UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
March 1-2, 1996


Pages 162-184



March 1, 1996

The Board of Regents met on March 1, 1996 in Room B-105, Building

B, West Charleston Campus, Community College of Southern Nevada,

6375 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas.

Members present: Mr. Madison Graves, II, Chairman

Mr. Mark Alden

Ms. Shelley Berkley

Dr. Jill Derby

Mr. Joseph M. Foley

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mr. Daniel J. Klaich

Mr. David L. Phillips

Mrs. Nancy Price

Mrs. Carolyn M. Sparks

Members absent: Dr. James Eardley

Others present: Chancellor Richard Jarvis

General Counsel Donald Klasic

Vice Chancellor John Richardson

Vice Chancellor Tom Anderes

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President Carol Harter, UNLV

President Richard Moore, CCSN

President James Randolph, WNCC

President Ronald Remington, GBC

President James Taranik, DRI

President Kenneth Wright, TMCC

Secretary Mary Lou Moser

Also in attendance were Faculty Senate Chairs Scott Casper, UNR;

Jerry Landwer, UNLV; Sonny Lyerly, CCSN; Larry Hyslop, GBC; Linda

Stetter, TMCC; Richard French, DRI; Richard Riendeau, WNCC; and

Becky Seibert, System Administration. Student Government leaders

were also present: Glenn Booth, UNR; Barbara Mc Millian, CCSN;

John Cole, TMCC; Sabrina Mc Kinley; Ken Harlan, GSA-UNLV.

Chairman Madison Graves called the meeting to order at 9:05 A.M.

with all Regents present except Dr. Eardley, Mr. Phillips, Mrs.

Gallagher and Mrs. Price.

1. Introductions

Mrs. Berkley introduced Ms. Amy Williams, Ms. Jody Evans and

Ms. Patty Wallifiser, a camera crew present to film a seg-

ment on women leaders.

President Carol Harter introduced Provost Dr. Douglas

Ferraro, Dr. Sandra O'Dell and Graduate Dean Dr. Ron Smith.

President Wright introduced newly appointed Vice President

for Academic and Student Affairs Shanon Christianson and

Vice President for Resource Management David Keebler.

Chairman Graves introduced Dr. Paul Meacham, Regents' Pro-

fessor at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Dr. Meacham is

the former President of the Community College of Southern


2. Chairman's Report

Chairman Madison Graves announced the Regents had hosted

a reception the previous evening to honor outstanding stu-

dents, faculty and employees of CCSN, UNLV and DRI. 62

individuals were recognized, having been chosen by their

respective Campus organizations as providing exemplary

service to the institutions. Mr. Graves expressed his

deep appreciation on behalf of the Board and himself for

these special individuals.

Dr. Derby reported that she and Mrs. Price had attended the

ACCT National Legislative Seminar in Washington, D. C. The

seminar focused on federal student aid. A bill has been

introduced which would rescind a number of areas of aid for

students. The trend is away from grants and toward loans

to pay for their education. Dr. Derby and Mrs. Price met

with the Nevada Congressional delegation to express concern

on behalf of students for this bill which would limit ac-

cess to higher education for many needy students.

3. Chancellor's Report

Chancellor Jarvis commended the outstanding students and

employees who had been honored at the reception the previous


Presidents' Reports:

President Ron Remington reported that GBC is involved in new

cooperative arrangements with the County School Districts.

An "Odessey of the Mind" was held with 400 school youngsters

participating. GBC has had a 15-20% increase in enrollment

this Spring.

Mrs. Gallagher entered the meeting.

President Carol Harter reported that student athlete Daren

Dorsey has been asked to serve a 2-year term on a national

NCAA student-athlete committee. Mr. Dorsey has a 3.6 GPA

and is a competitive golfer. Black History Month was being

celebrated with numerous activities, including a visit by

former boxer Mohammed Ali, whose daughter Maryum Ali cur-

rently attends UNLV. Dr. Harter related that 140 firms had

participated in Career Day at UNLV to talk with students

concerning potential employment. Approximately 120 Alums

have been involved in a program of visiting classrooms.

President Joe Crowley reported on the annual Presidential

Scholar's Dinner for prospective students and on the Minor-

ity Leaders' Breakfast held in Las Vegas. He thanked Chan-

cellor Jarvis for his participation in the Education Summit

held at Harrah's, Reno, recently, which sought to improve

ties between local companies and educational institutions.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on March 27 for the new

Education building on the Campus.

Mrs. Price entered the meeting.

President Richard Moore announced that Chancellor Jarvis is

teaching a course at CCSN on Tuesday evenings. Joyceleyn

Elders was among the participants in their Black History

Month celebration. CCSN is predicting a Spring enrollment

of 23,000 headcount.

President Jim Taranik announced that Dr. Hector De Luca has

been selected as the 9th recipient of the prestigious Nevada

Medal. Dr. De Luca is known for his contributions in bio-

chemistry related to the role of vitamins D and A in human

metabolism. Dr. De Luca will give lectures at UNLV and UNR

and the Nevada Medal Dinner, given in his honor, will be

held April 19 at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

President Ken Wright related that cooperative relationships

are being formed between TMCC and business and industry.

21 students from Trainer Middle School will attend a week-

long session at TMCC this Summer to acquaint them with the

College. TMCC is filming for the Governor's Office a docu-

mentary of children who have lived in the Mansion.

President Randolph reported on a student art show and on a

forthcoming multi-cultural fair.

4. Appointment, Deputy to the Chancellor for External Relations

Chancellor Jarvis recommended the appointment of Ms. Suzanne

Ernst as Deputy to the Chancellor for External Relations,

effective April 1, 1996, at a salary of $73,143. (Ms. Ernst

is currently under the employer paid PERS retirement system

and must remain in that system in that status. The salary

of $73,143 plus employer paid retirement is equivalent to a

salary of $80,000 employer/employee shared retirement con-


Ms. Gallagher moved approval of the appointment of Suzanne

Ernst as Deputy to the Chancellor for External Relations,

effective April 1, 1996, at a salary of $73,143. Ms.

Berkley seconded. Motion carried.

5. Appointment, Interim Director, University Press

Chancellor Jarvis recommended appointment of Ms. Margaret

Dalrymple as Interim Director of the University Press at a

salary of $60,000, effective February 12, 1996 through the

appointment of a new Director.

