UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

February 18-19, 1949 

Volume 6 - Pages 127-134

                       REGENTS MEETING
                    February 18-19, 1949

The regular meeting of the Board of Regents was called to order
on February 18, 1949, at 9 A.M., and recessed to go to Carson
City to meet with the combined legislative committees on Finance
and Education.

At 3:30 P.M. the recessed meeting was called to order by Chairman
Ross in the President's office.  Present:  Regents Hilliard,
Sheerin, Cahlan, Arentz, Ross; Comptroller Gorman, President

Motion by Mr. Cahlan passed unanimously that the reading of the
minutes of the meeting of January 8, 1949, be dispensed with and
that they be approved as submitted.

Reporter Bill Henley of the Reno Evening Gazette came into the
meeting at 3:45 and remained throughout the afternoon.

President's Informal Report:

A.  Enrollment

    Spring figures are:  Men      1244
                         Women     463
                         Total    1707

    Of the above students, 733 are attending under the Veterans
    Education Bills as follows:

        Under G. I. Bill                    697
        Under Vocational Rehabilitation      36

    About 15 veterans pending - awaiting process of papers.

    Enrollment - Spring 1940 as compared with Spring 1949:

    1940 Spring semester:
         Nevada students    966
         Non-resident        98
         Total enrollment  1064

                               Nevada    Non-Res    Total
    1949 Spring semester:
         Veterans enrolled       421       322        743
         Non-veterans            814       150        964
         Grand total            1235       472       1707

B.  Housing

    Women housed      173
    Men housed        328
    Couples housed    147

    Manzanita Hall           Artemisia Hall       Lincoln Hall
    Students    80           Students    91       Students   125
    Adults       1           Adults       1
                81                       92

    Old Gymnasium            Field House
    Students    69           Students    10

    Highland Terrace Housing Units
    Dormitory No. 27  Students  37
    Dormitory No. 28  Students  40
    Dormitory No. 30  Students  47

    Couples - 20 (not under University supervision)

    Campus Housing Units              Trailer Court
    Students       100                Couples          35
    Faculty         12                  (1 trailer lost by fire)
                   112 (8 units, 14 couples each)

C.  Personnel

    Dr. P. G. Auchampaugh, Associate Professor of History and
    Political Science, died on January 30, 1949.

D.  Gifts

    1)  Mrs. Frank Payne of Reno donated $200 to the President's
        Discretionary Fund.

    2)  Mr. Martie Hess of Redwood City, California, has given
        the University 100 shares of Tonopah Divide Mining Com-
        pany stock.

President's Recommendations:

A.  Recommendations for Degrees

    Motion by Mr. Cahlan passed unanimously that the following
    candidates for degrees, as approved by the University faculty
    at its meeting on January 28, 1949, be approved and that
    they be given the indicated degrees and diplomas:


    Bachelor of Arts

        Brown, Binney Arnold            Reifachneider, Olga
        Carmichael, Patricia Ann        Saurennan, John
        Childs, Robert Barney           Shelby, Eugenia
        Churn, Thomas Browning          Spirig, J. J.
        Denton, Nixon Edward            Walpole, John Patrick
        Edmunds, Earl A.                Waterstraat, Vivian G.
        Morrison, Robert A.             Williams, Harry James
        Proctor, Jean Marie             Winn, Billie Rae
        Reed, Edward C. Jr.

    Bachelor of Science

        Hardison, Julia L.              Taylor, James J.
        Michael, John Harold            Welch, Rosemary
        Tarble, Richard Douglas

    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

        Brown, Betty Jean               Kehoe, John J.
        Caserta, John Alfred            Levack, Samuel
        Geyer, Charles W.               Rice, Robert Marshall
        Granata, Evo Angelo


    Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering

        Collins, Benjamin J.

    Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

        Taylor, Robert Arthur

    Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering

        Lockart, Charles

    Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering

        Fiddes, Paul                    Simons, John
        Reeves, Robert

B.  Recommendations on Personnel

    Motion by Mr. Hilliard, passed unanimously that the follow-
    ing recommendations, 1 to 4, inclusive, be approved:

    History and Political Science

    1)  That, effective February 1, 1949, Harry Anderson be ap-
        pointed as Assistant in History at a salary of $800 for
        the Spring semester, 1949, to take the lower division
        classes formerly taught by Dr. Auchampaugh.

    Civil Engineering

    2)  That, effective February 1, 1949, James D. Rogers be
        appointed as Instructor in Civil Engineering at a salary
        of $1400 for the Spring semester, 1949, payable in 4
        equal installments.

    Geological Engineering

    3)  That, effective February 1, 1949, Berton James Scull be
        appointed as Instructor in Geology at a salary of $3300
        for the Spring and Fall semester, 1949.

    Agricultural Extension Division

    4)  That, effective February 15, 1949, Mrs. Frances Hailand
        be appointed as District Extension Agent for Douglas and
        Ormsby counties at a salary of $3240 per year, in the
        place of Mrs. Olive C. Mc Cracken, resigned.

Comptroller's Report and Recommendations:

1)  Fallon Experimental Farm

    While it has been understood that the Newlands Experimental
    Farm at Fallon could be secured by the University of Nevada
    with the only provision being that existing projects be
    carried to completion, the Bill now pending in Congress pro-
    vides that the Farm is to be returned to the Government.
    Dr. Gorman read a letter from Senator Mc Carran giving the
    above information and requested direction in framing a

    Motion by Mr. Cahlan, seconded by Mr. Arentz, passed unani-
    mously that the Comptroller be instructed to reply to Sena-
    tor Mc Carran that the University is interested in the
    Fallon Experimental Farm if it can be secured fee simple,
    but is not interested otherwise; and further, that the
    matter be taken up with the Agricultural Committee of the

2)  Claims

    Motion by Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the following
    claims, as approved by the Executive Committee, be approved:

        List No. 7, Regents Checks 89-171 to 89-204, inclusive,
        for a total of $176,248.03.

        List No. 7, State Claims 89-127 to 89-153, inclusive,
        for a total of $73,103.51.

3)  Right-of-Way - Neilson Property

    A letter under date of February 17, 1949, from Mr. Sievert
    Neilson was read, offering to sell to the University a strip
    of land along the east side of his property approximately
    30 feet wide and 272 feet long for (1) the sum of $2,000,
    (2) access by owners of his property to this right-of-way,
    (3) the provision of a right-of-way across University land
    situated east of the Adele Rickard property or easement to
    lead from Neilson property to the right-of-way granted to
    Mrs. Rickard in the Act of March 6, 1945; and further, that
    the University bear the costs of transfer, title research
    and other expenses involved.

    Action on the above matter was postponed until the Regents
    have personally inspected the land under consideration.

4)  Nevada Bank of Commerce letter of February 5, 1949, was
    presented in which request was made that the Bank be desig-
    nated as a depository for a portion of the University's

    Motion by Mr. Arentz, seconded by Mr. Cahlan, passed unani-
    mously that the Comptroller be directed to distribute some
    of the federal funds of the University to the Nevada Bank
    of Commerce and to the Security National Bank, provided
    they meet all the requirements of the law - these deposits
    to be made after July 1, 1949, when federal money is received
    for the new fiscal year.

The Board recessed at 4:35 in order to go to the north end of the
Campus to inspect the ground there.

The recessed meeting was called to order by Chairman Ross at 9
A.M., Saturday, February 19, 1949, with all Regents, the Presi-
dent and the Comptroller present.

Reporter Lloyd Rogers came into the meeting at 9:30 A.M. and
reporter Frank Mc Cullough came into the meeting at 9:40 A.M.
Both remained until noon.

Mr. Guy Bowman appeared before the Regents at 9:50 A.M. and
called their attention to an article in the Wall Street Journal,
telling about the erection of Dormitories in Oklahoma, the money
for which was secured from sale of bonds by the University, which
are tax exempt.  It was Mr. Bowman's suggestion that the Univer-
sity of Nevada might wish to use a similar means of financing
the erection of a Student Union building.

Dean Edward Steidler, Head of the School of Mineral Industries at
Pennsylvania State College, who is visiting in Reno, appeared be-
fore the Regents at 10:15 A.M.  He explained briefly the situa-
tion in Pennsylvania, which, he felt, was comparable to that in
Nevada, saying that Pennsylvania had reached the point where they
had to have new knowledge and modern methods to maintain its
mineral economy since the cream of the mineral resources were ex-
hausted.  Therefore, the mineral industry recommended the es-
tablishment of a School of Mineral Industries.  Trained leaders
are now employed in mineral research and extension who take the
new processes out among the workers in the mines, just as the
Agricultural Extension Agents are doing for Agriculture.  In
1929, a building costing almost a million dollars was erected.
At the present time, a building is being built at a cost of over
a million dollars, the equipment of which will cost $325,000.

Chairman Ross thanked Dean Steidler for giving the Regents this
information and for the pleasure of meeting him.

Legislative Program

    The Legislative Program was discussed, especially with
    reference to questions which the legislative committees had
    asked concerning the University salary lists, teaching and
    administrative load, etc.

    Motion by Mr. Hilliard, seconded by Mr. Cahlan, passed unani-
    mously that we cheerfully furnish the Legislature with the
    information requested, broken down as follows:

    (1)  Qualified administrators who have no other duties.
    (2)  Instructional staff who have no other duties.
    (3)  Those whose duties are both administrative and in-
    (4)  Clerical personnel.
    (5)  Maintenance staff.

    Also, that a copy of the budget as presented to the Governor
    be furnished the Legislature.

Heating Plant

    After some discussion, motion by Mr. Cahlan, seconded by Mr.
    Arentz, passed as follows, with Regents Sheerin, Arentz,
    Cahlan and Ross voting "aye" and with Regent Hilliard voting
    "no" because he feels that the State Planning Board has
    authority of decision under the law, and that they have been
    ill advised.

    The Board of Regents, having submitted its plans and recom-
    mendations to the State Planning Board, and having discussed
    the Heating Plant in a spirit of cooperation, it is hereby
    agreed that the problem of providing a Heating Plant rests
    with the Planning Board in accordance with law.  We recom-
    mend that an adequate, efficient plant be constructed.

    It is further agreed that the Regents recommend that the
    Heating Plant be constructed on a 3-year or unit program.

    It is understood that the Planning Board will submit an
    estimate to the Legislature for the completed plant.  We
    suggest that (1) money now appropriated be used for the
    first 2-year program, (2) the law be amended to conform with
    this suggestion, (3) that funds will be requested from the
    Legislature, 2 years hence, for the completion of the Plant.

    It is further agreed that Regent Arentz be the official
    representative of the Regents in the above matter.

Engineers Council for Professional Development

    President Moseley read a letter from Dean C. L. Eckel, member
    of the E. C. P. D. Committee, stating that, on January 28 and
    29, an inspection had been made of the College of Engineering
    and approving, in general, the improvements which have been
    made since the last visit of the Committee, especially the
    physical facilities of the College - the new Engineering
    building and the new Laboratory equipment.  The letter stated
    however, that:

        In one important aspect, the College of Engineering
        appears to lag.  I refer to the general lack of adequate
        and experienced teaching staff.

        I believe that the teaching loads of the regularly ap-
        pointed members of the Civil Engineering Department are
        too heavy and that Professor Blodgett's load is exces-
        sively heavy.  The staff in the Departments of Mining
        Engineering and Metallurgy is inadequate, and Dean
        Palmer's teaching load is also too heavy.

        We are quite sure that members of the Engineering faculty
        are doing their best.  It cannot be expected, however,
        that a Department Head with one or more Instructors who
        are likely to be recent graduates, immature and inexper-
        ienced, and undergraduate Assistants, constitute a teach-
        ing staff that will permit the College of Engineering at
        the University of Nevada to operate on a comparable basis
        with other Colleges of Engineering in this region.

        I am sure that approval of a budget along the lines Dean
        Palmer has suggested to you will enable him to appreci-
        ably remedy this situation and the necessity of making
        every effort in this direction is urged.

    A formal report from the E. C. P. D. will be forthcoming at
    a later date.

Old Gymnasium

    Because it is the opinion of the PMS&T that the old Gymnasium
    building is unsuited for conversion to an Armory and because
    there is a likelihood that in the near future the Federal
    Government will construct on the Campuses of Land Grant Col-
    leges Armories which will meet their specifications:

    Motion by Mr. Cahlan passed unanimously that the Comptroller
    is instructed to have a Bill drafted which will release the
    $20,000 now earmarked for remodeling the old Gymnasium build-
    ing into an Armory to a fund to rehabilitate the Gymnasium
    and make it usable for current needs.

Land North of Campus

    Motion by Mr. Cahlan passed unanimously that the Executive
    Committee be given power to negotiate and purchase the
    land now under discussion with Mr. Sievert Neilson, if funds
    are available.

    Motion by Mr. Cahlan passed unanimously that an additional
    $5,000 be added to the budget for the acquisition of land
    and the improvement thereof.

Reports of Committees

Air Base Dormitory Building

    The Properties Committee reported that stakes have been set
    for the two Men's Dormitory buildings to be brought from the
    Reno Army Air Base.

    Dr. Gorman reported that, due to weather conditions, it has
    not been possible to move the building from the Air Base to
    the Campus; and because of the death of the contractor, the
    cement foundation has not been laid.  Work will progress as
    soon as weather permits.

Committee on Resolutions

    Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the Comptroller
    be instructed to prepare suitable resolutions for the Regents
    on the death of Dr. Auchampaugh and that copies be sent to
    the members of the family.

The Board recessed at 12:15 noon for luncheon in the University
Dining Hall and was called to order by the Chairman.  All were

New Business

Cole Gift

    President Moseley read a letter from Mr. Stuart Williams,
    written on behalf of Mrs. Fred L. Cole, formerly of Nevada,
    offering the library of her late husband to the University
    of Nevada for the Mackay School of Mines.

    Motion by Mr. Arentz passed unanimously that the gift be
    accepted and that Mrs. Cole be thanked.

Reporter Lloyd Rogers returned and remained throughout the after-

President Moseley presented a letter from Mr. H. H. Atkinson.
Motion by Mr. Arentz, seconded by Mr. Cahlan, passed unanimously
that the President be instructed to confer with Mr. Atkinson
regarding the matter brought up on his letter of February 16 and
explain the impossibility of the Regents taking any action.

Honorary Degrees

    Motion by Mr. Cahlan passed unanimously that the Regents
    confirm the recommendation of President Moseley to confer
    the degree of LL. D. on Mr. Jack Kinnear.

    Motion by Mr. Arentz, seconded by Mr. Cahlan, passed uani-
    mously that the recommendation of President Moseley be
    approved that the honorary degree of Sc. D. be conferred
    upon Stanley G. Palmer and Jay A. Carpenter.

    By telephone vote, it was unanimously agreed, on March 14,
    1949, to confer the degree of LL. D. upon Dean Charles E.
    Mc Allister.

Legislative Meeting

    Motion by Mr. Arentz passed unanimously that the President,
    Vice President, Mr. Hilliard and Mr. Ross represent the
    University at the meeting of the Legislative Committees in
    Carson on Monday, February 21st.

The Regents went into executive session at 2 P.M. and returned
to open session at 3 P.M.

The meeting adjourned until the next regular meeting on Saturday,
June 4th, unless it becomes necessary to meet earlier to consider
actions of the Legislature.