UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 23-24, 1984


Pages 1-29



February 23-24, 1984

The Board of Regents met on the above dates in Room 399 Carlson

Education building, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present: Mr. John R. Mc Bride, Chairman

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mrs. Joan Kenney

Mr. Daniel J. Klaich

Mrs. Jo Ann Sheerin

Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Anthony Calabro, WNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President V. James Eardley, TMCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

President Paul Meacham, CCCC

Acting President Warren Kocmond, DRI

Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairs William Cathey (UNR),

Diane Dietrich (Unit), Joan Doggrell (CCCC), Richard French

(DRI), Allen Mori (UNLV), Bernie Schopen (TMCC), and Student

Association Officers.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mc Bride at 9:05 A.M.

1. Approved the Consent Agenda

Approved the Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A, and filed

with the permanent minutes) containing the following items:

(1) Approved the minutes of the regular meeting held

January 12-13, 1984.

(2) Accepted the gifts, grants and contracts as listed in

Ref. C-1 and filed with the permanent minutes.

a. Accepted a gift and authorized its sale in accord-

ance with donors' wishes.

By way of a letter dated January 14, 1984, a gift

of 2 cemetery plots located in the Green Acres

Memorial Gardens, Inc., Scottsdale, Arizona has

been offered as a gift to the University. The

donors' (Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Leonard, Sacra-

mento, California) instructions indicate the ceme-

tery plots may be sold with the proceeds from the

sale being added to the corpus of the Sigma Nu

Alumni Club Scholarship Endowment Fund in the name

of Ron Chadek. Accompanying the letter of trans-

mittal from the donors was a copy of a letter from

Robert B. Conway, Green Acres Cemetery, placing a

value of $2195 on the lots.

(3) Approved the following two architectural firms for

submission to the State Public Works Board, to develop

a Feasibility/Pre-planning Study for the Jot Travis

Student Union addition:

1. Sheehan Haase & Van Woert

2. Vhay & Ferrari

The project will include a general purpose area for

meetings, lectures and snack bar seating.

The fee for the study will be approximately $10,000

to $15,000 (or about 1% of the estimated cost of the

project - $1 to $1.5 million) and will be charged to

the Student Union Capital Fee Improvement Account.

This project is included in UNR's Capital Improvement

List to be submitted to the 1985 Legislature for con-


(4) Approved the following change in the Handbook, Title 4

Chapter 21, Section 4, Rules for Determining Status

(see Ref. C-2, filed in the Regents Office).

3. For the purposes of determining tuition, a student

who, at the matriculation, is and has been a bona fide

resident of the State of Nevada for at least six (6)

months prior thereto, shall be classified as an in-

state student.

(5) Approved the transfer from Regents Special Projects

Fund, $15,000 to Regents Operating Account and $7,500

to Regents Host Account.

(6) Approved a bank account to be established for the

Thomas and Mack Center for the purpose of post-event

settlements with promoters; i. e., following a concert

or other program in the Center, the Center could im-

mediately reconcile the revenues and pay the promoter

the amount owed.

Those with authorized signatures for the bank account

would be, with any two signatures required at all


Dennis Finfrock, Director, Thomas & Mack Center

Pat Christenson, Events Coordinator

Robert P. Anderson, Business Manager

(7) Approved the EPA lease of 11,890 square feet of land

that is located immediately north of the parking lot

for Juanita White Hall and close to the Flamingo ac-

cess road. This land has been appraised by Gilbert

Buck at $3 per square foot, and UNLV is proposed to

lease it to EPA at 12% per year of appraised value.

The land rental to the University would be $4280 per

year, which would be placed in the general fund.

In addition to the land lease, EPA is requesting that

the University provide utilities, maintenance and

janitorial service for the modular office units and

would pay the University $5.80 per square foot for

this service. There is a clause in the lease allow-

ing the University to charge more if needed and the

government is guaranteeing that the University will

not lose any money on this lease agreement. UNLV has

a sum of money in the lease for overhead costs.

Another clause in the lease agreement requests the

University to do on-site preparation work and bring

utilities to the site. EPA will pay the University

up to $69,000 for this work and the physical plant

estimates that they do the necessary work for less

than that sum.

(8) In accordance with the instruction from the Board at

its October 27, 1983 meeting, the ad hoc Investment

Committee, comprised of Regents Klaich and Whitley,

Vice Chancellor Mark Dawson, System Controller Janet

Mac Donald, public member Peter S. Bing, M. D. and

System Endowment Director Edna S. Brigham, has pro-

ceeded to work with Cambridge Associates, a consult-

ing firm nationally known for its work with Univer-

sity endowments, to draft a statement of investment

objectives and policies for the University of Nevada

System Endowment Pool along with a request for pro-

posal to be submitted to present and other potential

money managers. The requests for proposals have now

been submitted. The Committee projects that the

selection process will occur during the month of March

and that the recommendations of the Committee for

money managers and for a statement of objectives and

policies will be presented to the Board of Regents

at the April meeting.

The Committee has entered into an agreement with

Cambridge Associates to help accomplish the tasks

which were approved by the Board of Regents at its

October 27, 1983 meeting. The Committee requested

the consent of the Board for funds for its share of

the agreement with Cambridge Associates and to in-

struct Cambridge Associates to arrange for payment

of the remainder of the fee through directed broker-

age commissions.

(9) Approved the appointment of Tim Bengochea to the NNCC

Advisory Board.

(10) Approved the following individuals to be appointed to

initial terms on the UNLV Foundation Board:

Margaret Elardi

Sam Battistone

Fred Lewis

Frank Sinatra

Also approved the following current UNLV Foundation

Board members be appointed to new 6-year terms:

Marjorie Barrick

Ernie Becker, Sr.

George Dickerson

Art Ham, Jr.

William Laub, Sr.

Sig Rogich

Mrs. Fong moved for adoption of the Consent Agenda. Mrs.

Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

2. Report on UNS Financial Statement

Ms. Debbie Smith of Kafoury, Armstrong & Co. presented the

financial statement for the UNS for the year ended June 30,

1983. See Ref. B, filed in the Regents Office.

Chairman Mc Bride requested that time be given to review the

appendix to the Financial Statement and that Ms. Smith re-

port back to the Board at the next meeting.

