UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 26-27, 1982


Pages 15-43



February 26, 1982

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Pine Auditori-

um, Travis Student Union, University of Nevada, Reno.

Members present: Mr. Robert A. Cashell, Chairman

Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Dorothy Gallagher

Mr. John R. Mc Bride

Mr. John Tom Ross

Mrs. June Whitley

Members absent: Mr. Chris Karamanos

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President Jack Davis, WNCC

President James Eardley, TMCC

President Judith Eaton, CCCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

President Clifford Murino, DRI

General Counsel Donald Klasic

Secretary Bonnie Smotony

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairs and Student Association


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Cashell at 8:45 A.M.

Upon motion by Mr. Mc Bride, and seconded by Mrs. Fong, the Board

convened in Personnel Session for the pupose of preliminary dis-

cussions on officer assessments and reconvened in open session at

10:20 A.M.

1. Approval of the Consent Agenda

Adoption of the Consent Agenda, containing the following

items, was recommended (Consent Agenda identified as Ref. A

and filed with permanent minutes).

(1) Approval of the minutes of the regular meeting of

January 22, 1982.

(2) Acceptance of gifts and grants.

(3) Approval of the appointment of Thomas Y. Hartley, of

the firm of De Loitte, Haskins & Sells, to the UNLV

Advisory Board for the Center for Business and Eco-

nomic Research.

(4) Appointment of the following 6 members to the Board of

of Trustees, Nevada Museum of Fine Arts, who shall

serve as representatives of the University:

Regent Lilly Fong

Regent James Buchanan

Regent Chris Karamanos

Vice President Brock Dixon

Dean John Unrue

Professor Tom Holder

(5) Appointment of the Reverend Willie Davis to the Clark

County Community College Advisory Board.

(6) Approval of an extension of leave without pay for Dr.

Marlene Chrissinger through the Spring semester, 1982.

(7) Approval to sell the following stock:

Shares Stock Donor

461 Golden Nugget Art Ham

2,500 Harwyn Industries Harvey Siegel

1,000 Golden Nuggest Bruce Beckley

1 Wiener-Jones Louis Weiner

16,100 International Game Technology Si Redd

(8) Approval of the following course fees:


Bowling, RP.Ed. 158, 159 - Increase from $20 to

$30 per course

Department of Foreign Languages - New fee of $25


Welding, MTL 213 - Increase from $51 to $75

Welding, MTL 214 - Increase from $51 to $100

Ornamental Horticulture, OH 102 - New fee of $25

Electronics, ET 120B - New fee of $5

Electronics, ET 220B - New fee of $5

Electronics, ET 240B - New fee of $5

Electronics, ET 246B - New fee of $5

Electronics, ET 248B - New fee of $15

Electronics, ET 262B - New fee of $15

Electronics, ET 270B - New fee of $15

(9) Authorized a change in signature authority for the

DRI Revolving Petty Cash Account with the addition of

Albert Gold, Vice President for Finance and Adminis-

tration, and Orlanda Mc Vey, Management Assistant, and

the removal of Dale Schulke and Edythe Anderson from

such authority.

(10) Approved the establishment of a Purebred Hereford

Advisory Council to the College of Agriculture and

the following appointments, for 3-year staggered


Art Hall, Ace Hereford Ranch, Gardnerville

Molly Knudtsen, Grass Valley Ranch, Austin

Byrd & Jeannie Harrison, Green Gulch Ranch, Reno

Doug Lawson, Lawson Hereford Ranch, Gerlach

Bill Sarman, Lee Livestock Co., Waysack, Elko

Wilbur Mills, Mills Herefords, Gridley, California

Larry Woods & Dave Evans, Evans & Woods Herefords,


Russell Turner & Mike Compston, Turner Herefords,

Sattley, California

Elden Hoy, Hoy Hereford Ranch, Weed, California

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the Consent Agenda. Motion

seconded by Mrs. Gallagher, carried without dissent.

2. Report of Investment Advisory Committee

Mrs. Fong submitted the following report and recommendations

of the Investment Advisory Committee:

(1) Investment Performance Analysis

Received from Merrill Lynch an Investment Performance

Analysis for the year ending September 1981. (Compos-

ite summary filed with permanent minutes.) The Commit-

tee commends the fund managers from First Interstate

Bank, Security Bank of Nevada and Valley Bank of Nevada

for the performance of the funds under their super-


(2) Management Agency Fees

The Committee recommends approval of a new fee struc-

ture for First Interstate Bank, increasing their annual

fee from $11,462.81 to $32,407.02.

(3) Status Report from American Investors

Mr. Lewis Shuman presented a status report on the

Pinching Memorial Scholarship Fund which is managed

by American Investors under a 1978 agreement whereby

the corpus of this account is invested in second

mortgages. This account has a current fund balance

of $55,537.56. Mr. Shuman also reported on the status

of a $50,000 fund which was made available from the

Kleberg Account.

The Committee requested that further consultation oc-

cur with Mr. Shuman with the involvement of Vice Chan-

cellor Dawson and General Counsel Klasic. The Commit-

tee also requested periodic reports concerning the

funds managed by American Investors.

