finance Committee, to whom was referred certain matters
contained in the President's report of February 6th, recommend
the following action be taken:

    1.  That J. B. Lynch be given full charge of the University
        pond.  That when in his judgment the pond is unsafe for
        skating or swimming, he shall have full power to keep
        all parties off of that portion of the Campus.

    2.  That the Board shall not at this time grant any increase
        in salary to Miles B. Kennedy of the Food and Drug

    3.  That Miss Sissa, Registrar, be granted an increase in
        salary from $1100 to $1200 per year, effective February
        1, 1914.

    4.  That Miss Sadie Frandsen be employed in the Department
        of Botany until March 31, 1914, at a salary of $50 per

    5.  That V. E. Scott, in charge of Dairying, be granted an
        increase in salary from $1600 to $1800 per year, ef-
        fective February 1, 1914.

    6.  That the plan recommended by the President for the Cadet
        Battalion to vist the Panama-Pacific Exposition be ap-
        proved, but in the opinion of your Committee it is too
        early to take any official action in regard to this
        matter at this time.

    7.  That the recommendation of the President for the publish-
        ing of Quarterly Bulletins by the University be approved.

    8.  That the Board of Regents take no official recognition
        of S. C. Dinsmore's receiving $50 per month from the
        City of Reno for milk inspection.  That the plan of the
        President for the purchase of an automobile be not ap-

    9.  We recommend that in the future all requests for in-
        creases in salaries be made at the end of the fiscal
        year when the yearly budgets are being prepared, to take
        effect at the beginning of the new fiscal year, and that
        no increases be allowed or granted during the year.

                             Respectfully submitted,

                             A. A. Codd
                             H. E. Reid
                             J. W. O'Brien
                             Finance Committee

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned to meet at
the call of the Chairman.

                             H. E. Reid

Geo. H. Taylor

                                            February 21, 1914

To the Finance Committee
Board of Regnts,
University of Nevada


The following is the budget for the running expenses of the
University of Nevada from the State Funds for general support
based on present expenditures to cover the period June 1 to
June 30, 1914:

Administration                          Salaries         Expenses

    J. E. Stubbs, President             $2950.00
    R. Brown, Superintendent              450.00
    George H. Taylor, Secretary           150.00
    C. M. Beckwith, Secretary, President  550.00
    Louise M. Sissa, Registrar            593.35
    C. H. Gorman, Comptroller             900.00
    S. E. Jameson, Lincoln Hall           750.00
    Mrs. Salt, Hospital                   225.00
    Mrs. Ahlers, Lincoln Hall             250.00
    Insurance                                            $1250.00
    Postage                                                175.00
    Stationery, etc.                                        75.00
    Regents' Traveling Expenses                            250.00
    President's Traveling Expenses                         250.00
    Commencement Expense                                  1000.00
    Visting Schools                                        500.00
                                        $6818.35        $ 3500.00


    Sadie Frandsen, Herbarium           $ 300.00


    Storekeeper                         $ 150.00
    Maxwell Adams, sabbatical leave       600.00
                                        $ 750.00

Buildings and Grounds, including Greenhouse

    J. B. Lynch, Superintendent         $ 750.00
    Labor, 4 men on grounds              1800.00
    Carl Horn, Plumber                    540.00
    H. A. Blood, Heating Plant            540.00
    D. R. Fraser, Assistant Janitor       510.00
    D. L. Gassaway, Head Janitor          600.00
    Student Labor                        2000.00
    Greenhouse, labor                     450.00
    Fuel Oil                                            $ 1500.00
    Coal, Greenhouse and Morrill Hall                      200.00
    Wood, Morrill Hall                                     100.00
    Electric Light and Heating Plant                       600.00
    Gas, Manzanita and Lincoln Halls                       350.00
    Heating Plant, new burner                              400.00
    Heating Plant, repairs                                 250.00
    Heating Plant, renewed in Manzanita                    500.00
    Miscellaneous repairs, supplies, upkeep, stable, etc. 1200.00
                                        $7190.00         $5350.00

Domestic Science

    Dishwasher, etc.                    $  50.00
    Supplies, etc.                                       $  50.00


    George Ordahl, Professor            $1200.00
    Grace A. Day, Assistant               900.00
    Rosalie Pollock, Assistant Professor 1200.00
    Supplies                                             $ 125.00
                                        $3300.00         $ 125.00

Greek and Latin

    J. C. Watson, Professor             $1200.00
    R. C. Thompson, Associate Professor  1050.00
    Supplies                                             $  50.00
                                        $2250.00         $  50.00

Dairy Building

    Extras, Heating Plant, Painting, Etc.                $1000.00


    Jeanne E. Wier, Professor           $1200.00
    S. E. Feemster, Assistant             600.00
    Supplies                                             $ 100.00
                                        $1800.00         $ 100.00


    J. D. Layman, Librarian             $1200.00
    Alexandrine La Tourette, Asst. L.     600.00
    Student Assistants                    180.00
    Books                                                $2125.00
    Extras and labor for new building                     1500.00
                                        $1980.00         $3625.00