Mrs. Gallagher commended Kafoury, Armstrong & Co. on the new

reporting format and requested a workshop be considered for

an in-depth study by Regents on financial matters.

Mrs. Whitley inquired about the lack of information in this

report in regard to the Community Colleges to which Ms.

Smith replied that the same comparative material was not

available. President Eardley informed her that the AACJC

has this information. Chancellor Bersi assured the Board

that staff will seek the necessary information and report


Chairman Mc Bride requested the institutions to report back

to the Board on the recommendations presented in the report.

3. Approved Phase II Proposal, School of Engineering and

Computer Science, UNLV

At the December 8, 1983 meeting, the Board of Regents adopt-

ed a resolution which reaffirms the Board's commitment to

support a fully accredited engineering program at UNR, to

support technical training in the Community Colleges, and

called for a Phase I proposal for a School of Engineering

and Computer Science at UNLV.

On January 12, 1984, the Board of Regents approved, with

modification, a Phase I proposal for a School of Engineer-

ing and Computer Science at UNLV, and called for a Phase II

to be presented at the next meeting.

Chairman Mc Bride reminded the Board that this discussion

is not on the budgeting of the proposed School, but on the

policy in authorizing the creation of the School.

President Goodall and Dean David Emerson reviewed the Phase

II proposal, filed in the Regents Office, which contains

in part:

- A Bachelor's degree with 4 majors - civil, mechanical,

electrical and computer engineering

- A Master's degree program

- A budget of approximately $7 million

- Additional faculty phased in over the next 4 years:

5 in Computer Science

11 in Engineering

- The space necessary to house the College (also to be

presented with System Capital Improvement Request)

Dean Emerson stressed that they would use current class-

rooms, laboratories and offices on the Campus, and that al-

though scattered across the Campus, so long as the curric-

ulum, instructors and equipment are of quality, and the

program is small, it would not hinder accreditation, al-

though it will be inconvenient. In the area of equipment,

he stated that Phase II contains a list of necessary items,

that present equipment is very outdated, and in order to be

viable for today's businessworld, it is necessary to have

state-of-the-art equipment for student use. Dean Emerson

did suggest an alternative plan to be used in the interim,

and that is one of portable laboratories to utilize exist-

ing space on Campus. He felt this could be accomplished

with a minimum of remodeling of some laboratories.

Regent Klaich questioned whether other related disciplines

would be able to handle the increase in students which would

result from this program and was assured that in the begin-

ning, with the program being small, they can take care of

additional students within their present budgets. Dr. Good-

all stated that he and Dr. Crowley would be suggesting dif-

ferentiated funding ratios for priority programs during the

legislative workshop later in the meeting.

In answer to a question posed by Regent Sheerin concerning

the type of program to be planned in the event there are not

funds to cover all requests in this Phase II proposal, Dr.

Emerson referred to a letter dated February 15, 1984 from

Dr. Goodall, in which this matter is discussed. He stated

that with less funds available, they would have to consider

alternatives and report at a later date. Mr. Mc Bride

agreed, stating that the budget would not provide additional

funds until July, 1985.

Vice Chancellor Fox explained that he had worked with the

Dean and the President on this Phase II proposal and the

Academic Council had also reviewed the document and recom-

mends that it be considered along with other academic pri-

orities. Further, they recommend a System committee to con-

sider engineering education Systemwide and to make recom-

mendations to the Board. Mr. Mc Bride disagreed with the

suggestion for a committee, stating that it would take

engineering out of context with other Campus programs, and

stated that the building will be provided with some State

funds and from private donations. Regent Del Papa stated

her concern that the private funds are, at this time, only

pleges, and questioned what would happen if they did not

materialize. Mr. Mc Bride replied that a reduced program

would go forth within the budgets and would be considered

along with all other Campus priorities. Further, Mr. Mc

Bride indicated that the Presidents' Council is the group

that should normally consider Systemwide programs of this


Regent Fong declared that she felt UNLV was being treated as

the "step-child" of the System, that UNLV was growing in

enrollment and is developing faster than the northern part

of the State, and that southern Regents had not been opposed

to professional schools at UNR.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the Phase II proposal. Mr.

Karamanos seconded.

In speaking to the motion, Mr. Karamanos suggested amending

the motion to include a committee to further study engineer-

ing education for all institutions within the System, to

which Ms. Del Papa agreed. The motion then read:

....moved approval of the Phase II proposal as presented

with the Presidents' Council given the charge of prepar-

ing a plan for Systemwide engineering education for

consideration by the Board.

Mr. Klaich stated his objection to the Phase II proposal

inasmuch as there is no stated funding source, the type of

program to be conducted will vary with the amount of fund-

ing available, and there is the possibility of a watered-

down program which may not be the quality program that is

desired by Regents.

Mr. Mc Bride called for a roll call vote:

Motion carried.

Aye: Regents Fong, Del Papa, Gallagher, Karamanos,

Kenney, Sheerin, Whitley, Mc Bride

Nay: Regent Klaich

4. Report from Bank Investors

A. Mr. Bob Lee submitted the report for First Interstate


B. Ms. Lorrie Jackson submitted the report for Nevada

National Bank.

C. Mr. Murray Foster submitted the report for Security Bank

of Nevada.

D. Mr. Monte Miller submitted the report for Valley Bank of


5. Report on the Investment Performance Analysis

Mr. Roger Honour of Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith

presented the quarterly report for the 4th quarter of the

calendar year 1983, analyzing the University of Nevada Sys-

tem Endowment Pool investment performance. Mr. Honour's re-

port included an in-depth analysis of the portfolio and the

performance of the two managers, plus an analysis of the

composite of the two funds.

The management summary portion of the report showed that:

A. Valley Bank's performance during the quarter ending

December, 1983 earned the pool 2.8%, which placed the

manager in the 5th percentile in the Merrill Lynch rat-

ing of managers of tax-exempt fund for the quarter.

