UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 18-19, 1887


Volume OB - Pages 47-48

                       Carson City, Nevada

                       February 18th, 1887

At the call of the Chairman the Board of Regents met in the

Office of the Governor.  Full Board present.

M. D. Noteware, having complied with the request of the Board

and turned over all books, papers, moneys, etc. in his posses-

sion, as Clerk of the old Board, was asked to explain the min-

utes insofar as they showed money in ex-Regent Getchell's


Mr. Noteware explained that ex-Regent L. W. Getchell had in his

hands the sum of $43.50, which was part of the "Washoe County

Building Fund".

Upon motion the Secretary was instructed to request Mr. Getchell

to refund the said $43.50 which the minutes showed to be in his


The Controller's statement of funds belonging to the University

was read and ordered filed.

Upon motion it was ordered that the University be closed at the

end of the Winter term, March 25th, 1887, for the purpose of

completing the building and reorganizing the faculty.

Upon motion the Clerk was instructed to inform Professors Mc

Cammon and Willis their services, as instructors in the Univer-

sity would not be further required after March 25th, 1887.

Upon motion the Clerk was instructed to prepare a circular for

general distribution, said circular to set forth the intention of

the Regents to complete the building and reorganize the faculty

and open the University for the Fall term.

Nothing further being under consideration the Board adjourned to

meet at the call of the Chairman.

                             C. C. Stevenson


J. M. Dormer

Clerk Board Regents