(4) Reports from Bank Managers

Received reports from each of the bank managers con-

cerning the assets held in the accounts under their

management and the transactions which have been con-

cluded subsequent to the December meeting of the


The Committee recommends:

(1) That the Board go on record requiring that when

appropriate, gifts offered to the University be

appraised independently of the donor's valuation

and that the Chancellor be requested to develop

specific language for consideration of the Board

at the March meeting.

(2) That the Board authorize Nevada National Bank to

employ the forward conversion technique, as de-

veloped by Merrill Lynch, in the investment of

endowment funds which they manage for the Univer-


(3) That the Board authorize Nevada National Bank to

purchase first deeds of trust with a maturity term

no longer than two years and at an interest rate

of 18% or better, when, in the judgment of the

bank, the investment is properly secured.

For purposes of the record, it is noted that Mrs.

Gallagher abstained from voting with respect to the

recommendations submitted to Nevada National Bank.

(5) Form of Reports

The Committee recommends that monthly reports be re-

quested from each of the managers of endowment funds

and that the attached form (filed with permanent min-

utes) be used for that purpose. This report will re-

flect purchases or sales of assets and would include

the total held on any asset which is purchased or sold.

Review of Assets will continue to be provided for each

fund. Transaction reports will continue to be provid-

ed to the Chancellor's Office.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the report and recommenda-

tions of the Investment Advisory Committee as submitted.

Motion seconded by Mrs. Gallagher, carried without dissent.

3. Approval of the Academic Affairs Committee Report

Mrs. Gallagher, Chairman, presented the following report of

the Academic Affairs Committee:

(1) Proposal to Limit Enrollment, College of Engineering,


Recommends approval of a proposal by UNR whereby the

College of Engineering shall establish a policy ef-

fective Fall 1982 to limit enrollments in required

courses based upon student GPA in selected prerequi-

site courses in engineering and related fields (mathe-

matics, physics, chemistry, etc.). This policy shall

be administered by the Dean of the College based upon

the following criteria:

Established accreditation standards for student-

faculty ratios

Availability of qualified faculty

Capacity of available laboratory facilities and


Classroom capacity

The College will develop a long-term policy to become

effective the Fall of 1982 which will require all new

students seeking to enroll in upper division engineer-

ing courses to successfully complete a set of lower

division courses at a prescribed level of achievement.

(2) Phase I Proposal, Associate in Applied Science in

Solar Energy Technology, TMCC

Recommends approval of a Phase I proposal for an

Associate in Applied Science in Solar Energy Tech-

nology and authorization for TMCC to proceed with

development of a Phase II proposal. It is understood

that subsequent Phase II approval will be contingent

upon clear demonstration of need.

(3) Report on Status of Exercise Physiology, UNLV

Received a report concerning the status of planning

for a Ph. D. program in Exercise Physiology, with the

understanding that a Phase I proposal will be submit-

ted shortly for review through the appropriate chan-

nels before submission to the Board of Regents. The

Committee requested that discussion with the School

of Medicine be a part of Phase I development.

(4) Recommendations Concerning System Articulation Policy

Recommended approval of the following recommendations

developed by the System Articulation Board with re-

spect to Articulation Policies:

(1) Transfer Guide

Based on the Master Course File, a University of

Nevada System Transfer Guide shall be developed,

published and distributed to each Campus by the

Office of the Chancellor annually, and shall in-

clude on a programmatic basis a guide for student

course selection in the first 2 years of study.

(2) Advisement and Student Services Community College

/University Relations

Each Campus shall designate an office responsible

for Community College relations or University

relations to assist the student with problems in

transfer, to provide current information on the

transferability of courses and articulation is-

sues, and to act as ombudsman where needed in

student cases.

Counselors and advisors should assist students

in evaluating academic progress and appropriate-

ness of their educational objectives. Each in-

stitution within the System shall provide cur-

rent information on a continuing basis in each

of the following areas: admission requirements,

general education requirements, transfer status

of courses, major and minor fields of study,

lower and upper division levels of study, upper

division standing and graduation requirements.

(3) Faculty Cooperation

The Articulation Board will encourage regular

communication between and among University and

Community College faculty members, particularly

on joint curriculum projects.

(4) Master Course File

Concerning the transfer of courses, a Master

Course File shall be maintained by the Office

of the Chancellor. This file shall contain those

courses which have been judged as baccalaureate

level courses by joint agreement of the Univer-

sities and Community Colleges.

(5) Notification of Curricular Change

Universities and Community Colleges shall notify

one another of all plans for major curricular

changes once each year and include these changes

in the transfer guide. In the course of program

planning, consultation between and among insti-

tutions involved shall be documented for the

Articulation Board.

(6) Systemwide Format for Research on Articulation

Where research needs are defined in articulation

policy, state that such cooperative research will

be encouraged and will be conducted by each

Campus in accordance with a Systemwide format

provided by the Office of the Chancellor in areas

such as admissions, grading practices, curriculum

design and follow-up on transfer students.

(7) Transfer and Admission of Community College Stu-

dents (Associate of Arts, Associate of Science

and Other Degrees and Non-Associate Admission).

Associate of Arts Degree Graduates

The primary basis for admission to upper division

study with full Junior status of transfer stu-

dents from the Community Colleges to the Univer-

sities in Nevada shall be the Associate of Arts

degree. This degree shall have been awarded un-

der the following conditions:

a. Associate of Arts graduates will have com-

pleted a minimum of 69 credits of baccalau-

reate level courses designated in the Master

Course File.

b. Associate of Arts graduates will have com-

pleted a program of System requirements not

to exceed 15 credits, developed by Community

College and University faculty and approved

by the Chancellor and the Board of Regents.