(In this rating, a rank of 1 is highest and 100 is low-

est.) The rate of return for 1983 was 8.9%, which

placed the manager in the 91st percentile in the Mer-

rill Lynch rating of managers for the calendar year.

Valley Bank ranked 89th in the Merrill Lynch rating

for the cumulative period for June, 1978 to December,


B. First Interstate Bank's performance during the quarter

ending December, 1983, earned the pool 1.3%, which

placed the manager in the 33rd percentile in the Mer-

rill Lynch rating of managers of tax-exempt funds for

the quarter. (In this rating, a rank of 1 is highest

and 100 is lowest.) The rate of return for 1983 was

9.2%, which placed te manager in the 90th percentile

in the Merrill Lynch rating of managers for the calen-

der year 1983. First Interstate Bank ranked in the 12th

percentile during the cumulative period frum June, 1978

to December, 1983.

6. Personnel Session

Upon motion by Mr. Karamanos, seconded by Mrs. Whitley, the

Board moved to a closed personnel session for the purpose

of discussing personnel of the University of Nevada System.

The Chairman reconvened the Board in public session at 2:10 P.M.

7. Approved Resolution Regarding Common Fund

Approved the following resolution:


WHEREAS, the University of Nevada System Controller's

Office invests the surplus operating funds of the

University of Nevada System; and

WHEREAS, the Common Fund was established for invest-

ment management for educational institutions and has

Common Funds for Short Term Investments, Equity In-

vestments and Bond Investment; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Regents of the University of

Nevada System authorizes the Vice Chancellor for

Finance to invest such funds or securities as may

from time to time be determined appropriate in the

Common Fund for Equity Investments (Custodian - Bank

of New York) and/or the Common Fund for Bond Invest-

ments (Custodian - US Trust Company); and

WHEREAS, the Vice Chancellor for Finance is authorized

to enter into a Trust Agreement with the Philadelphia

National Bank for the purpose of arranging for the

Common Fund Management of that portion of the Univer-

sity of Nevada System funds which are normally invested

in short-to-intermediate term, fixed dollar securities;


WHEREAS, the Vice Chancellor Finance will designate the

staff authorized to deposit and withdraw funds from

time to time, with the Philadelphia National Bank in

the University of Nevada System Special Account for

Disbursement of Short Term Investments; NOW THEREFORE


RESOLVED, that the Board of Regents of the University

of Nevada System will participate in Equity, Bond and

Short Term Funds of the Common Fund.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the Resolution. Mr. Klaich

seconded. Motion carried.

8. Approved Interim Finance Funding, NNCC

Authorized the presentation to the Interim Finance Committee

for funding of the following project:

President Berg requested approval of the Board to secure

emergency funding from the Legislative Interim Finance

Committee for repair of roofs on the Mc Mullen and Lundberg

buildings in Elko. These roofs have leaked at one time or

another ever since the original construction and numerous

attempts have been made to fix them. To date the only

result has been to shift the leaks from one area of the

roofs to another. At this time there has developed some

serious structural damage to the interior of these build-

ings. Waiting one more Winter will mean considerable

additional damage to the interior structures; therefore,

this request should not await the next session of the


Vice Chancellor Dawson felt that the only solution to this

problem is to replace the entire roof on each building and

the State Public Works Board has estimated that the total

cost will be approximately $86,000. Board approval is

required to secure this funding from the Legislative In-

terim Finance Committee.

Mrs. Kenney moved for approval. Mrs. Sheerin seconded.

Motion carried.

9. Approved Promotion to Emeritus Status, UNR and TMCC


President Crowley recommended approval of the following for

promotion to Emeritus status:

Edmund R. Barmettler, Professor of Agricultural Economics

Arnold De Angelis, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

Katherine E. Everson, County Extension Agent, Home Economics

Harold Goddard, Professor of Music

Kenneth F. Maclean, M. D., Clinical Professor of Surgery

Walter J. Treanor, M. D., Clinical Professor of Internal


Eric S. White, Assistant Professor of Engineering Tech-



President Eardley recommended approval for Joe Ayarbe,

Director of Student Financial Aid and Employment Services,

to be promoted to Emeritus faculty status. Mr. Ayarbe

has announced his retirement effective September 1, 1984.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the promotions to Emeritus

status at UNR and TMCC. Mrs. Whitley seconded. Motion


10. Recommendations for Promotion or Assignment to Rank

The following recommendations for promotion or assignment

to rank have been forwarded by the institution Presidents

for Board consideration. This is an information item only,

with Board action to take place at the April 5-6 meeting.

A. University of Nevada, Reno - President Crowley recom-

mended the following promotions, effective July 1, 1984:

Frank G. Baglin, to Professor of Chemistry

Paulette M. Bochnig, to Rank II, Library

Patricia Burgess, to Assistant Professor of Nursing

*Martin Fujiki, to Associate Professor of Speech, Pa-

thology & Audiology

Kyung-Il (Ed) Ghymn, to Professor of Managerial Sciences

Judith F. Hilbish, to Assistant Professor of Family &

Community Medicine

Kenneth W. Johns, to Professor of Curriculum and In-


Denny A. Jones, to Professor of Chemical & Metallurgical


Katherine Klaich, to Assistant Professor of Nursing

Paul Macura, to Associate Professor of Foreign Languages

& Literatures

Jerry R. May, to Professor of Psychiatry & Behavorial


Grant D. Miller, to Associate Professor of Psychiatry &

Behavioral Sciences

Keith Priestley, to Rank III, Geological Sciences &

Seismological Laboratory, Mackay School of Mines

Marsha H. Read, to Professor of Home Economics

*Tey Diana Rebolledo, to Associate Professor of Foreign

Languages & Literatures

Sachiko T. St. Jeor, to Associate Professor of Family

& Community Medicine

Cecelia St. John, to Rank IV, Alumni Relations, Public


Julie Schorr, to Associate Professor of Nursing

*Danny L. Taylor, to Associate Professor of Mining


*Joseph V. Tingley, to Rank III, Nevada Bureau of Mines

& Geology, Mackay School of Mines

Chris C. Unterseher, to Professor of Art

Ute R. Vetter, to Rank III, Geological Sciences &

Seismological Laboratory, Mackay School of Mines

Gene Wheeler, to Rank III, Cooperative Extension

Service, College of Agriculture

*John F. Yanagida, to Associate Professor of Agricultural


Steven D. Zink, to Rank III, Library

B. University of Nevada, Las Vegas - President Goodall

recommended the following promotions, effective July 1,


James R. Abbey, to Professor, Hotel Administration

Thomas A. Foley, to Associate Professor of Mathematical

Sciences (Science, Mathematics & Engineering)