Mr. Klaich moved approval of the appointment of Margaret

Dalrymple as Interim Director of the University of Nevada

Press, at a salary of $60,000, effective February 12, 1996

through the appointment of a new Director. Mrs. Gallagher

seconded. Motion carried.

6. Appointment, Interim Director, System Computing Services

Chancellor Jarvis recommended the appointment of Mr. Davan

Weddle as Interim Executive Director of System Computing

Services at a salary of $91,500, effective February 12, 1996

through June 1997.

Ms. Berkley moved approval of the appointment of Mr. Davan

Weddle as Interim Executive Director of System Computing

Services at a salary of $91,500, effective February 12,

1996 through June 1997. Mrs. Sparks seconded. Motion


7. Regents Workshop: Development of 1997-99 UCCSN Biennial

Budget Request

Chancellor Jarvis and Vice Chancellor Tom Anderes led a

discussion on budget objectives, parameters and preliminary

recommendations from the Chancellor and the Council of Pres-


Vice Chancellor Anderes presented an outline concerning

budget preparation and the resources which support budget

building. The request will be for 1) the Adjusted Base

Budget, 2) the Maintenance Budget allowing for inflation

and enrollment increases, and 3) Enhancement which will

include new initiatives both formula and non-formula, equip-

ment, and salary increases for FY 97-99. Assumptions under-

lying priority setting include the application of formulas

to project funding need, enrollment expectations, legisla-

tive and gubernatorial expectations, institutional priori-

ties and Board policies and planning objectives. It was

pointed out that it is incumbent upon UCCSN to support the

expected enrollment growth, even though most institutions

did not meet their enrollment projections last year. Dr.

Anderes stated that the State Economic Forum will be making

their projects for State resources, and at this time it

appears there will be more dollars available. However, the

demands on the State will also be increased in the area of

prisons, K-12 growth and federal mandates.

Mr. Phillips entered the meeting.

Chancellor Jarvis stated the System is working hard to tell

the story of needs. Ms. Berkley pointed out that there will

be a very large deficit in State Industrial Insurance System

which will have to be addressed. In answer to a question

from Mrs. Sparks concerning whether UCCSN should attempt to

restore its share of the State budget to 20%, Chancellor

Jarvis stated he was not sure there is political support for

a flat percentage. It will be necessary to provide con-

vincing backup and information on programs, needs, etc.

Chancellor Jarvis presented information on enrollments.

Nevada has a very low rate of high school students continu-

ing on to higher education. There is a strong commitment

to part-time students over 30 years of age. Based on pre-

liminary enrollments, the estimated projections are for a

5-6% increase for the biennium. In response to Mrs. Price's

question concerning why high school students are not coming

to System institutions, Chancellor Jarvis answered that

there are many theories, but no research has been done that

would develop statistics. He added that the enrollment

growth picture will be refinded for the Board meeting in

April. Dr. Jarvis stated that the System must demonstrate

demand for our institutions in order to persuade the State

to devote more funds to higher education.

Mr. Alden left the meeting.

Mrs. Price stated that it was the Board's role to protect

the academic side and did not feel UCCSN should be involved

in economic development. Mrs. Gallagher questioned if en-

rollments were higher would there be a need to cap enroll-

ment. Dr. Jarvis stated that the formulas will be driven by

enrollment projections, and it was his hope that there would

be excess demand and more Nevadans will want to attend our

institutions. Mr. Klaich stated he felt the projections

should be based on how many students want to attend. Mrs.

Gallagher wondered what would happen if, after the budget

has been submitted, the growth exceeds the projections.

President Moore stated that more adjunct faculty would be

hired and the institutions would hold classes in high

schools at night. He continued that the institutions

would like to hire full time faculty if the budget allows,

but CCSN has had growth without more resources. President

Harter stated that UNLV grew beyond the resources available

and they were unable to provide courses. The University

needs to shape enrollment in order to protect quality be-

cause fewer dollars per FTE means that the qualify suffers.

Chancellor Jarvis presented a preliminary list of multi-

Campus initiatives for the comming biennium:

1) Student Access - Managing enrollment growth and support-

ing student financial aid.

2) Quality - Increasing operating support for programs,

securing reasonable salary adjustments and increasing

Community College full-time to part-time faculty ratio.

3) Information Technology - Expanding operating and equip-

ment support, building distance education opportunities

with K-12.

4) Maintaining adequate equipment (other than computing).

5) Environmental Safety and Campus Security - Hazardous

material management, Campus security program expansion

and radiation safety.

6) Diversity - Improving access for the disabled, expanding

gender equity initiatives, expanding minority recruit-

ment and retention.

7) Research and Economic Development - Manufacturing As-

sistance Partnership (MAP) collaborations, workforce

development program expansion, and applied research

initiatives. Single Campus initiatives:

a) Law School Setup

b) School of Medicine

The discussion on Capital Improvement request is continued on

page 183, after item 25.

Mr. Alden returned to the meeting.

8. Closed Session

Upon motion by Mrs. Berkley, seconded by Mr. Alden, the

Board moved to a closed session for purposes of discussion

of the character, alleged misconduct, professional compe-

tence, or physical or mental health of employees and persons

who are not employees of the UCCSN in accordance with NRS


The Board moved to closed session at 11:30 A.M. and reconvened

at 1:50 P.M. with all Regents present except Dr. Eardley.

9. Approved the 1996 Regents Outstanding Student Awards

The Board of Regents annually determines an outstanding stu-

dent at each of the Community Colleges and an outstanding

undergraduate and graduate student from each of the Uni-

versities. Campus Presidents presented the following rec-

ommendations for 1996 Regents Outstanding Student awards:

Kevin Kirkeby - Great Basin College

Jennifer Collier - Western Nevada Community College

Kim R. Wescott - Community College of Southern Nevada

Deanna R. Hobbs - Truckee Meadows Community College

Shannon Lee Siciliano, Undergraduate; Kevin Thompson,

Graduate - University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Matthew C. Exline, Undergraduate; Julie A. Robinson,

Graduate - University of Nevada, Reno

Mr. Klaich moved approval of the 1996 Regents Outstanding

Student Award recipients as presented by the Presidents.

Mr. Phillips seconded. Motion carried.

