UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 18-19, 1983


Pages 31-58



February 18, 1983

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Pine Auditori-

um, Student Union, University of Nevada, Reno.

Members present: Mr. John R. Mc Bride, Chairman

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mr. Rollan Melton

Mrs. Jo Ann Sheerin

Mrs. June F. Whitley

Mrs. Joan Kenney via Teleconference

Members absent: Mr. Chris Karamanos

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President Jack Davis, WNCC

President Judith Eaton, CCCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

President Clifford Murino, DRI

Vice President Tony Calabro, TMCC

Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairs Curry (UNR), Warburton

(DRI), Jones (UNLV), Heise (CCCC), Horton (NNCC), Lambert (TMCC)

and Wycoff (Unit), and Student Association Officers.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mc Bride at 9:30 A.M.

1. Adoption of the Consent Agenda

Adoption of the Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A, and

filed with permanent minutes) containing the following items

as recommended:

(1) Approved the minutes of the regular meeting of Janu-

ary 7-8, 1983.

(2) Accepted gifts and grants as contained in Ref. C-1

and filed with the permanent minutes.

Accepted the gift of an 8V-71 Detroit Diesel engine

from Sierra Detroit Diesel Allison, Inc. for the

purpose of NNCC's training program.

(3) Approved an extension of sick leave benefits for the

1983 Spring semester for Hazel Hardy, Associate Pro-

fessor at UNR.

(4) Approved an extension of leave of absence for an ad-

ditional year through June 30, 1984, for Dr. James L.

Walter, Director of the Bureau of Business and Eco-

nomic Research, UNR, who is working with the Agency

for International Development in Haiti.

(5) Approved the authorization to re-issue to Harris Trust

and Savings Bank revenue bonds and coupons, which the

trust company had lost, for Clark County Community

College Learning Resources Center. See Ref. C-5 filed

with the permanent minutes.

(6) Approved the appointment of Dr. Thomas Sharkey as the

Acting Executive Director of the Bioresources Center,

DRI, for the period February 14, 1983 through August

12, 1983 during Dr. Barry Osmond's absence. Dr.

Osmond will, per his contractual arrangements with

DRI, be spending that period engaged in research at

the Australian National University in Canberra.

(7) Approved authorization to transfer $65,000 from Board

of Regents Special Project Fund to Legal Fees.

(8) Approved a 10-foot wide easement for underground

electrical service beginning at the underground line

immediately south of the Business Services building

at UNLV going to the northwest entrance of the Center.

At this point the Nevada Power Company will be in-

stalling a transformer vault that is 39' by 15'.

(9) Accepted a gift of 2 shares of General Electric stock

and authorized its sale so the proceeds may be given

to the UNR Library for the Glen H. Clark Memorial

Fund, in compliance with the donor's wishes.

(10) Approved the award of a construction contract to

Holcomb Construction Company, Inc. for the construc-

tion of a tennis backstop in the amount of $24,438 in

conjunction with UNR's NSF Grant #CEE 8118429. This

is a deviation from the bidding process inasmuch as

this is part of a research project being conducted in

the Civil Engineering Department. See Ref. C-10,

filed with the permanent minutes.

Mrs. Fong moved for adoption of the Consent Agenda. Mrs.

Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

2. Report of the Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee met on February 17, 1983 and

Mrs. Gallagher, Chair, submitted the following report and


(1) Approved to locate the ROTC program at UNLV in the Col-

lege of Education. This program had not previously

been located in an individual program.

(2) Accepted the reports from Vice Chancellor Fox on

Systemwide needs in high technology, titled "Higher

Education and High Technology in Nevada", and a sum-

mary of Campus computing and high technology needs.

The Committee commended Dr. Fox and Dr. Karen Pinkham,

who assisted with research and presentation, for their

excellent report.

(3) Accepted the Comprehensive Program Review and recom-

mendations contained therein for UNR titled "An Agenda

for Excellence, Academic Planning in a Time of Limited

Resources", presented by President Joseph Crowley and

Vice President Richard Davies, commending them and

their associates for a very thorough job frought with

many difficult decisions, which will strengthen the

UNR Campus.

Dr. Crowley noted that the report involved much par-

ticipation, included graduate program review and a

reallocation of resources, although it was not done

with the view of reducing funding for programs.

Dr. James Richardson, Department of Sociology, UNR,

and Dr. E. Grotegut, Foreign Language Department, UNR,

presented statements in opposition to UNR's Compre-

hensive Program Review Report.

It was noted that a Systemwide approach be used in

comprehensive program reviews and that the Univer-

sities and Colleges must take a position of leadership

in shifting resources to meet the needs of Nevada.

UNLV plans to make a progress report on their program

review at the April or June, 1983, Board meeting and

it was requested that the Community Colleges should

also present their comprehensive program review reports

to the Board soon in order that the Board can then take

a Systemwide approach to planning.

Mrs. Gallagher moved for acceptance of this portion of the

report and recommendations. Mrs. Fong seconded. Motion


Mrs. Gallagher then moved that the amendments to the Uni-

versity of Nevada System Code, originally proposed and cir-

culated by the Academic Affairs Committee on December 3,

1982, as subsequently revised by the Committee during its

meeting of January 31, 1983 and as recommended the change

to the full Board by the Committee, be adopted, to be

effective immediately, except that Subsections 3.4.2 and

4.4.2 and Sections 5.7 and 5.12 shall go into effect on

July 1, 1983. Mrs. Fong seconded the motion.

On December 3, 1982 the Board of Regents adopted numerous

amendments to the University of Nevada System Code. In so

acting, the Board adopted the amendments contained in the

September 24, 1982 draft Code which was circulated to the

Officers and Faculty Chairs of the University of Nevada

System. At its December 3 meeting the Board circulated

additional amendments to the Code based on recommendations

forwarded from the Academic Affairs Committee after its

November 29, 1982 meeting with the Officers and Faculty

Chairs of the University of Nevada System. The Officers

and Faculty Chairs were directed to report their written

comments on the November 29 amendments by no later than

January 3, 1983.