Barbara K. Hanford, to Rank II, Associate Professor,

Curriculum Materials (Library)

David Leo Holmes, to Professor, Health, Physical Edu-

cation, Recreation & Dance (Education)

Myrlene Thompson La Mancusa, to Associate Professor,

Nursing (Health Sciences)

Margaret Lyneis, to Professor, Anthropology (Arts &


Daniel W. Mc Allister, to Associate Professor, Manage-

ment (Business & Economics)

Corina S. Mathieu, to Professor, Foreign Languages

(Arts & Letters)

Allen B. Padderud, to Associate Professor, Communica-

tion Studies (Arts & Letters)

*Stephen M. Rowland, to Associate Professor, Geoscience

(Science, Math & Engineering)

Stephen W. Sherman, to Professor, Mathematics (Science,

Math & Engineering)

Thomas C. Wright, to Professor, History (Arts & Letters)

C. Desert Research Institute - President Kocmond recom-

mended the following promotions, effective July 1, 1984:

Steven Kuo-Kai Chai, to Rank III, Associate Research

Professor, Atmospheric Sciences Center

Richard H. French, to Rank IV, Research Professor, Water

Resources Center

Lonne C. Pippin, to Rank III, Associate Research Profes-

sor, Social Sciences Center

T. D. Sharkey, to Rank III, Associate Research Professor

Biological Sciences

Stephen W. Wheatcraft, to Rank III, Associate Research

Professor, Water Resources Center

D. System - Chancellor Bersi recommended the following

promotions, effective July 1, 1984:

Richard N. Belaustegui, to Rank IV, Computing Center

G. Richard Coffill, to Rank IV, Computing Center

Paul D. Franklin, to Rank IV, Computing Center

*Also recommended for tenure.

11. Recommendations for Award of Tenure

The following recommendations for tenure have been forwarded

by the institution Presidents for Board consideration. This

is an information item only, with Board action to take place

at the April 5-6 meeting.

A. University of Nevada, Reno - President Crowley recom-

mended award of tenure, effective July 1, 1984, to the


Mary Anne Dolen, Associate Professor of Nursing

John A. Epps, Professor of Civil Engineering

*Martin Fujiki, Assistant Professor of Speech Pathology

& Audiology

Stephen W. Hall, Professor of Internal Medicine

Francisco Manca, Assistant Professor of Foreign

Languages & Literatures

Carol A. Parkhurst, Rank III, Library

*Tey Diana Rebolledo, Assistant Professor of Foreign

Languages & Literatures

Mehdi Saiidi-Movahhed, Associate Professor of Civil


*Danny L. Taylor, Assistant Professor of Mining Engi-


*Joseph V. Tingley, Rank II, Nevada Bureau of Mines &

Geology, Mackay School of Mines

Susan L. Tingley, Rank II, Nevada Bureau of Mines &

Geology, Mackay School of Mines

David P. Westfall, Professor of Pharmacology

Peter Winkler, Associate Professor of Physics

*John F. Yanagida, Assistant Professor of Agricultural


B. University of Nevada, Las Vegas - President Goodall

recommended award of tenure, effective July 1, 1984,

to the following:

William Theodore Cummings, Associate Professor, Busi-

ness & Economics

John Goodwin, Professor, Hotel Administration

Yoshiyuki Ishikawa, Assistant Professor, Arts & Letters

Margaret Louis, Associate Professor, Health Science

Alan N. Miller, Associate Professor, Business &


*Stephen M. Rowland, Assistant Professor, Science, Math

& Engineering

Maureen Vinnik, Assistant Professor, Health Science

C. Clark County Community College - President Meacham

recommended award of tenure, effective July 1, 1984,

to the following:

Robert R. Bay, Communication and Arts

Dale A. Johnston, Education Services

Patrick Leary, Science and Health

Janice Reid, English

Norma Suchy, Science and Health

D. Truckee Meadows Community College - President Eardley

recommended award of tenure, effective July 1, 1984,

to the following:

Theresa Agnes Brychta, Science, General and Develop-

mental Education

John V. Clevenger, English, General and Developmental


E. Western Nevada Community College - President Calabro

recommended award of tenure, effective July 1, 1984,

to the following:

William J. Amdal, Welding, County Centers

Donald Belfi, Business, County Centers

Doris Dwyer, History, County Centers

Mark Melrose, Mathematics & Computer Science, County


Cheryl Pawluk, Psychology, Education Services

John F. Yurtinus, History, Education Services

F. Northern Nevada Community College - President Berg

recommended award of tenure, effective July 1, 1984,

to the following:

Patricia M. Crookham, Nursing

Louis E. Horton, Agriculture

*Also recommended for promotion in rank.

12. Approved Phase I Proposal, A. A. S. Degree in Respiratory

Therapy, CCCC

Approved the Phase I Proposal for an A. A. S. degree in

Respiratory Therapy at CCCC, filed in the Regents Office.

This Proposal will expand the current Certificate Program

to an Associate of Applied Science, with emphasis in

Respiratory Therapy. This will be accomplished through

a laddered approach which will allow previously credentialed

technicians to continue their education. Enrollment will

be limited to 25 students per class, in keeping with ac-

creditation. The proposed date of implementation is Fall,


This proposal has received strong support from the medical

community in both Northern and Southern Nevada. There is

a demonstrated need for qualified personnel in the State

with employment opportunities for graduates in hospitals,

clinics, research, home care, education, rehabilitation,

equipment sales and service.

This degree does not duplicate other programs within the

UNS System, as Clark County Community College offers the

only technician-level training in Nevada. Any training

beyond this level currently must be completed outside the


Clark County Community College is working with UNLV in

efforts to provide AAS students an opportunity to continue

their studies toward a baccalaureate degree.