10. Approved the 1996 Honorary Associate Degrees

Approved the following individuals to receive the Honorary

Associate Degrees to be awarded during Commencement ceremo-

nies on the Community College Campuses in May:

TMCC: Dr. John Caserta, Moya Olsen Lear

Mr. Klaich moved approval to award the Honorary Associate

Degree from Truckee Meadows Community College to Dr. John

Caserta and Mrs. Moya Olsen Lear. Dr. Derby seconded.

Motion carried.

CCSN: Dr. Brian Cram, Mrs. Ruby Duncan, Mr. Michael Meyer

Mrs. Sparks moved approval to award the Honorary Associate

Degree from the Community College of Southern Nevada to Dr.

Brian Cram, Mrs. Ruby Duncan and Mr. Michael Meyer. Mr.

Klaich seconded. Motion carred.

GBC : Mr. Robert Vaughn

Mr. Phillips moved approval to award the Honorary Associate

Degree from the Great Basin Community College to Mr. Robert

Vaughan. Mrs. Sparks seconded. Motion carried.

WNCC: Mr. Rollan Melton, Mr. Elmo De Ricco, Dr. Robert


Mr. Mark Alden moved approval to award the Honorary Associ-

ate Degree from Western Nevada Community College to Mr.

Rollan Melton, Mr. Elmo De Ricco and Dr. Robert Scott. Mr.

Klaich seconded. Motion carried.

11. Approved 1996 Honorary Doctorates

Approved Honorary Doctorate Degrees be awarded for 1996 for

the following individuals. Degrees will be bestowed at

Commencement ceremonies on the University Campuses in May.

UNR : Mr. Don Frazier, Mr. George Gund, III

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval to award the Honorary Doctor-

ate Degree from the University of Nevada, Reno to Mr. Don

Frazier and Mr. George Gund, III. Mr. Klaich seconded.

Motion carried.

UNLV: Dr. Brian Cram, Mr. Robert Laxalt

Mrs. Nancy Price moved approval to award the Honorary Doc-

torate Degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to

Dr. Brian Cram and Mr. Robert Laxalt. Mr. Klaich seconded.

Motion carried.

12. Approved 1996 Distinguished Nevadans

Distinguished Nevadan Awards are bestowed by the Board of

Regents to individuals who are present or former residents

of the State for "significant achievements contributing to

the cultural, economic, scientific or social advancement of

Nevada and its people, or for exceptional service to the

State or nation that has influenced constructively the well-

being of mankind." The following individuals were approved

to receive the 1996 Distinguished Nevadan award and will be

honored at Commencement ceremonies in May:

Northern Nevada: Countess Angela Dandini

Dr. Morris Gallagher

Mr. William and Dr. Barbara Thornton

Ms. Sue Wagner

Dr. Derby moved approval to confer the award of Distinguish-

ed Nevadan on Countess Angela Dandini, Mr. Morris Gallagher,

Mr. William and Dr. Barbara Thornton and Ms. Sue Wagner.

Mr. Klaich seconded. Motion carried.

Southern Nevada: Mr. William Bennett

Mr. James Cashman, III (posthumously)

Dr. Christina Hixson

Mr. Grant Sawyer (posthumously)

Ms. Berkley moved to confer the award of Distinguished

Nevadan on Mr. William Bennett, Mr. James Cashmann, III,

Dr. Christina Hixson and Mr. Grant Sawyer. Mr. Alden

seconded. Motion carried.

13. Approved the Academic, Research & Student Affairs Committee


Chair Shelley Berkley presented the following report of in-

formation items discussed at the February 8, 1996 meeting

of the Academic, Research and Student Affairs Committee:

Report on Research Developments and Trends

System Research Vice Presidents Ken Hunter, Robert

Wharton and Donald Baepler reported on the growth of

research and other sponsored projects in the System.

From 1987 to 1995 annual research and other sponsored

project funding in the UCCSN increased from $47 million

to more than $110 million, which represents a 10% an-

nualized growth over that time period.

In the last 9 years nearly $700 million in research and

other sponsored projects has been done in the 3 UCCSN

research institutions. Given standard economic multi-

pliers, this $700 million has pumped more than $1.5

billion into Nevada's economy.

Grant and contract funding has slowed over the last 3

fiscal years. This slowing can be partially attributed

to more competition for dwindling federal research


Greater than 2/3 of the grants and contracts received by

UCCSN research institutions come from the federal gov-

ernment. While this is consistent with levels of fed-

eral funding at other American Universities, it does

place UCCSN research institutions at risk to reductions

in federal funding of University research.

On a percentage of research support basis, UNLV appears

to be at greatest risk with nearly 90% of its funding

coming from the federal government. DRI and UNR appear

to be at a lower risk with federal funding representing

72% and 70% respectively. However, since UNR has the

largest dollar amount of federal funding, it actually

has more to lose.

The next few years will be "tough" ones for our research

institutions and will require a great deal more time and

effort in securing funding.

Distance Education Report - Vice Chancellor John Richardson

reported on Distance Education program in the System:

A. Status of Compressed Video Offerings. Since the first

course offerings on the Compressed Video network, the

number of courses and sites has grown considerably.

In Fall, 1993, 70 students were enrolled in distance

education courses - 31 by interactive video. By Fall,

1995, 4 Campuses taught 18 courses to 365 students.

The largest number of students are enrolled in WNCC

courses - 230.

Lower division general education and nursing-related

courses were provided by the Community Colleges, while

the Universities focused on upper division nursing and

management offerings. Courses were delivered to 7 sites

in Carson City, Elko, Fallon, Hawthorne, Las Vegas, Reno

and Winnemucca, as well as an additional 2 sites through

other technologies. No special fees were charged by the

Universities to students enrolling in courses taught

through Compressed Video; however, GBC and WNCC have

assessed fees to students ranging from $20 to $45 per


B. UCCSN Distance Education Enrollment Projections, Spring

1996 - Spring 1997. All 7 institutions plan to offer a

variety of distance education courses not only to Col-

lege students at UCCSN sites, but also from Colleges to

high schools within the State, between high schools,

and to Nevada teachers. Students will be able to enroll

in courses offered through delivery modes ranging from

Compressed Video and ITFS to the Internet, Desk Top

Video and of the computer applications. It is estimated

that from Spring 1996 through Spring 1997 over 12,600

students will enroll in distance education courses.

