UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 23-24, 1979


Pages 20-52



February 23, 1979

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Edward L. Pine

Auditorium, Jot Travis Student Union, University of Nevada, Reno.

Members present: Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

Mr. Robert Cashell

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Louis E. Lombardi, M. D.

Miss Brenda D. Mason

Mr. John Mc Bride

Mr. John Tom Ross

Members absent: Mrs. Molly F. Knudtsen

Others present: Chancellor Donald H. Baepler

President William Berg, NNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President Jack Davis, WNCC

President Brock Dixon, UNLV

President Paul Kreider, CCCC

President Lloyd Smith, DRI

Secretary Bonnie M. Smotony

General Counsel Larry Lessly

Also present were Senate Chairmen Page (UNR); Mattson (UNLV);

Blauert (WNCC/N); Jacobson (DRI); Kendall (Unit); Christopher

(CCCC); and Student Association representatives Neuweiler (ASUN);

Schenk (WNCC/S), Braxton (WNCC/N); White (CSUN); and Schefcik


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Cashell at 9:40 A.M.

1. Adoption of Consent Agenda

Chancellor Baepler recommended approval of the following

items contained in the Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A

and filed with permanent minutes):

1. Approval of Minutes of the regular meeting of January

12, 1979, as amended by Mrs. Fong to:

a. Correct the minutes to reflect that she, and not

Miss Mason, had questioned the increase in auto-

mobile allowance recommended for General Counsel

Lessly, and

b. Add the following statement to the discussion

concerning the Special Events Facility for UNR:

In reference to the stage capability of the

facility, Mrs. Fong raised the question of

its acoustical soundness and was assured that

it will be of top quality by the architect,

Mr. Ralph Anderson.

2. Acceptance of gifts and grants as included in Ref. C-1.

3. Appointment of the following to the UNR College of

Education Advisory Board, for two-year terms ending

December 1, 1980:

Mrs. Harriett Basta Mrs. Joyce Mc Mullen

The Honorable William Beko Mrs. Margaret Muth

Dr. Robert Brigham Mr. H. Edward Manville, Jr.

Miss Grace Dangberg Dr. Carlos Romo

Dr. Ralph Di Sibio Mr. Timothy Rowland

Mr. Jose Gastanaga Mr. Albert Seeliger

Mr. Harold Gorman Mr. Charles Springer

Mr. Jesse J. Hall, Jr. Mrs. Shirlee Wedow

4. Appointment of Mr. Donald Mc Ghie, partner in the

accounting firm of Kafoury, Armstrong, Turner and Co.,

to the Advisory Board for the UNR College of Business

Administration, to fill the unexpired one-year term of

Mr. Robert Cashell, who resigned effective with his

assuming the office of Regent.

5. Appointment of Mr. Maury Soss, First Vice President of

Allied Arts Council, to the Advisory Board of Clark

County Community College for a two-year term ending

December, 1980.

6. Sale of five shares of Golden Nugget stock received

from Mr. W. Bruce Beckley, with a request that proceeds

from the sale be placed in the Nat Hart Scholarship

Fund; and sale of 3,000 shares of the permanent capital

stock of Frontier Savings Association from Lilly and

Wing Fong, with a request that $1,250 of the proceeds

go to the University of Nevada Press, and the remainder

be invested in a high yield certificate, and held in an

account to be known as the Antique Art Project Fund,

for the ultimate purchase of an Oriental art object or


7. Granting to Clark County of three drainage easements at

various points along the Swenson Street right-of-way to

permit the installation of culverts. The easements

requested are six feet in width and thirty feet in

length on each side of the Swenson Street right-of-way

and will not conflict with the University's use of the


8. Approval of the following Summer Session budget for

1979 for UNR:

Source of Funds

Opening Cash Balance $ 70,000

Student Fees 461,700

Refunds (5,000)

Total $526,700

Application of Funds


Professional Compensation $363,160

Classified Compensation 48,322

Wages 2,500

Operating 42,914

Total Instruction $456,896

Academic Support

Professional Compensation $ 33,600

Out-of-State Travel 5,000

Total Academic Support $ 38,600

Grants-in-Aid $ 27,500

Contingency Reserve $ 3,704

Total $526,700

9. Approval of the following Estimative Budgets for

Extended Programs and Continuing Education at UNR.

These budgets represent a division of the EPCE budget

into a separate budget for noncredit courses for

Mackay School of Mines and a second budget for all

other EPCE noncredit courses. Existing staff have

been divided between the programs so as not to require

additional staffing.



Opening Cash Balance $ 10,000

Sales and Service 174,000

Total $184,000


Professional $ 1,600

Fringe 192

Total $ 1,792

Classified $ 15,800

Fringe 2,212

Total $ 18,012

Wages 4,500

Fringe 45

Total $ 4,545

Operating $127,651

Out-of-State Travel 11,000

Ending Fund Balance $ 21,000

Total $184,000



Sales and Service $ 89,000


Professional $ 1,600

Fringe 192

Total $ 1,792

Classified $ 20,100

Fringe 2,814

Total $ 22,914

Wages $ 4,000

Fringe 40

Total $ 4,040

Operating 58,650

Out-of-State Travel 550

Ending Fund Balance 1,054

Total $ 89,000

10. Approval of the following revision of the Estimative

Budget for the UNLV Motor Pool. The actual opening

cash balance is higher than anticipated because two

automobiles purchased during the 1977-78 fiscal year

were not actually received and paid for until the cur-

rent year. Additionally, increases in the price of

gasoline and other maintenance costs require an in-

crease in operating:

Current Revision Revised

Budget Requested Budget


Opening Cash Balance $ 43,246 $17,377 $ 60,623

Sales and Service 72,450 2,550 75,000

Total $115,696 $19,927 $135,623


Classified Comp. $ 16,450 -0- $ 16,450

Operating 58,000 $32,000 90,000

Out-of-State Travel 500 -0- 500

Ending Fund Balance 40,746 (12,073) 28,673

Total $115,696 $19,927 $135,623

11. Approval of the following transfer of funds:

#79-002 $11,000 from the Contingency Reserve of

DRI to Atmospheric Sciences Center to

provide additional operating funds.

12. Approval of the following transfer of funds from the

Ending Fund Balance of UNLV's Continuing Education


#79-061 $4,306 to provide salary and fringe benefits

for a new classified position in Continuing


Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the Consent Agenda as sub-

mitted. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc Bride, carried without


2. Proposed Amendment of Board of Regents Bylaws

Chancellor Baepler requested consideration of a revision to

the Board of Regents Bylaws to:

(1) reduce the required notice time for meetings of the

Investment Advisory Committee from five to three work-

ing days;

(2) to conform the Bylaws to provisions of Nevada's Open

Meeting Law; and

(3) to remove from the Investment Committee the responsi-

bility for and authority to act for the Board in the

execution of investment and reinvestment transactions,

in accordance with advice of Counsel that this author-

ity may not be delegated.