Modern Languages

    Laura de Laguna                     $1200.00
    Kate Riegelhuth                       600.00
    Supplies                                             $  50.00
                                        $1800.00         $  50.00


    Maude Denny                         $ 600.00
    Supplies                                             $  50.00

Physical Education Men

    Amos W. Elliott                     $ 900.00
    Supplies                                             $ 250.00

Physical Education Women

    Elsie Sameth                        $ 750.00

Military Science

    Captain Applewhite                  $ 750.00
    Student Officers and Band             450.00
    Supplies                                             $  75.00
                                        $1200.00         $  75.00


    Kate Lewers                         $ 750.00
    Supplies                                             $  75.00


                                        Salaries    Miscellaneous

Administration                         $ 6818.35        $ 3500.00
Botany                                    300.00
Chemistry                                 750.00
Domestic Science                           50.00            50.00
Buildings and Grounds                    7190.00          5350.00
Education                                3300.00           125.00
Greek and Latin                          2250.00            50.00
Dairy Building                                            1000.00
History                                  1800.00           100.00
Library                                  1980.00          3625.00
Modern Languages                         1800.00            50.00
Music                                     600.00            50.00
Physical Education, Men                   900.00           250.00
Physical Education, Women                 750.00
Military Science                         1200.00            75.00
Art                                       750.00            75.00
                                       $30438.35        $14300.00

Amount guaranteed not to be exceeded                  $193,904.50
Expended during 1913                                   103,606.57
Amount remaining to be expended in 1914                 90,297.93
Amount as per estimate above                            44,738.35
Balance for last 6 months of 1914                       45,559.58

Estimate for the first half of 1914, as per above     $ 44,738.35
Estimate for the second half of 1914, as per above      40,701.65
                             Total                    $ 85,440.00

    $90,297.93 Total to be expended
    $85,440.00 Estimate for the entire year
    $ 4,857.93 Reserve


Food and Drug Control

    Balance in fund January 31, 1914           $5723.59
    Salary S. C. Dinsmore & M. B. Kennedy                $1625.00
    Henriques' bill for extra laboratory work              280.00
    Laboratory assistants for five months                  100.00
    Painting Laboratory                                     32.50
    Moving from Chemistry Building                         150.00
    Traveling expenses                                     500.00
    Chemicals and laboratory supplies                      200.00
                             Total expense to 6/30/14    $2887.50
    Balance available for second half of 1914             2836.09
                                               $5723.59  $5723.59

Weights and Measures

    Balance in fund January 31, 1914           $3140.98
    New Balance for Department                           $  75.00
    Weights                                                 15.00
    Seals, stationery, etc.                                 50.00
    Traveling expenses                                     300.00
                             Total expense to 6/30/14    $ 440.00
    Balance available for second half of 1914            $2700.98
                                               $3140.98  $3140.98

State Analytical Laboratory

    Balance in fund January 31, 1914           $2186.55
    Walter S. Palmer, salary 5 months                    $ 750.00
    Balance available for second half of 1914*           $1436.55
                                               $2186.55  $2186.55

   *No supplies will be ordered prior to July 1st, but about
    $400 will be needed for supplies during the second half year.

Summer School

    Balance in fund available for Summer School 1914     $1000.00

Regents' Fund

    Balance in fund January 31, 1914           $3553.50

Support of Experiment Station

    Balance in fund January 31, 1914 (Mt. Rose)$2401.40
    J. E. Church, 5 months @$150                         $ 750.00
    Frost Survey Expense                                   250.00
                             Total expense to 6/30/14    $1000.00
    Balance available for second half of 1914            $1401.40
                                               $2401.40  $2401.40

Experiment Station

    Balance in fund January 31, 1914           $1500.00
    To be expended under direction of Director
        Doten to 6/30/14                                 $ 750.00
    Balance available for second half of 1914            $ 750.00
                                               $1500.00  $1500.00

State Hygienic Laboratory

    Balance in fund January 31, 1914           $6067.77
    Salaries to June 30, 1914                            $1583.33
    Assistants 5 months                                    200.00
    Outstanding bills                                      225.00
    Laboratory supplies, etc.                              500.00
    Balance available for second half of 1914            $3559.44
                                               $6067.77  $6067.77

Mackay Instruction Fund

    Balance in fund January 31, 1914           $3225.00
    Two payments                                3000.00
    Salaries 6 months @$325                              $1950.00
    Balance on hand July 1, 1914                          4275.00
                                               $6225.00  $6225.00

90,000 Acre Grant Fund

    Net balance February 17                    $5119.19
    Seismograph for Geological Department                $ 500.00
    To be expended                                        4619.19
                                               $5119.19  $5119.19
                                               $6225.00  $6225.00