However, Academic Affairs Committee Chairman Dorothy S.

Gallagher subsequently extended this time limit until Janu-

ary 31, 1983, with a proposed meeting of the Academic Af-

fairs Committee to discuss such comments set for February

2, 1983. The reason for this extension was to take into

account the semester break and holidays occurring during

the month of December and early January. Due to scheduling

conflicts, the Faculty Chairs and Regent Gallagher subse-

quently reset the time limit for comments on the amendments

from the Officers and Faculty Chairs to January 27, 1983,

with a meeting of the Academic Affairs Committee reset for

January 31, 1983.

The Faculty Chairs submitted unified comments concerning

the proposed amendments to the Code on January 26, 1983,

with the Desert Research Institute Faculty Senate submit-

ting additional comments earlier on January 24, 1983. The

Officers of the University of Nevada System offered no ad-

ditional written comments.

In the meantime, Regent Gallagher sent a memorandum to the

faculty of the University of Nevada System on December 15,

1982, inviting the faculty to send written comments on the

Code amendments directly to the Academic Affairs Committee

by no later than January 31, 1983. Comments were received

by the Committee under this invitation from:

1. Dr. Robert Kinney, Associate Dean of Students, UNR

2. Dr. Lorne Seidman, faculty member, UNLV

3. Dr. Robert M. Daugherty, Dean of the University of

Nevada School of Medicine

4. Dr. Paul Mc Reynolds, faculty member, UNR

5. Dr. William T. Scott, Professor Emeritus, UNR

6. Dr. Boyd Earl, faculty member, UNLV

7. Dr. John S. Wright, Professor Emeritus, UNLV

8. The Student Services Directors, UNR

9. The UNR Chapter of the American Association of

University Professors

10. The UNLV Chapter of the American Association of

University Professors

On January 31, 1983 the Academic Affairs Committee met with

the Officers and the Faculty Chairs of the University of

Nevada System to discuss the proposed amendments to the

Code. As a result of comments received, additional changes

were agreed to in the proposed amendments by the Committee.

Afterward, a draft of the Code, identical to the one at-

tached to this report, containing the proposed amendments,

as revised, were distributed by the General Counsel at the

Committee's direction. Copies of the draft were mailed to

the Faculty Chairs on February 2, 1983, copies were distrib-

uted to the Regents at their special meeting on February 3,

1983, and copies were distributed to the Officers of the

System by no later than February 7, 1983.

The Academic Affairs Committee submitted the above report

to the Board of Regents, together with the attached draft

of the recommended University of Nevada System Code. Rec-

ommendations were submitted to the full Board for adoption

of the amendments and for actions to be taken which are

necessary to implement the Code.

In the Committee meeting Mrs. Sheerin proposed an amendment

to the Code in Section 5.4.5 which died for lack of a sec-


Mrs. Gallagher moved to amend and Mrs. Fong seconded:

5.4.5 Mental or Physical Examination

(a) Whenever a President has a reasonable basis to be-

lieve that a faculty member's mental or physical

condition is such that the condition poses a haz-

ard to life, limb or property or renders a faculty

member unable to perform the faculty member's du-

ties, the President, at the System institution's

expense, may require the faculty member to submit

to a medical examination by a physician of the

President's choosing. The findings and recommenda-

tions upon such examination shall be reported to

the President and may be referred to and considered

in all personnel actions involving the faculty


(b) The faculty member, at the faculty member's own

expense, may also undergo a medical examination by

a physician of the faculty member's own choosing.

The findings and recommendations of such examina-

tion, if submitted to the President by the faculty

member, shall also be referred to and considered

in all personnel actions involving the faculty


General Counsel Klasic stated that yesterday at the Academic

Affairs Committee meeting, he had had doubts about the mo-

tion Mrs. Sheerin had proposed and that his first reaction

was negative. Further, he stated he wasn't sure whether

the term "medical" clearly meant a mental exam as well as

a physical exam, that an argument could be made either way,

and that it could invite litigation.

Upon returning to the office and doing some research, he

discovered the following:

Black's Law Dictionary (5th Ed. 1979) at p. 885, defines

"medical" as pertaining, relating or belonging to the

study and practice of medicine. Webster's New Collegi-

ate Dictionary (1980) at p. 708 defines it the same way.

NRS 630.020 defines "practice of medicine" as to diag-

nose, treat, correct or prescribe for any human disease,

ailment, injury, infirmity, deformity or other condi-

tion, physical or mental, by any means or instrumenta-


NRS 630.014 also defines the term "physician" in such a

manner as to include psychiatrists.

At this point, Mr. Klasic felt that to use the words "medi-

cal examination by a physician" in place of the disputed

words, would still clearly allow an order for mental or

physical examinations.

Further research disclosed to Mr. Klasic that a Supreme

Court in another state found that a school district had

the right to order a teacher to take a mental examination

under a statute which authorized school districts to order

medical examinations by physicians under the proper circum-


Therefore, Mr. Klasic did recommend the language as proposed

in the amendment submitted by Regent Gallagher and feels

that it is a solution to the concerns expressed. He did

want to make clear, however, and did ask that it be so

stated in these minutes so that there would be no doubt

about this point, that the proposed language is only a

semantic change, and not a substantive change. Under the

proposed language, and under the conditions stated in the

Section, a President still has a right to order a mental

examination of a faculty member by a psychiatrist of the

President's choosing, or a physical examination by a regu-

lar medical doctor.

Motion carried.

Mrs. Gallagher then moved to adopt the Code as amended, and

as further amended this date. (See Ref. E, filed with the

permanent minutes.) Mrs. Fong seconded. Ms. Del Papa

abstained. Motion carried.

Faculty Senate Chair, Dr. Richard Curry, UNR, stated that

there were several areas of concern yet to be discussed.