(1) The Universities and Community Colleges

are encouraged to exchange ideas in the

development and improvement of System

requirements. While institutions are to

work cooperatively in the development

and improvement of System requirements,

each institution has the continuing re-

sponsibility for determining the charac-

ter of its own program.

(2) Satisfactory completion of System re-

quirements will be recognized by all

institutions, whether or not an associ-

ate degree has been awarded.

c. Baccalaureate level courses included as part

of the Associate of Arts degree will transfer

to the Universities at a minimum as general

elective credit.

d. Lower division credit may be granted for

lower division courses from other institu-

tions which are comparable to University

upper division courses. Application of such

credits toward major or College requirements

is the responsibility of the University, Col-

lege and Department in which the student is

seeking a degree.

Other Associate Degrees

a. Other associate degrees and certificates may

be awarded by a Community College for pro-

grams which have requirements different from

the Associate of Arts, or a primary objective

other than transfer. Baccalaureate level

courses which are taken in such associate

degree programs shall be transferable to the

Universities. However, students with these

degrees may not normally be guaranteed Junior


b. The primary transfer degree shall remain the

Associate of Arts; however, to provide for

flexibility in program planning, "capstone

programs" (programs designed on a 2-year Com-

munity College curriculum leading to the

final 2 years at the University and a degree)

may be developed leading to a specialized

bachelor's degree (e. g., Bachelor of Applied

Science), for the approval of the Chancellor

and the Board of Regents. Such agreements

may be approved between Community Colleges

and one of the Universities.

Non-Associate Degree Admissions

(Admissions policies for those without an associ-

ate degree will remain the same with the follow-

ing addition.)

a. Approved baccalaureate level credits which

have been completed shall be transferable to

the Universities as a minimum as general

elective credit.

(8) Baccalaureate Level Transfer Courses

The admissions officer at each University shall

determine the acceptability of general elective

transfer credits, and Departmental, College or

other requirements or equivalents shall be for-

warded by the appropriate Department or College

for course evaluation. Written justification

will be supplied in cases where transfer is not

allowed. If general elective credit is granted

by one University, then both Universities shall

accept the credit. Appropriate consultation with

the faculty is encouraged throughout the evalua-

tion process.

(9) Grading and Withdrawal

Based upon joint consultation, and under the di-

rection of the Articulation Board, Community

Colleges and Universities shall develop policies

with respect to the use of the "W" grade and a

policy on the repeating of courses.

(10) Course Designators

Letter designators indicating the transfer value

of a course shall continue to be used by the

System in course schedules, catalogs and trans-

fer guides, but shall not appear on official

student transcripts.

In adopting the foregoing, the Committee recommends

that suggestions for further changes be referred by the

Academic Affairs Council.

(5) Proposed Department/College Title Changes, UNLV

Recommends approval of the following title changes,

effective immediately:

Change from Department of Education Foundations

and Counseling to Department of Counseling and

Educational Psychology and Foundations.

Change from Department of Radiologic Technology

to Department of Radiological Sciences.

Change from College of Allied Health Professions

to College of Health Sciences.

4. Approval of the Report of the Budget Committee

Ms. Del Papa submitted the following report and recommenda-

tions of the Budget Committee:

(1) Operating Budget Status Report

A status report on State Appropriated Funds for the

6-month period ending December, 1981 was presented

and discussed. No action was requested.

(2) Progress Report on Computerized Budget System

Mr. Harold Scott, Chairman of the Financial Account-

ing Services Committee, reported that design of the

new Computerized Budget System is proceeding through

the cooperative efforts of the Computing Center Staff

with assistance from representatives of each of the

institutions. It is anticipated that a computerized

budget will be fully implemented beginning July, 1982.

A Position Control System has been installed for both

professional and classified employees which will pro-

vide computer generated worksheets for each institu-

tion. In addition to the computerized biennial budget

which is expected to be submitted to the Board for re-

view in July, 1982, the following will be available

this Spring:

(a) A monthly salary savings report for each insti-


(b) An exchange of budget data with the State Budget

Office via magnetic tape; and

(c) Ability to provide computer generated profes-

sional contracts.

(3) 1982-83 Operating Budget

The 1982-83 Operating Budget was presented to the Com-

mittee and is recommended to the Board of Regents for


(4) Request to Interim Finance Committee/Board of


Recommended that the Medical School reserve $145,245

in salary increase funds for reversion to the State

General Fund, and that authorization be granted to the

Chancellor and President Crowley to request an alloca-

tion, through the State Board of Examiners, of a like

amount from the Interim Finance Committee for the pur-

pose of filling open positions in Community Medicine

and in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

(5) Professional Compensation for 1983-85 Biennial Budget


Reviewed the following recommendations by the System

Professional Compensation Committee for the 1983-85

Biennial Budget Request:

(1) That the University seek a salary package for

1983-85 consisting of:

(a) An annual CPI adjustment in professional

salaries using the Western Regional All

Urban CPI on a calendar year basis for those

performing satisfactorily or better;

(b) A one step salary increment for normal

advancement within rank to be awarded for

satisfactory service (this does not imply

an automatic step for all faculty);

(c) A merit, promotion and equity adjustment

pool equal to one step for each professional


(2) That the University System seek an additional ap-

propriation to make up for the loss of purchasing

power suffered by the professional staff during

the 1979-81 and 1981-83 bienniums.