Chancellor Baepler noted that the revision contained in (1)

above was to accommodate the trust departments of the banks

with whom the University has management agreements in order

that their recommendations for changes in the University's

portfolio would not have to be too far in advance of the

meeting at which the decisions are made. The recommendation

covered by (3) was to reflect the Board's current practice.

Mr. Buchanan suggested that there may be other amendments

which would be desirable depending on what legislation is

finally enacted concerning Nevada's Open Meeting Law and

moved that the amendments reflected in (1) and (3) above be

submitted for action in April, but that the proposed revi-

sions to conform the Bylaws to the Open Meeting Law be de-

ferred until the May meeting. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

3. Fee for Audit of UNS Student Financial Aid Programs

Chancellor Baepler reported that in April, 1978, Kafoury,

Armstrong, Turner and Co., the University's current inde-

pendent auditor, was asked to conduct a special audit of UNS

Financial Aid Programs, at a cost not to exceed $6,380. The

audit was begun using the Audit Guide for National Direct

Student Loan Program, College Work-Study Program, and the

Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants Program, as pub-

lished by HEW. In September, 1978, a revised Audit Manual

was issued by HEW, retroactive to July 1, 1978, greatly

changing the scope of work required to prepare the audit


Chancellor Baepler noted that in October, 1978, the Univer-

sity's Internal Audit staff responded to a request from the

independent auditors for assistance, and in order to keep

the costs of this expanded audit down as much as possible,

the Internal Audit staff provided approximately 120 hours of

staff time in Las Vegas and 45 hours in Reno. Despite these

cooperative efforts, the University was informed in January

of cost overruns in the performance of the audit. Mr.

Kenneth Partridge, Director of Internal Audit, subsequently

met with representatives of KAT and reviewed their work

papers and files. Based on that review, he confirmed that

the independent auditors have incurred considerable time on

this audit beyond that which was originally anticipated and

as a consequence of the revised guidelines from HEW.

Dr. Baepler reported that KAT has agreed to absorb approxi-

mately $10,000 of the time but requests additional compensa-

tion, the amount of which would be determined at the comple-

tion of the audit but which would not exceed $24,000.

Mr. Partridge reported that he had discussed this problem

with the Director of Audits for the University of California

and had learned that many other Universities and CPA firms

are encountering this same problem of cost overruns because

of the change in guidelines, and the University of Nevada's

experience is not unique.

Chancellor Baepler pointed out that the Divisions do not

have the resources to pay this additional fee and the System

Audit Fund does not have unobligated funds which can be used

for his purpose. He recommended that the additional fee for

the audit of the UNS Student Financial Aid Programs be fund-

ed by an allocation not to exceed $24,000 from the Board of

Regents Special Projects Account.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval. Motion seconded by Miss Mason,

carried without dissent.

4. Augmentation of Special Accounts

Chancellor Baepler recalled that the Board had previously

established accounts for various purposes, by allocation

from the Board of Regents Special Projects Account. Augmen-

tation of each account requires Board approval. He request-

ed that the Board authorize automatic augmentation of these

accounts as necessary to maintain them at the levels indi-

cated. Such augmentation would be subject to availability

of funds, would occur upon request by the cognizant Presi-

dent and approval by the Chancellor, and expenditures from

the accounts would continue to be subject to approval of the

cognizant officer (i. e., President or Chancellor), and re-

view by Internal Audit. The accounts recommended for auto-

matic augmentation and the levels to be maintained were as


DRI Interview and Recruiting Fund $5,000

UNR Interview and Recruiting Fund 8,000

UNLV Interview and Recruiting Fund 8,000

CCCC Interview and Recruiting Fund 5,000

NNCC Interview and Recruiting Fund 3,000

WNCC Interview and Recruiting Fund 5,000

Unit Interview and Recruiting Fund 2,000

Chancellor's Office Special In-State Travel 5,000

Chancellor's Special Housing Account 5,000

Travel Funds for Student Body Presidents

(for attendance at Board meetings) 3,000

Travel Funds for Medical School Admissions

Committee 5,000

Board of Regents Out-of-State Travel 2,000

Mr. Buchanan objected to such automatic augmentation of

these accounts from the Board of Regents Special Projects

Account and urged that the Board retain the authority for

disbursements from this account.

Mr. Buchanan moved that each of the accounts listed be aug-

mented to the level requested but that automatic augmenta-

tion of the accounts not be authorized. Motion seconded by

Mr. Mc Bride, carried without dissent.

It was agreed that this was an appropriate item for inclu-

sion on the Consent Agenda.

5. Supplement to Litigation Fund

Chancellor Baepler recommended an allocation of $10,000 from

the Board of Regents Special Projects Account to augment the

Litigation Fund from which expenses of Special Counsel are


Mr. Buchanan moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc

Bride, carried without dissent.

6. Request for Authority to Submit Zero-Base Budget in Response

to Assembly Bill 104

Chancellor Baepler reported that A. B. 104, which recently

passed both the Assembly and the Senate, required selected

agencies to submit proposed budgets with additional detailed

justifications. This Act stipulates an alternative method

of budgeting, commonly referred to as "zero-base" budgeting,

and required as an experiment that certain agencies, includ-

ing the Chancellor's Office, "submit to the legislative

finance committees their proposed budgets for the next

fiscal year containing specified detailed justifications

therefor...". These budgets are due on or before March 15,


Chancellor Baepler requested authority from the Board to

prepare and submit without additional Board review the

required "zero base budget" for the Chancellor's Office in

order that the March 15 deadline imposed by A.B. 104 may be

met. He noted that at the same time as this budget is

transmitted to the legislative finance committees, copies

will be sent to the Board of Regents.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

7. Recommendations for A/E Assignments for 1979-1983 Capital

Improvement Program

Chancellor Baepler submitted the following proposed A/E as-

signments for the UNS 1979-83 Capital Improvement Program,

noting that with the Board's concurrence, these nominees

will be submitted to the State Public Works Board, who will

then make the assignments:

PRIORITY 1/UNR - HUMANITIES (Addition to Business

College Building)

Project Budget: $3,100,000 Project Scope: 30,000 GSF

Recommendation: Vhay & Ferrari/John Carl Warnecke --

Architects of Record


Phase I

Project Budget: $11,786,000 Project Scope: 115,000 GSF

Recommendation: 1. Jack Miller and Associates*

2. Tom Dobrusky*

*In association with one of the

following consulting architects

for design:

Esherick, Homsey, Dodge & Davis

MBT Associates

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

John Carl Warnecke

Wurster, Bernardi & Emmons


Project Budget: $3,786,000 Project Scope: 47,000 GSF

Recommendation: 1. Leo Borns*

2. Edward De Lorenzo*

*with an approved consultant for

library planning and design


Project Budget: $3,778,000 Project Scope: DNA

Recommendation: For Architecture:

1. Sheehan & Haase

2. Vhay & Ferrari

For Engineering:

1. SE and A

2. John Webster Brown


Project Budget: $92,000 Project Scope: DNA

Recommendation: 1. John Webster Brown

2. SE and A


Project Budget: $210,000 Project Scope: DNA

Recommendation: 1. Hewitt Wells

2. Erskine & Hayden


Project Budget: $10,910,000 Project Scope: 120,000 GSF

Recommendation: 1. George Tate*

2. Jack Miller and Associates*

*In association with one of the

following consulting architects

for design:

Esherick, Homsey, Dodge & Davis

MBT Associates

Sprankle, Lynd & Sprague

John Carl Warnecke

Wurster Bernardi & Emmons


Project Budget: $7,532,000 Project Scope: 80,000 GSF

Recommendation: 1. Esherick, Homsey, Dodge & Davis in

association with Sheehan & Haase

2. Casazza, Peetz & Associates


Project Budget: $1,350,000 Project Scope: DNA

Recommendation: 1. Edward De Lorenzo

2. Leo Borns


Project Budget: $244,000 Project Scope: DNA

Recommendation: 1. Leo Borns

2. Edward De Lorenzo


Project Budget: $2,921,000 Project Scope: 40,000 GSF

Recommendation: 1. Parsons Design Group

2. Raymond Hellmann


Project Budget: $2,876,000 Project Scope: 40,000 GSF

Recommendation: 1. Welles, Mayers & Moffitt

2. George Tate


Project Budget: $891,000 Project Scope: 10,000 GSF

Recommendation: 1. Hewitt Wells

2. Erskine & Harden


Project Budget: $2,530,000 Project Soope: 36,700 GSF

Recommendation: 1. Tom Dobrusky

2. Welles, Mayers & Moffitt


Project Budget: $3,026,000 Project Scope: 35,000 GSF

Recommendation: 1. Dolven, Larson, Daniels

2. Casazza, Peetz and Associates


Project Budget: $1,322,000 Project Scope: DNA

Recommendation: 1. Erskine & Harden

2. Raymond Hellmann


Project Budget: $851,000 Project Scope: 10,000 GSF

Recommendation: 1. Maurice Nespor

2. Dolven, Larson, Daniels



Project Budget: $301,000 Project Scope: DNA

Recommendation: 1. Malone Engineers

2. Sharp Krater

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the nominations as submitted.

Motion seconded by Dr. Lombardi.

Mr. Richard S. Knapp, President of the Northern Nevada

Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, read the

following letter addressed to Chancellor Baepler:

As President of the Northern Nevada Chapter of the

American Institute of Architects, and a member of the

Board of Directors of the Nevada Society of Architects,

I would like to say that there are numerous architec-

tural firms within the State of Nevada capable of the

design excellence requested by the University System for

any proposed construction project. They also have the

competence to obtain special consultants when necessary.

It is therefore the recommendation of the Northern

Nevada Chapter AID that Nevada based architects be se-

lected as prime architects for all University construc-

tion projects, based upon a review of each firm's quali-

fications, and to let the selected firm choose its own


Your office should be commended for seeking architec-

tural design excellence. Please give the deserving

Nevada architects the opportunity to prove that they

can meet the quality of design you demand and deserve.

Chancellor Baepler distributed a letter from Edward P. De

Lorenzo, President, Nevada Society of Architects, addressed

to Mr. Richard Knapp, pointing out that the letter totally

supports the procedures followed by the University in the

development of nominations of architects and engineers. He

further commented concerning the status of the University's

projected capital improvement program, noting that because

of the specialized nature of some of the projects; e. g.,

the sports facilities, the local architects are asked to

retain consultants on the more technical aspects of the


Text of Mr. De Lorenzo's letter follows:

There has been some discussion recently regarding the

selection of architects for major University of Nevada

projects, and it is somewhat disappointing to hear that

a few architects feel compelled to criticize efforts of

the University to improve the quality of architecture on

both the UNR and UNLV Campuses.

It may be of interest to point out that in the next 4

years, over $6 million will be paid in professional fees

to architects and engineers for design services involv-

ing capital improvements for the University System. Of

the total amount of professional fees paid, perhaps as

much as 1% will be paid to out-of-state consultants. A

small price for Nevada design professionals to pay for

design excellence.

Of the current projects before the Board of Regents,

only one major project requires association with a

design firm outside the State of Nevada, and in this

case the services of the design associate extends only

through the design development services, or less than

35% of the work.

Other projects which are major in scope merely require

the prime architect - a Nevada firm - to select a design

consultant from several outstanding recognized design

firms. This requirement most certainly lies within the

purview of the University and can only lead to excel-

lence in architecture throughout the System and State.

Can there be any architects who will disagree that de-

sign excellence is not only our responsibility but that

of government as well?

I support this proposal by the Chancellor's Office and

would hope that the Reno and Las Vegas AIA Chapters as

well as other professional organizations do likewise.

Mr. Jack Means presented the following statement on behalf

of the Nevada Society of Professional Engineers:

The Nevada Society of Professional Engineers respect-

fully requests that the Board of Regents of the Univer-

sity of Nevada System adopt the following policy for

selection of Architectural and Engineering firms for

design of University facilities:

1. Primary consideration shall be given to firms main-

taining adequately staffed offices in or near the

area of the project.

2. Except for projects of unusual complexity requir-

ing special expertise not locally available, assoc-

iation with non-local firms will not be a require-


3. When special expertise is required, the selection

of special consultants and associates shall be made

by the selected local design firm subject to ap-

proval by the University staff.

Mr. John Mc Cune, representing the Associated General

Contractors, Northern Nevada Chapter, National Electrical

Contractors Association, Painters and Decorators and

Contractors of Northern Nevada, the Northern Nevada Sheet

Metal Contractors Association and the Building Trades

Council, expressed opposition on behalf of those organiza-

tions to "the letting of design architectural and engineer-

ing features of public works to out-of-state architects...",

based, he stated, on problems which have occurred in the

past between such out-of-state architects and local con-

tractors or subcontractors, and for owners of such public

works projects. He suggested that many of the problems

arise because out-of-state architects or engineers do not

understand local conditions and specify inappropriate


Motion to approve the nominations for architectural and

engineering assignments carried without dissent.