He felt that there would be goodwill and cooperation dur-

ing tenure review and faculty evaluation. He still ques-

tioned the medical provision in that if a faculty member

were sent to a psychiatrist for a mental examination and

found mentally healthy that it would have a very serious

repercussion on that faculty member's performance to exe-

cute duties and could result in litigation. He urged that

no one consider sending a faculty member to a psychiatrist

without a medical examination.

Chairman Mc Bride stated that the Board will consider fur-

ther amendments that need to be made when practice shows

that there is an unworkable provision. For the record,

Chairman Mc Bride stated that our country was founded on

compromise, that we enjoy our freedom today with compromise,

and that it was compromise which went into developing this

Code. Chairman Mc Bride also stated he appreciated being

able to serve on this Committee and, in response to Dr.

Curry's comment, he further stated that a code is a code,

and that we have to depend on the people who interpret it,

which in many cases are going to be the Presidents of our

institutions. He stressed that we all must have that feel-

ing of trust in these Presidents that they will make the

right judgement.

Faculty Senate Chair, Dr. Gary Jones, UNLV, stated his ap-

preciation for the opportunity to have input into the proc-

ess of revising the Code and recognized the fact that there

have been changes from the Code as originally proposed in

September, 1982; however, the faculty at UNLV still find

that the Code contains some objectionable elements and

feels, therefore, that it is unacceptable. The faculty did

not encourage the Board to not adopt the changes that have

been made thus far, but Dr. Jones expects the UNLV Faculty

Senate will within the next few weeks be submitting to the

Board a series of amendments under Article 1.3.3a, which

they feel necessary to make the Code academically and edu-

cationally sound.

Faculty Senate Chair, Dr. John Heise, CCCC, stated that he,

too, was very appreciative of all the items that have mutu-

ally winning language. He was especially appreciative of

deleting the word "psychiatrist" and felt that this was an

excellent move; however, there must be more. He compared

the Board of Regents to a football team, the offensive

line, and each System institution as the running backs,

and stated that it was the Board's responsibility as the

offensive line to clear the way for the various running

backs -- not to turn around and tackle them. He believed

that this Code will impede, if not stop, the teamwork

between the two groups. He felt that it was ludicrous to

fire a good tenured faculty member; that it was impossible

to judge implied insubordination and yet discipline those

who are changed with implied insubordination. Further he

felt this Code is causing excellent faculty to leave Nevada

and wondered whether equally excellent faculty will take

their places. Dr. Heise feels there is definitely a need

to continue to work on this Code to restore Nevada as a

positive University System in which to work.

Faculty Senate Chair, Dr. Joseph Warburton, DRI, stated he

enjoyed working with the Academic Affairs Committee and be-

lieved that in every case, with the exception of 5.4.5,

that every DRI concern brought before the Board was accept-

ed. In discussing the Section 5.4.5, Psychiatric Examina-

tion, he stated that the DRI's faculty were adamantly op-

posed to that particular Section, they were very supportive

of Mrs. Sheerin's comments, and appreciative of the changes

made today, but urged Regents to closely monitor to be cer-

tain that those responsible adhere to the letter of the


Faculty Senate Chair, Ms. Mary Ann Lambert, TMCC, stated

that changes still were needed and will be forthcoming.

She acknowledged the cooperation of the Committee in work-

ing with the Faculty Senate Chairs, but felt all Regents

and others within the System should be made aware of the

extensive time and effort expended by Faculty Senate Chairs.

Faculty Senate Chair, Doris Dwyer, WNCC, stated that on

behalf of the faculty at WNCC she would like to express the

appreciation for the process that has taken place this year.

The faculty at WNCC has had a chance to discuss the amend-

ments to the Code and although the Senate did not approve

the original Code that was passed in December, 1982, and

still do not, the faculty members would like to go on record

as being in favor of the amendments that have been attached

to that Code. She further expressed appreciation for the

opportunity for real give and take between the Regents and

the faculty members and hoped that discussion for changes

the faculty feels are important can take place.

Chairman Mc Bride stated for the record that, since the

initial Code development, the Board has accepted over 193

significant changes to the Code and further stated that

there had been give and take in those discussions and that

the Board is open for suggestions.

Mrs. Gallagher moved to accept the Code as amended. Mrs.

Fong seconded. Ms. Del Papa abstained. Motion carried.

Mrs. Fong stated for the the record that the Code is not

written in stone; and that this country and this State is

governed by laws and statutes that are due to evolving and

changing circumstances, and this Code, too, shall change

with the circumstances.

Mrs. Fong presented the Board with a resolution that read

as follows:


Each institution and the appropriate unit within the

University of Nevada System is hereby directed to

complete a revision of its Bylaws so that they are

in full compliance with the new Code. The President

of each institution shall submit these Bylaws to the

Board of Regents for approval by September 1, 1983.

Mrs. Gallagher moved for approval of the resolution of new

Bylaws for each institution. Mrs. Whitley seconded. Motion


Mrs. Sheerin presented the Board with a resolution that

read as follows:


The recent Code adopted by this Board calls for a new

criteria to be used for evaluation of faculty effective

July 1, 1983. In the case of continued employment of

non-tenured faculty members in a position now still

eligible for tenure, evaluations completed for proba-

tionary years prior to July 1, 1983 shall be included

and reviewed along with evaluations completed under

the new Code when review and recommendations for tenure

is made.

Mrs. Gallagher moved for approval of the resolution on

evaluation of faculty. Mrs. Fong seconded. Motion carried.

Mrs. Whitley stated that if a faculty member should be re-

quired to have a psychiatric evaluation it will be held in

strict confidence between that member and the President.

3. Report of the Budget Committee

The Budget Committee met on February 17, 1982 and Ms. Del

Papa, Chair, submitted the following report and recommenda-


(1) Mr. Art Kess of the Washoe Unit of the American Cancer

Society presented a proposal to increase the ticket

price for the basketball games between UNR and UNLV to

be held in the new pavilion, with the increase to be

used as a fund raising project for both the Campuses

and the American Cancer Society. This proposal will

placed on a future agenda for discussion.