These recommendations will be resubmitted for discus-

sion and action at the March meeting.

(6) Amendment to DRI Work Program and Financial Plan,


Recommends the following amendment to DRI's 1981-82

Financial Plan:

Weather Modification Program

Current Amended

Work Program Work Program Difference

Professional $ 63,500 $ 86,300 $ 22,800

Graduate Student 0 1,900 1,900

Technical 36,800 39,000 2,200

Wages 10,500 10,500 0

Fringe Benefits 27,100 34,100 7,000

Operating 262,215 228,315 33,900-

Total $400,115 $400,115 $ 0

(7) Report for Summer School Endowment, UNLV

Recommends that UNLV be authorized to establish a

Summer School endowment using a current balance of

$86,312.11 in its Summer Session account. Additions

to the endowment will be made on an annual basis from

excess revenues from the Summer School and the income

will be used to support future programs.

(8) Proposed Increase in Student Activity Fee, CCCC

Recommends an increase in the student activity fee

assessed to CCCC students from 50 cents to $1 per

credit hour, effective July 1, 1982. The fee in-

crease will be used to fund health services, tutorial

assistance, a child care feasbility study, additional

special events and expanded programming for the Hen-

derson Center. Contingent upon approval of the recom-

mended fee increase, the Committee further recommends

approval of a Student Activities/Student Government

Budget for 1982-83 as reflected in Ref. B-8 included

in the Budget Committee agenda.

(9) Summer School Budget and Fees, CCCC

Recommends an increase in the Summer Session fees

assessed at CCCC from $13 to $20 per credit hour, to

offset increased costs associated with faculty sala-

ries. Contingent upon approval of the recommended fee

increase, the Committee further recommends approval of

the Estimative Budget for the 1982 CCCC Summer Session

as follows:

Clark County Community College

Summer Session, 1982

Estimated Budget

I. Opening Cash Balance $ 10,057

II. Revenue

a. Student Fees (10,000 @$20) $200,000

b. Refunds 8,000

c. Net Income $192,000

III. Budget

a. Instruction

Professional Salaries $136,500

Professional Fringe Benefits 12,285

Wages 1,000

Operating 6,442

b. Academic Support

Professional Salaries $ 1,600

Professional Fringe Benefits 144

Wages 5,000

Operating 500

c. Student Services

Professional Salaries $ 16,600

Professional Fringe Benefits 1,494

Classified Salaries 1,500

Classified Fringe Benefits 135

Wages 800

Operating 3,000

d. Reserve $ 5,000

e. Total Budget $192,000

(10) Amendment to Intercollegiate Athletics/Football

Budget, UNLV

Recommends amendment of the Intercollegiate Athletics

Budget for Football, as reflected below. The increas-

ed revenue is a result of a television contract for

the Wyoming game, and the increase in expenditures is

a one-time cost related to legal obligations by

Coaches who are not being continued:

1981-82 Admendmnt Amended

Revenue FTE Budgt FTE Rqstd FTE Budgt

Student Fees $ 70,000 $ $ 70,000

Gate Receipts 350,000 350,000

Sales & Service 5,000 5,000

Broadcast Rights 15,000 211,464 226,464

Game Guarantees 135,000 135,000

Promotional 25,000 25,000

Scholarships & Programs 181,893 55,000 236,893

Opening Fund Balance 75,000 75,000

Total $856,893 $266,464 $1,123,357


Professional $230,937 $172,000 $ 402,937

FTE: 8.57 10.00 18.57

Classified 12,313 12,313

FTE: 1.00 1.00

Wages 3,000 3,000

Fringe Benefits 28,294 17,000 45,294

Operating 465,349 60,000 525,349

Out-of-State Travel 45,000 45,000

Ending Fund Balance 75,000 14,464 89,464

Total $856,893 $266,464 $1,123,357

(11) Proposed Summer Session Estimative Budget for 1982,


Recommends approval of the following Estimative

Budget for UNLV's Summer Session for 1982:

1981 1982

Actual Estimated

Income Budget

Opening Cash Balance $ 45,314 $103,287


Student Fees 702,954 703,000

Transfers 21,990 18,000

Educ Doctorate 16,425

Special Education 3,525

Sandia 2,040

Geology Field Camp 29,023 29,250

Total Revenue 753,967 750,250

Total Money Available $799,281 $853,537


Professional Salaries $624,100 $625,000

Fringe Benefits 5,200 5,300

Total Compensation $629,300 $630,300

Classified Salaries $ 15,996 $ 17,668

Fringe Benefits 2,795 2,990

Total Compensation $ 18,791 $ 20,658

Operating 47,371 50,260

Out-of-State Travel 532 700

Total Expenditures $695,994 $701,918

Ending Fund Balance 103,287 151,619

Total $799,281 $853,537

(12) Requests for Allocations from Board of Regents

Special Projects Account

a. $16,000 to fund program accreditation and devel-

opment costs at UNLV in accordance with the

budget submitted to the Committee.