8. Proposed Code Amendment Regarding Retirement Requirements

Chancellor Baepler requested that the proposed Code amend-

ment to bring the University into conformance with the

Federal Age Discrimination and Employment Act of 1977 be

withdrawn from the agenda to permit further discussion with

the faculty.

Mr. Buchanan moved that the item be withdrawn. Motion sec-

onded by Miss Mason, carried without dissent.

9. Recommendation for Promotion to Emeritus Status

President Crowley recommended the following UNR faculty be

promoted to Emeritus status, effective July 1, 1979:

John A. Bonell, Professor of Civil Engineering

Donald A. Cooney, Professor of Biology

Howard P. Cords, Professor of Agronomy and Agronomist

Herbert D. Fine, Assistant Professor of Mining

Engineering and Assistant Mining Engineering

Chester F. Pinkerton, Lecturer in Mathematics

Calvin H. Reed, Professor of Education

La Verne B. Rollin, Associate Technical Editor, Nevada

Bureau of Mines and Geology

Jack B. Selbig, Director, Counseling and Testing and

Foreign Student Advisor

Mr. Buchanan moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Ross,

carried without dissent.

10. Recommendations for Promotion or Assignment to Rank

The following recommendations for promotion or assignment to

rank, effective July 1, 1979, were submitted for preliminary

review with action to be requested in April:

University of Nevada, Reno

Michael J. Brodhead, to Professor of History

Morris R. Brownell, to Professor of English

Joseph N. Crowley, to Professor of Political Science

H. Eugene Le May, Jr., to Professor of Chemistry

James. K. Mikawa, to Professor of Psychology

John H. Nelson, to Professor of Chemistry

Howard Rosenberg, to Professor of Art

Allen R. Wilcox, to Professor of Political Science

Len L. Trout, to Rank IV, Research & Educational Planning


Richard H. Fashbaugh, to Professor of Mechanical Engineering

John A. Kleppe, to Professor of Electrical Engineering

Harry J. Wolf, to Rank IV, President's Office

E. Irving Hackett, to Rank IV, Cooperative Extension Service

John H. Pursel, to Rank IV, Cooperative Extension Service

Ronald E. Squires, to Rank IV, Agricultural & Industrial


Juan M. Bilbao, to Rank IV, Library, Basque Studies

Robert G. Kinney, to Rank IV, Student Services

Gary J. Blomquist, to Associate Professor of Biochemistry

James A. Bernardi, to Associate Professor, Speech & Theatre

Bruce E. Blackadar, to Associate Professor of Mathematics

*Phillip C. Boardman, to Associate Professor of English

*Warren H. Fox, to Associate Professor of Political Science

Grant F. Leneaux, to Associate Professor of Foreign

Languages & Literature

*David R. Seibert, to Associate Professor of Speech and


Catherine P. Smith to Associate Professor of Music

Lucille R. Guckes, to Associate Professor of Education

David M. Lupan, to Associate Professor Microbiology

Jerry R. May, to Associate Professor of Psychiatry

*Stephen Mc Farlane, to Associate Professor, Speech

Pathology & Audiology

Caroline L. Wakefield, to Associate Professor of Anatomy

Joseph H. Marion, to Rank III, Cooperative Extension


Emory L. Marshall, to Rank III, Cooperative Extension


John W. Bell, to Rank III, Mines and Geology

Ada F. Cook, to Rank III, Student Services

William A. Peppin, to Rank III, Seismology

James D. Van Wormer, to Rank III, Seismology

The following promotions or assignment to Rank II are within

the authority of the President and are reported for


Charles V. Records, to Rank II, Admissions and Records

Helen K. Stoddard, to Rank II, Cooperative Extension Service

*Diana F. Thran, to Rank II, Plant, Soil & Water Science

*Boyce Eugene Wheeler, to Rank II, Cooperative Extension


University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Mary Fitzgerald, to Associate Professor of Nursing

Marianne Tortorici, to Associate Professor of Radiologic


Sue Chung, to Associate Professor of History

James Frey, to Associate Professor of Sociology

Joseph Fry, to Associate Professor of History

*Richard Kallan, to Associate Professor of Communication


Marilyn Lester, to Associate Professor of Sociology

Joseph Mc Cullough, to Professor of English

*John Swetnam, to Associate Professor of Anthropology

Thomas Tominaga, to Associate Professor of Philosophy

Donald Browning, to Associate Professor of Management

William Corney, to Associate Professor of Management

*Richard Hoyt, to Associate Professor Finance

David Holmes, to Associate Professor of Physical Education

Martha Mc Bride, to Associate Professor of Educational

Foundation & Counseling

Michael Stowers, to Associate Professor of Curriculum &


Bill Wagonseller, to Professor of Special Education

Jeffrey Dundon, to Associate Professor of Physics

Edwin Grayzeck, to Associate Professor of Physics

David Weide, to Associate Professor of Geoscience

Robert Ball, to Rank III, Library

William R. Dakin, to Rank IV, Educational Services

James Dropp, to Rank III, Controller's Office

Jeffrey Halverson, to Rank III, Registrar's Office

Robert M. Lamkin, to Rank IV, Personnel

John T. Standish, to Rank IV, Financial Aids

Robert Stephens, to Rank III, Admissions Office

The following promotions or assignment to Rank II to Assist-

ant Professor are within the authority of the President and

are reported for information:

Sharee Schrader, to Rank II, University College

Charlotte Brown, to Rank II, Library

Anna Kepper, to Rank II, Library

Yoshiyuki Ishikawa, to Assistant Professor of Music

Sari G. Phillips, to Rank II, Office of Information

*Keith Mc Neil, to Rank II, Continuing Education

Katheleen Street, to Rank II, Financial Aids (promotion

contingent upon receipt of M.S. degree in May, 1979)

Desert Research Institute

Michael E. Campana, to Rank III, Water Resources Center

Clinton Case, to Rank IV, Water Resources Center

Dennis Lamb, to Rank IV, Atmospheric Sciences Center

Joy H. Leland, to Rank IV, Social Sciences Center

Computing Center

George W. Atkinson, to Rank III

The following promotions or assignment to Rank I and II are

within the authority of the Chancellor and are reported for


Sally Broughton, to Rank II

Nancy T. Fisher, to Rank I

Ellen M. Jacobson, to Rank I

Dale P. Seaman, to Rank II

*Also recommended for tenure

11. Recommendations for Award of Tenure

The following recommendations for award of tenure, effec-

tive July 1, 1979, were submitted for preliminary review

with action requested in April:

University of Nevada, Reno

Sheila Burns, Cooperative Extension Service

Glenda Duckworth, Cooperative Extension Service

De Wayne Gilbert, Plant Soil & Water Science

Arthur Gould, Agricultural Communications

Kenneth Sakurada, Cooperative Extension Service

Rupert Seals, Agriculture

*Diana Thran, Plant, Soil & Water Science

*Boyce Eugene Wheeler, Cooperative Extension Service

*Phillip Boardman, English

Michael Coray, History

*Warren Fox, Political Science

John E. Nellor, Biology

*David Seibert, Speech and Theatre

Barbara Chism, Accounting

Howard M. Reed, Economics

Donald Winne, Managerial Sciences

Donald Fronek, Electrical Engineering

*Stephen Mc Farlane, Speech Pathology & Audiology

Lawrence Larson, Geology

Ronald Ogilvie, Controller's Office

William D. Phillips, Physical Plant

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

*Richard Kallan, Communication Studies

Margaret Lyneis, Anthropology

Ellis Pryce-Jones, Theatre Arts

Gerald Rubin, Social Work

Jerry Simich, Political Science

Bhagwan Singh, Philosophy

*John Swetnam, Anthropology

Lawrence Dandurand, Marketing

Eddie Goodin, Management

*Richard Hoyt, Finance

Robert Moore, Management

Kevin Crehan, Educational Foundations and Counseling

Frederick Dallimore, Physical Education

Carole Rae, Physical Education

Stephen Herman, Mathematics

Stephen Duffy, University College

Barbara Hanford, Library

Fred Albrecht, Alumni Office

Josephine Durham, Controller's Office

Patrick Hoye, Controller's Office

*Edith Mc Neil, Continuing Education

Clark County Community College

Bruce A. Bollman, Automotive Department

Eugene C. Braun, Student Services

Raymond H. Eade, Hotel/Food Services

Shirley H. Fu, Learning Resources

Gordon Gochnour, Health Occupations

Harvey Allen Godorov, Humanities

Edwin Horn, Mathematics

Richard Logsdon, English

Barbara Morgan, Accounting

Jeanne Russo, Data Processing/Student Records

Mary Elizabeth Scott, Henderson Programs

Barbara Smigel, Liberal Arts and Sciences

Alfred F. Soprano, Developmental Education

Northern Nevada Community College

Sarah Campsey, Art, Education, Community Education

Bill H. Davies, Student Services

Fred Fogo, English

Karen Martin, Social Science

Western Nevada Community College

Anthony Calabro, South Campus Administration

Edward L. Hancock, English

Steve Larson, Business

*Also recommended for promotion or assignment to rank.

12. The UNR Experience

The Regents viewed a showing of the film The UNR Experience

which is used for student recruiting purposes.

13. Report Concerning UNR Presidential Search

Chancellor Baepler reported that the UNR Presidential Search

Committee had formally submitted a slate of candidates. The

list and copies of vitas were distributed to the Regents.

Dr. Baepler stated that interviews with the candidates will

be scheduled over the next three weeks, with the anticipa-

tion that a special meeting of the Board can be called for

Friday, March 16, at which time appointment of a UNR Presi-

dent can be recommended. At the same time, he suggested,

since the UNLV Presidential search will have been concluded

and the interviews complete, it is likely that appointment

of that Officer can also be accomplished at this meeting.

Chairman Cashell expressed appreciation to the Search

Committee for its efforts.

Chancellor Baepler also suggested that when the current

searches have been concluded, it would be appropriate to

review the search process to identify ways in which it might

be improved and strengthened.

14. Report on Mackay School of Mines Accreditation

President Crowley reported that the Mackay School of Mines

recently had an accreditation visit from the Engineer's

Council for Professional Development, and although the

report has not been issued, it was clear from the exit in-

terview that the overriding concern on the part of the eval-

uation team was with space. Dr. Crowley suggested that this

need for space will be accommodated by legislative approval

of the request for an appropriation for construction of a

new School of Mines building. Previously identified prob-

lems of record keeping and curriculum in the Department of

Mining Engineering have been corrected, and the evaluation

team now suggests the addition of a faculty member; previous

staff deficiences and curriculum problems in the Geological

Engineering Department have been corrected; and addition of

classified and technical personnel has been suggested in the

Metallurgical Engineering Department. Overall, Dr. Crowley

stated that the conclusion seems to be that most of the pre-

viously identified problems have been corrected and space

is now the main concern of the accreditation team making

this most recent visit.

15. Distinguished Nevadan Award to Nancy Gomes

President Crowley recommended that Mrs. Nancy Gomes be des-

ignated as a Distinguished Nevadan and that the award be

presented to her at the special meeting of the Board sched-

uled for March 16. He presented the following statement in

support of the proposed designation:

Nancy A. Gomes, born in Lovelock and a graduate of

the University of Nevada, with additional study at

the University of Chicago, has devoted most of her

adult life to public service in the State. She began

work for the State Welfare Division in the late 1940s,

initiating a number of reforms, one of them leading

to a new State system of foster care for children and

ultimately to her formation of Washoe County's Foster

Grandparents Program. In the 1960s, she was active

as a consultant for the Clark County Welfare Department

and Deputy Director of the Washoe County Community

Action Association, holding State offices in the

League of Women Voters, Women Associates, and her

political party. From 1972-76 she served as a member

of the Washoe County School Board; in 1973 as Chairman

of the Washoe County Blue Ribbon Task Force on Aesthet-

ics and Design; and in 1975 as Chairman of the Washoe

County Board of Equalization. She was elected to the

Nevada State Assembly in 1977, where she continued her

work as an advocate for social welfare, with particular

interest in development of public parks. She is married

to John A. Gomes, and in her private life, as in her

public, has been devoted to helping individuals and

furthering social causes.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc

Bride, carried without dissent.

16. Proposal for Evaluation Resource Center, School of Medical


President Crowley requested approval of the establishment

of an Evaluation Resource Center, within the School of

Medical Sciences, under the direction of Dr. Aaron Smith.

A copy of the proposal was included with the agenda

(identified as Ref. P and filed with permanent minutes).