(2) Approved the use of Capital Improvement Project Funds

at NNCC for the following:

A. To finance building of two storage sheds

(Art Barn and Diesel Shop) by second

semester construction class $7,500

B. Completion of Art Barn $3,000

(3) Approved the following revision in the Handbook, Chap-

ter 13, Section 7.2 on Deferred Payment Policy at UNR:

Contracts for deferred payment of room and board

costs and/or registration fees which are in excess

of $200 are available during the registration peri-

od. Approximately 1/2 of the total due is payable

upon registration. The balance is due and payable

not later than Friday of the 6th week of instruc-

tion. This option is available during the Fall and

Spring semesters only. Any unpaid balance on a

deferred fee payment becomes a student accounts re-

ceivable on the due date and is treated as an of-

fical fee hold for future registration and tran-

script privileges. A penalty fee of $10 per $100

(or fraction thereof) is charged on the deferred

balance not paid by the due date.

Vice Chancellor Dawson requested that all institutions

review the policy for possible Systemwide adoption.

(4) Approved to amend the Concert Hall Rentals budget at

UNLV because of the increased activities in the Concert

Hall as follows:

Previous Amended

Budget Budget


Estimated Opening Cash Balance $ 4,150 $ 14,528

Total Estimated Income 33,000 53,000

Total Revenue $ 37,150 $ 67,528

Estimated Expenditures

Professional Salaries $ 0 $ 2,000

Classified Salaries 0 0

Wages 17,500 29,500

Estimated Fringe Charges 175 570

Estimated Operating Expenditures 12,000 23,000

Out-of-State Travel 2,000 2,000

Total Estimated Expenditures $ 31,675 $ 57,070

Estimated Ending Fund Balance $ 5,475 $ 10,458

Total Expenditures & Ending

Fund Balance $ 37,150 $ 62,528

(5) Accepted the report of Budget Transfers, December 31,

1982, from Business Center North. See Ref. B-4A, filed

with the permanent minutes.

Accepted the report of Budget Transfers, December 31,

1982; from Business Center South. See Ref. B-4B, filed

with permanent minutes.

(6) Accepted the report on Resources Allocation Comparison

from Business Center North. See Ref. B-5A, filed with

the permanent minutes.

Accepted the report on Resources Allocation Comparison

from Business Center South. See Ref. B-5B, filed with

the permanent minutes.

(7) Approved the use of CLP funds to hire the architects,

Nespor Associates, for the sum of $8300 for scope of

work, specifications, construction and bid documents,

and general supervision for maintenance and improve-

ments at the Community College and Fallon Campuses of


(8) Accepted the presentation from Bernard J. Mikell, Jr.

and Robert Barengo who represent Goldman, Sachs & Co.

concerning the long-term financing of the UNR and UNLV

special events centers.

Approved the following resolution:


THE BOARD OF REGENTS hereby accepts the proposal

of Goldman, Sachs & Co. to present the Board with

a Tax-Exempt Leveraged Lease Program for the UNR

and UNLV special events centers.

THE BOARD OF REGENTS requests staff to review and

analyze the proposed financing and the impact on

the budgets, look at estimated rental schedule,

and outline the legal and financial actions recom-

mended to the Board.

THE BOARD further understands that implementation

of the program is subject and conditional on the

amendment of certain State laws and the acceptance

by the Board of final terms and conditions.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the Budget Committee report

and recommendations as Resolution #83-4. Seconded by Mrs.

Gallagher. Mrs. Fong accepted the report except for item 1

because of an unending list of charitable oganizations who

will want Board assistance in the future for their fund

raising. Motion carried.

4. Report of the Investment Advisory Committee

The Investment Advisory Committee met on February 17, 1983,

with Mrs. Fong, Chair, submitting the following report and


(1) Approved the request to increase total return on in-

vestments from 8% to 10%.

(2) Received reports from Mr. Glen Bodell and Mr. Tom

Josephsen, First Interstate Bank; Mr. John Chrissinger,

Nevada National Bank, who introduced Ms. Francine

Sharp, also of Nevada National Bank; Ms. Judy Toland,

Security Bank of Nevada, who introduced Mr. Murray

Foster, who will also be reporting on investments

from Security Bank of Nevada in the future.

(3) Discussed the possibility of quarterly Investment

Advisory Committee meetings with action to be taken

at the March meeting.

(4) Reports to be made to the Investment Advisory Committee

at the March meeting will be:

A. I. P. A. report by Mr. Roger Honour;

B. American Investors Management report by Mr. Lew

Shuman; and

C. Endowment fund report by Vice Chancellor Dawson.

Mr. Melton moved for approval. Seconded by Mrs. Whitley.

Motion carried.

5. Report of the Audit Committee

The Audit Committee met on February 17, 1982, and Mrs.

Whitley, Chair, submitted the following report and recom-


(1) Accepted the report on financial statements for the

UNS for the year ended June 30, 1982, from Mr. Harry

Miltenberger of Kafoury, Armstrong & Co.

(2) Accepted a summary report from Internal Audit on the

internal audits completed for the quarter October

through December, 1982, from Internal Audit. See

Ref. A-3, filed with the permanent minutes.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Seconded by Mrs. Sheerin. Motion


6. Progress Report on Search for Vice President for Business,


President Crowley reported that 262 applications have been

received for the position of Vice President for Business

at UNR. 5 finalists were chosen, with 1 withdrawing. A

recommendation will be submitted at the March meeting.

Chairman Mc Bride congratulated the Search Committee.

7. Request for Project Transfer, UNR

President Crowley requested authorization to proceed with

transferring the F. J. Teggart Project, currently being

handled by the UNR Research and Educational Planning Center,

to the Grace Dangberg Foundation. This will include the

copyrights and materials developed by the project to date,

together with certain equipment purchased with project

funds. See Ref. B, filed with permanent minutes.

