UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 18-19, 1977


Pages 46-76



February 18, 1977

The Board of Regents met on the above date in The Center, 1101 N.

Virginia, Reno.

Members present: Fred M. Anderson, M. D.

Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

Mr. John A. Buchanan

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Molly Knudtsen

Louis E. Lombardi, M. D.

Miss Brenda Mason

Mr. John Tom Ross

Members absent: Mr. Chris Karamanos

Others present: Chancellor Neil D. Humphrey

President Donald H. Baepler

President Charles R. Donnelly

President Max Milam

President Lloyd P. Smith

Mr. Larry Lessly, General Counsel

Mr. Richard Belaustegui, Unit Senate

Dr. Paul Burns, UNLV Senate

Dr. Tom Hoffer, DRI Senate

Mr. Robert Hill, WNCC/S Senate

Mr. George Eversull, CCCC Senate

Dr. James T. Richardson, UNR Senate

Mr. Dan Russell, CSUN

Mr. Jim Stone, ASUN

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Buchanan at 9:25 A.M.

1. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the regular session of January 14, 1977 were

submitted for approval. Mr. John Buchanan requested the

following additions and corrections:

(1) Add to Item 5, Request by Regent Mason

The position was taken by Mr. John Buchanan that al-

though he is a strong supporter of collegiate athletics

he found the position held by those supporters of the

Complex to be ironic in light of what he felt were aca-

demic deficiencies (limited graduate programs, needed

capital improvements, needed equipment, and general

conditions at the undergraduate level) at UNLV. He

said that the Board should keep in perspective the

University's academic standing relative to its athletic

standing, noting that an institution's first priority

is commitment to the academic program. He concluded

by saying that it was disturbing that those who could

not support the University's budget could support a

Complex, therefore taking "indirect" funding from the

academic program.

(2) Last half of paragraph 4, item 5, page 6, should re-

flect that Mr. John Buchanan took exception to the

statement by Chairman Buchanan, pointing out that the

Regents from Clark County never voted verbally or by

secret ballot on the concept discussed in the para-

graph, although the concept had been discussed.

(3) Add to Item 17, Page 12, College of Education

Preparation of Teachers

Mr. John Buchanan and Dr. Anderson questioned the

validity of the program. Both expressed concern over

the program leading to a bachelor's or master's degree,

saying the program lacked an adequate academic subject

emphasis; thus training people in a supervisory

capacity, neglecting the academic subject one teaches.

(4) Correct minutes to reflect that Mr. John Buchanan was

not present during the afternoon for discussion of

agenda items 32 through 42.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved to approve the minutes as corrected.

Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong, carried without dissent.

2. Report of Gifts and Grants

Acceptance of the gifts and grants as reported was recom-

mended (report identified as Ref. 2 and filed with permanent


Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Miss Mason,

carried without dissent.

3. Report of Investment Advisory Committee

The report of the Investment Advisory Committee meeting of

January 14, 1977 was included with the agenda (identified

as Ref. 3 and filed with permanent minutes). Chancellor

Humphrey requested confirmation of the actions of the


Mrs. Fong moved that the actions of the Committee as report-

ed be confirmed. Motion seconded by Dr. Lombardi, carried

without dissent.

4. Proposed Basketball Pavilion, UNLV

President Baepler commented that for a number of years there

has been a need in Las Vegas for a facility large enough to

accommodate basketball games. He noted that the situation

has become critical with respect to the availability of

tickets for students, faculty, staff and for members of the

Las Vegas community.

Dr. Baepler recalled that two years ago the Governor ap-

pointed a committee to analyze the need for such a facility

and to come up with plans for the implementation of a

facility, both in Reno and Las Vegas. To this end, Mr.

William Morris and the Rebel Athletic Foundation has been

working for the past two years to bring this project to its

present status. Dr. Baepler noted that throughout this

period of time, the question has continued to be raised

concerning the location of such a facility in Las Vegas and

each time the Campus has been selected as the ideal place.

Such a center as envisioned by the plans which will be

presented will contain considerable space and will be

utilized for a variety of events in addition to its primary

purpose of basketball. One of the very attractive features,

Dr. Baepler pointed out, is the inclusion of a very

substantial continuing education center with classrooms, a

300-person auditorium, numerous offices and conference areas

which would permit the Continuing Education Program to have

an identifiable home and allow for the development of a

significant educational enterprise in southern Nevada.

Dr. Baepler reported that the general concept was submitted

to the University Senate which unanimously endorsed the pro-

posal to place the facility on the Campus. He requested Mr.

Morris, Mr. Burrell Cohen and Mr. Jim Mc Daniel to present

the proposal as developed by the Rebel Athletic Foundation.

In making the presentation, it was stated that the Rebel

Athletic Foundation proposes to seek an amendment to the

State legislation controlling the Federal slot machine tax

rebate which would continue the present distribution of $5

million annually to the Higher Education Capital Construc-

tion Fund and would provide that the specific amount of $5

million would go to the State Distributive School Fund.

Funds available beyond the $10 million annually would be

divided between the State Distributive School Fund and a

special construction fund for athletic pavilions. It was

also revealed that a bill has already been introduced in

the U. S. Senate to change the rebate of the Federal slot

tax from 80% to 95%.

Mr. Morris also noted in his presentation that Mr. Parry

Thomas and Mr. Jerome Mack had originally supported a

different location for this facility but reported that Mr.

Thomas and Mr. Mack have withdrawn their proposal and have

endorsed the proposal which is being made by the Rebel

Athletic Foundation. He also reported that Mr. Thomas and

Mr. Mack have pledged a substantial contribution toward

this project, either for construction or to establish an

endowment for its operation.

In the descriptive material distributed and in the slide

presentation of the preliminary drawings, the proposed site

of the Center for Continuing Education and Special Events

was identified as the southeastern quadrant of the UNLV

Campus, generally bounded by Swenson Avenue on the west, the

present University Campus on the north, Maryland Parkway on

the east and Tropicana on the south. The project would

utilize approximately 52 acres.

Following discussion between the Regents and Messrs. Morris,

Cohen and Mc Daniel, Chairman Buchanan requested President

Baepler to comment on the use of the land insofar as the

Campus was concerned. President Baepler reported that the

University Senate and the Administration concurs with the

proposed site as reflected on the slides and believes that

the facility would be compatible with the Campus.

Miss Mason moved that the Board of Regents agree to provide

the necessary land at UNLV for a special events center and

cooperate fully in finding land for a Reno facility if the

two communities and the Legislature wish to proceed with

the projects from funds not now available to the University.

Motion seconded by Mr. Ross.

Dr. Anderson noted that the need for such a facility appears

to be about equally desirable both in Las Vegas and Reno,

and moved to amend the above motion to specify that if such

funds become available that are not otherwise designated by

their source as available only to one location, then the

monies should be equally available to both UNLV and UNR.

Motion to amend seconded by Dr. Lombardi.