Dr. Crowley noted that this Center, which he described as a

concept rather than a place, is intended to further the

School's goal of improving the quality of human care and

services by providing consultation services to requesting

agencies. It would offer such services to health programs

of State, county, and local governments, hospitals, educa-

tional institutions, nonprofit public agencies, and the

State Legislature. Specifically, it would engage in the


(1) Evaluation of existing programs;

(2) Identification of needs;

(3) Recommendation of or design of programs to meet

these needs; and

(4) Evaluation of the effectiveness of the new


Dean Scully cited a recent request from one of the legisla-

tive committees to assist in the evaluation of mental health

services in the State. Dr. Aaron Smith put together a com-

mittee for this purpose to respond to this request. Such

types of requests are being received to an increasing degree

and the School believes that rather than responding on an ad

hoc basis, that the schools' responses should be distin-

guished clearly in the minds of the public from any individ-

ual faculty member's opinion. Dr. Scully stated that it is

intended that the Center will be self-sustaining, although

there will be a nominal charge for the consulting services

offered. Chancellor Baepler recommended approval.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Buchanan, carried without dissent.

17. Hillside Cemetery Property

President Crowley recalled that in December, 1978, the Board

accepted a gift from Mr. and Mrs. William Thornton of Reno

of the Hillside Cemetery property near the UNR Campus. Mr.

Thornton has subsequently indicated that he will continue to

pay the cost of legal work required to clear title to the

cemetery and has retained Mr. Clinton Wooster for that


At President Crowley's request, General Counsel Lessly

explained that it will be necessary for the Legislature to

amend NRS 451.070 which prescribes the method by which the

City of Reno may order disinterment and removal of all human

remains from a cemetery within the City. It will then be

necessary to request the Reno City Council to take action to

remove the remains.

President Crowley and Chancellor Baepler requested authori-

zation to seek the necessary legislation to effect the re-

moval of remains from the Hillside Cemetery and to retain

Mr. Clinton Wooster as Special Counsel for this purpose at

no cost to the University.

Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

18. Proposed Acquisition of Land

President Crowley reported that the Division of Mental

Hygiene and Mental Retardation owns approximately 3.7 acres

adjoining UNR (south of Mc Carren Boulevard, north of Anelli

Lane, and east of Virginia Street), which the University

proposed to acquire at its appraised value plus costs of

sale. Dr. Crowley requested authorization to seek intro-

duction of a bill to the 1979 Legislature which would ap-

propriate $97,000 from the State General Fund to the pur-

change of this State-owned land by the University. Chancel-

lor Baepler concurred.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Ross,

carried without dissent.

19. Proposed Increase in UNR Summer Housing Rates

President Crowley recommended the following changes in

Summer housing rates, effective Summer, 1979:

All halls except White Pine Hall:

Double room from $4 to $5 per night per person

Single room from $5 to $6 per night per person

For White Pine Hall, which has a number of conveniences not

available in other halls; e. g., private bathrooms, living

rooms, telephones and linen service, the following rates are


One bedroom, one person $ 7.50 per night

Two bedrooms, two to four persons 15.00 per night

Four bedrooms, five to eight persons 30.00 per night

Dr. Crowley reported that currently the rate structure for

White Pine Hall is based on per-person charges of $4 per

night for a double room and $5 per night for a single room.

There appeared to be consensus among the Regents that an

increase in the Summer housing rates was justified and that

the rates for conference participants and other non-student

groups (e. g., Judges, Sixth Army) be increased to $1 above

the new rates proposed by President Crowley.

Mr. Ross moved that the proposed changes in Summer housing

rates be approved for regular UNR students and increased by

$1 additional in each category for non-students. Motion

seconded by Mr. Karamanos, carried without dissent.

20. Appointment of Executive Director, Energy Systems Center,


President Smith recommended the appointment of Dr. Christo

G. Stojanoff as Director of the Energy Systems Center, ef-

fective May 1, 1979, at an annual salary of $40,000. A copy

of Dr. Stojanoff's vita was included with the agenda

(identified as Ref. Q and filed with permanent minutes).

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr.

Lombardi, carried without dissent.

The meeting adjourned for lunch and a meeting of the Investment

Advisory Committee and reconvened at 1:30 P.M., with all Regents

and Officers again in attendance who were present during the

morning session.

21. Design Development Drawings, Addition to WNCC/South

President Davis, Architect Harry Wood, and Messrs. Sheehan

and Van Woert of the firm of Sheehan and Hasse presented the

design development drawings for the addition to the South

Campus of Western Nevada Community College. The project

budget consists of $1,120,000 for construction and $100,000

for furnishings and equipment; the addition comprises 20,000

gross square feet, and funding is from the Higher Education

Capital Construction Fund.

Following presentation of the drawings, Mr. Wood noted that

the Western Nevada Community College had received a similar

presentation and had endorsed the plans and recommended

their approval to the Board of Regents.

Mr. Buchanan recalled Regent Ross's efforts with the Legis-

lature to get this project included on the capital improve-

ment program and suggested that Mr. Ross be given the oppor-

tunity to make the motion approving the design development


Mr. Ross moved approval of the plans as submitted. Motion

seconded by Mrs. Fong, carried without dissent.

Mr. Ray Schenk, President of the United Students Association

of WNCC/S, expressed the appreciation of that student body

for work done by the Administration and the planners to

provide this facility to the Campus and also expressed his

appreciation that the students were allowed to participate

in the planning.

22. Report of Ad Hoc Committee on Selection of Independent


Mr. Mc Bride reported that the ad hoc committee had not yet

reached a decision on the selection of an independent audi-

tor but stated that he was prepared to ask for another meet-

ing of the committee prior to the special Board meeting of

March 16 and would anticipate that a recommendation would

be forthcoming from the committee at that time.

Mr. Ross moved that this matter be deferred until the spe-

cial Board meeting called for March 16. Motion seconded by

Miss Mason.

Mr. Buchanan suggested that since the committee had not been

able to reach a decision and develop a recommendation for

the Board, the matter of contracting for an independent aud-

itor be put out to bid, adding that it was his understanding

that there were some inequities in the bidding procedures.

Mr. Mc Bride suggested that Mr. Buchanan's statement was

incorrect, citing a letter from Counsel to the effect that

in his opinion the letter soliciting proposals was adequate.

Motion to defer carried by the following roll call vote:

No - Mr. Buchanan, Mrs. Fong, Mr. Karamanos

Yes - Dr. Lombardi, Miss Mason, Mr. Mc Bride, Mr. Ross,

Mr. Cashell

23. Proposed New Departments, CCCC

President Kreider recalled that in January, the Board had

received a proposal for the establishment of two new Depart-

ments at CCCC, whereby a Fine Arts and Communication Depart-

ment and an English and Foreign Language Department would

replace the present Department of Humanities.

President Kreider requested approval. Chancellor Baepler


Miss Mason moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Karamanos, carried without dissent.

24. Report on Feasibility of Intercollegiate Athletics

Chancellor Baepler recalled that in December, 1978, Miss

Mason requested a report on the feasibility of an Intercol-

legiate Athletics Program at Clark County Community College,

and noted that President Kreider was prepared with a prelim-

inary report in response to this request.