Miss Dangberg, who began the project at UNR, has now set

up her foundation for this and other educational projects.

She will, however, continue to work cooperatively with

the University on various undertakings.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval and authorization. Seconded

by Mrs. Sheerin. Motion carried.

President Goodall announced he has met with the Board of the

UNLV Alumni Association, as has the Board Chairman, and they

have voted unanimously to consider becoming the offical fund

raising arm for the UNLV Athletics Program and will soon be

ready to enter into negotiations with the Board.

President Goodall stated that he had met with the Las Vegas

Convention Authority and they are working on a financial

arrangement for UNLV to use the Silver Bowl next year.

8. Request for Appointments to Engineering Advisory Council,


President Goodall requested that the following individuals

be appointed to the UNLV Engineering Advisory Council:

Mr. Mikkel R. Anderson, URS Engineers

Mr. Ronald D. Bently, Sandia National Laboratories

Mr. Keith Grant, Nevada Power Company

Mr. Paul (Ken) Ortego, Fenix and Scisson, Inc.

Mr. Frederick R. Bently, EG&G Energy Measurements Group

Mr. Thomas Hardin, Pacific Engineering & Production

Company of Nevada

Mr. Edward Weintraub, REECo., Inc.

Mrs. Virginia E. Bax, VTM of Nevada

Mr. Thomas T. Beam, Engineer

Mrs. Whitley moved approval. Seconded by Ms. Del Papa.

Motion carried.

9. Request for Appointment to Foundation Board, TMCC

Vice President Tony Calabro requested approval for the

appointment of the following individuals to the TMCC

Foundation Board of Trustees:

Ms. Lynn S. Atcheson

Patricia D. Cafferata

Mr. Gerald W. Di Napoli

Mr. Theodore D. Gamboa

Mr. Robert F. Rusk

Mr. Belie Williams

Mrs. Kay Lee Nicholas

Mr. Terry Markwell

Ms. Del Papa moved approval. Seconded by Mrs. Gallagher.

Motion carried.

10. Request for Appointment to Advisory Board, NNCC

President Berg requested the appointment of Mr. David

Slagle, representing the Battle Mountain area, to the

NNCC Advisory Board.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval. Seconded by Mrs. Gallagher.

Motion carried.

11. Progress Report on Presidential Search at WNCC

Chairman Mc Bride appointed the following Regent ad hoc

Presidential Search Committee to begin the search for a

President at WNCC to replace Dr. Jack Davis, who has sub-

mitted his resignation effective June 30, 1983:

Mrs. Jo Ann Sheerin, Chair

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mrs. Dorothy Gallagher

Mr. Rollan Melton

Mrs. Sheerin, Chair, announced the following Institutional

Search Committee at WNCC which will work in an advisory

capacity to the Regents Committee:

Marcia Berasain, Dean of Instruction

Michelle Dondero, Dean of County Centers

Don Mc Daniel, Director of Financial Aid

Jim Kolsky, English Instructor

Ronald Panik, Science Instructor

Pat Peden, Automotive Instructor

Dale Pugsley, Media Resources Supervisor

Bonnie York, Business Occupations Instructor

Karen Silva, Student

Mary Regan, Alumnus

Jane Atkinson, Classified Representative

Mike Batesel, Classified Representative

12. Request for Approval of Appointment to Far West Laboratory

Chancellor Bersi requested approval of the re-appointment

of Dean Edward J. Cain, College of Education, UNR, for a

3-year term commencing June 1, 1983 on the Far West Labora-

tory for Educational Research and Development Board of

Directors. Dean Cain has served most ably in that capacity

for several years.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval. Seconded by Mrs. Gallagher.

Motion carried.

13. Recommendations for Promotion or Assignment to Rank

The following recommendations for promotion or assignment

to rank effective July 1, 1983 were submitted for prelimi-

nary approval, with action to be requested at the March 16,

1983 meeting:

A. University of Nevada, Las Vegas - President Goodall

recommended the following promotions, effective July 1,


Fred C. Albrecht, to Rank III, Alumni Office

Roger Arnold, to Associate Professor, Economics

(Business & Economics)

Catherine G. Bellver, to full Professor, Foreign Langu-

age (Arts & Letters)

Paul E. Burns, to Professor, History (Arts & Letters)

Sue Cunningham, to Assistant Professor, Nursing (Health


Anna Dean Kepper, to Rank III, Special Collections


Charles Levinson, to Professor, Hotel Administration

Nancy Master, to Rank II, Reference (Library)

Warren L. Mc Nab, to Professor, Health (Education)

Alan N. Miller, to Associate Professor, Management

(Business & Economics)

*M. L. (Tony) Miranda, to Associate Professor, Anthro-

pology/Ethnic Studies (Arts & Letters)

Allen A. Mori, to Professor, Special Education


*Lee T. Sido, to Associate Professor, Art (Arts &


Richard Lawrence Soule, to Associate Professor, Music

(Arts & Letters)

*John Stefanelli, to Associate Professor, Hotel Adminis-


Marianne R. Tortorici, to Professor, Radiological

Sciences (Health Sciences)

Maureen Vinnik, to Assistant Professor, Nursing (Health


B. University of Nevada, Reno - President Crowley recom-

mended the following promotions, effective July 1, 1983:

Mary B. Ansari, to Rank IV, Library

Gary J. Blomquist, to Professor of Biochemistry

*Sandra A. Daugherty, to Professor of Internal Medicine

Mary Anne Dolen, to Associate Professor of Nursing

*David Ehrke, to Associate Professor of Music

Catherine S. Fowler, to Professor of Anthropology

Ellen S. Fries, to Assistant Professor of Nursing

Larry J. Garside, to Rank IV, Nevada Bureau of Mines

& Geology (Mackay School of Mines)