Resources requested include a part-time faculty position

and $4000 - $6000 for initial equipment needs.

This proposal was approved by the Academic Affairs Council,

and Vice Chancellor Fox recommended that the Phase I be

approved, and that Clark County Community College proceed

to Phase II to provide a detailed curricular and financial


Mrs. Whitley moved approval of the Phase I Proposal of the

A. A. S. Degree in Respiratory Therapy at CCCC. Mrs.

Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

13. Approved Phase II, Master of Science and Doctorate in

Cellular and Molecular Biology, UNR

Approved the Phase II Proposal for a Master of Science and

Doctorate in Cellular and Molecular Biology, filed in the

Regents Office.

This will be an interdepartmental, interdisciplinary program

offered through the Colleges of Arts and Science, Agricul-

ture and the School of Medicine, leading to either the M. S.

or Ph. D. degree. It will provide students the opportunity

to study plant and seed genetics in the College of Agri-

culture, aspects of biology in Arts and Science, and gradu-

ate level training in several departments in the Medical


Curriculum for the Ph. D. will consist of a 24-credit core,

plus 24 credits of research and dissertation, and 24 credits

of electives, for a total of 72 credits. Students will be

required to have a 3.0 undergraduate GPA, plus completion

of 29 credits in required courses.

The M. S. degree will reuire a 15-credit core, 6 credits of

research and thesis and 9 credits of elective courses. En-

trance requirements will be in keeping with graduate school


Resources needed by the 4th year include 6-7 faculty, 4

teaching assistants, 1 secretary and operating costs. Funds

will be provided through reallocation of funds within the

various Colleges and Schools involved.

Implementation is planned for September, 1984.

UNR is one of the few institutions in the country where

the opportunity exists for extensive interactions and co-

operation among a Medical School, Agriculture College and

a Liberal Arts College. This should provide efficiencies

in the development of an academically sound program in solid

cell and molecular biology.

This program is referred to in UNR's Master Plan as a pro-

gram to be developed in response to anticipated increasing

manpower demands for professionals trained in biomedical


There appears to be no problem with articulation within the

System. The B. S. in Chemistry, Biology or Biochemistry

from UNR or UNLV will be appropriate for entrance into the


The request for faculty and personnel will be filled through

replacements for existing positions.

The Phase I Proposal was approved by the Board of Regents

in May, 1983. The Academic Affairs Council has reviewed

this Phase II Proposal, and Vice Chancellor Fox recommended

approval of this program.

Mrs. Gallagher commended the School of Medicine, the College

of Arts and Science and the College of Agriculture for their

cooperation in developing this program.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of Phase II of the Master of

Science and Doctorate in Cellular and Molecular Biology at

UNR. Ms. Del Papa seconded. Motion carried.

Mrs. Fong stated that she supports Phase II of the Master

of Science and Doctorate in Cellular and Molecular Biology

at UNR with the provision that when the research on human

production begins, the issue would be brought before the

Board of Regents for the purpose of discussing the moral,

legal and ethical issues.

14. Approved Phase II, Bachelor of Science Degree in

Biochemistry, UNR

Approved the Phase II Proposal for a B. S. degree in Bio-

chemistry at UNR, filed in the Regents Office.

UNR currently offers graduate degrees in biochemistry, and

faculty and supporting facilities are in place.

Offering an undergraduate degree will enable the Division

to improve the caliber of applicants for the existing gradu-

ate program, provide well-trained students for industry, and

provide, through the Division's strong research program,

students who will be well-trained in lab techniques.

The curriculum will emphasize both the physical and biologi-

cal sciences. 85 credits will be required in the natural

sciences and mathematics, 18 credits will be taken in the

area of social sciences and humanities and 25 credits are to

be taken in 3 categories of electives, for a total of 128

credits. In addition, provision is made for a senior thesis


Budgetary requests are in the area of additional equipment

and operating funds, which are estimated to be $15,000 by

the 4th year of the program. This is based upon an antici-

pated enrollment of 40 students by the 4th year of the


The program will be offered through the College of Agricul-

ture or School of Medicine with a proposed date of initia-

tion of Fall, 1984.

The proposed program should make efficient use of existing

facilities, and respond to the national need for skilled

biochemists. In addition, the program could encourage the

attraction of high technology industry to Nevada.

This degree does not duplicate other programs within the

System. Moreover, the Biochemistry Department will accept

the transfer of Community College courses which are cur-

rently accepted by the Departments of Chemistry, Physics

and Mathematics in satisfying their majors.

The Phase I Proposal was approved by the Board of Regents in

September, 1983. The Academic Affairs Council has reviewed

this Phase II Proposal, and Vice Chancellor Fox recommended

approval of this program.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the Phase II, Bachelor of

Science Degree in Biochemistry at UNR. Mrs. Kenney second-

ed. Motion carried.

15. Approved Parking and Traffic Regulations, WNCC

Approved the Parking and Traffic Regulations at WNCC, iden-

tified as Ref. I, and filed with the permanent minutes.

Mrs. Sheerin moved approval of the Parking and Traffic

Regulations at WNCC. Mrs. Whitley seconded. Motion


16. Nominations for Distinguished Nevadan

Mrs. Whitley moved, Mrs. Kenney seconded, that the follow-

ing persons be honored as Distinguished Nevadans and that

the awards be presented at Commencement at UNLV in May,


Mrs. Rosemary Clarke

Mr. William Flangas

Motion carried.

Mr. Klaich moved, Mrs. Gallagher seconded, that the follow-

ing persons be honored as Distinguished Nevadans and that

the awards be presented at Commencement at UNR in May, 1984:

Mrs. Barbara Feltner

Mr. Robert Laxalt

Mrs. Edna Patterson

Dr. Marvin Picollo

Motion carried.

17. Nominations for Honorary Degrees

Mrs. Whitley moved, Mrs. Fong seconded, that an Honorary

Degree be presented to the following persons with presenta-

tions made at Commencement at UNLV in May, 1984:

Dr. David Gardner

Ms. Diana Ross

Dr. Ted Sanders

Major General R. G. "Zack" Taylor

Motion carried.