Over the next biennium, 412 courses will be delivered

to 27 sites in Nevada, many in rural areas of the State

which have not been previously accessible.

With the increased funds provided by the legislative

appropriation through Senate Bill 204, 222 of these

courses have been made possible, and over 7000 students

will directly benefit. These offerings are in addition

to the many courses which were already scheduled prior

to the allocation of these special funds. In Spring

1996 alone, an additional 44 courses and over 1000 stu-

dents will gain from increased funding.

A detailed report on UCCSN Distance Education is avail-

able from Dr. Richardson's office.

Institutional Review of Existing Programs

Vice Chancellor Richardson presented an overview of the

reports submitted this year from the Campuses on the

review of their existing academic programs over the past

year. These reports are on file in the office of Aca-

demic Affairs.

Ms. Berkley moved approval of the Academic, Research and

Student Affairs Committee report. Mr. Klaich seconded.

Motion carried.

13.1 1996 Regents Researcher and Creative Activity Awards

Approved the following individuals for the 1996 Awards.

Regents' policy calls for the Academic, Research and Student

Affairs Committee to consider the recommendations of the

selection committee for the Nevada Regents Researcher and

Creative Activity Awards. The Awards include a special

medal and a check for $5000. The Committee recommended

the following individuals:

Regents Researcher Award - Dr. David P. Westfall, Professor

and Chairman of Pharmacology, University of Nevada

School of Medicine

Regents Creative Activity Award - Professor Virko Baley,

Department of Music, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Ms. Berkley moved approval of Dr. David P. Westfall as

Regents 1996 Researcher, and Professor Virko Baley as Re-

gents 1996 Creative Activity Award recipient. Mr. Klaich

seconded. Motion carried.

13.2 Approved Academic Master Plan, GBC

The Board of Regents' planning process calls for the review

and approval of Campus academic master plans prior to the

submission of the UCCSN budget request. After review by

the Committee, the Great Basin College Academic Master Plan

was recommended for approval with exception of references

made to 4-year degree programs at the 2-year institution.

It is anticipated that other 2-year institutions within the

System will request similar programs. A full discussion

will be held when all plans have been submitted. The Plan

is on file in the Regents Office.

Ms. Berkley recommended approval of the GBC Academic Master

Plan with the exception of references made to 4-year degree

programs at the 2-year institution. Dr. Derby seconded.

Motion carried.

Mr. Foley left the meeting.

13.3 Approved the A. S. Degree in Environmental Science, CCSN

The Committee recommends approval of the A. S. in Environ-

mental Science at CCSN. This program has been designed as

a transfer degree for students who are seeking a strong

science and mathematics foundation. It will meet the lower

division requirements of UNLV's bachelor programs in En-

vironmental Studies. Ref. A, on file in the Regents Office.

Ms. Berkley recommended approval of the A. S. Degree in

Environmental Science at CCSN. Mr. Phillips seconded.

Motion carried.

13.4 Approved Concept of New Student Teaching and Internship


The Committee received a request from UNLV to establish new

student teaching and internship fees at UNLV. Education

majors would pay $250 per course to cover the costs of the

individual instruction they receive from master teachers

for their student teaching experience. An identical $250

special course fee for graduate internships in Counseling,

Educational Administration and Special Education is also

being proposed. These fees would be phased in over a 3-year

period as follows:

1996-97 - $ 75 per course

1997-98 - 150 per course

1998-99 250 per course

Ms. Berkley moved approval of the concept of a new fee at

UNLV for student teaching and internships. Dr. Derby


Mrs. Price objected to this fee, stating it violates the

fundamental concept with interns and will require them to

pay for their internships and for student teaching. She

asked that this be made a part of the budget request to the

State. President Harter explained that the University must

pay for the supervisors and mentors. Vice President Ferraro

stated that this special expense will only be paid by the

student who benefits from the course. Dean Ron Smith stated

that UNLV is developing a scholarship drive to assist stu-

dents in this area. The Financial Aid office has also been

asked to assist where possible.

Motion carried.

13.5 Approved Organizational Units

The Committee reviewed the reports of the following organi-

zational units and recommends approval:

CCSN Honors College, Ref. B

CCSN Southern Nevada Public Safety Training Center,

Ref. C

UNLV Southwestern Social Science Research Center,

Ref. D

UNLV Center for Urban Water Conservation, Ref. E

UNLV Center for Mechanical and Environmental Systems

Technology, Ref. F

WNCC Center for Excellence, Ref. G

The UNLV Centers are existing units which have been in oper-

ation for several years. The proposals for CCSN and WNCC

are new and will be implemented later this year. References

are filed in the Regents Office.

Ms. Berkley moved approval of the Organizational Units as

presented. Mr. Klaich seconded. Motion carried.

14. Approved the Audit Committee Report

Chair Mark Alden presented the report of the Audit Committee

meeting held February 7, 1996. There were 3 information

items on the agenda for this meeting:

1. The Committee received a follow-up report on bank recon-

ciliations being conducted at UNLV. At that time, the

reconciliations were up to date as of February 2, 1996

with 3 exceptions. These will all be brought up to date

by early March. UNR has been helpful in assisting with

the resoluion of the internal problems.

2. A discussion was held on a reporting procedure to the

Committee on theft/embezzlement occurrences. Staff were

assigned to report on a quarterly basis.

3. The Committee received a report on the status of ex-

ternal auditors:

Deloitte & Touche: The A-133 reports will be presented

at the March meeting.

Coopers-Lybrand: These auditors have met with all in-

stitutions except Great Basin College and WNCC and those

meetings will be scheduled soon. The Coopers auditors

are involved in preliminary work and have been meeting

with the institutions on UBIT.

LCB Auditors have been reviewing policies and discussing

with their administration the final steps of the audit.

They will be reviewing specific issues in depth February

through July. A final written report will be sent to

the System in late July, after which the System will

have an opportunity to respond.

Mr. Alden moved approval of the report. Mr. Klaich second-

ed. Motion carried.

14.1 Approved the Internal Audit Reports

The Committee reviewed the following Internal Audit reports

and recommends approval:

Student Financial Services Office, UNR

Instructional Media Services Digital Maintenance, UNR

Performing Arts Center, UNLV

Lab Fees, TMCC

The recommendations of Internal Audit have been accepted by

the institutions and corrections have been implemented.

