UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 20-21, 1889


Volume OB - Pages 68-69

                 Office of the Board of Regents

                   of the State University of

                      the State of Nevada

                          Reno, Nevada

                      February 20th, 1889

At a regular meeting of the Board of Regents, this day held,

there were present, Regents T. H. Wells, H. L. Fish, and E. T.


The following resolution was offered by Regent Fish, and unani-

mously adopted, to wit:

     RESOLVED, that T. H. Wells, President of this Board, be and

     hereby is appointed and authorized by the Board, to execute

     a bond to the United States of America, in the final sum of

     Thirty Three Hundred and Sixty ($3360) Dollars, secured by

     two sufficient sureties, conditioned for the safe-keeping,

     accounting for and return to the Secretary of War of the

     United States, or to such Officer or person as he may desig-

     nate, to receive them, of the following arms, to, heretofore

     and hereby, requested to be issued by said Secretary of War,

     to said State University, for the Military instruction and

     practice of the students thereof, to wit:

     100 Springfield Cadet Rifles cal. 45, @ $13.12 ea. $1312.00

     100 Headless Shell Retractors,        @ $  .30 ea.    30.00

     100 Screwdrivers                      @ $  .24 ea.    24.00

     100 Wooden Wiping Rods                @ $  .13 ea.    13.00

      20 Tumbler Punches                   @ $  .15 ea.     3.00

       5 Spring Vises                      @ $  .28 ea.     1.40

       5 Arm Chests                        @ $ 6.00 ea.    30.00

     100 Bayonet Scabbards, Cadet Std.     @ $  .90 ea.    90.00

     100 Cartridge Boxes, Mc Keever        @ $ 1.22 ea.   122.00

     100 Waist Belts and Plates            @ $  .54 ea.    54.00

                                            Total Value  1679.40

     And that he secure, at earliest convenience, the proper

     approval of said bond, and forward the same to the Hon.

     Secretary of War, Washington, D. C.

Which resolution was unanimously adopted.

The Board then adjourned, after approval of its present minutes.

                             T. H. Wells



Geo. N. Taylor