Mr. Klaich moved, Mrs. Sheerin seconded, that an Honorary

Degree be presented to the following persons with presenta-

tions made at Commencement at UNR in May, 1984:

Dr. Sven Liljebald

Mr. Rollan Melton

Motion carried.

18. Approved the Appointment of Director of Information, UNR

President Crowley recommended approval of the appointment

of Ms. Jane Manning to the position of Director of Informa-

tion at UNR with an annual salary of $36,000. She will

begin part-time on April 1, 1984 and full-time on May 1,


Mrs. Fong moved approval of the appointment of Ms. Manning

as the Director of Information at UNR. Mrs. Gallagher

seconded. Motion carried.

19. Approved Increase in Residence Hall Fees, UNR

Approved an increase in Residence Hall Fees of $100 per year

per student to cover increase of utility costs and other

operating costs.

Two Semester Rate 1983-84 1985-85

Double occupancy, all halls

except Juniper Hall $1032 $1132

Double occupancy, Juniper Hall 906 1006

Private Room 1312 1412

Single Room 1212 1312

Telephone: Individual arrangements

now required.

The two semester rate is payable 55% in the Fall semester

and 45% in the Spring semester. Spring only rate is 50%

of the two semester rate.

Mr. Bill Siegel, ASUN President, stated that the students

using housing pay for everything and there is a need for

low-cost housing at UNR.

Ms. Del Papa stated that there needs to be a policy in

purchasing property which is located near the Campus.

Chairman Mc Bride informed the Board that UNLV does have

such policy and suggested that UNR investigate this issue.

Mrs. Fong moved for approval of the increase in Residence

Hall Fees at UNR. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Mr. Klaich

voted no. Motion carried.

President Eardley informed the Board that some TMCC students

are residing in the dormitories at UNR.

20. Approved the Refinancing of Revenue Bonds, CCCC

In 1981 Clark County Community College issued $2,200,000 of

revenue bonds to partially fund the Learning and Resource

facility on its Campus. These bonds are outstanding at an

approximate interest rate of 14.25%. If these bonds had

been refinanced as of February 16, 1984, an annual debt

service saving of approximately $45,000 would have been


Vice Chancellor Dawson requested authorization to refinance

the outstanding issue with the understanding that the goal

is to reduce annual debt service and if sufficient savings

cannot be generated, the refinancing will not occur.

Mr. Klaich moved approval to refinance the Revenue Bonds at

CCCC. Ms. Del Papa seconded. Motion carried.

21. Report from Regents Ad Hoc Committee on Bylaws

Ms. Del Papa reported that the Committee has met and has

asked for recommendations from the Chancellor's Office. A

written report will be submitted to the Board at the April

meeting for action.

22. New Business

A. Mr. Klaich reported that the DRI Presidential Search

Committee has screened the applications and is in the

process of scheduling interviews with the finalists

in March. He will report back to the Board at the

April meeting.

B. Vice Chancellor Dawson reported on the MIS, stating the

consultant study will be reviewed by the System Commit-

ties this month and will present their findings at the

May meeting.

23. Report of the UNS Professional Compensation Committee

Dr. Gary Jones, Chair, Professional Compensation Committee,

reported on the recommendations from the Committee. He

stated that the Committee felt these recommendations are

very modest. In regard to the insurance coverage, the

System's coverage is not comparable with other insurances

throughout the State, although the System did have inde-

pendent insurance coverage.

Mr. Klaich commended the Committee on the package and em-

phasized that the Board has been and will be strong in

pursuing faculty salary increases. Ms. Del Papa was pleased

with the faculty salary increases listed as the Number 1

priority. Chairman Mc Bride stated for the record that

salary increases is the Number 1 priority.

Dr. William Cathey, UNR Faculty Senate Chair, spoke in favor

of the Committee recommendations emphasizing that compensa-

tion should be the higher priority of the Board. Further

he felt the Legislature has generated these requested high

figures because of the lack of raises for the past 2 years,

and reminded the Board that they are the bargaining agent

for the System and urged that they lobby for the full amount

of the increase, not a lesser amount, even though that may

be all the State can provide. He indicated two tasks that

are needed: 1) the faculty needs to convince the Board

members and spokespeople for the System that the increase

is a reasonable request; and 2) the Regents provide materi-

al to the Legislature for this request. Dr. Cathey sug-

gested a faculty workshop for informing the Regents of their


Mrs. Whitley emphasized that the faculty must support the

Regents in order to achieve the increases that are desired

and that there needs to be a united front before the Legis-

lature. It was suggested that a faculty representative

prepare materials for use in lobbying and that the Commit-

tee, Presidents and Regents conduct a workshop before the

end of the semester.

Mrs. Gallagher strongly emphasized that the faculty should

contact political candidates prior to their election and

enlist support. Dr. Cathey stated it was his understanding

the faculty was instructed not to approach political per-

sons individually. He was informed that these instructions

were only for the Legislatures, not for the candidates who

will be running for office.

It was requested by President Eardley that part-time sal-

aries be included in the compensation package.

Mr. Ron Sparks, Budget Planning Director, was asked for his

opinion on the compensation package. He stated that he had

reviewed the report and found it to be consistant with other

recommendations previously presented to the Legislature.

Mr. Sparks indicated that in his opinion the cost of living

raises and the merit and salary equity promotional pool

were the most important issues, estimated at $38.5 million,

to focus on at this time. He stated that current projec-

tions for State revenue increases for the 85-87 biennium

are at 17%, which may not be enough to cover such a request.

Answering a request for an explanation of the recommenda-

tion concerning the new position of a Financial Planning

and Pre-retirement Counseling service to the UNS Profes-

sional Staff, it was explained that there is a need at

Business Centers North and South for a full-time employee

to do planning and counseling for the UNS professional


Mr. Klaich moved to accept the System Compensation Committee

report only in principle and referred it to staff and Presi-

dents for study. Ms. Del Papa seconded. Motion carried.

24. Approved the Capital Improvement Program for 1985-89

Approved the Capital Improvement Program for 1985-89 as out-

lined in Ref. E, filed with the permanent minutes.