Marilyn Goad, to Rank III, Cooperative Extension Service


Joan Gusman, to Rank II, Financial Aid (Student


Stephen W. Hall, to Professor of Internal Medicine

Elizabeth Hansot, to Professor of Political Science

Frank Hartigan, to Professor of History

Yoshiko Hendricks, to Rank IV, Library

William V. Howard, to Professor of Art

Thomas R. Kozel, to Professor of Microbiology

Kenneth J. Kurtz, to Associate Professor of Internal


A. Graydon Mc Grannahan III, to Associate Professor of


*Glenn C. Miller, to Rank III, Integrated Pest Management

Gordon Myer, to Rank III, Agricultural & Resource


Lu Ann Nissen, to Associate Professor of Home Economics

Carol A. Ort, to Associate Professor of Biology

Carol A. Parkhurst, to Rank III, Library

Medhi Saiidi-Movahhed, to Associate Professor Civil


Ronald L. Shane, to Rank III, Agricultural & Resource


Clifford J. Stratton, to Professor of Anatomy

*Gary L. Vinyard, to Associate Professor of Biology

Virginia Vogel, to Associate Professor of Speech &


Robert L. Winzeler, to Professor of Anthropology

*Emma E. Yancy, to Rank III, Cooperative Extension

Service (Agriculture)

C. Desert Research Institute - President Murino recommended

the following promotions, effective July 1, 1983:

Gary Keyser, Associate Research Engineer, to Rank III

(Atmospheric Sciences Center)

Rick Purcell, Associate Research Mechanical Engineer, to

Rank III (Atmospheric Sciences Center)

David Schorran, Research Associate Atmospheric Physicist

to Rank III (Atmospheric Sciences Center)

*Also recommended for tenure.

14. Recommendations for Award of Tenure

The following recommendations for award of tenure, effective

July 1, 1983, were submitted for preliminary approval, with

action to be requested at the March 16, 1983 meeting:

A. Clark County Community College - President Eaton recom-

mended award of tenure, effective July 1, 1983, to the


Raymond D. Rawson, Science & Health

B. Truckee Meadows Community College - President Eardley

recommended award of tenure, effective July 1, 1983,

to the following:

Lloyd A. Baker, Electronic Technology

Rita C. Gubanich, Business

Dennis D. Hennings, Industrial, Technical & Public


Maria Kilbourne, General & Developmental Education

William S. Newhall, Industrial, Technical & Public


Gabriel F. Perry, Industrial, Technical & Public


Maryjean A. Riel, Industrial, Technical & Public


Bernard Schopen, General Education

George Skivofilakas, Industrial, Technical & Public


Brad Tretten, Business/Management

C. Western Nevada Community College - President Davis

recommended award of tenure, effective July 1, 1983,

to the following:

Gilbert Ayarbe, Surveying Technology

Harold La Vigne, Art

Ronald P. Martin, Dean, Student Services

Cheryl Moreland, Nursing

Sandra Litkenhaus, Placement Counselor

Raymond Oster, Traffic Safety

James Pawluk, Welding Technology

Robert Pier, Automotive Technology

Michael Sady, Science

D. University of Nevada, Las Vegas - President Goodall

recommended award of tenure, effective July 1, 1983,

to the following:

James F. Adams, Psychology

David W. Emerson, Chemistry

Isabelle Emerson, Music

*M. L. (Tony) Miranda, Anthropology/Ethnic Studies

Claude M. Rand, Hotel Administration

Clinton H. Richards, Management

*Lee T. Sido, Art

*John Stefanelli, Hotel Administration

William N. Thompson, Management

Lawrence J. Tirri, Chemistry

Marlene Jane Zychowica, Psychological Counseling &


E. University of Nevada, Reno - President Crowley recom-

mended award of tenure, effective July 1, 1983, to

the following:

Michael E. Cleveland, Associate Professor of Music

*Sandra A. Daugherty, Associate Professor of Internal


Deborah Davis, Associate Professor of Psychology

*David Ehrke, Assistant Professor of Music

Christopher H. Exline, Associate Professor of Geography

Elizabeth A. Francis, Associate Professor of English

Denny A. Jones, Associate Professor of Chemical &

Metallurgical Engineering

Kenneth T. Maehara, Associate Professor of Medical


*Glenn C. Miller, Rank II, Integrated Pest Management

Stephen A. Moscove, Professor of Accounting & Informa-

tion Systems

Donald C. Noble, Professor of Geological Sciences

Lois J. Parker, Rank II, Counseling & Testing (Student


Marion M. Schrum, Professor and Dean of Nursing

Mark Simkin, Professor of Accounting & Information


*Gary L. Vinyard, Assistant Professor of Biology

Robert Watters, Associate Professor of Geological


*Emma E. Yancy, Rank II, Cooperative Extension Service,

Clark County (Agriculture)

Stephen St. Jeor, Associate Professor of Microbiology

*Also recommended for promotion in rank.

Chairman Mc Bride appointed the following Special Committee

on Tenure and Promotions:

Dorothy S. Gallagher, Chair

Lilly Fong

Joan Kenney

Jo Ann Sheerin

Chairman Mc Bride further stated that it was a proper func-

tion of the Academic Affairs Committee to perform this re-

view and analysis on a regular basis in the future, as well

as on other personnel recommendations to the Board. This

includes approval of appointment of upper level Administra-

tors below the level of President, approval of promotions

to associate professor and professor, appointment with

tenure and approval of sabbatical leave. He, therefore,

directed the General Counsel to prepare a proposed amend-

ment to the Regents Bylaws to establish such a review as

part of the duties of the Academic Affairs Committee.

This draft will be presented at the March meeting of the

Board, so that the Board may consider the matter and take

action at its April meeting.

Regent Fong added that Clark County Community College was

the only Campus that included the number of minorities

eligible for tenure and that number of minorities granted

tenure and requested all institutions to supply this in-

formation to the Board.

President Davis informed the Board that one minority was

eligible which WNCC is recommending.

15. Report on Legislation

Chancellor Bersi reported on the legislative activity

occurring in the 1983 Session.