Ref. H is on file in the Regents Office.

Mr. Alden moved approval of the Internal Audit reports as

preented. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

15. Approved the Campus Environment Committee Report

Chair Jill Derby presented the report on the meeting of the

Campus Environment Committee held February 8, 1996. The

Committee discussed the following items:

Campus Safety - Committee members reviewed the information

on Campus Safety issues from the December 14, 1995 meeting

and discussed future action. It was suggested that a key

role for the Committee should be to serve as a conduit for

information to the full Board. It was requested that the

Chancellor and his staff prepare a report to the Board

using the information gathered by the Committee; information

from the System Safety, Health and Environmental Protection

Advisory Committee (SHEPAC); and input from appropriate

Campus personnel. This report will be presented in a work-

shop session at the April Board meeting so that the issue

of Campus Safety could be considered during the biennial

budget discussions.

Diversity - Committee members heard a summary review of

UCCSN diversity efforts for the period 1987 through 1996.

It was noted that staff in the System Administration office

will compile the annual UCCSN Affirmative Action report

this Spring and that the report will be submitted to the

Committee for review. The report will also contain a com-

parison of affirmative action against the Board adopted

diversity goals.

A discussion was held to expand outreach efforts by this

Committee on behalf of the Board to various communities

throughout the State. The Chancellor and his staff will

work with Regent Phillips, Diversity Sub-Committee Chair,

to develop an update on System diversity efforts that can

be sent to various community leaders who have participated

in past System efforts.

The Committee discussed the importance of a statement by

the Board concerning its policy on diversity and affirmative

action in light of recent developments in California. Mem-

bers requested that the Chancellor work with the Board Chair

in developing a statement of reaffirmation of Board policy

that could be considered at the March 1 Board meeting.

Dr. Derby moved approval of the report. Ms. Berkley second-

ed. Motion carried.

16. Approved the Chancellor Evaluation Committee Report

Regent Graves stated the Committee met on January 13, 1996

and is in the process of compiling a report to be presented

to the Board in April.

Mr. Graves moved approval of the report. Mr. Klaich second-

ed. Motion carried.

17. Approved the Finance and Planning Committee Report

Chairman Dorothy Gallagher presented the report on the meet-

ing of the Finance and Planning Committee held February 7,

1996. The following information items were discussed:

A. Budget Development

Vice Chancellor Anderes led a discussion on the prepara-

tion and development for the 1997-99 Biennial Budget

Request. The Council of Presidents have begun prelimi-

nary discussions of priorities and parameters. These

were included in discussions during the workshop this


The System Business Officers have been reviewing the

formulas used in budget preparation and have prepared

short- and long-term recommendations for changes which

were to be presented to the Council of Presidents.

B. Review of Business Centers

Vice President Ashok Dhingra and Vice President Norval

Pohl presented reports on the Business Centers which

were established by the Board in 1977.

Business Center - North

The duties and responsibilities have greatly increased

over the years. In 1985 the State Personnel Department

delegated the classified personnel function to the Bus-

iness Centers. Although State policies and procedures

are still followed, the process is much speedier and

more services are now provided by the Business Centers

to the Campuses. The Centers also handle all purchasing

inasmuch as UCCSN receives an educational discount which

means, for the most part, lower costs to the System.

UCCSN still has the option of using the State Purchasing

if so desired. With all the federal changes, the pay-

roll function has become much more complex.

The Business Center North began with 26 positions in

1977 and has increased to 29 in 1996. A request was

made for additional staffing and UNR has allocated 5

positions and DRI has allocated 1 position beginning

this year.

Annually, BCN processes 78,000 paychecks, does 470 re-

cruitments, handles 6,700 applications and last year

completed 270 classification studies and 30 special

studies, and processed 9,200 purchase orders.

Business Center South

BCS services UNLV and CCSN, with services split 80-20.

In 1987 they expended $80 million, and in 1995 expendi-

tures amounted to $200 million. BCS has requested that

certain accounting functions be reassigned to CCSN,

which will be discussed later in this report.

C. Fees

Vice Chancellor Anderes reported that all Campus fee

requests will be presented at this March meeting (Item

20). The presentation will consist of a summary of new

fees, a summary and impact of continuing fees, and a

cost for a typical student.

D. Loan for UNLV

The Committee heard a report on a request from UNLV to

seek a loan for remodeling the Sam Boyd Silverbowl.

However, that request will depend on funding from the

Las Vegas Convention Authority for repayment. (It has

since been learned that LVCA will not provide the nec-

essary funding, so the request has been withdrawn.)

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the Finance and Planning

Committee report. Mr. Klaich seconded. Motion carried.

17.1 Approved Reassignment at Business Center South

The Committee received reports from the Business Centers

North and South regarding the services provided and project-

ed directions for the future. Business Center South is

specifically seeking to reassign certain functions to the

Campus. The Committee recommends approval. Ref. I is filed

in the Regents Office.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the reassignments at Busi-

ness Center South. Mr. Klaich seconded. Motion carried.

18. Approved the Investment Committee Report

Chairman Carolyn Sparks presented a report of the Investment

Committee meeting held February 29, 1996. The Committee

heard a report from Cambridge and Associates on the UCCSN

Permanent Endowment Fund Investment Performance Results for

the period ended December 31, 1995.

At the January 18, 1996 meeting the Committee directed staff

to invest unallocated cash in the amount of $1.7 million to

the Sanford Bernstein Fixed Account, and confirmed the ac-

tion taken by staff.

After discussion of the performance, the Committee agreed to

terminate the GMO Core Fund because of changes they had made

in their guidelines which calls for use of derivatives. The

Committee approved the withdrawal of 1/2 of the funds to be

invested in an index fund temporarily until the UCCSN pol-

icy can be reviewed and final decision made. The Committee

felt this would better protect the endowment funds.

Mrs. Sparks moved to accept the report of the Investment

Committee. Mr. Alden seconded. Motion carried.

19. Approved the Consent Agenda

Approved the Consent Agenda as contained in Ref. J:

(1) Approved the minutes of the Board of Regents meeting

held January 12, 1996.