In discussing the proposed amendment, it was agreed that the

intent was not to require the expenditure simultaneously but

to require that an equal amount would be available to each

community if required by the project which was ultimately


Dr. James Richardson reported that the UNR Senate had

discussed this the previous day and would certainly support

the intent of Dr. Anderson's amendment.

Motion to amend carried without dissent.

Amended motion carried without dissent.

5. Evaluation of Teaching of Economics

In response to a request by Dr. Anderson, copies of two

articles concerning economic education had been distributed.

Dr. Anderson expressed concern that there was perhaps not

enough emphasis placed on the teaching of economic princi-

ples and he was interested in having some discussions at

the Department level to investigate to what degree econom-

ics is taught in the various courses, e. g., the economics

of sociology and welfare programs, medicare and health care.

He suggested that perhaps the University has an obligation

to produce not only graduates who are well educated in

their disciplines but who also constitute an informed elec-

torate on such things as growth, sewer bond, social prob-

lems, and other areas involving spending public funds.

Dr. Anderson spoke of the work of Dr. Glenn S. Dumke,

Chancellor of the California State University and Colleges

System, and suggested that Dr. Dumke would be an excellent

resource person at the appropriate time.

Dr. Anderson moved to refer the matter to the Administration

for initiation of discussions with the appropriate persons

to investigate the degree to which economics is taught, and

that discussions with the Board be scheduled at a later

date. Motion seconded by Dr. Lombardi, carried without


6. Revisions of Estimative Budgets, UNLV

A. President Baepler requested approval of the following

revision to the 1976-77 estimative budget for Physical

Education Building Sales. After a half year of opera-

tion, it appears that $14,213 more than anticipated

will be collected. A classified staff position which

will not be filled until February 1, 1977, will need to

be covered by wages, and more funds are needed in the

wages account because of the usage of the building.

Budget Revision Revised

1976-77 Requested Budget


Opening Cash Balance $ 3,000 $ 787 $ 3,787

Sales 36,000 14,213 50,213

$39,000 $15,000 $54,000


Professional Salaries $ $ 600 $ 600

Classified Salaries 6,633 (3,315) 3,318

Wages 13,367 19,400 32,767

Operating 18,000 (1,685) 16,315

Ending Fund Balance 1,000 1,000

$39,000 $15,000 $54,000

B. President Baepler requested approval of the following

revision to the 1976-77 estimative budget for Audio

Visual Sales. The increased revenue is the result of

Audio Visual providing more services to the Departments

than had been anticipated.

Budget Revision Revised

1976-77 Requested Budget


Opening Cash Balance $ 7,136 $ $ 7,136

Audio Visual Sales 11,000 10,000 21,000

$18,136 $10,000 $28,136


Wages-Compensation $ 6,500 $ 600 $ 7,100

Operating 4,500 10,500 15,000

Ending Fund Balance 7,136 (1,100) 6,036

$18,136 $10,000 $28,136

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Miss Mason,

carried without dissent.

7. Establishment of Advisory Committee, UNLV

President Baepler requested the establishment of an advi-

sory committee to the Department of Nursing in order to

meet accreditation standards for the Medical Assistant


Chancellor Humphrey recommended that a Medical Assistant

Program Advisory Committee be appointed as a Type 2

Committee, noting that Board policy concerning such

committees is included in the Board of Regents Handbook,

Section 8, Chapter 1, Title 4.

Miss Mason moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

8. Bookstore Remodeling, UNLV

President Baepler reported that the following bids had been

received for remodeling of the UNLV Bookstore:

Ponderosa Construction Co., Inc., Las Vegas $46,757

Claude E. Cook Construction Co., Las Vegas 61,048

Empire Construction Co., Las Vegas 64,800

Dr. Baepler noted that the project had originally been bud-

geted at $35,000 with funds to come from the Student Union

Fee reserve account. He recommended the following amendment

to the budget and award of the bid to Ponderosa Construction

Co. for $46,757:

A & E Fees $ 4,500

Construction 46,757

Reserves 1,743


Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr. Lombardi,

carried without dissent.

9. Approval of Fund Transfers

President Baepler requested approval of the following fund

transfers from Contingency Reserve:

#77-100 $2,700 to the English Department for part-time


#77-105 $2,500 to Dean, College of Education, to cover

supervisors of student teaching and for operating


#77-107 $900 to Political Science to cover operating

expenses balance of fiscal year.

#77-111 $3,000 to Financial Aid, to meet projected

operating expenses for balance of fiscal year.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

10. Western Athletic Conference

President Baepler requested authorization for UNLV to sub-

mit an application for membership in the Western Athletic

Conference. He noted that for several years UNLV has not

belonged to any athletic conference. There are presently

two vacancies in the WAC (with the withdrawal of the two

Arizona schools which have joined the Pacific Athletic

Conference) and UNLV has learned informally that WAC would

respond favorably to an application from UNLV. The UNLV

Senate has considered this matter and passed a resolution

in favor of applying to the WAC, as has the Intercollegiate


Mrs. Fong moved that UNLV be authorized to make application

to WAC. Motion seconded by Mrs. Ross.

Mr. John Buchanan suggested that such an application was

premature and that the University's number one priority

should be the academic program. He questioned whether UNLV

was in the position to compete academically with schools

such as those with which they wish to compete athletically.

He suggested that it is absurd to build a basketball pavil-

ion so that the school would be eligible for consideration

for membership in WAC, at the sacrifice of very necessary

academic buildings.

President Baepler suggested that membership in WAC would

enhance rather than detract from the academic support, and

stated that in his opinion the development of the athletic

program to the point where the school is eligible to apply

for WAC has been very orderly. At the same time, he stated,

he believed the academic side of the Campus has also devel-

oped remarkably well and in an orderly fashion.

Dr. Paul Burns agreed that the University Senate had unani-

mously endorsed application to the WAC. However, he stated,

there are many UNLV faculty who share Mr. John Buchanan's

concern about the role of athletics in the University. Dr.

Burns stated that although he believed it was impossible

to prove that athletics hurt the academic programs, it is

equally difficult to prove that they aid the programs as

some have argued. He suggested that the only valid argu-

ment for joining the WAC was because UNLV thinks it can

compete athletically at that level.

Motion carried with Mr. John Buchanan abstaining.

11. Nevada Archaeological Survey

President Baepler recalled that the Nevada Archaeological

Survey was established by the 1975 Legislature as a part of

the Nevada State Museum. Part of the staff has been UNS

faculty and much contract work has been done by both UNLV

and UNR. He reported that the State Museum Board has asked

to be relieved of the administration of NAS and all parties

involved have agreed to assignment of the Survey to the

Statewide Services, UNLV, providing the $50,000 annual

appropriation presently included in the Executive Budget

is continued.

President Baepler and Chancellor Humphrey recommended that

the Board agree to accept this responsibility if the Gover-

nor and the Legislature wish to repeal the existing law and

assign the responsibility to the University, and provided

the $50,000 annual appropriation is continued.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen,

carried without dissent.