Agricultural and Mechanical College Fund

    Balance after protecting salaries until
        June 30, 1914                          $9131.09
    Mining Department, Electrical Furnace, etc.          $ 500.00
    Chemical Department, apparatus and supplies            314.00
    Geology Department, apparatus and supplies              80.00
    Civil Eng. Department, apparatus and supplies          400.00
    Domestic Sci. Department, apparatus and supplies       100.00
    Biology Department, apparatus and supplies            1755.00
    Dept. of Mech & Elec, machinery, etc.                 1518.00
    Department of Dairying, apparatus and supplies         200.00
    Department of Physics, apparatus and supplies         2314.09
    Unprotected salaries, 3 months each for the following:
        Animal Husbandry                                   750.00
        Botany and Horticulture                            600.00
        Irrigation Engineering                             600.00
                                               $9139.09  $9139.09

Hatch Fund

    Balance to be apportioned, according to
        Comptroller's books                              $7966.10

Department of Director

    Part salary of Director, 6 months @$50               $ 300.00
    Salary of Secretary                                    560.10
    Janitor, 6 months @16                                   96.00
    Postage, 6 months @10                                   60.00
    Stationery                                             100.00
    Phone (149) and telegrams                               25.00
    Travel, Director                                       100.00
    Part Salary, Comptroller, 6 months @50                 300.00

Publications - under supervision of director

    Publications, cuts, etc.                             $ 750.00
    Envelopes for same                                      60.00
                                                         $ 810.00

Buildings - under supervision of Director

    Repairs to buildings of the several Departments      $ 750.00
    Furniture for the several Departments                  500.00
    Reserve for Farm                                       250.00

Department of Agronomy

    Part salary of Mr. Knight                            $ 600.00
    Part salary of Mr. Clark                               300.00
    Regular labor                                          600.00
    Temporary labor                                        150.00
    Extra labor                                             50.00
    Telephone and telegrams                                 10.00
    Traveling                                              100.00
    Facilities, etc., various                              250.00
    Feed for stock                                         400.00

Department of Library

    Salary of Mrs. Cowgill                               $ 150.00
    Binding, etc.                                          300.00
    Book stack                                             100.00
                                                         $ 550.00

Department of Entomology

    Assistant, 6 months @75                              $ 450.00
    Mr. Longyear, spraying                                  50.00
    Facilities                                             200.00
                                                         $ 700.00

Department of Veterinary Science & Bacteriology

    Travel, facilities, etc.                             $ 200.00

Department of Research Chemistry

    Library                                              $  75.00
    Facilities                                             100.00
                                                         $ 175.00

Balance Forward - Hatch Fund                             $5585.00
Unexpended Balance - Hatch Fund                          $  30.00

Adams Fund

Amount to be apportioned according to Comptroller's
    books                                                $7500.00

Department of Chemistry

    Salary of C. A. Jacobson                             $ 800.00
    Salary of Assistant Holmes                             550.00
    Salary of Assistant Jackson                            120.00
    Freight and express                                    200.00
    Light, heat, etc.                                       15.00
    Chemical supplies                                      200.00
    Seeds, plants and sundry supplies                       15.00
    Sci. Appts ($2000 not available )                        0.00
    Contingent for reserve fund                            200.00

Department of Entomology

    Salary                                               $1200.00
    Labor, temporary                                        75.00
    Aparatus, facilities, etc.                             300.00

Department of Meterology and Climatology

    Salary J. E. Church                                  $ 300.00
    Salary S. P. Fergusson                                1100.00
    Salary Assistants                                      450.00
    Apparatus and facilities ($1300 not available)           0.00
    Travel and incidentals                                 200.00

Department of Veterinary Science & Bacteriology

    Salary W. B. Mack                                    $ 666.66
    Salary Assistants                                      150.00
    Facilities                                             250.00

Balance Forward - Adams Fund                             $4691.66
Unexpended Balance - Adams Fund                          $ 708.34

    I have the honor to remain

                             Very respectfully yours,

                             J. E. Stubbs

                      University Calendar

                  First Semester - 1914-1915

Aug 24-25  Mon-Tues       Examinations for admission
Aug 24-25  Mon-Tues       Re-examinations to remove conditions
Aug 25-26  Tues-Wed       Matriculation and registration
Aug 27     Thur           Recitations and lectures begin
Nov 26-29  Thurs-Sun      Thankgiving recess
Dec 23     Wed 4:30 P.M.  Holiday vacation begins

Jan 3      Sun            Holiday vacation ends

                  Second Semester - 1914-1915

Jan 4-5    Mon-Tues       Examinations for admission
Jan 4-5    Mon-Tues       Re-examinations to remove conditions
Jan 5-6    Tues-Wed       Matriculation and registration
Jan 7      Thurs          Recitations and lectures begin
April 2-5  Fri-Sun        Easter recess
                          Inspection of cadets
May 1      Sat 4:30 P.M.  Senior examinations end
May 9      Sun            Baccalaureate sermon
May 11     Tues 4:30 P.M. End semester examinations
May 12     Wed            Commencement Day

August 24 to December 23 inclusive is 17 weeks, 2 days (1st sem.)

January 4 to May 12 inclusive is 18 weeks, 2 days (2nd sem.)