President Kreider reported that approximately 10 months ago,

a request was received from the Student Body President and

Faculty Senate Chairman that CCCC should look into the fea-

sibility of intercollegiate athletics at CCCC. This was

discussed with USUNS representatives and although the CCCC

student government had the support of the USUNS group for

proceeding with a study, no action was taken. The matter

surfaced again in Fall, 1978, and an advisory committee com-

posed of students, faculty and Administration was appointed.

Dr. Kreider noted that although the committee had not yet

submitted a recommendation, it had developed a general

statement of philosophy concerning intercollegiate athletics

in a Community College setting and was now studying costs

and surveying the impact that such a program might have on

the College community, both from the perspective of the

participant and the spectator. He stated that a final

report is expected in approximately one month.

There was discussion concerning possible sources of funding

for such a program, and Chancellor Baepler recalled that

during the 1975 Legislative Session the Legislative finance

committees wrote a letter of intent to the University, in-

dicating that they did not want appropriated funds used for

intercollegiate athletics at the Community Colleges. Dr.

Baepler pointed out that this letter of intent is now four

years old and it was not clear to him just how long such

legislative intent remains binding.

President Berg recalled the problems experienced by NNCC in

attempting to organize an intercollegiate basketball team,

noting that they finally were forced to abandon it and the

College now concentrates on a rodeo team. Other sports are

available only on an intramural basis in cooperation with

the local City volleyball, basketball and baseball leagues.

Larry Schefcik reported that USUNS is also working on a

feasibility study of intercollegiate athletics as a Commun-

ity College program, and he suggested that a report and rec-

ommendation from that group will be ready for consideration

by the Board at its next meeting.

Felicia Braxton, Student Body President at WNCC/N Campus,

reported that the athletic program for WNCC is very limited

and is totally supported by student fees. Interest in the

program is very high among the students, and approximately

30% of the student government budget goes to the program.

Mr. Buchanan moved that the Board go on record as approving

an experimental program of intercollegiate athletics for

the Community Colleges, at no cost to Community College

students, with funding for women's and men's basketball

teams at CCCC to be provided from private funding to be

raised from boosters or other donors.

Chancellor Baepler noted that the committees are approxi-

mately one month away from submitting a report to the Board

and suggested that action at this point might preempt the

work of those committees.

It was agreed that the motion had died for lack of a second

and the matter could be further discussed at such time as

committees reports are ready for consideration by the Board.

25. Proposal for Center for Applied Computer Science, UNLV

President Dixon presented a proposal from the College of

Science, Mathematics and Engineering for creation of a

Center for Applied Computer Science, with Dr. Stephan W.

Sherman, Associate Professor of Mathematics, as Director.

He noted that there are students and faculty within the

Mathematical Sciences Department who would benefit from

working on computer problems drawn from outside the Univer-

sity. Conversely, the Department has a reservoir of exper-

tise which can be offered on a contract basis to other or-

ganizations needing it. Dr. Dixon pointed out that the

proposed Center would require no space, facilities or money

beyond what is regularly available to the Department of

Mathematics. It would not operate a data processing serv-

ice, but would compete for contracts for solving programming

problems. For example, Dr. Dixon noted that the EPA labora-

tory in Las Vegas will experience staff cutbacks in comput-

ing that will force it to contract out for the services to

be offered by the Center. President Dixon requested ap-

proval of the Center as proposed. Chancellor Baepler


Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc Bride,

carried without dissent.

26. Proposed New Department of Public Administration, UNLV

President Dixon recalled that in January he had presented

a proposal for a new Department of Public Administration,

to be accomplished by a separation of the Public Administra-

tion Program from the Department of Political Science. He

requested approval of the Board. Chancellor Baepler


Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Miss Mason,

carried without dissent.

27. Claim for Damages Filed by Margaret and Leonard Bielawski

General Counsel Lessly noted the inclusion on the agenda

of a claim filed on behalf of Margaret and Leonard B.

Bielawski against the University of Nevada System, Stephen

Nielsen (an instructor at UNLV), and Sheila Garsombke and

Stephen A. Solomon, both students at UNLV. (Claim identi-

fied as Ref. T and filed with permanent minutes.)

Counsel Lessly recommended that the Board take no action on

this claim.

Mr. Ross moved that no action be taken by the Board. Motion

seconded by Mrs. Fong, carried without dissent.

28. Addition to Dickinson Library, UNLV

Chancellor Baepler recalled that in 1977 the Legislature

authorized the issuance by the University of revenue bonds

for $5.1 million to finance the addition to the Dickinson

Library. New legislation is now being prepared which will

greatly expand the base for revenue bonds and make them

more saleable and, hopefully, at a lower rate of interest.

If this new legislation is approved in time, the bonds can

be sold on more favorable terms. If the bonds need to be

sold before passage of the amended legislation, Dr. Baepler

suggested that the alternative of an interim debenture

should be explored, with that debenture to be paid off when

the bonds are eventually sold under the new legislation.

Chancellor Baepler requested authority to proceed with a

debenture of $5.1 million, to be repaid upon sale of the

revenue bonds, or failing to negotiate such a debenture, to

proceed with the issuance of revenue bonds either under the

current or amended legislation depending on the timing of

legislative action.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Karamanos, carried without dissent.

29. Report on Grant Hall Remodeling, UNLV

Chancellor Baepler noted that there had been some recent

press coverage on the remodeling of Grant Hall, and although

the problem has been substantially alleviated, be believed

the Regents would wish to hear a report.

Dr. Dixon commented on the unseasonably cold weather which

Las Vegas has experienced recently which has further compli-

cated the conditions existing in Grant Hall during the re-

modeling. He noted that the heating and air-conditioning

systems in that building are out of service until the Fall

semester, but the University has been assured that they will

be operable by the first day of classes in September. Sum-

mer programs which are normally offered in Grant Hall will

either be moved to other space temporarily or the classes

will not be offered.

Dr. Dixon recalled that the 1977 Legislature appropriated

$928,000 for physical plant improvements, including heating,

cooling and air handling systems in Grant Hall. This is a

major contract under the control of the State Public Works

Board. In order to allow the contractor the required 150

days to complete the work, there was no choice but to begin

February 1 in order to assure a fully operable plant for

the Fall semester, when weather conditions require air con-

ditioning, and when more students are served than is the

case in the Spring.

In an attempt to alleviate the discomfort caused by lack of

heat in the building, the University purchased and install-

ed 50 electric space heaters.

Dr. Dixon further pointed out that this remodeling will cor-

rect the air handling and temperature control problems in

Grant Hall but will not correct the fundamentally poor con-

ditions under which instruction in the Arts is offered; that

situation will only be corrected by the construction of the

new building which is included in the capital improvement

program now before the Legislature.