12. Proposed Reorganization of Community College Division

In January, it was agreed that President Donnelly would make

a proposal to the February meeting concerning the reorgani-

zation of the Community College Division which would be nec-

essary if the Executive Budget recommendations were follow-

ed; however, President Donnelly requested that this matter

be postponed until the April 1 meeting.

Chairman Buchanan suggested that in light of the meeting and

discussions with the Senate Finance Committee the previous

day, perhaps it would be better to go ahead with the


President Donnelly reported that he and his staff have been

working with the recommendations of the Executive Budget in

an attempt to determine what reorganization would be neces-

sary and how best to provide the necessary services. He

pointed out that it has always been a primary goal of the

Community Colleges to provide the students with the services

for which the Colleges exist and to provide those services

in the most efficient and economical manner. He stated

that there is still a great deal of detail to be worked out

but it would, of course, be ready for presentation to the

April meeting.

Chancellor Humphrey agreed that the matter would be better

discussed in April.

Mrs. Knudtsen agreed that more time should be allowed and

suggested that in response to the questions asked the

previous day by the Senate Finance Committee the Board

consider the following motion:

That the Board of Regents reaffirm its intention that

(1) the Community College Division be autonomous from

the other three Divisions of the University of Nevada

System; (2) that the President of CCD have sufficient

staff to properly discharge his duties; and (3) we con-

tinue to work on possible interdivision or Systemwide

arrangements which will enable us to provide services

as economically as possible.

Motion seconded by Miss Mason, carried without dissent.

13. Housing Proposal, NNCC

President Donnelly presented a proposal from three business

men from Elko for construction of an apartment building on

the NNCC Campus on land to be leased from the College. Vice

President Berg commented on the need for housing which is

anticipated in the coming school year, noting that the

apartment building which is proposed would contain 20 units,

each housing two students, and would rent for $75 per stu-

dent per month. It is proposed to lease 1/2 acre of land

from the College at $1 per year for 50 years with renewal


Dr. Berg stated that the three business men who are propos-

ing this have invested several hundred dollars in the proj-

ect and wish to have some indication from the Board as to

its feasibility before proceeding further.

Mrs. Knudtsen stated that she is generally strongly opposed

to dormitories; however, she believed the circumstances in

Elko were quite different and she would support such a


Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval of the proposal in principal,

with the provision that specifications and bids would be

subject to approval by the Board. Motion seconded by Dr.

Lombardi, carried without dissent.

Dr. Humphrey pointed out that it must be understood that the

University must require that specifications be developed

which will permit public bids to be received on the project.

14. Change in Degree Requirements, UNR

President Milam requested authorization to increase the num-

ber of credits required for the Bachelor of Science in Geo-

logical Engineering from 134 to 138. He noted that the cur-

riculum is considered by the accreditation agency to be de-

ficient in humanities and social science courses and this

increase is a step toward correcting that deficiency. He

further noted that the geological engineering curriculum

has an unusually large credit requirement because of the

Summer Field Geology Camp requirement of 6 credits. Chan-

cellor Humphrey recommended approval, effective Fall, 1977.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

15. Amendment of ASUN Constitution

President Milam submitted the following proposed amendments

to the ASUN Constitution with his recommendation for


Section 150.0 All members of the ASUN government shall be

elected in the general election of the two days closest to

March 15; they shall take office on the Wednesday closest

to April 15. Necessary Fall ASUN officers shall be elected

in the general election on the Wednesday closest to October

10; they shall take office on the Wednesday closest to

October 17.

Section 440.1 The Publications Board shall consist of the

following voting members: the Vice President of Finance and

Publications, who shall act as the editor of the Sagebrush,

and the editor of the Artemisia. Nonvoting members shall be

the ASUN President, the ASUN Business Manager, the editors

of all ASUN publications except the Sagebrush and Artemisia,

and any faculty advisors and the ASUN Administrative

Secretary. Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval, ef-

fective immediately.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr.

Anderson, carried without dissent.

16. Swimming Pool for S-Bar-S Ranch

President Milam requested authorization to retain the firm

of Watersource Consulting Engineers to prepare plans,

specifications and contract documents for a swimming pool

at the S-Bar-S Ranch, to replace the existing pool which

has been condemned by the State Health Department. The cost

of the design and preparation of documents is estimated at

$3,750 and the cost of the pool is estimated at $28,000 to

$30,000. Funds are available in the S-Bar-S Facility trust

funds and completion of the pool is anticipated in time for

the 1977 Summer operation of the youth camp. Chancellor

Humphrey recommended approval.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Miss Mason,

carried with Mr. John Buchanan opposing.

17. Approval of Estimative Budgets and Fund Transfers, UNR

President Milam requested approval of the following revi-

sions to Estimative Budgets for 1976-77 and the following

transfers of funds:

A. Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Publications Sales

Current Revision Revised

Budget Requested Budget


Opening Balance $ 500 $22,865 $23,365

Outside Sales 40,000 10,000 50,000

$40,500 $32,865 $73,365


Operating $40,000 $32,865 $72,865

Ending Fund Balance 500 500

$40,500 $32,865 $73,365

B. Controller's Office Loan Administration (not previously



Opening Cash Balance $7,334


Classified Salaries $5,000

Wages 1,000

Fringe Benefits 650

Operating 684


(Source of revenue is a 3% allowance on National Direct

Student Loan Fund Administration, which is divided

equally with Student Services Office.)

C. Physical Plant - Buildings and Grounds Sales

Current Revision Revised

Budget Requested Budget


Opening Balance $ 30,000 $79,235 $109,235

Outside Sales 166,000 166,000

(Recharge Credits)

Sales and Service 4,000 4,000

Miscellaneous 4,000 4,000

$204,000 $79,235 $283,235


Classified $ 30,000 $15,000- $ 15,000

Wages 30,000 30,000

Fringe Benefits 2,200 2,200

Out-of-State Travel 1,500 1,500

Operating 136,300 94,235 230,535

Ending Fund Balance 4,000 4,000

$204,000 $79,235 $283,235

D. Fleischmann Atmospherium-Planetarium

The original budget approved by the Board of Regents

for 1976-77 for the Atmospherium-Planetarium Box Office

Sales account covered the period July 1, 1976 to June

30, 1977. This revision covers only the period January

1 to June 30, 1977; therefore, the budget approved at

the May, 1976 meeting of the Board has been cut in

half in order to more clearly show the changes in

revenue and expenditures anticipated.

Current Revision Revised

Budget Requested Budget


Opening Cash Balance $ $ 4,865 $ 4,865

Sales and Service 17,050 2,915- 14,135

Trust Fund Income 18,300 18,300

$17,050 $20,250 $37,300


Prof Compensation $ $ 5,000 $ 5,000

Class Compensation 6,720 6,720

Wages 6,750 4,950- 1,800

Out-of-State Travel 500 500

Operating 9,800 7,280 17,080

Ending Fund Balance 6,200 6,200

$17,050 $20,250 $37,300

E. Intercollegiate Athletics - General Funds

Current Revision Revised

Budget Requested Budget


Opening Cash Balance $ 2,000 $54,000 $ 56,000

Ticket Sales 109,500 13,500 123,000

$111,500 $67,500 $179,000


Prof Compensation $ $32,035 $ 32,035

Class Compensation 1,030 1,030

Wages 3,850 3,850

Operating 100,020 35,465 135,485

Out-of-State Travel 4,600 4,600

Ending Fund Balance 2,000 2,000

$111,500 $67,500 $179,000

Fund Transfers from Contingency Reserves

#160 $200 to the Art Department to help underwrite the cost

of matting, framing, and glazing approximately 50 art


#164 $500 to the Bureau of Business and Economic Research,

Statewide Programs, to help support a graduate assist-

ant needed for the organization and administration of

the Intercollegiate Business Games of 1977.

#168 $900 to Political Science to provide funds for an

instructor to teach the course, Women and Politics,

for the Spring semester.

#172 $3,714 to Psychology, of which $2,019 will be used to

cover a portion of a classified salary which is not

currently funded by a grant; $377 to graduate fellow

salaries for the Spring semester to assist with

courses during the released time of two faculty mem-

bers; $1,318 to fringe benefits to cover such costs

for two faculty members whose grants terminate during

the Spring.

#173 $6,277 to Basque Studies Program, Statewide Programs,

of which $2,260 will be used to increase the time of

a classified employee, $500 to increase wages for the

Spring, and $3,517 to help cover basic operating

expenses which should not be covered by the gift


#174 $2,500 to Bureau of Business and Economic Research,

Statewide Programs, to be used to support faculty

research activities with a program of Summer faculty

research grants.

#163 $1,500 to Physics, of which $1,000 is designated to

classified salaries and $500 to wages to provide

assistance with the Committee on the Philosophy of


#175 $500 to Speech and Theater to provide wages assist-

ance to the Nevada Repertory Company during the

Spring semester.

#177 $4,530 to Biology to provide for letters of appoint-

ment for two instructors to teach Spring courses in

Zoology and Botany.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Miss Mason,

carried without dissent.

18. Field Trips for Renewable Natural Resources Students, UNR

Mrs. Knudtsen stated that she had been contacted by a stu-

dent enrolled in Renewable Natural Resources requesting

assistance from the Board of Regents in securing funds for

field trips. She reported that $3,500 is required and the

students have indicated a willingness to assess themselves.

Mrs. Knudtsen suggested that the amount be allocated from

the Board of Regents Special Projects Account, adding that

she believed that if funds could not be provided for field

trips when they are an essential part of a course, then the

course should not be offered.

President Milam recalled that two years previously the Board

had directed that all special fees be discontinued except

for those courses with special instructional costs or spe-

cial transportation requirements. Subsequent to that time,

the Departments have allocated operating funds internally in

those areas where they place a high priority.

Dr. Anderson suggested that this matter be referred to the

Dean of the College of Agriculture in order that he might

have an opportunity to resolve the problem without the

necessity of the students assessing themselves as Mrs.

Knudtsen has been informed they are willing to do.

President Baepler suggested that the problem is much broader

than just one course. He cited the many courses in disci-

plines such as Geology and Biology where field trips are a

necessary or highly desirable part of a course. He pointed

out that these two Departments at UNLV budget a significant

amount of their allocated resources to field studies, and

these courses have the benefit of the field trips because

the Departments prioritize it internally. He suggested that

if Board of Regents Special Projects money is to be made

available for such purposes, the Department would then prob-

ably choose to spend those funds they now spend for field

trips for equipment or other purposes and then request

funding from the Board for field trips.

Dr. Anderson moved that this matter be referred to the Dean

of the College of Agriculture to see if it could be resolved

internally. Motion seconded by Mr. Ross.

It was agreed to defer further discussion or action until

the afternoon session to allow an opportunity for Dean

Bohmont to be present.

19. Collective Bargaining

The presentation by Regent Karamanos concerning local gov-

ernment collective bargaining was again postponed due to Mr.

Karamanos' absence from the meeting.

20. PERS Legislation

Dr. Alfred Stoess reported that the Public Employees Retire-

ment Board has recommended against legislation to provide

retirement after 30 years at any age for regular members and

after 25 years at any age for police and firemen. PERS has

requested all employee and employer groups to comment on the

recommendation. Dr. Stoess noted that according to the PERS

actuarial study, to provide retirement after 30 years serv-

ice at any age for regular members would require increasing

the contributions of employer and employee by 1/2 of 1% each

for the 35,000 PERS members, but would provide a benefit for

only about 1,000 members over the next 15 years. In effect,

he stated, the contributions of employees who became members

of PERS after age 25 would be increased by 1/2 of 1% even

though those members could not possibly benefit from the in-

crease as the law presently permits retirement at age 55

with 30 years of service. Chancellor Humphrey requested

authorization to inform PERS that the University concurs

with the position of the Retirement Board.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Miss Mason,

carried without dissent.

21. Legal Fees Re Bonds

Chancellor Humphrey recommended a transfer of $5,106.80

from the Board of Regents Special Projects Fund to pay

Dawson, Nagel, Sherman & Howard, Attorneys at Law of

Denver, Colorado, for representation concerning issuance

of $10 million of revenue bonds to construct facilities

for Environmental Protection Agency at UNLV, noting that

if the project is finally constructed, this fee can be

charged to the bond issue and the Special Projects Fund


Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen,

carried without dissent.

22. Higher Education Capital Construction Funds

Chancellor Humphrey noted that the currently unobligated

HECC funds total $415,608.96 and are contained in the budg-

ets of the following projects:

(1) Library Addition, UNR

(2) Life Sciences Building, UNLV

(3) CCCC, Phase I

(4) Natatorium, UNLV

(5) Performing Arts, UNLV

Of the total amount unobligated, $400,000 is required and

has been committed to the 1977-81 Capital Improvement Pro-

gram for UNS, leaving a remainder of $15,608.96. Competing

for this remaining balance are requests for two projects:

(1) $93,808 in additional furnishings for the Life Sciences

building at UNLV, Project No. 73-U3, increasing the budget

for that line item by approximately that amount, and (2)

$13,500 to connect the Library at UNR to the Central Man-

agement System, the centralized energy control system for

the Campus, increasing Capital Improvement Project No. 75-3,

by that amount.

Chancellor Humphrey pointed out that there is obviously not

enough money to accomplish both projects and retain the

necessary balance of HECC funds committed to the 1977-81

program. He reported that the State Public Works Board has

recommended using the estimated $13,500 to connect the UNR

Library to the Campus Central Management System. The

Chancellor recommended that the Board concur in this sug-

gestion of the State Public Works Board and to use the

balance, i. e., $2,608.96, for additional furnishings and

equipment for the UNLV Life Sciences building.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr.

Anderson, carried without dissent.

23. Federal Capital Improvement Monies, Public Works Capital

Development and Investment Act of 1976

Chancellor Humphrey recalled that at the January 14, 1977

meeting, it was reported that the five applications for

Federal grants under this act were submitted by the State

Coordinator too late to be considered for funding in the

first round. It was also reported that the Economic Devel-

opment Administration had informed the University that their

applications would be held until the end of December, at

which time a determination would be made as to whether funds

were available for a second round of funding.

Dr. Humphrey reported that the University has now been in-

formed by EDA that program funds were exhausted during the

first round and all five of the University's applications

have therefore been denied.

24. Approval of Fund Transfers, System

Chancellor Humphrey requested approval of the following fund

transfers from the Contingency Reserve:

#76-23 $2,565 to Chancellor's Office Professional

Salaries. When Counsel was employed, funds for

only nine months' salary were transferred. This

transfer augments that salary account for the

balance of the fiscal year.

#76-25 $1,027.97 from Computing Center General Sales to

DEC Writer Maintenance to provide additional

funds to that account.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr.

Anderson, carried without dissent.

25. Actions of the Unit Senate

Mr. Richard Belaustegui, Chairman of the Unit Senate, re-

ported that the Unit Senate has adopted the following


(1) The Executive Budget has proposed that many faculty

members of the Unit be converted to classified status.

That proposal would directly affect the status and

function of the faculty of the University System. We,

therefore, call upon the Board of Regents to continue

exercising their responsibilities as stated in Article

11, Section 4 of the Nevada Constitution, to protect

faculty from such intrusion by the State Legislature.

(2) Without explanation, the Executive Budget for the 1977-

79 biennium creates a distinction within the System

faculty calling for substantially smaller increases

for a portion of the faculty.

We, the Unit faculty, are dismayed at this discrimi-

natory action. By tradition, all faculty have always

been integral parts of a team effort working toward

a common goal-betterment of the University of Nevada


We, the Unit faculty, feel strongly that this recommen-

dation of the Executive Budget will create an atmos-

phere of divisiveness and disruption in the University

of Nevada System. This recommendation on one hand has

placed some of our colleagues in an uncomfortable po-

sition of being favored, and on the other, has caused

an undermining of morale and purpose in the Unit fac-

ulty, who are inexplicably being penalized.

We, the Unit faculty of the University of Nevada System

respectfully request that the Nevada State Legislature

and the Board of Regents weigh seriously the effects of

discriminatory salary treatment.

As a positive solution, we request that the Legislature

and the Board of Regents institute a fair and equitable

distribution of salary monies for all faculty.

Dr. James Richardson reported that the UNR Senate had re-

quested that the proposed move of the Computing Center fac-

ulty into classified service be opposed by the Board. He

also stated that the UNR Senate supports a single salary

schedule for all faculty.

Dr. Humphrey pointed out that the Administration has opposed

the Executive Budget recommendation that Computing Center

faculty become members of the classified service, and also

opposes the Executive Budget recommendation that nonteaching

faculty increases be less than 70% of teaching faculty in-

creases. He suggested that no further action by the Board

is required at this time and stated that the Administration

will continue to seek adoption of the Board-approved budget

and to maintain the Board's authority to determine faculty


Chairman Buchanan noted that the Board's position was stated

the previous day to the Senate Finance Committee; i. e.,

that the Board supports fully the budget request which was

submitted to the Legislature, and the Board opposes any

effort to preempt its authority to determine faculty status

and compensation.

26. Request for Right-of-Way, UNR

President Milam reported that Nevada Bell has requested a

4' by 6' right-of-way on the Valley Road Farm in order to

install a cabinet pedestal. Dr. Milam recommended approval.

Chancellor Humphrey concurred, subject to review and approv-

al of the right-of-way agreement by Counsel.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

27. Churchill County Agricultural Service Center

President Milam recalled that in January the Board had ap-

proved the concept of proceeding with the construction of

a building in Churchill County to be used as an Agricultural

Service Center. A preliminary floor plan has been approved

by the Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture, the Agri-

cultural Stabilization and Conservation Service, Soil Con-

servation Service, and Farmers Home Administration. Commit-

ments have been made by the Federal agencies to rent space

at $6 per square foot per annum. The rent has been deter-

mined by Vice President Pine as adequate to fund the build-

ing in ten years and return 6% on the investment. The funds

are to come from the Agriculture Facilities Account (monies

received from the sale of the Valley Road Farm).

President Milam recommended that Mr. Russell Clopine be

retained as architect, at a fee of 8.5% of the construction

costs, plus travel expenses of 15 cents per mile for travel

required between Reno and Fallon.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval of the project, the

designation of the architect, and the concept of the leases,

noting that when the leases are finalized they will be sub-

ject to approval by the Governor. He also noted that the

Board's policy relating to construction of projects financed

by nonappropriated funds would apply in this case (Section 5

Chapter 18 of Title 4, Board of Regents Handbook).

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr.

Anderson, carried without dissent.

28. Request for Interfund Loan, UNR

President Milam requested approval of an interfund loan of

$17,310 from the Parking Permit Account to the College of

Agriculture to purchase a 100 horsepower diesel 4-wheel

tractor for the Gund Ranch. The funds will be repaid from

the Gund Ranch Operating Account in 3 equal annual payments

beginning July 2, 1977 of $5,770, plus interest at 6%.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

29. Approval of Fund Transfer, UNR

President Milam requested approval of the following transfer

from the Contingency Reserve:

#188 $6,600 to Medical Technology Operating to cover the

cost of consultants for a Hematology course currently

being taught. One position in Medical Technology has

been filled on a temporary basis since the Fall sem-

ester because recruitment has failed to produce a

permanent instructor. The temporary appointee will be

resigning in mid-February, leaving the Hematology

course, required for pre-clinical students, without an

instructor in the lecture section. Consultants will

be used to cover the course for the balance of the


Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

30. Mackay School of Mines

President Milam reported that the Engineering Council for

Professional Development (ECPD) has recently completed a

field visit for review of programs and facilities of the

Mackay School of Mines. The final report of ECPD has not

yet been issued; however, significant problems with programs

and facilities have been identified. Dr. Milam stated that

it is apparent that advance planning needs to be undertaken

concerning remodeling of the Mackay School of Mines build-

ing. He then requested an emergency allocation of $15,000

to begin architectural studies in cooperation with the State

Public Works Board in order that appropriate planning can be

done for the use of the private funds and a later request

for University capital improvement monies.

Chancellor Humphrey concurred and recommended an allocation

of $15,000 from the Board of Regents Special Projects Fund.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Miss

Mason, carried with Mrs. Fong opposing.

31. UNLV Master Plan

President Baepler requested that $75,000 be authorized for

a UNLV master plan, noting that with the potential physical

changes at UNLV, it appears expedient that such a plan be

developed concurrently with the master plan anticipated for

UNR and for which $75,000 is included in the 1977-81 Capital

Improvement Program request for that Campus.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended that the Regents authorize

this expenditure from the UNLV Capital Improvement Fee fund

and the 1977 Legislature be requested to amend the UNS 1977-

81 Capital Improvement Program request to accommodate to

this expenditure by UNLV.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. John

Buchanan, carried without dissent.

32. Affirmative Action Report

In reponse to a request from Regent Mason, a report from the

University's affirmative action officers was transmitted

with the January agenda and included the following:

(1) How future promotions will be handled;

(2) Recruiting procedures;

(3) What changes have occurred;

(4) Number of minorities;

(5) Number of women;

(6) Tenure ratio between men and women;

(7) Salary ratio between men and women; and

(8) Source of salary monies (i. e., Federal, State, etc.)

for minority and women employees.

This was deferred until the February meeting in order that

more time would be available for discussion.

Mr. Harry Wolf, UNR, Mr. Jim Kitchen, UNLV, Mr. Leon Van

Doren, CCD, Mr. John Doherty, DRI, and Miss Delia Martinez,

Unit, all spoke concerning the reports filed by their re-

spective Divisions or units. (Reports are on file in the

Chancellor's Office.)

Discussion resumed on Item 18, Field Trips for UNR Students.

Dean Bohmont and Associate Dean Seals were present for the

discussion. Miss Miles and Mr. Nelson, students in the

Renewable Natural Resources program, spoke concerning the

lack of funds in the departmental budget with which to

support laboratories and field trips and expressed concern

that they were not getting the quality of education they

believed necessary and for which they were paying fees.

Both Dr. Seals and Dean Bohmont requested the matter be

deferred to allow the College of Agriculture an opportunity

to resolve the problem.

Following discussion by the Board, Dr. Anderson again

restated his motion that the matter be referred back to the

College. Motion carried without dissent.

33. Out-of-State Tuition

Chairman Buchanan reported that Dr. James Richardson had re-

quested that the Board reconsider the action taken in Janu-

ary at which time out-of-state tuition was increased from

$600 to $750 per semester, effective Fall, 1977.

Dr. Richardson stated that he had been unaware that the pro-

posed increase in tuition had been approved at the January

meeting and wished to express the concern of the UNR Senate

about the possible effects of such an increase. Dr.

Richardson suggested that with or without an increase in

tuition, there would be a shortfall in money since the

Executive Budget projects a greater number of out-of-state

students than the University anticipates. His second con-

cern, he stated, has to do with the student mix; i. e., the

number of out-of-state students out of the total enrollment.

He noted that when out-of-state tuition had been increased

in 1971 there was a drop from 18% to 10% in out-of-state


Miss Carolyn Gorham, who identified herself as an out-of-

state student, presented petitions signed by 1,189 students

objecting to the tuition increase.

ASUN President Jim Stone stated that he was also unaware

that this tuition increase had been approved. He expressed

concern that such an increase would result in the loss of a

considerable number of out-of-state students. He also sug-

gested that perhaps the increase is not necessary since at

this point it is not known what the budget will be in its

final form. Mr. Stone suggested that before any kind of

increase is approved, it would be better to wait and see

what the final budget is and whether such an increase was

justifiable. In response to a question from Chairman

Buchanan concerning the possibility of restricting enroll-

ment, Mr. Stone said he would prefer that admission be

restricted academically rather than through an out-of-state

tuition increase.

Chairman Buchanan pointed out that the taxpayers of Nevada

are providing funds to support a public higher education

system for the residents of the State and it is only

reasonable that nonresidents who enroll pay a fair share of

the cost.

President Milam noted that he had been aware that this tui-

tion increase had been approved at the January meeting and

had not asked that it be reconsidered; however, since it was

being discussed he wished to note for the record that the

Dean of the Mackay School of Mines had written a letter to

him expressing concern about the increase.

Dr. Humphrey recalled that a tuition increase was not in-

cluded in the biennial budget request submitted by the

Board of Regents. However, the Executive Budget included a

recommendation for an increase from $1,200 to $1,500 and

budgeted revenue accordingly, also using a greater number of

students than the University had projected. He noted that

the Governor had followed the logic of having the tuition

equal the average charged by the 50 principal State Univer-

sities, comparable to the University's goal of having fac-

ulty compensation equal the average of the same group of

institutions. The increase in tuition was, in turn, recom-

mended to the Board by the Officers. Dr. Humphrey recalled

that in 1971 when tuition was last increased there was

was intent to restrict out-of-state enrollment since that

number was increasing rapidly. He pointed out that there is

an obligation to take care of Nevada students first from the

resources provided by the State, and to charge a reasonable

tuition to nonresidents. This tuition does not, however,

really cover the cost of instruction and there has been no

attempt to provide that it would. Chancellor Humphrey also

noted that if the increase does not stand, the University

will be faced with the problem of finding an additional

$847,800 during the biennium, assuming the Executive Budget

is adopted by the Legislature.

No action was proposed by the Board.

34. Residence Halls, UNR

President Milam recalled that in January, 1975, the Board

of Regents allocated $25,000 from the Board of Regents

Special Projects Fund for rehabilitation of the UNR resi-

dence halls. Since that time, an additional $137,468 of

residence hall monies have been spent for carpets, furni-

ture, painting and miscellaneous repairs. Dr. Milam re-

quested, in cooperation with the ASUN and the students in

the residence halls, an allocation of $100,000 from the

Board of Regents Special Projects Fund to further the

rehabilitation of these facilities. He noted that although

the facilities are considerably improved from two years ago,

a great deal must still be done to bring these halls to an

acceptable standard. He also noted that there is consid-

erable evidence of a substantial improvement in student

attitude toward these facilities.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended that $100,000 be allocated

from the Board of Regents Special Projects Fund which,

together with the approximate $23,800 available in the

various residence hall maintenance and equipment reserves,

should effect some rather substantial further improvements

in the halls.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Knudtsen, carried with Mrs. Fong and Miss Mason abstaining.

35. Tonopah Hall, UNLV

At the request of Mrs. Fong and Miss Mason, President

Baepler reviewed the situation concerning the closing of

Tonopah Hall. He recalled that the eventual closing of

Tonopah Hall as a dormitory had been discussed for the past

3 or 4 years and students have been aware of these plans

for at least 2 1/2 of those years. He pointed out that

UNLV has never planned to construct a residential Campus

and the current capital improvement program anticipates

the conversion of Tonopah Hall to provide classrooms and

offices to relieve a very serious problem of academic


Dr. Baepler stated that he is aware that the students are

circulating a petition and are approaching legislators and

Regents in an attempt to keep the dorm open. He said that

he had been informed that there were perhaps 400-500 signa-

tures on the petition; however, he suggested that the occu-

pancy figures do not support the need for the dormitory in

that Tonopah Hall has rarely ever approached capacity and

opened this Spring semester with 62 empty beds out of a

total capacity of 246. He also pointed out that the dormi-

tory had not generated sufficient revenue to amortize the

bond issue, requiring a loan on at least one occasion. He

agreed that the building is in poor shape but added that

there is no money with which to maintain the building as a

dormitory. Dr. Baepler disagreed that the dormitory was

necessary to accommodate out-of-state students, pointing

out that there is a total enrollment of 8,000 students,

over 800 of whom are nonresidents, and yet there are still

62 vacancies in the dorm. Dr. Baepler also pointed out

that a great deal of administrative time and resources are

required to service a very small proportion of the student

body represented by dorm residents and, although these stu-

dents are important, the academic benefits to all of the

students to be derived from conversion of the dorm must be

taken into consideration.

Miss Mason and Mrs. Fong expressed concern that many of the

out-of-state students would find it difficult to find an

apartment because they lack the financial ability and also,

they noted, apartment owners would not rent to students who

are under age 18.

Dr. Baepler pointed out that the total out-of-state enroll-

ment is more than three times the capacity of the dorm and,

in fact, many of the present dorm residents are from Las

Vegas. He also pointed out that if living in the dorm was

such a financial advantage to the student as compared to

living in an apartment, the 62 vacancies in the dorm would

not exist.

Dr. Baepler also commented that the Rebel Athletic Founda-

tion is continuing in its efforts to bring low cost apart-

ment units to the students. In addition, there are several

fraternities and sororities that now wish to build houses on

Campus on land to be leased from the University. He pointed

out that such facilities will house both resident and non-

resident students. CSUN President Dan Russell suggested

that perhaps student government was partly responsible for

not better informing the general student body of the plans

to convert Tonopah Hall into office and classroom space but

added that it was their impression that the decision had

been made and was not reversible. He said that student

sentiment in favor of retaining the dormitory is quite high

with almost 100% of the dorm residents claiming that they

would not have been able to come to UNLV if there had been

no dormitory.

Mr. John Buchanan stated that he might have more sympathy

for the students who signed the petition if they had brought

this to the Board earlier. He pointed out that this matter

had been before the Board and the UNLV community for at

least the two years that he had been on the Board. He also

noted that it had been covered by an article in the Yell

almost a year earlier. He suggested that it was too late

to raise the issue now that the Capital Improvement Program

was before the Legislature.

Mrs. Fong moved that the Board reconsider the closing of

Tonopah Hall. Motion seconded by Miss Mason, failed by the

following roll call vote:

No - Dr. Anderson, Mr. John Buchanan, Mrs. Knudtsen,

Dr. Lombardi, Mr. James Buchanan

Yes - Mrs. Fong, Miss Mason, Mr. Ross

36. Pioneer Ditch Company

President Milam reported that the MGM Grand Hotel, Reno has

requested an agreement with Pioneer Ditch Company, in which

the University of Nevada is a shareholder, for the installa-

tion of a closed conduit system for the movement of irriga-

tion water across their land. Dr. Milam recommended approv-

al. Chancellor Humphrey concurred, noting that the agree-

ment had been reviewed and approved by Counsel.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Knudtsen, carried without dissent.

37. Faculty Responsibility Prospectus

Chancellor Humphrey recalled that in January he had recom-

mended a series of actions concerning management problems

related to the 1977-79 budget. Among those recommendations

was a request for consideration of a "Faculty Responsibil-

ity Prospectus", designed to improve accountability of

teaching faculty and to make certain that responsibile

Administrators have reviewed and approved the teaching and

related assignments. Dr. Humphrey noted that the Faculty

Responsibility Prospectus, which has been included with the

January agenda, was again submitted with the February agenda

with minor changes which had been made as a result of dis-

cussion with the Chancellor's Advisory Cabinet. (Statement

identified as Ref. 25 and filed with permanent minutes.)

Dr. Humphrey recommended approval.

Dr. Paul Burns reported that the UNLV Senate had voted to

endorse the Chancellor's recommendation with the addition to

Section 7 of "teaching continuing education," as an activity

to be included as "Public Service". Chancellor Humphrey

agreed to the inclusion.

Mr. Robert Hill, WNCC/South Faculty Senate Chairman, stated

that that Senate had voted to support the concept of the

proposal but had expressed concern over how the apparent

differences between the Universities and the Community

College in terms of teaching loads would be handled. He

noted that they had been assured however that each of the

Divisions would be free to develop forms which will

accommodate those differences.

Dr. Jim Richardson spoke concerning the UNR Senate, noting

that they had decided not to take a position on this pro-

posed document, pointing out that UNR now has a very de-

tailed work program form which will furnish information

concerning the teaching load and also cited the Affirma-

tive Action Policy statements and the UNR Bylaws which he

believed contained the same provisions of the Faculty

Responsibility Prospectus, thereby, he said, making the

prospectus unnecessary.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval of the Faculty Responsibility

Prospectus as recommended by the Chancellor. Motion sec-

onded by Mrs. Fong, carried without dissent.

38. Fees and Expenses

Chancellor Humphrey recalled that in May, 1976, the Board

adopted a consolidated registration fee, to be assessed

effective Summer and Fall, 1977. At the same time, the

Board adopted an amended Chapter 13 of Title 4 of the Board

of Regents Handbook. Dr. Humphrey noted that this amended

chapter (not yet distributed to holders of the Handbook) has

been further reviewed and several proposals for additional

changes have been made. A copy of the amended Chapter 13

was included with the agenda (identified as Ref. 26 and

filed with permanent minutes). Following are those sections

in which substantive changes appear:

Section 5. Special Reduced Registration Fee

1. Persons 62 years of age or older shall be permitted to

register for credit or as auditors in any course without

fee except as noted below.

2. Such registration shall not entitle a person to any

privileges usually associated with registration, e. g.

student association membership, health services,

intercollegiate athletic tickets.

3. Persons 62 years of age or older may register in

noncredit continuing education courses at UNLV or UNR or

in community service courses at CCD, all of which are

supported by registration fees, at one-half the regular

registration fee for that course.

4. Nonmatriculated native speakers of any foreign languages

may be permitted to register without fee or credit as

auditors in literature courses in that language.

5. The consent of the course instructor may be required for

all such registrations.

Section 8. Refund of Fees

Provides that death of a spouse or child of a student shall

also be a circumstance which will permit a full refund of

registration fees and tuition upon withdrawal of the student

at any time during the first eight weeks.

Section 10. Student Fees

Late registration fee to be limited only to students

registering for seven credits or more.

Fee for Scholastic Aptitude Test increased from $10 to $15.

Section 12. Special Use Fee

The following fees shall be applicable for Lombardi

Recreation Building, UNR, and the Mc Dermott Education

Complex, UNLV:

1. Students shall pay no fee except course registration

fees for use during Physical Education or Recreation

classes or for use connected with a recognized

University sport.

2. Students of that Division using the facilities recrea-

tionally shall pay a fee of $5 per academic semester or

Summer Session. This fee shall entitle the student to

a locker and towel service. The fee shall be waived if

the student association appropriates an amount suffi-

cient to cover such costs as determined by the Division


3. System faculty and staff using the facilities recrea-

tionally, shall pay a fee of $10 per academic semester

or Summer Session, or $20 per fiscal year. This fee

shall entitle the faculty or staff member to a locker

and towel service.

4. Faculty or staff may bring one guest at a time for a

fee of $1 per visit.