Ms. Del Papa requested clarification of the priorities

listed. As stated in Ref. E, there are two priority lists,

one for existing programs and one for new programs. Vice

Chancellor Dawson stated that if the Legislature should

decide to fund the new programs (Engineering building),

then the Legislature would decide whether to fund it with

State funds, which would be honored only if a quality build-

ing is approved by the Regents.

Mrs. Fong stated that she has obtained pledges of $3 million

toward the funding of the Engineering building. She cited

her successful fund raising ability with the UNLV Arts Cen-

ter now on Campus and related that there had been great op-

position from certain quarters with statements that there

was entertainment on the strip; therefore, an Arts Center

was unnecessary. A discussion on the size and amount of

funding for the building took place. Mrs. Sheerin empha-

sized the need to keep the engineering program within UNLV's

priorities. Dean Emerson indicated that the Phase II Pro-

posal on the School of Engineering, states that the entire

cost of the phase of the building is estimated at $15.2


Ms. Del Papa suggested the building be done in phases,

thereby not requiring as much capital at that time.

Ms. Del Papa moved to table the approval of the Capital

Improvement Program until February 24, 1984 in order for

the President to gather more information. Mrs. Kenney

seconded. Motion carried.

The Board recessed until Friday, February 24, 1984, at 9:00 A.M.

Mr. Klaich presented President Crowley with a paining of Morrill

Hall at UNR, citing his outstanding service to UNR, the System

and the community during his 6-year tenure as President.

25. Discussion of UNS Legislative Issues and 1985-87 Priorities

Chancellor Bersi informed the Board that the Council of

Presidents have met and have agreed on the following basic

objectives in the 1985-87 Legislature in securing the base


A. Re-establishing the student/faculty funding ratios to

the level funded in the 1979-81 biennium, a 10% enrich-

ment. (University ratio 20:1, Truckee Meadows and Clark

County Community Colleges ratio 24:1, Western Nevada and

Northern Nevada Community Colleges ratio 22:1.)

B. Included in the re-establishment of the pre-1981 student

/faculty funding ratios is the strengthening of the sup-

port services in the instructional function (classified

and technical support staff).

C. Adjusting the academic support services to "catch up"

with the growth that has occurred in the last two bi-

enniums, i. e., library services, admissions and records

and counseling and guidance. This is not an expansion

of programs or establishment of new programs.

D. Providing for an increase in the operating support for

all programs to at least accommodate for the increase

in inflation.

E. Graduate assistants, wages for hourly employees, and

letters of appointment will be increased by the cost-

of-living raises applied to all other positions.

Chancellor Bersi then introduced a draft of the University

of Nevada System Priorities which will call for new funding.

The strengthening and enhancement of University programs are

listed in priority order -- a result of the Presidents'

Council in a work session.

1. Salaries for professional and classified employees.

2. Further strengthening of the student/faculty ratio to

accommodate such programs as engineering, mines and

support areas, i. e., chemistry mathematics, physics,

as well as vocational-technical programs in the Com-

munity Colleges. This priority also includes provision

for increased operating support for these programs.

3. Funding to adequately support the equipping and operat-

ing expenses of the new Management Information System.

This has been a long-standing priority of the Board and

one to which there has already been a substantial com-

mitment of resources.

4. Funding to (a) replace obsolete equipment in the Uni-

versities and Community Colleges; (b) provide new

equipment needs; and (c) provide annual appropriations

to maintain such equipment.

5. Enhancement of academic support areas within the Uni-

versity of Nevada System, e. g., library services,

admissions and records, guidance and coounseling -- not

to be confused with the "catch up" recommendations in-

cluded in the base budget.

President Goodall addressed the priorities list and stated

that the Engineering Program and High Tech are the highest

priorities at UNLV. He emphasized the importance of

achieving the base budget in order to enhance Campus pro-

grams and that equipment needs are vital to the programs

at UNLV. With enrollments increasing, President Goodall

stated that the enhancement of the academic support staff

is necessary.

Chairman Mc Bride suggested an amendment to the priorities

list stated as follows:

6. The ability for UNS to obtain student fees and to be

able to use the excess monies according to the needs of

the Campuses.

Mr. Sparks agreed with this amendment and recommended that

this request be authorized through the expenditures account.

President Meacham indicated that his observations of UNS are

based on his recent experience with the Texas University

System, which uses a differentiated ratio formula resulting

in a much lower student/faculty ratio than that of UNS. He

stated that the current ratio used in this system does not

allow CCCC or TMCC the flexibility they need to accomplish

their mission. He suggested that UNS develop different

ratios, especially for the Community Colleges, and stated

that achieving a sound ratio will be CCCC's highest pri-


Mrs. Joan Doggrell, CCCC Faculty Senate Chair, endorsed

President Meacham's statements and added that with the Com-

munity Colleges supporting an open door policy, there needs

to be a strengthening of support in the developmental area

to aid those students who need to be brought up to the

College level.

President Kocmond stressed the need for more interaction in

the area of teaching between DRI faculty and UNR and UNLV.

He requested a 4-5 FTE commitment to DRI for teaching facul-

ty to be supported by the State. There are several world-

renown professors at DRI who could enhance the University

faculty and, in addition, DRI could benefit by utilizing

additional graduate students in their research projects.

Dr. Richard French, DRI Faculty Senate Chair, endorsed

President Kocmond's statements.

Dr. William Cathey, UNR Faculty Senate Chair, stated that

he had certainly benefited from his experience with DRI

and that the use of DRI facilities, equipment and experi-

ence are good bargains for the Universities, but there is

a definite FTE problem for the Campuses in these times of

austere finances. In the past, the Campus has had to assign

their FTE to DRI faculty in order for them to teach.

Mrs. Sheerin posed the question of how the various equipment

at DRI gets into the Campus budget. President Crowley stat-

ed that this is an internal institutional priority. Further

he commented that the problem at UNR has been a declining

FTE over the last few years; however, if the above legisla-

tive package request is successful in achieving increased

student/faculty ratios, then there would be several new

positions created. There is a spill over on higher ratios

for some programs which then could be allocated to other

programs. This gives the Campus some flexibility. Presi-

dent Crowley indicated that he does not disagree with it

being placed in the budget, but there is a need for new

available positions.