b. $5,650 to fund publication of Citizenship Hand-

book and Cassette tapes to be shared among the

4 Community Colleges, with TMCC accepting the

responsibility for the project.

c. $20,000 to TMCC, in the form of a no-interest

loan, to be repaid over a period of 4 years, for

the purpose of providing staff and operational

support in coordination with the UNS Foundation

for fund raising efforts for TMCC.

d. $9,450 to NSACC to assist in funding the costs

of Statewide student leadership programs for

1982-83, in accordance with the budget submitted

to the Committee, with further review by the

Chancellor's Office and discussion by the Commit-

tee in July.

e. $1,500 to CCCC to fund an affirmative action re-

cruiting schedule in accordance with plan sub-

mitted to the Committee.

f. $10,000 to UNLV to assist in funding a club

program in soccer contingent upon matching

funds provided from private sources.

(13) University of Nevada Host Account

Recommends approval of a $3000 Host Account for

necessary and appropriate host expenses of the

University of Nevada Press, to be funded from non-

appropriated monies available to the Press.

(14) Proposal for Group Automobile Insurance

Recommends that proposals be solicited for optional

group automobile insurance plan for professional

employees of the University of Nevada System, and

that if such a program is found to be feasible,

based upon the proposals received, payroll deduc-

tions be authorized for payment of premiums for

those employees participating.

(15) Worker's Compensation Plan

Recommends approval of a self insurance plan, effec-

tive March 1, 1982, as an alternative to Nevada

Industrial Commission coverage as described below:

March/April/May/June 1982

1. Standard Premium $165,011.24

2. Basic Premium 13.3% of Standard 21,946.50

3. Losses (1979-80) 46,294.61

4. Premium before Limitation (2+3=4) 68,241.11

5. Maximum Premium 148.3% of Standard 244,711.67

6. Minimum Premium 13.3% of Standard 21,946.50

7. Premium before Limitation (same) 68,241.11

8. Premium Adjustment (+ or -)

(Standard Premium minus Premium after

Limitation) 96,770.13

9. Cash Liability (Payable January 1983)

(Maximum Premium minus Standard

Premium) 79,700.43

In proposing adoption of this alternative to NIC

coverage, it is intended that the program will be

monitored closely and reviewed with the Board as

additional information is gathered and evaluated.

Approval also anticipates that a contingency fund

will be established from premium savings.

(16) Capital Improvement Program Request, 1982-85 Biennium

Recommends approval of the proposed CIP Request for

1983-85 as attached hereby, and submission by the

1984 Legislature.

(17) Estimative Budget, Basketball Clinic, UNR

Recommends approval of the following estimative budg-

et for UNR's Summer Session Basketball Clinic for the

two Sessions of 1982:


Opening Cash Balance $ 1,000

Student Fees 41,000

Total Source of Funds $42,000


Professional Salaries $12,000

Classified Salaries 1,000

Wages 500

Fringe Benefits 135

Operating 27,365

Ending Fund Balance 1,000

Total Expenditures $42,000

(18) In addition to the foregoing, the Committee requests

the Presidents and the Chancellor to review the stu-

dent fee structure, including the internal distribu-

tion of those fees and their adequacy in meeting

demands on those resources, with report to be sub-

mitted to the Committee in April.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Gallagher, carried without dissent.

5. Revision of Board of Regents Bylaws

Regent Mc Bride moved approval of the proposed revisions

to the Board of Regents Bylaws (identified as Ref. B and

filed with permanent minutes), as developed by a special

Regents' committee. Motion seconded by Mrs. Gallagher,

carried without dissent.

6. Report on Mandatory Retirement Legislation

General Counsel Klasic reported on legislation enacted by

the 1981 Legislature with respect to mandatory retirement

and stated that when the agenda was prepared, he had an-

ticipated that the Supreme Court would have ruled on the

Oakley case; however, that ruling has not been made.

Regent Buchanan expressed his reluctance to erect "arti-

ficial barriers" to the retention of productive faculty

members. He called for the establishment of criteria, ex-

cluding age, by which to evaluate the effectiveness of

faculty members.

It was agreed that Mr. Klasic would study programs presently

in effect at other Universities along with comments and

concerns expressed by Regents and discuss this problem with

the Board after the Supreme Court has announced its decision

in the Oakley Case.

7. Authority for Acceptance of Gifts and Grants

Chancellor Bersi submitted the following proposal as an

attempt to alleviate the problem encountered almost annually

at the end of the calendar year:

The Chancellor of the University of Nevada System is

authorized in the name of the Regents to accept pledges,

gifts and grants for the benefit of the University of

Nevada or any of its member institutions, under the

following conditions:

(1) The purpose of the gift or grant shall not consti-

tute an exception to approved University programs,

policies and construction projects;

(2) Acceptance of the gift or grant shall not involve

a commitment for more than 5 years;

(3) Acceptance of the gift shall not obligate the in-

stitution or the System to expenditures or costs

for which there are no established fund sources;

(4) Expenditure of the gift funds does not involve the

construction of facilities not previously approved

by the Board of Regents.

Authority to accept pledges, gifts and grants not meet-

ing the above conditions shall be expressly retained by

the Board of Regents.

Pledges, gifts or grants which have been accepted by the

Chancellor under the above delegation of authority shall

be reported to the Board of Regents at its first regular

meeting following acceptance.