5. The President of UNR or UNLV shall annually make a

determination of the feasibility of allowing the

facilities to be used by the general public. The time,

conditions, and charges for such use shall be submitted

to the Board of Regents for approval on an annual basis.

6. Students registered for seven credits or more at CCD

shall be entitled to use the facilities at specified

hours upon payment of a fee of $10 per semester and for

a Summer Session.

The following additional charges were requested by the UNR

Senate and ASUN:

7. Spouses of faculty, staff and students will be allowed

to use the facility upon payment of a fee of $2 per


8. Children of faculty, staff and students who have paid

the appropriate fee may use the facility at designated

times without charge.

9. Payment of a fee for the use of either facility would

also allow the use of the other facility without

additional charge.

The Officers concurred in the above additional requests.

Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen,

carried without dissent.

39. Computing Center Reorganization

Mr. Niels Anderson, Director of UNS Computing Center, des-

cribed the proposed changes to the organization of the

Computing Center which result in the modification of the

job descriptions and changes in titles of (1) the Assistant

Director, Las Vegas Computer Operations Center, to Assistant

Director and Deputy, Southern Nevada Computing Facilities;

and (2) the Assistant Director, Reno Operations, to Assist-

ant Director, Northern Nevada Computing Facilities; and a

modification in the organization of the System Software

Group (details of the reorganization are included in Ref. 29

and filed with permanent minutes).

Chancellor Humphrey noted that this proposed reorganization

has been reviewed with the staff of the Computing Center and

he recommended approval, effective immediately.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Miss Mason,

carried without dissent.

40. Position Evaluation Study

Dr. Alfred Stoess recalled that at the January meeting,

$24,000 was authorized from the Board of Regents Special

Projects Fund for the employment of a consulting firm to

complete a position evaluation study and compensation plan

for nonteaching and nonresearch professional personnel.

Excluded from the study were all faculty who are engaged

in teaching and/or research for at least .50 FTE and pro-

fessionals in the Cooperative Extension Service and the

Libraries, exception for administrative personnel. All

other professional positions are to be included in the

study. As indicated in January, a separate proposal may be

made later concerning counselors and nonadministrative pro-

fessionals in the Libraries. Faculty rank would not be re-

moved from the professionals included in the study.

Dr. Stoess noted that the criteria utilized in the process

of selection of a consultant were that the firm be a nation-

ally known consulting organization with an office in San

Francisco, and extensive experience in compensation studies

for higher education institutions. A number of consulting

firms were contacted as to their availability and ability to

undertake the study and the firm of Hay Associates, a Phila-

delphia organization with an office in San Francisco and

a national reputation and extensive experience in the field

of compensation plans for educational institutions, is


Dr. Stoess reported that Hay Associates suggests a two-phase

study. The first phase would study and evaluate between 150

and 175 positions and would also provide, by May 1, 1977,

observations and salary comparisons with survey data for

Dean positions.

An outline of the basic design and scope of the position

evaluation study and compensation analysis, a list from

which positions to be included in the first phase of the

study will be taken, a list of the positions to be included

in the second phase, and a list of the Dean positions for

which information will be provided as part of the first

phase, were included with the agenda (all documents on file

in the Chancellor's Office).

Chancellor Humphrey noted that fees and expenses have in-

creased approximately 15 percent since initial talks with

consulting firms in May, 1976. He also noted the desira-

bility of having the first phase of the study completed in

2 1/2 months instead of the 6 months originally anticipated.

Because of these two factors, the $24,000 authorized earlier

is not sufficient. He requested an additional allocation of

$5,000 from the Board of Regents Special Projects account

and authorization to enter into a contract with Hay Assoc.

for consulting fees and expenses not to exceed $29,000 to

complete the first phase of the study. Authorization for

the second phase of the study will be requested at a subse-

quent time.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.


Dr. Richardson reported that the UNR Senate had passed a

motion requesting the Board not to retain a consulting firm

and that no money be spent for the study. He suggested

that as an alternative the faculty be allowed to study the

positions for which there is doubt concerning justification

for salary and the money necessary for the study be saved

for other purposes. He also noted that the UNR Senate views

this as an attempt to divide the faculty.

Chancellor Humphrey pointed out that an earlier attempt to

implement a salary administration program had been objected

to by faculty on the grounds that no outside consultants

were used and therefore the objectivity of the study was

questioned. He firmly rejected the UNR Senate view that

this is an attempt to divide the faculty, pointing out that

it is designed to serve as a management tool for nonteach-

ing, nonresearch professionals whose salaries cannot be

justified on the basis of rank. Dr. Humphrey also reminded

the Regents that there are several proposals in the Legis-

lature to place such professionals in the classified service

and he suggested for that reason and for the better manage-

ment of salaries that the study be pursued.

Motion carried without dissent.

41. Science Advisor to the Governor

Chancellor Humphrey reported that SB 197 has been introduced

which provides for appointment by the Governor of a Univer-

sity faculty member as a Science Advisor to the Governor.

The faculty member would be selected from a list of appli-

cants for sabbatical leave, acceptable to the Board of

Regents, and would come from the number authorized each year

by State law. Dr. Humphrey noted that this would provide an

opportunity for the University to cooperate in an experiment

that would have a definite effect on the University, and

would provide an opportunity for a faculty member who was

eligible for sabbatical leave and who would be attracted to

this kind of project to so apply. Dr. Humphrey requested

that he be allowed to represent at the hearings on this

bill that the University is willing to particpate in the


Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr. Anderson,

carried without dissent.

42. Report of Meeting with Senate Finance Committee

Chairman Buchanan commented on the meeting with the Senate

Finance Committee the previous day and requested that some

decision be made as to the manner in which the information

in response to the Committee's questions would be gathered

and transmitted.

Chancellor Humphrey stated that budget staff had been work-

ing that morning on the problem and some of the information

is already available.

Mr. Ross suggested that this would be handled most appropri-

ately by the Chancellor's Office. Chancellor Humphrey a-

greed that the information would be compiled and submitted

to the Regents prior to submission to the Finance Committee.

43. New Business

Mr. John Buchanan suggested that perhaps some kind of ex-

planation should be offered to the student body officers

concerning their complaint about the January meeting; i. e.,

that adequate seating had not been available to the student

body officers and that they had not been given copies of

some of the materials which had been distributed at the


Chairman Buchanan agreed that a number of people had been

inconvenienced by the facility and offered his apologies

for that inconvenience.

Action Agenda was completed and the Information Agenda submitted.

The Information Agenda is on file in the Chancellor's Office and

contained the following items:

(1) Report of Foreign Travel

(2) Report of Disciplinary Cases

(3) Report of Purchases in Excess of $8,000

(4) Board of Regents Special Projects Account Balance

(5) Progress of University Projects

(6) UNLV Transfers from Contingency Reserves and Estimative


(7) Letter from Clark County School District

The meeting adjourned at 5:00 P.M.

Mrs. Bonnie M. Smotony

Secretary to the Board