(2) Approved Emeritus Status as recommended by the insti-


A. University of Nevada, Reno - President Crowley

recommended promotion to Emeritus status for the


Harold F. Bonham, Jr., Research Geologist, Emeri-

tus, effective July 1, 1996.

Richard D. Burkhart, Professor of Chemistry,

Emeritus, effective January 1, 1996

Gerald L. Dales, Jr., Associate Professor of Sur-

gery, Emeritus, effective January 1, 1996

James R. Firby, Professor of Geology and Paleon-

tology, Emeritus, effective July 1, 1996

Arnold H. Greenhouse, Professor of Medicine, Emer-

itus, effective July 1, 1996

Ely Haimowitz, Professor of Music, Emeritus, ef-

fective July 1, 1996

Adolf E. Hieke, Associate Professor of English,

Emeritus, effective July 1, 1996

Grant F. Leneaux, Ph. D., Associate Professor,

Foreign Lanuages & Literatures, Emeritus,

effective July 1, 1996

Pat Hardy Lewis, Counselor, Emeritus, effective

February 7, 1996

Robert G. Proctor, M. D., Clinical Professor,

Emeritus, effective January 1, 1996

(3) Approved Leave of Absence, UNR - President Crowley

recommended a two year leave of absence for Donald C.

Helm who will be at Morgan State University in a

position funded by a grant from the U. S. Department

of Energy. The period of the leave would be from

February 20, 1996 to February 19, 1998 without pay.

(4) Approved Sick Leave, UNLV - President Harter requested

an extension of sick leave for Roosevelt Fitzgerald,

a lecturer in Anthropology and Ethnic Studies. Mr.

Fitzgerald received extended sick leave through the

Fall 1995 semester and is still unable to return to

work. Another extension is requested through June 30,


(5) Approved College of Agriculture Advisory Committee,

UNR - President Crowley recommended the following in-

dividuals for appointment to the College of Agricul-

ture Advisory Committee for the period 1996 through


Mr. Jim Connelley, Mountain City

Mr. Tim Hafen, Pahrump

Mrs. Molly Knudtsen, Reno

Mr. Bob Quilici, Reno

Mr. Deloyd Satterthwaite, Tuscarosa

(6) Approved College of Architecture Advisory Board, UNLV

- President Harter requested approval of the follow-

ing individuals for appointment to an Advisory Board

to the College of Architecture, Construction Manage-

ment and Planning:

Mr. Michael Alcorn Mr. Frank Martin

Mr. Richard Beckman Mr. Lundon Meeks

Mr. Joel Bergman Mr. Eric Raecke

Mr. Richard Bulls Mr. Ted Rexing

Mr. Steve Carpenter Mr. Johnny Ribeiro, Jr.

Mr. Parker Derrell Mr. Thomas J. Schoeman

Ms. Theresa Dowling Mr. Rick Sellers

Mr. Robert Fielden Mr. Russell Skuse

Mr. George Garlock Mr. Bill Snyder

Mr. Jess T. Holmes Ms. Sally Taraban

Mr. Rick Holmes Mr. J. A. Tiberti

Mr. Mark Hoverstein Mr. Brett Torino

Mr. Kevin Jeffers Mr. Bill Wells

Mr. Attila Lawrence Ms. Sally Taraban

Mr. Ray Lucchesi Mr. J. A. Tiberti

Mr. James Main

(7) Approved Advisory Board, CCSN - President Moore re-

quested approval of the following individuals to the

Advisory Board of the Community College of Southern


Active Membership: Associate Membership:

Mr. D. Michael Ballard Ms. Iris Bletsch

Mr. Edward V. De Renzis Mayor Robert A. Groesbeck

Ms. Thalia Dondero Ms. Carol A. Jackson

Mr. Michael J. Miller Mr. Leland G. Smith

Mr. Bobby L. Siller Mr. Leonard A. Wilson

Mr. Steven O. Spaulding

(8) Approved Expenditure of Capital Improvement Funds,

WNCC - Approved the expenditure of Capital Improvement

Funds at WNCC in the amount of $57,000 for the follow-


Standardizing/upgrading telephone

system on Carson Campus $57,000

(9) Approved Expenditure of Capital Improvement Funds,

CCSN - Approved the expenditure of Capital Improvement

Funds at CCSN in the amount of $686,000 for the fol-


Traffic Light Installation - West Charleston $176,000

Lighting/Signage - West Charleston 150,000

Cheyenne Campus - Improvements include:

Automobile Program, Landscaping of Grounds,

Parking Repairs, Identify Signage and others 280,000

Grounds Landscaping - West Charleston 30,000

Miscellaneous Campus Improvements - Cheyenne,

Henderson, West Charleston 50,000

Total $686,000

(10) Approved Allocations of Grants-in-Aid, 1996-97 - NRS

396.540 provides for tuition waivers for "students

from other states and foreign countries, not to exceed

a number equal to 3% of the total matriculated enroll-

ment of students for the past preceding Fall semes-

ter." Board policy provides for similar grants-in-aid

for the same number of students for the payment of in-

state registration fees.

Based on enrollment figures for Fall 1995, the Offi-

cers request the following allocation of grants-in-aid

for Fall 1996-97:

In-State Out-of-State


Athletics 75 115

Music 60 45

International Studies 0 25

Native American 20 5

Other (General) 189 154

Total 344 344


Athletics 139 139

Music 83 83

Native American 30* 10*

Other 335 335

Total 587 567


Regents 128

Native American 20

Total 148


Regents 610

Native American 2

Total 612


Regents 64

Native American 15

Veterans 5

Total 84


Regents 254

Native American 12

Total 266

*The allocation for Native American grants-in-aid is

not included in the 3% maximum and represents a

separate allocation.

(11) Approved Renewal of Lease, UNR - Approved request for

renewal of a ground lease between UNR and KCBN Radio.

In April, 1986, the Board of Regents entered into a

ground lease with KCBN Radio to lease a 5-acre radio

transmission tower site for a 10-year period. A 180-

foot radio tower and a small building were erected on

the site. Rental payments started at $5000 per year,

and periodically increased to $10,000 per year in 1993

to April 1996.

KCBN Radio is requesting a renewal of their lease to

the year 2013. The terms of the new lease would be

as follows:

$12,500 - April 11, 1996 to June 30, 2000

$12,500 + Annual CPI Adjustment - July 1, 2000 to

June 30, 2000

For the Board's consideration, KQLO Radio occupies a

similar tower site adjacent to the KCBN property and

pays an identical rental rate through 2013.

