UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
March 1-2, 1890


Volume OB - Pages 97-99

                      Reno, Nevada

                     March 1, 1890

At a regular meeting of the Board of Regents held this day, a

full Board being present, the following business was transacted.

Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

It was ordered that the salary of A. C. Ducat Jr. be increased to

One Hundred Dollars per month from March 1, 1890 to be paid from

the State funds.  It was also ordered that the salary of Miss

Clapp be increased to $1,700 per annum from March 1, 1890.

Claims were approved as follows:

         S. A. Jones                   Salary         166.66

         W. Mc N. Miller               Salary         166.66

         Kate N. T. Kupper             Salary         154.16

         H. K. Clapp                   Salary         125.00

         R. D. Jackson                 Salary         150.00

         A. C. Ducat Jr.               Salary          50.00

         W. B. Daugherty               Salary          75.00

         Geo. H. Taylor                Salary          25.00

         S. G. Kendall                 Salary          75.00

         Alice E. Mac Elroy            Salary           4.50

         Nasby's Bazaar                Library          4.75

         C. J. Brooking                Supplies        51.63

         H. J. Martin                  Labor           10.00

         Mo Lawson                     Labor            9.50

         John Mc Fulton                W. F. Gas       48.50

         W. L. Needham                 Furniture       19.25

         John Taylor & Co.             Chem Supp       16.37

         T. Coffin                     Trav. Exp.      15.00

         Burke Bros.                   New Building   500.00

                                Total              $1,666.98

An adjourned meeting of the Board met at 1:30 PM, March 1, 1890

with the full Board present.

It was ordered that a ventilator be furnished to carry off the

poisonous gasses from the Chemical Laboratory in the University


It was ordered that Professor Hillman be allowed to purchase

$76.00 worth of books and $25.00 for a spraying machine.  Also,

he was permitted to employ Mark Clemens at 10 cents an hour.

Requisitions from Professors Phillips and Miller for purchases

met approval.

Communication from the U. S. War Department relating to Military

Tactics received and considered.

On motion it was ordered that permission be granted to add a

Primary Department consisting of first and second grade training

classes in order that the members of the Normal Department may

become more familiar with Primary work, and for this purpose,

a room in the new building shall be fitted up with all necessary

furniture to accommodate twenty pupils.

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned.

                             E. T. George


Geo. H. Taylor