The Council of Presidents submitted the following resolu-



We understand that the fundamental objective of Assembly

Joint Resolution 3 is to enhance the mission and role of

the Community Colleges in Nevada. We believe, however,

that the changes proposed by AJR 3 are not necessary at

this time to achieve that objective.

With leadership from the Board of Regents, most of the

problems in the Community College-University relations

have been resolved in recent years. Presidents, other

Administrators, faculty and staff have built strong,

cooperative, interinstitutional relationships in such

areas as articulation, joint programs, and shared serv-

ices and facilities. We believe further that the cur-

rent system of higher education encourages these co-

operative efforts and that the system envisioned by

AJR 3 could jeopardize such efforts.

We are convinced that students have been the primary

beneficiaries of the current governing structure and

that their interests and the partnerships that have

developed between and among institutions can be best

preserved and strengthened under the existing structure.

/s/ Judith Eaton, President

Clark County Community College

/s/ President Murino

Desert Research Institute

/s/ Pat Goodall, President

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

/s/ William Berg, President

Northern Nevada Community College

/s/ Joseph Crowley, President

University of Nevada, Reno

/s/ James Eardley, President

Truckee Meadows Community College

/s/ Jack Davis, President

Western Nevada Community College

Regent Sheerin congratulated the Presidents, Mr. Ron Sparks,

Chairman Mc Bride and Chancellor Bersi for their efforts on

behalf of the System.

Mrs. Kenney, who had been taking part in the meeting via tele-

conference from Texas, was excused from the meeting.

16. Report of the Long-Range Planning Committee on Athletics,


The UNR Committee, Chaired by Mr. George Allison, submitted

a report and presented recommendations.

Mr. George Allison, Chairman, Long-Range Planning Committee

on Athletics, UNR, introduced Committee members Mr. Pat

Cashill, Dr. Joe Libke, Mr. Luther Mack, Mr. Denny Mandell

and Ms. May Shelton. Mrs. Gail Brunetti and Dr. Dale

Whiddett could not be present. Mr. Allison expressed ap-

preciation for staff members Dr. Bill Wallace, Dr. Warren

Fox, Mr. Dick Trachok and Ms. Diana Ogilvie for their serv-

ice to the Committee. He submitted the following report:

Approximately 15 meetings were held, each lasting 3-4 hours.

The written report, identified as Ref. F and filed with the

permanent minutes, contains 3 areas of major concern: fi-

nancial, academic and general.

The introduction to the report reads in part:

...Members of the Commission believe that intercollegi-

ate athletics is a vital part of the University's edu-

cational program in that, if properly administered and

conducted, it provides a unique opportunity for the

individual athletes to obtain an educational background

that will assist them long after they have left the

University while, at the same time, enhancing the Uni-

versity's character and image as a broad based insti-

tution of academic inquiry, learning and research. The

underlying foundational principal that must be accepted

by the University in order to accomplish the desired

results is that the young men and women who participate

in intercollegiate athletics are students first and

athletes second.

Prior to setting forth its specific recommendations,

the Commission would like to commend the Administration

of the University of Nevada - Reno, and the Athletic

Department for providing a well-balanced athletic pro-

gram and for their efforts in attempting to operate

within its budget. In a time of economic adversity,

both men's and women's sports programs have maintained

a high level of competitiveness consistent with Uni-

versity enrollment and size of their budgets. It seems

apparent, both in light of the possibility of less

State money and the rapidly changing attitudes in the

area of academics more assertive and innovate leader-

ship will have to be forthcoming from the Athletic Di-

rector. The financial and academic policies pertain-

ing to intercollegiate sports must be clearly estab-

lished and enforced at the Athletic Director level, not

by the coaches, students or boosters. Traditional

thinking and approaches to such issues as recruiting,

graduation of athletes, women's athletics, bonuses to

coaches, and winning and losing must be examined im-


The University President must also take an active role

in the establishment and enforcement of Athletic Depart-

ment Policy if intercollegiate athletics are to continue

to survive as a positive part of the University program.

Based upon information received, the Commission believes

that President Crowley has, in fact, taken an active

role and the above statement is made to reinforce and

encourage the continuation of such activity.

Recommendations in the area of finances:

1. The student fee waivers now in existence should be 100%

funded either through the University budget or by an

increased direct monetary contribution to the Univer-

sity by the State to cover the amount that would not be

collected from these particular students. This increase

in funding would be limited to an amount equal to the

amount of fee waived.

2. The student fee waiver structure should be changed to

allow the Athletic Department no more than 150 out-of-

state waivers and no less than 50 in-state waivers.

3. Raise student fees allocated to athletics from 90 cents

per semester credit and waive all student ticket fees

for all UNR Athletic events.

4. The Board of Regents should set forth specific written

policy guidelines of public record with reference to

giving and receiving of cash bonuses and other non-

salary compensations to coaches and other members of

the Athletic Department.

Recommendations in the area of academics:

1. A full time Athletic Department advisor should be hired

by UNR to be directly responsible to the academic Vice


2. The Commission recommends that the Board of Regents take

take whatever steps are necessary to effect a modifica-

tion of the Big Sky Conference rule limiting financial

assistance for books from $30 per semester to full fi-

nancial coverage.

Recommendations in the area of general Athletic Department


1. The Board of Regents should perform an in-depth evalua-

tion of the role of the UNR Intercollegiate Athletic

Board with the purpose of determining whether it can

be used even more effectively in the overall process

of administering the intercollegiate program.

2. The Commission has reviewed and recommends that the

recommendations contained in the internal audit report

of November 23, 1982, with reference to specific ac-

countability procedures in both the Athletic Department

and Wolf Club be implemented forthwith.

3. The present and future role of women's intercollegiate

athletics at UNR should be evaluated and defined by the

Board of Regents, the President and the Athletic Direc-

tor, especially with respect to the allocation of fi-

nancial resources.