The College of Agriculture has given its approval to

renewing the lease.

(12) Approved Interagency Agreement Between UCCSN and State

Risk Management - Approved UCCSN to enter into an a-

greement with the State Risk Management Office to sup-

port the administration of the State Industrial Insur-

ance System (SIIS) accounts for calendar year 1996.

The agreement will increase the UCCSN ability to more

efficiently manage its retrospective rating plan with

SIIS and increase the opportunities for Systemwide

\avings. While the UCCSN remains relatively autono-

mous in its decision-making capacity, it benefits from

an association with other State entities working

through Risk Management.

(13) Approved Interlocal Agreements - Approved the follow-

ing Agreements:

A. Board of Regents/UNR and Washoe County (Assignment

of Water Rights)

Effective Date: Date approved by Board of Regents

Amount : None

Purpose : Assignment of 1.12 acre feet of

ground water dedicated to Washoe

County for the Redfield Campus

property parcel map and develop-

ment by Pavich and Associates,


B. Board of Regents/UNR and the Nevada State Health

Division (Interlocal Contract)

Effective Date: October 1, 1994 to September 30,

1999 (dates not amended)

Amount : Amendment of original contract

as follows: UNR to receive maxi-

mum of $61,000 for 2nd year or a

total of $118,000 through Septem-

ber 30, 1996 for the 1st 2 years.

Purpose : UNR to compile data on behavior-

al risk factors by Nevadans.

C. Board of Regents/UNR and the Nevada Department of

Transportation (Interlocal Contract)

Effective Date: Extension of time through March

31, 1996

Amount : Unchanged

Purpose : Characterization of Nevada's

binders and low temperature

properties of mixtures using SHRP


D. Board of Regents/UNR and Clark County (Interlocal


Effective Date: Date approved by Board of Regents

Amount : $16,390 to UNR

Purpose : Desert Ecosystems and the Tor-

toise Education Program.

E. Board of Regents/UNR and Elko County (Lease Agree-


Effective Date: Date approved by Board of Regents

for a term of 99 years

Amount : $10 per year to Elko County

Purpose : Relocation to Elko of Dodd/Beals

Fire Protection Training Academy.

F. Board of Regents/UNR and the Nevada Department of

Prisons (Interlocal Contract)

Effective Date: Date approved by Board of Regents

through December 31, 1997

Amount : None

Purpose : Orvis School of Nursing Program

at the Department of Prisons.

G. Board of Regents/WNCC and the Nevada Department of

Transportation (Interlocal Contract)

Effective Date: Date approved by Board of Regents

through June 30, 1996

Amount : $10,000 to WNCC

Purpose : 40-Hour OSHA Training.

Mrs. Price requested a discussion of Item 10 on the Consent


Mrs. Gallagher moved to approve the Consent Agenda with the

exception of Item 10. Mr. Alden seconed. Motion carried.

(10) Approved Allocation of Grants-in-Aid - Mrs. Price

asked for an explanation of the allocation of grants-in-aid.

Mr. Klaich moved approval of the Allocation of Grants-in-

Aid. Mrs. Gallager seconded.

Vice Chancellor Anderes explained that by Statute, the Cam-

puses are allowed to award grants-in-aid equal to 3% of the

enrollment for the previous Fall. The State appropriates

an amount for grants-in-aid although the amount appropriated

is seldom enough to cover the actual number of grants which

could be awarded. President Crowley stated that the numbers

have a historical connotation and are revised each year and

presented to the Board for approval. The numbers shown in

this item are for the maximum number which could be awarded,

but they are not fully funded by the State; therefore, the

Campuses award grants only for the amount funded.

Motion carried. Mrs. Price voted no.

Mr. Klaich left the meeting.

20. Discussion of Fees

Vice Chancellor Tom Anderes stated that Ref. K (filed in the

Regents Office) contains all fee requests, exception tui-

tion and registration fees, from the Campuses. He related

that increased fees are related to inflation costs and not

many of those are increasing this year. UNLV has asked that

their request for student health and accident insurance fee

be withdrawn inasmuch as their bids came in lower than an-

ticipated at the time of the submission of the item.

Dr. Anderes presented information on the number of students

living in University housing and using dining passes. The

enrollment at UNLV is 13,166 and only 1,045 students live

in University facilities and also use dining facilities.

At UNR enrollment is 9,161 and only 950 live in University

facilities and 906 use dining passes. An orientation fee

for Freshmen and transfer students is required at both UNLV

and UNR. There are provisions made for students who cannot

afford the orientation fee and transfer students are able to

obtain the orientation information by phone. Mrs. Price

asked how much fees have increased over the last 3 years.

Ms. Berkley asked for a total cost per semester for full-

time students living on Campus and requiring meals and Mrs.

Price asked for similar information for part-time students.

Dr. Anderes stated that there are several meal plans avail-

able for students, therefore the cost would vary. Chairman

Graves asked that this information be available at the next

meeting for consideration with the increased fees.

21. Approved Recommendations for Promotion or Assignment to Rank

Chancellor Jarvis stated that the Presidents have forwarded

for Board consideration their recommendations for promotion

or assignment to rank. Each Campus has procedures for mak-

ing these decisions that include Department, Dean and Vice

Presidential review, as well as following policies which

have been approved by the Board. It has been the practice

of the Board to consider these promotions at 2 meetings,

the first for information, with action to follow at the

second meeting. Backup materials are on file in the System

Office. Chancellor Jarvis stated there was no Board policy

requiring that this item appear on 2 consecutive agendas

and, therefore, because of the thorough review on the Cam-

puses prior to their submission to the Board, suggested the

Board may wish to consider approving the recommendations at

a single meeting, or, the item could be brought back on a

Consent Agenda at the next meeting. Recommendations are

contained in Ref. L, filed in the Regents Office.

Mr. Alden moved approval of the recommendations for promo-

tion or assignment to rank as presented. Ms. Berkley


Mrs. Sparks recalled that the 2-meeting requirement was put

in place because of a single telephone call when someone

objected to one of the recommendations. Mr. Graves stated

that the Presidents have followed policies and with the

review process on each Campus, he felt it was no longer

necessary for consideration at 2 meetings. Mrs. Gallagher

stated she felt the institutions were doing an exceptional

job with their reviews.