Mrs. Fong asked for a report from Chancellor Baepler con-

cerning her request for him to talk to the State Public

Works Board in an effort to get the contractors to arrange

their schedules around class schedules, that is, before

and after classes.

Dr. Baepler pointed out that such irregular work schedules

would incur overtime rates that would make the costs


30. CSUN Constitution

President Dixon presented a proposed revision of the CSUN

Constitution as prepared by CSUN (identified as Ref. V and

filed with permanent minutes). President Dixon recommended

approval. Chancellor Baepler concurred.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Karamanos, carried without dissent.

It was requested that a summary of the changes made in the

CSUN Constitution as reflected in the revision be prepared

and forwarded to the Board.

31. Report of Investment Advisory Committee

Mr. Karamanos, Chairman of the Investment Advisory Commit-

tee, reported the following actions by the Committee:

1. Recommended that Valley Bank of Nevada be authorized to

sell, within the next month or so, the following bonds:

Present Approximate Gain/

SELL Price Mkt. Value Cost Loss

100M U. S. Treasury

Bonds 8 3/4% due

11/15/08 97 1/4 $ 97,250.00 $ 98,032.00 $( 782.00)

150M U. S. Treasury

Bonds 8 1/2% due

5/15/99 95 1/8 142,687.00 146,625.00 (3,938.00)

$239,937.00 $244,657.00 $(4,720.00)

2. Recommended that First National Bank of Nevada be au-

thorized to sell $400,000 par value of corporate bonds

and use the proceeds to buy $450,000 par value of longer

term government bonds. The details of these transactions

are as follows:

Approx. Approx. Antic. Mkt. Gain

Units Security Price Value Income Yield Loss


100,000 Aetna Business Credit 8-3/4

PV Due 7/15/83 97 97,000 8,750 9.02 ( 3,000)

100,000 Eaton Credit Corp. 8-1/2

PV Due 7/15/84 95 95,000 8,500 8.95 ( 5,875)

100,000 European Coal & Steel 8-3/8

PV Due 2/15/83 97 97,000 8,375 8.63 ( 2,625)

100,000 European Coal & Steel 8-5/8

PV Due 5/1/84 97 97,000 8,625 8.89 ( 1,000)

------ ----- ---- -------

386,000 34,250 8.87 (12,500)


450,000 U. S. Treasury Bonds,

7-5/8 Due 2007 86 387,000 34,313 8.87

Dr. Lombardi moved approval of the actions of the Committee.

Motion seconded by Miss Mason, carried without dissent.

32. Design of Dairy Facility, UNR

President Crowley reported that the College of Agriculture

wishes to construct a dairy facility on the site formerly

known as the Jones Ranch. The specialized needs of the

project require that the design group retained must have

expertise in solving problems of waste resulting from a

dairy operation. President Crowley recommended the follow-

ing nominees be submitted to the State Public Works Board,

from which a design group for the dairy facility will be


1. Watersource Consulting Engineers, Reno, Nevada

2. Walters Engineering, Reno, Nevada

Chancellor Baepler recommended approval.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc

Bride, carried without dissent.

33. Proposed Change in Managerial Group

Chancellor Baepler recalled that in 1977, in response to

a request from the U. S. Energy and Research Development

Administration, a Managerial Group for the University of

Nevada System was established to negotiate, execute and

administer contracts involving classified information.

That Managerial Group consisted of the Chancellor and the

Presidents of UNR, UNLV and DRI. At the same meeting, the

Board adopted a resolution excluding Regents from access to

classified information.

Chancellor Baepler recommended adoption of a new resolution

to reflect the 2 new Regents and to reaffirm the Managerial

Group, including the above-named Officers and the Security

Officer, as follows:


BE IT RESOLVED that the following Officers of the University

of Nevada System shall be known as the Managerial Group as

described in the Industrial Security Manual for Safeguarding

Classified Information:

Chancellor, University of Nevada System

President, University of Nevada, Reno

President, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

President, Desert Research Institute

UNS Security Officer

AND BE IT RESOLVED that these Officers, acting as the Mana-

gerial Group, have been processed or will be processed for

a personnel clearance for access to classified information

to the level of the facility clearance granted to this in-

stitution, as provided for in the aforementioned Industrial

Security Manual;

AND BE IT RESOLVED that the said Managerial Group is hereby

delegated all of the Board's duties and responsibilities

pertaining to the protection of classified information under

classified contracts of the Department of Defense or User

Agencies of its Industrial Security Program awarded to the

University of Nevada System;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the following members of

the Board of Regents shall not require, shall not have, and

can be effectively excluded from access to all classified

information in the possession of the University of Nevada

System, and do not occupy positions that would enable them

to affect adversely the policies and practices of the Uni-

versity of Nevada System in the performance of classified

contracts for the Department of Defense or User Agencies

of its Industrial Security Program, awarded to the Univer-

sity of Nevada System, and need not be processed for a

personal clearance:

James L. Buchanan, II Louis E. Lombardi, M. D.

Robert A. Cashell Brenda D. Mason

Lilly Fong John R. Mc Bride

Chris N. Karamanos John Tom Ross

Molly F. Knudtsen

Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Buchanan,

carried without dissent.

34. Chancellor's Report

Chancellor Baepler reported that hearings on the budget for

the University will begin next week. As bills are received

which affect the University, particularly the organizational

structure of the System and the Board, copies will be sent

to the Board.

35. New Business Introduced By Regents

(1) Mr. Mc Bride reported that the ad hoc committee on the

selection of an independent auditor had agreed that a

Regents Standing Committee on Audits should be consid-

ered. Accordingly, he rquested the Board's review of

a study by Price Waterhouse & Company, entitled The

Audit Committee, and that consideration be given to an

appropriate revision of the Board's Bylaws to estab-

lish such a standing committee. It was agreed that a

proposed revision of the Bylaws would be prepared by

the staff for consideration at the next regular meeting

of the Board.

(2) Mr. Karamanos requested that a committee be appointed

to review the University Code with the purpose of pro-

posing amendments to clarify and update the document.

It was suggested that a committee should also look at

the Board of Regents Bylaws.

(3) Mrs. Fong recalled that the Board had allocated funds

to hire a consultant to do a Health Manpower Study but

had not yet received a report from that consultant.

Chancellor Baepler recalled that a letter reporting the

status of the study had been sent to Mrs. Fong earlier

in response to her request and agreed that a duplicate

of the letter would be provided to her.

The meeting adjourned at 2:45 P.M.

Bonnie M. Smotony

Secretary to the Board