Public announcement of pledges, gifts or grants shall

not be made until accepted by the Chancellor or the

Board of Regents.

Procedures for the receipt and acknowledgement of gifts

shall be developed by the Vice Chancellor for Finance,

in consultation with the appropriate business and de-

velopment officers of the member institutions.

Regent Buchanan questioned the propriety of the Board re-

linquishing its responsibility for the acceptance of gifts

to the University. He asked that a statement be included

that the Chancellor be authorized to accept gifts in those

instances where it would not be expedient for the Board to

accept them at their next regular meeting.

Chancellor Bersi agreed that this statement would improve

the proposed policy stated and would be incorporated into

the proposal and brought back to the Board at the March


8. Recommendations for Promotion or Assignment to Rank

The following recommendations for promotion or assignment to

rank, effective July 1, 1982, were submitted for preliminary

approval, with action to be requested at the March 26, 1982


A. Desert Research Institute - President Murino recommended

the following promotions, effective July 1, 1982:

Johnathan Davis, Social Sciences Center, to Rank III

Fred Rogers, Atmospheric Sciences Center, to Rank III

B. University of Nevada, Las Vegas - President Goodall

recommended the following promotions, effective July 1,


David Christianson, Hotel Administration, to Associate


William Cummings, Bus. & Econ., to Associate Professor

of Marketing

Frank Dempster, Education, to Associate Professor of

Educational Foundations & Counseling

Eddie Goodin, Bus. & Econ., to Professor of Management

Thomas Holder, Arts & Letters, to Professor of Art

*Christopher Hudgins, Arts & Letters, to Associate

Professor of English

*Eugene Moehring, Arts & Letters, to Associate Professor

of History

Ellis Pryce-Jones, Arts & Letters, to Associate Profes-

sor of Theatre

*Randall Shelden, Arts & Letters, to Associate Professor

of Criminal Justice

*Peter Starkweather, Science, Mathematics & Engineering,

to Associate Professor of Biology

*Alice Titus, Arts & Letters, to Associate Professor of

Political Science

*Evangelis Yfantis, Science, Mathematics & Engineering,

to Associate Professor of Mathematics

*Also recommended for tenure

C. University of Nevada, Reno - President Crowley recom-

mended the following promotion in rank, effective July

1, 1982:

*J. Wayne Burkhardt, Agriculture, to Associate Professor

of Renewable Natural Resources

William N. Cathey, Arts & Science, to Professor of


*Helen J. Cooke, Medicine, to Associate Professor of


Richard A. Curry, Arts & Science, to Professor of

Foreign Languages and Literatures

Lillian Dangott, Arts & Science, to Associate Professor

of Social and Health Resources

C. Jerry Downing, Education, to Professor of Counseling

& Guidance Personnel Services

Edward E. Gickling, Education, to Professor of Curricu-

lum & Instruction

Barbara A. Gunn, Agriculture, to Rank IV

Donald R. Hanks, Agriculture, to Associate Professor of

Veterinary Medicine

Terrill J. Kramer, Arts & Science, to Associate Profes-

sor of Geography

Thomas M. Kubistant, Student Services, to Rank III

Roger A. Lewis, Medicine, to Professor of Biochemistry

Kenneth T. Maehara, Medicine, to Associate Professor

of Medical Technology

Stephen C. Mc Farlane, Medicine, to Professor of Speech

Pathology Audiology

Robert Merrill, Arts & Science, to Professor of English

Alvin E. Miller, Agriculture, to Rank III

Elwood L. Miller, Agriculture, to Professor of Renewable

Natural Resources

*Bruce T. Moran, Arts & Science, to Associate Professor

of History

Wallace J. Peterson, Agriculture, to Rank IV

K. Bhaskara Rao, Student Services, to Rank III

Margaret A. Ronald, Arts & Science, to Professor of


Stewart W. Shankel, Medicine, to Professor of Internal


Barbara C. Thornton, Arts & Science, to Associate Pro-

fessor of Social and Health Resources

*Also recommended for tenure

President Crowley also reported the following promo-

tions to Rank II:

Alison Benson

Barry S. Davidson

Carla D. Fears

Debra L. Payne

9. Recommendations for Award of Tenure

The following recommendations for award of tenure, effective

July 1, 1982, were submitted for preliminary approval, with

action to be requested at the March 26, 1982 meeting:

A. Clark County Community College - President Eaton rec-

ommended award of tenure, effective July 1, 1982, to

the following:

Robb Bay, Student Services

Carolyn Collins, Science and Health

Robert Dunkerly, Communications and Arts

Sandra Goodwin, Communications and Arts

Thomas Jackson, Business

Chris Kelley, Business

Adele Koot, Science and Health

Marguerite Re, Student Services

B. Truckee Meadows Community College - President Eardley

recommended award of tenure, effective July 1, 1982,

to the following:

Dorothy Button, Allied Health Occupations

Mary Ann Lambert, Allied Health Occupations

Allen Lewis, Business Occupations

Faith Milonas, Student Services

James Rand, Student Services

George Tavernia, Administration

C. Western Nevada Community College - President Davis rec-

ommended award of tenure, effective July 1, 1982, to

the following:

Larry Goodnight, Occupational

Shaun Griffin, Occupational

Joy Keating, Occupational

James Kolsky, Liberal Arts

D. University of Nevada, Las Vegas - President Goodall

recommended award of tenure, effective July 1, 1982,

for the following:

Robert Ball, Library

William Corney, Business & Economics

Evalyn T. Dearmin, Education

Andrea Fontana, Arts & Letters

Robert L. Harbach, Education

David Lee Holmes, Education

*Christopher C. Hudgins, Arts & Letters

Russell T. Hurlburt, Arts & Letters

Lewis Karstenson, Business & Economics

Anna Dean Kepper, Library

Thomas H. Kirkpatrick, Education

Ralph W. Lyon, Business Center South

Warren L. Mc Nab, Education

George J. Miel, Science, Mathematics & Engineering

*Eugene P. Moehring, Arts & Letters

Allen A. Mori, Education

Allan Padderud, Arts & Letters

Steven Parker, Arts & Letters

Ray Roberts, Business & Economics

*Randall G. Shelden, Arts & Letters

Eugene I. Smith, Science, Mathematics & Engineering

*Peter L. Starkweather, Science, Mathematics & Engi-


Lee R. Tilman, Arts & Letters

*Alice Costandina Titus, Arts & Letters

Robert M. Winokur, Science, Mathematics & Engineer-


*Evangelos A. Yfantis, Science, Mathematics & Engi-


*Also recommended for promotion in rank

E. University of Nevada, Reno - President Crowley recom-

mended award of tenure, effective July 1, 1982, to the


Allen H. Brady, Arts & Science

Leon J. Buist, Agriculture

*J. Wayne Burkhardt, Agriculture

*Helen J. Cooke, School of Medicine

William A. Douglass, Library

Richard W. Grefrath, Library

David A. Hansen, Student Services

Elizabeth Hansot, Arts & Science

Wayne S. Johnson, Agriculture

Wendy K. Kiehn, School of Medicine

Grant D. Miller, School of Medicine

*Bruce T. Moran, Arts & Science

Patricia A. Myer, Agriculture

Roberta K. Orcutt, Library

Charles V. Records, Admissions & Records

*Barabara C. Thornton, Arts & Science

Virginia Louise Vogel, Arts & Science

*Also recommended for promotion in rank

Regent Fong questioned why people are being recommended for

tenure after only 3 or 4 years, adding that if they are

truly doing an outstanding job and are worthy of tenure they

should have no fear of not being reappointed.

Mr. Mc Bride suggested that Mrs. Fong meet with the appro-

priate Presidents to discuss her concerns. Regent Mc Bride

presented the following statement and motion:

The Faculty Senates of each Campus be charged with the

task of developing recommendations which will contribute

to the development of a new set of policies for tenure

in the UNS. Additionally, the Campus Presidents and the

Academic Affairs Council will be expected to contribute

similar recommendations to the Board.

These recommendations should include, but not necessari-

ly be limited to, such issues as:

...appropriate percentage of the academic community

to hold tenure

...occupational categories eligible for tenure

...a system for periodic review of tenured personnel

...possible alternative employment tracks

...such other issues as these Campus constituencies

shall deem advisable for review

In September the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board

of Regents will begin public discussion of the recom-

mendations received. The Regents should expect to vote

the recommendations for new tenure policy no later than

the November or December 1982 Board meeting.

Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong.

Regent Buchanan questioned the need for a limit on the per-

centage of faculty who may hold tenure at a given time, add-

ing that it was his belief that if a person is deserving of

tenure it should be granted to him regardless of the number

of tenured faculty. Mr. Mc Bride stated that he tended to

agree, but suggested that under that theory, the time would

come when everyone on the faculty would have tenure.

Motion carried without dissent.

10. Promotion to Emeritus Status

President Crowley recommended the following promotions to

Emeritus Status, effective July 1, 1982:

Charles R. Breese, Dean, College of Engineering and Profes-

sor of Civil Engineering

Beth Carney, Lecturer in Foreign Languages & Literature

Thomas W. Cook, Area Extension Agent

Wendell H. Dodds, Manager, Radio-Television Center

Mike Kilpatrick, Extension Range Specialist

Robert W. Lauderdale, Extension Entomologist

William Metz, Associate Professor of Journalism

Marie Morgan, Extension Home Economist

Len L. Trout, Jr., Director, Research & Educational Planning

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Whitley, carried without dissent.

11. Appointment of Executive Director, DRI Bioresources Center

President Murino recommended the appointment of Professor

C. Barry Osmond as Executive Director of the Bioresources

Center, effective immediately with the appointment to be

a shared arrangement with Australian National University,

with the portion of his initial salary paid by DRI to be

$26,750. In additional, due to the special circumstances

connected with this shared appointment, President Murino

requested a subsistence allowance in the amount of $950 per

month to be available to Professor Osmond during the time

he is at DRI, to be paid out of grant and overhead monies.

(Copy of vita filed with permanent minutes.)

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the appointment. Motion second-

ed by Mrs. Gallagher, carried without dissent.

12. Proposal for Management of the Thomas-Mack Center

President Goodall proposed the following as options for con-

sideration with respect to the management of the Center:

(1) The Vice President would be generally responsible for

the management of the Center and would have authority

to appoint a management coordinator to be directly


(2) An Advisory Council consisting of students, faculty,

members of the public, etc. would be established.