Chairman Mc Bride asked the Presidents at both Universities

to explore these priorities. Mr. Sparks suggested leaving

the options at the Campus level, inasmuch as TMCC and CCCC

are requesting a 22:1 ratio, while UNR and UNLV are leaning

towards strengthening specific programs. He also stated

he was hesitant in changing the ratio without the base

budget, as proposed, being accepted.

Chancellor Bersi agreed with the suggestion of exploring

other funding formulas, but stated he was hesitant to

launch into a complex new funding formula without getting

the student/faculty ratios strengthened.

President Berg emphasized the importance of priorities 1, 2

and 4 for NNCC. He stated that the last increase in stu-

dent fees ($3) had been allocated for grants-in-aid which

were not in the State allocations, hiring of teacher assist-

ants, and equipment maintenance, and requested that this in-

crease be left out of the base budget so that there may be

some flexibility.

Chairman Mc Bride relinquished the gavel to Vice Chairman Dorothy


President Calabro stated that WNCC will continue to enhance

the economic development of the State as a full partner. He

emphasized the need for an increase in part-time salaries in

order to be able to provide for high tech training. There

is a need for strong ratios at WNCC. He stated that Xebec

will be graduating approximately 80 of their employees this

weekend and there needs to be efficient training and state-

of-the-art equipment to provide proper education for these

employees. There is a need for ammortizing the current

equipment so that replacement is possible. The College is

expanding in enrollment and there is a need for an increase

in academic support. He endorsed President Berg's request

to leave the student fee increase out of the base budget.

Chairman Mc Bride returned and resumed the gavel.

President Eardley clarified the issue of his reported state-

ment that the Community Colleges should separate from the

Universities as an untrue statement made by the media.

President Crowley stated that the proposed strategy and

priorities need refinement, that there is a great need for

economic diversification in the State, and in discussing

the salary increases, he stated that our positions are not

competitive for top grade faculty to provide the instruc-

tion and research needed in order for the State to move

forward. He expressed his concern for the compensation of

faculty, stating that the current student/faculty ratio is

easy to sell to the Legislators, but it is a very critical

part in receiving accreditation. He stated that he feels

the System has been forced into poor management practices

because of the constraints of the current funding formula

and suggested an interim committee to develop strategy

for the priorities. Mrs. Gallagher endorsed this idea.

Mr. Klaich noted that no mention had been made of priority

3 -- that of supporting the MIS programs -- and reiterated

the Regents' firm position with regard to this item as a

high priority.

Mr. Sparks commended the Board of Regents and the Presi-

dents in discussing these matters of legislative strategy,

and stated that the priorities will be an important issue

during the next Legislative Session. The current formula

is now the best in the State, according to Mr. Sparks, but

may not be the best in the future; however, changes need to

be made slowly. Education is the first priority in the

Governor's budget.

Ms. Del Papa stated that there is a great emphasis on high

tech, but that there are other programs that need consider-

ation and requested that the Regents be briefed on the

current fee structure and on the strategy for controversial

areas. She commended the public relations Departments on

the Campuses, and suggested that they include a focus on

educating the public and Legislators on the System's pri-


Mr. Klaich queried the importance of the ratio at TMCC and

CCCC of 22:1. President EArdley reminded Mr. Klaich that

ratios mean money and that the Board needs to place this

as a priority or the Legislature will not listen. Mr.

Sparks stated that that ratio is not in the base budget,

and that if it were added at this time, then it would be

almost impossible to sell it to the State Budget Office

and the Legislature as a true "base" budget. Mrs. Sheerin

emphasized that the future needs must be looked at and if

this ratio issue is accepted whether, as a part of the base

or as a critical need, it would be a great accomplishment

for the System. Chancellor Bersi encouraged the Board to

approve the base budget and then try to achieve the enrich-

ment for high tech. Mrs. Sheerin stated that she felt that

the strategy was good, but that there are special programs

that need to be addressed because of their differential

funding process. She emphasized the need to clarify pri-

orities and for the System to back them up. There is a

need to educate the newly elected Legislators every two

years on the System.

Mrs. Whitley stressed the need for amortization of equip-

ment and eligible programs to be accredited. She questioned

the number of counselors at CCCC with President Meacham

stating there is a lack of counselors and that it is a

severe problem at CCCC.

Mrs. Gallagher requested that the Presidents, Chancellor's

Office and faculty come back for another Legislative

Strategy Workshop with their strategies.

Ms. Del Papa commended the Board, Presidents, Faculty Senate

and Chancellor's staff for a healthy discussion on the Sys-

tem's strategies. She suggested that the Chairman of the

Board address these issues in a letter to the System and the

Legislators and recommended a joint session with the Econom-

ic Development Commission.

Dr. Mori suggested to the Board that they pursue at the

Legislature what is needed, not what is expected to be fund-

ed. Dr. Cathey stated that the salary increase priority may

consume the other resources delegated by the Legislature,

and queried what the Board might be willing to give up to

assure that the salary package becomes a reality. Chancel-

lor Bersi suggested appoaching the Legislature item by item.

Ms. Del Papa moved to accept the base budget and the System

priorities as a parameter with the amendments of #6 which

provides for flexibility of the student fees and #7 which

establishes the need for the interim committee. Mr. Klaich

seconded. Motion carried.

24. Approved the Capital Improvement Program 1985-89 (continued)

President Goodall submitted to the Board an amended page

of the Capital Improvement Program Request 1985-89 (New

Programs), filed with the permanent minutes. (This item

was tabled during the previous day's discussion and brought

back at this time for action.)

This revision lists the Engineering building at $15 million

for 101,000 square feet.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the Capital Improvement

Program Request 1985-89 as amended. Mrs. Whitley seconded.

Mrs. Sheerin voted no. Motion carried.

26. New Busines

Ms. Del Papa requested that the President's Council review

Institutional documents for submission to the Board at the

next meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 1:00 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser

Secretary of the Board