UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
March 1-2, 1894


Volume OC - Pages 31-32

                       Reno, Nevada

                      March 1, 1894

At a regular meeting of the Board of Regents held at their Office

March 1, 1894 at 9 A.M. H. L. Fish and C. E. Mack present.

Absent:  J. W. Haines.

Minutes of the previous meeting, including balance sheets showing

the several funds on hand, were read and approved.

Claims for the month of February were allowed as follows:

         Agricultural College Fund           1,706.70

         Contingent University Fund            656.78

         Mining Laboratory Fund                282.86

                                 Total      $2,646.34

Professor Jackson filed his Mining Laboratory report:

          On hand Feb. 1                   3

          Received during month           12

                                 Total    15

          Worked                          13

          On hand not worked Mar. 1        2

H. L. Fish on erection of smelter reported for February that an

iron water jacket has been ordered from San Francisco but not

yet received.

C. E. Mack commented on Dormitory for male students.  Reported

progress and presented a rough plan for a brick building for

that purpose.

Mr. Fish commented on purchase of heliograph as reported.  Could

not spare funds for same at present.  Report received and comment


In relation to care of grounds at the University, Brown, having

care of same, recommends that $40 per month be paid for this

season.  The Board ordered that Mr. Brown make arrangements to

have said work done, not to exceed above figure.

It was ordered that trees now on grounds be utilized for setting

out on Arbor Day.

It was ordered that Lieutenant Neall arrange for encampment of

students on the University grounds at a date in his discretion.

It was ordered that the advertisement of the University now in

Student Record be discontinued from March 1, 1894 and that Five

Hundred copies of the Record (illustrated) be purchased and

delivered to the Librarian at the University to be mailed to

families all over the State (also public school teachers) outside

of Washoe County, the cost not to exceed Fifty Dollars.

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned to meet

Thursday, March 29, 1894.

                             H. L. Fish


Geo. H. Taylor