(3) The University would maintain policy control regarding

priority of use of the facility with first priority

going to UNLV events; e. g., Commencement, registra-

tion, athletic events, etc.

(4) University students would have first opportunity for

employment as interns, trainees, etc.

(5) An outside management firm would be retained if one

could be located who would abide by the foregoing,

would be willing to hold the University harmless

from operating losses, and who would provide the up-

front money for investment in bringing the food serv-

ices up to the standard necessary to open.

President Goodall added that in the event such a management

firm is located, the contract would, of course, be brought

back to the Board for approval. The contract term he would

be seeking would be approximately 3 years with an option to


Regent Del Papa mentioned that she had received several let-

ters and calls with reference to the parking for the UNR

Pavilion and asked President Crowley for his comments re-

garding this problem. President Crowley reported that since

the bids for the UNR facility had come in over the allocat-

ed funds, it had been necessary to transfer monies that had

been previously allocated for the purchase of property for

parking to the construction budget. He indicated that it

was anticipated that a manager for the facility would be on

board by July 1 and parking would be one of the first prob-

lems he would consider.

Vice President Dankworth and President Crowley agreed to

present a report to the Board on the progress of the Lawlor

Pavilion at the April meeting with possibly a more complete

report at the June meeting.

In response to President Eardley's question of whether the

pavilions would be considered community facilities, and

available for Community College use, Regent Del Papa sug-

gested that representatives from the Community College be

included on the advisory committees to insure that the

Colleges would be considered in the operation of the


13. UNR Foundation Activities Report

Mr. David Buckman, Chairman of the UNR Foundation, reported

on the activities of the Foundation and presented a set of

operating guidelines for approval by the Board. (Report

filed with permanent minutes.) Mr. Buckman stated that the

Foundation's efforts will be concentrated in 4 areas: an

annual giving program, capital campaigns for projects which

have been approved by the Board, deferred giving programs

and special projects. Mr. Buckman further reported that

during its first year of operation, the Foundation had re-

ceived $1.3 million for use at UNR.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval of the report and operating

guidelines as presented by Mr. Buckman. Motion seconded

by Mrs. Gallagher, carried without dissent.

14. WNCC Emergency Item

President Davis requested the Board to consider, as an

emergency item, a request to enable WNCC to use $374,850

from its Capital Improvement Fee Fund for a building and

remodeling project as approved by the Board at the December

11, 1981 meeting. He explained that although the Board had

approved the project, a specific dollar cost had not been

enumerated. It is necessary that this be considered an

emergency item since the State Public Works Board will be

considering this project at its meeting in early March and

the Board of Regents does not have another meeting scheduled

prior to that time.

Mr. Mc Bride moved that this item be added to the agenda as

an emergency item. Motion seconded by Mrs. Gallagher, car-

ried without dissent.

Mr. Mc Bride moved that WNCC be authorized to expend

$374,850 as requested from the WNCC Capital Improvement

Fee Fund. Motion seconded by Mrs. Gallagher, carried

without dissent.

15. Chancellor's Report

Chancellor Bersi introduced Ms. Janet Mac Donald, recently

appointed as System Controller.

16. New Business

A. Ms. Del Papa reported on a recent legislative seminar

she attended in Washington, D. C., which primarily

focused on Community Colleges and the reduction in Pell

Grant and workstudy student grant funds. She requested

the Community College Presidents to get involved in the

planning process for these reductions by working through

the Nevada Congressional Delegation. Although the cuts

will not take place until 1983, she suggested that now

was the time to begin planning and making the needs of

the Colleges in Nevada known.

B. Mrs. Fong requested that the minutes reflect that the

Investment Advisory Committee had been informed that

the money managers for the University had done an out-

standing job this past year and ranked among the top

1% of financial managers in the nation.

C. Mrs. Gallagher requested that an inventory of all

advisory boards and committees be developed in order

that the Board know what boards are in existence.

Chancellor Bersi agreed to discuss this with the

Council of Presidents at the March meeting.

Chairman Cashell read the following letter of resignation

from Board Secretary Bonnie M. Smotony:

February 20, 1982

Chairman Robert A. Cashell

Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

University of Nevada System

405 Marsh Avenue

Reno, Nevada 89509

Dear Chairman Cashell and Chancellor Bersi:

I respectfully submit my resignation as Secretary of

the Board and Assistant to the Chancellor of the Uni-

versity of Nevada System, effective June 30, 1982. As

I had previously informed you, I have been offered and

have accepted appointment as Secretary of the Regents

of the University of California.

I am sure that you know how difficult this decision

was for me to make. The University of Nevada and the

activities of the Board have been the focus of much of

my life over the past 18 years. I have observed and

occasionally participated in many events of great

significance to the University. I hope the record I

have left you of those events will serve you well.

I sincerely appreciate the support and encouragement

I have received from both of you, from the other mem-

bers of the Board of Regents and Officers of the Uni-

versity, and from those who have served before you

during my tenure. It has been a rare privilege to have

been part of a very exciting period in the development

of the University of Nevada and I shall miss you all.

Most sincerely,

/s/ Bonnie M. Smotony

On behalf of the Board, Chairman Cashell regretfully accept-

ed Mrs. Smotony's resignation and wished her well in her new


The meeting adjourned at 11:15 A.M.

Bonnie M. Smotony

Secretary to the Board