In answer to a question, Mr. Allison stated that the Wolf

Club (Boosters) does not give bonuses to coaches, that mon-

ies collected are given to the Athletic Department for dis-


Chairman Mc Bride announced that he had revised the member-

ship of the Regents ad hoc Committee on Athletics, UNR, as


Regent Del Papa, Chair

Regent Melton

Regent Karamanos

Regent Sheerin (to replace Regent Mc Bride)

Regent Gallagher - alternate member

Regent Del Papa announced that the Committee would be meet-

ing with those involved with athletics as well as the Com-

mission, and that together with the ad hoc Committee on

Athletics at UNLV, will be presenting recommendations in

the area of policies for athletic programs and Departments

for Board consideration in the near future. She further

asked that Dr. Warren Fox be appointed as staff member to

the Committee.

Ms. Del Papa moved to accept the report. Seconded by Mr.

Melton. Motion carried.

Chairman Mc Bride commended the Commission for their dedi-

cation, time and efforts on behalf of the University.

17. Personnel Session

Mrs. Whitley moved that the Board recess for a closed per-

sonnel session for the express purpose of discussing the

competency of a University of Nevada System employee.

Seconded by Mrs. Gallagher. Motion carried unanimously.

The Board reconvened at 2:00 P.M. with Ms. Del Papa, Chairman

Mc Bride and Mrs. Kenney absent, all previous members present.

Vice Chairman Gallagher accepted the gavel.

18. MIS Status Report

Dr. Lloyd Case presented a status report on the Management

Information System.

Dr. Lloyd Case explained that he had been searching for a

vendor to act as consultant to the System in determining

the exact needs for the Management Information System ap-

proved at a previous meeting. He recommended that the

Board authorize the hiring of a nonprofit organization,

Institute for Management Improvement, founded by the Exxon

Corporation in 1972. This company is instrumental in MIS

design and management training in higher education and has

worked with over 200 institutions in the country. Dr. Case

proposed that they come into Nevada to administer their

assessment and evaluation tools in order to have input from

all sectors of the System.

Dr. Case stated that an alternative to hiring this group,

or any other, is to develop our own staff within the System,

thereby incurring salaries, benefits, etc., and with the

problem of termination of these employees after a year or

so when the job is complete.

Chancellor Bersi emphasized that building our own team would

take a great deal of time, along with the long-term commit-

ment to permanent employees. He concurred with the recom-

mendation of Dr. Case, explaining that in order to accom-

plish their hiring it would take approval by the Board for

an exception to the bidding process.

Mrs. Whitley moved approval to accept Dr. Cases' recommenda-

tions on the MIS report. Seconded by Mrs. Sheerin. Motion


19. Request for Advanced Planning on Facilities

Vice Chancellor Dawson introduced the following Architects

for University of Nevada System facilities:

Mr. Fred Dolven and Mr. John Gantner presented the

plans for Phase IV at Truckee Meadows Community

College. These plans include energy saving devices

and accommodates the needs of the handicapped.

Mr. David Vhay presented the plans for Church Fine

Arts at UNR.

20. Report on Student Housing, NNCC

President Berg and Mr. Darrell Gilliland, Hi Desert

Development Company, discussed the student housing at

NNCC. The NNCC Advisory Board and Elko City Planning Com-

mission have approved the student housing, which will be

completed by mid-August.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Seconded by Mrs. Whitley.

Mrs. Gallagher stated that for the record she had a conflict

of interest in the project in that her son was associated

with the development company; however, since 5 affirmative

votes are mandatory for passage, and since only 5 Regents

were present, she would vote on the project.

Motion carried.

21. Recommendation for Promotions to Emeritus Status, UNR

President Crowley recommended the following promotions to

Emeritus status, effective July 1, 1983. This item is for

information only with action to be taken at the March meet-


Fred M. Anderson, M. D. Clinical Professor of Surgery

James T. Anderson, Vice President for Academic Affairs

and Professor of Engineering

George Barnes, Professor of Physics

Emanuel Berger, M. D., Clinical Professor of Pediatrics

Darwin E. Bradfield, County Extension Agent-in-Charge

Theodore A. Butler, Associate Professor of Agricultural

and Industrial Mechanics

Edmund J. Cain, Dean, College of Education

Mabel I. Edmundson, County Extension, Agent-Home Eco-


Mary Ellen Glass, Oral Historial

J. Patrick Kelly, Professor of Curriculum & Instruction

Rosella Linskie, Professor of Curriculum & Instruction

Arthur T. Phelps, Professor of Curriculum & Instruction

Vasco A. Salvadorini, M. D., Clinical Professor of


William K. Sonnemann, Publications Editor, Agricultural


Paul O. Wiig, M. D., Clinical Professor of Obstetrics

& Gynecology

Jack D. Wise, County Extension, Agent-Communications

22. Request for Authorization to Sell Stock, UNR

President Crowley requested authorization for UNR to sell

its interest in the Snider and Snider Oil leases in Texas.

See Ref. D, filed with the permanent minutes.

Mrs. Fong moved approval to sell the interest on the leases.

Seconded by Mr. Melton. Motion carried.

23. Report on Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education

Dr. Phillip Sirotkin, Executive Director, Western Interstate

Commission on Higher Education, made a presentation on the

Commission and Nevada's participation and involvement.

24. New Business

A. Regent Sheerin recommended a Regents Recognition Award

on each Campus be awarded at the Commencements. The

Presidents and the Chancellor were assigned to estab-

lish the criteria.

B. Regent Fong stated that she has a conflict on the June

23 and 24 meetings inasmuch as she will be attending a

Far West Laboratory seminar and would like to have the

meeting rescheduled, if possible.

C. Regent Fong asked for clarification on WNCC's Cabinet

Minutes in regard to courses being taught outside the

Campus. President Davis stated that there has not been

a policy set, but that the Council of Presidents will be

discussing the matter.

The meeting adjourned at 3:30 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser

Secretary of the Board