Motion carried.

22. Approved Recommendations for Appointment with Tenure

Approved the appointment with tenure as recommended by the

Campus Presidents. Each candidate has been evaluated and

reviewed in accordance with appropriate Board and Campus

policies. Ths list of candidates is contained in Ref. M,

filed with the permanent minutes.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the recommendations for

appointment with tenure as presented. Mr. Alden seconded.

Motion carried.

23. Reaffirmed Current Board Policy on Affirmative Action

The members of the Regents' Campus Environment Committee

requested that the Board of Regents review and reaffirm its

current policy on Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative

Action and Student Recruitment and Retention as contained

in the Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 8, Section 1-3, attached

as Ref. N.

Dr. Derby moved approval to reaffirm the Board's policy on

Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Student

Recruitment and Retention as contained in the Handbook,

Title 4, Chapter 8, Sections 1-3. Ms. Berkley seconded.

Motion carried.

Dr. Derby left the meeting.

24. Approved Amendments to the UCCSN Code, DRI

Approved amendments to the UCCSN Code, Section 5.8, Desert

Research Institute. Section 5.8.2 of the UCCSN Code es-

tablishes the minimal requirements for providing DRI's

faculty with written notice of termination. After con-

sultation with, and concurrence of, the faculty of DRI,

President Taranik proposed the amendments as contained in

Ref. O, filed in the Regents Office.

Written notice of the amendments were circulated to the

Chancellor, Presidents and Faculty Senates at least 30 days

prior to the meeting in compliance with the UCCSN Code,

Section 1.3.3(a).

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the amendments to the UCCSN

Code, Section 5.8, Desert Research Institute. Mrs. Sparks

seconded. Motion carried.

25. Approved Use of Funds for Applied Technology Center, TMCC

Approved for TMCC the use of an unused allocation portion

of its Phase 6B funding ($1.4 million) for the remodel and

equipment of the facility current under negotiation for an

Applied Technology Center. Also approved authority for the

System to seek approval from the Interim Finance Committee

for the use of the funds.

Mrs. Sparks moved approval for TMCC to use certain unused

allocation of its Phase 6B funding ($1.4 million) for the

remodel and equipment of the facility current under negoti-

ation for an Applied Technology Center, and for the System

to seek approval from the Interim Finance Committee for the

use of the funds. A letter of explanation should accompany

the request to the Interim Finance Committee. Mrs. Galla-

gher seconded. Motion carried. Mrs. Price abstained be-

cause her husband is a member of the Nevada State Legisla-


Mr. Alden left the meeting.

7. Regents' Workshop: Budget Request (continued from page 164)

Capital Improvement Requests: Vice Chancellor Tom Anderes

stated that the Capital project priority setting includes

the status in prior biennial priority listing, the projected

space required, institutional priorities, and System pri-

orities, and maintenance and repair requirements. He ex-

plained that facilities' audits are performed on each Campus

to determine safety, electrical safety, etc. of the older


The preliminary request contains 3 tiers totaling over $300

million for the System. Tier 1 facilities would total ap-

proximately $120.3 million; Tier 2 priorities total $67.7

million; and Tier 3 priorities total $112.1 million. The

list of proposed projects is filed in the Regents Office.

The list of projects will be discussed further with the

Presidents' Council and a firm list will be presented at

the April meeting.

Chairman Graves stated that the April Board meeting will be for

two days in order to accommodate the discussion necessary to

adopt parameters and guidelines for the biennial budget request.

It will be necessary to approve the Capital Improvement Request

for 1997-99 in order that it may be submitted to the State Public

Works Board.

26. Public Comment

Mrs. Gallagher stated she had been asked by Faculty Senate

Chair Linda Stetter to read into the record a letter sent

to the Board from the Sierra Nevada Chapter of the Associ-

ated Builders and Contractors, Inc.

Dear UCCSN Regents:

The Board of Directors and Apprenticeship Training

Committee of Sierra Nevada Chapter of Associated

Builders and Contractors extend their appreciation

to the UCCSN for its recent assistance. Because of

this collaboration, we are now the first ABC chapter

nationwide -- and the only construction apprentice-

ship training program we know of anywhere -- which is

using distance learning technology to deliver instruc-


A special word of thanks goes to Dr. Cliff Ferry of

Great Basin College for procuring apprenticeship

training funds from a State grant so that we could

start a pilot electrical apprenticeship training

program in the Elko area. Stan Popek and Steve Garcia

at Great Basin worked diligently with area contractors

in early discussions on how to implement this project.

These discussions resulted in a win-win articulation

agreement between ABC and GBC to attain advance stand-

ing in the construction apprenticeship program. It

will increase FTE at GBC, and Elko and Winnemucca bene-

fit because the quality of the construction work force

will be better as these communities grow.

At UNR Diane Laing, Gay Neuberger and Dawn Andone gave

us exceptional customer service by scheduling and co-

ordinating distance learning rooms at UNR, GBC-Elko and

GBC-Winnemucca. They spent extra time to introduce our

instructor to the technology and made valuable sugges-

tions on how to set up room monitors in each facility.

This coordination has resulted in unprecented coopera-

tion to provide TMCC apprentices access to distance

learning classes at UNR until TMCC's distance learning

equipment is installed. Since the classes are simul-

taneously offered in Reno, Winnemucca and Elko, this

demonstrates forward-looking collaboration among three

UCCSN institutions: TMCC, GBC and UNR.

Finally, we thank Chancellor Jarvis, Vice Chancellor

Richardson and academic officers from all UCCSN insti-

tutions for setting a series of critical discussions

on construction management curriculum and work force

development. Because of these discussions, we believe

we are close to having a single, Statewide articulated

degree in construction management. This will enable

Nevada companies to remain more competitive by having

an adequate and quality work force for growing communi-

ties. ABC looks forward to continuing a growing win-

win partnership with the UCCSN.

Yours truly

/s/ E. Dale Lowery

E. Dale Lowery, Chair

ABC Training Committee

Chairman Graves on behalf of the Board expressed apprecia-

tion for the letter. He congratulated the System employees

involved in the project and commended them for their ef-


27. New Business


The meeting adjourned at 3:50 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser