UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 28, 1895


Volume OC - Pages 56-57

Reno, Nevada

February 28, 1895

The regular meeting of the Board of Regents was held on Thursday

February 28, 1895 at 9:30 A.M., a full Board being present.

Minutes of meetings held January 16 and 31, read and approved.

Balance sheets showing the condition of funds on hand February 1

were also read.

President Stubbs read his monthly report, which was received and

ordered spread upon the minutes.

President Stubbs Monthly Report

To the Honorable Board of Regents,

Nevada State University


I have the honor to submit herewith my monthly report of

the affairs of the University.

The general condition of all Departments of the University

including conduct and discipline has been quite satisfactory.

The enrollment of students up to this date aggregates Two

Hundred and Sixty-Five.

The time of the President for the last six weeks has been

largely taken up with matters of legislation. After consultation

with President Fish of the Board of Regents, it was deemed best

for the President of the University to transfer his classes and

employ an additional instructor for a short time.

I am gratified to report that the Legislature has passed

without a dissenting vote the bill appropriating $38,000 to build

a Hall for boys, a cottage for girls, and to purchase additional


I submit herewith a memorandum of a proposition from J. N.

Evans for the sale of certain land. I wish also to submit a

verbal report on this same subject. Attached herewith are

drawings of the tracts of land as surveyed by Professor Thurtell.

I submit herewith several items with reference to some

proposed and some desirable legislation.

The Senate Committee on Ways and Means has agreed to report

the Contingent Fund appropriation of $30,000 and the Library Fund

of $1,000 as recommended by the Board of Regents.

The bill modifying the law relating to the Mining Laboratory

according to the views of the Regents is now in the hands of the

Senate Committee and will doubtless pass in regular order of

business. The two very important bills, one relating to the

building appropriation and the other relating to the Mining

Laboratory were drawn by Judge Deal of the Board of Regents.

The Secretary's report to the Board shows the following

condition of the several funds:

A & G College Fund $4727.95

A & M College Fund (Library) 12.47

Experiment Station 2366.32

Experiment Station (Farm Sales) 27.24

Experiment Station (Repair Fund) 511.25

State Contingent Fund 0.00

Bills presented today:

From A & M College Fund $1517.55

From Exp Station Fund 852.00

From Exp Station Fund (R.F.) 55.53

From Exp Station Fund (F.S.) 4.60

From State Contingent Fund 1487.90

Respectfully submitted,

Joseph Edward Stubbs, President

The appointment of Reverend Saul Unsworth as Instructor in Greek

at Two Hundred per annum from Sept. 1, 1894 to Sept. 1, 1895 by

the President was approved.

The proposition of J. N. Evans concerning certain land west of

the University Campus was submitted and was laid over for future


President Stubbs was authorized to look into the arrangement of

furnishing of a modern Dormitory and submit a report covering

plans and details for the consideration of the Board at its next

monthly meeting.

President Stubbs was authorized to purchase a house for Univer-

sity purposes, cost not to exceed Seventy Dollars.

Claims were allowed from the several funds as follows:

Agricultural & Mechanical College

February Salaries 1463.67

W. Mc N. Miller 7.05

Mac Millan & Co. 7.64

Cassiers Magazine Co. 3.00

C. C. Reidy 6.70

Henry Neil Chemical Co. 17.67

Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. 1.87

Geo. H. Taylor 12.15

Total 1519.75

Contingent University Fund

February Payroll Sal. Instructors 394.16

Sal. Janitors 149.60

Sal. Secty Bd 25.00

Labor Students 111.10

Sal. P. Stubbs 225.00

Travel Expense 19.92

Saul Unsworth Salary 100.00

H. S. Starrett Salary 72.00

W. O. H. Martin 77.93

A. A. Manning 36.22

C. J. Brooking 9.15

J. N. Evans 25.00

Reno W L & L Co. 50.90

Mrs. Charles Hobbins 8.67

J. F. Aitken 132.75

Reno Mill & Lumber Co. 52.32

Sunset Tel Co 5.00

Geo. H. Taylor 24.75

John Taylor & Co. 40.43

Total $1,559.90

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned.

H. L. Fish


Geo. H. Taylor