UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 15-16, 1995


Pages 124-126

                         BOARD OF REGENTS


                        February 15, 1995

A Special Meeting of the Board of Regents was held in the Grand

Room, Richard Tam Alumni Center, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present:  Dr. James Eardley, Chairman

                  Mr. Mark Alden

                  Mrs. Shelly Berkley

                  Dr. Jill Derby

                  Mr. Joseph M. Foley

                  Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher (via telephone)

                  Mr. Madison Graves, II

                  Mr. Daniel J. Klaich

                  Mr. David L. Phillips

                  Mrs. Nancy Price

                  Mrs. Carolyn Sparks

Others present:   Dr. Richard Jarvis, Chancellor

                  Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

                  Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Chairman Eardley called the meeting to order at 2:35 P.M. with

all Regents present.

 1.  Appointment, President, UNLV

     Dr. Jill Derby, Chairman of the Regents' ad hoc UNLV Presi-

     dential Search Committee, presented the Committee recommen-

     dation on the appointment of President, University of

     Nevada, Las Vegas, which was that the Committee preferred

     Dr. Carol Harter, but Dr. William Shelton was an acceptable


     Dr. Derby moved to accept the recommendation of the UNLV

     Search Committee that Dr. Carol Harter be appointed Presi-

     dent of UNLV.  Mrs. Berkley seconded.

     Mr. Klaich expressed his thanks to Dr. Derby for her leader-

     ship of the Committee, and the Committee and community mem-

     bers who had assisted in the process.  He related that he

     appreciated working with everyone on this very important

     task.  Chairman Eardley also thanked the Search Committees

     for their diligence in the search.

     Mrs. Sparks stated in the ad hoc UNLV Presidential Search

     Committee meeting earlier that day, there had been five

     people in support of Dr. Charles Jennett and she question-

     ed how that support was shifted.  Chairman Eardley stated

     that was a Committee action.

     Motion failed on roll count vote:

         Aye:  Regents Berkley, Derby, Foley, Klaich, Price

         Nay:  Regents Alden, Gallagher, Graves, Phillips,

               Sparks, Eardley

     Mr. Graves moved that Dr. William Shelton be appointed

     President of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  Mr.

     Phillips seconded.

     Mrs. Price asked for a Point of Order, stating that it was

     apparent to her that there had been a pre-determined out-

     come and she would ask the State to pursue the problem of

     the decision, harassment and illegal procedures followed

     in this vote.

     Mrs. Sparks stated she had voted "no" on the above vote

     only because she wanted more discussion from the Regents;

     that she was not against Dr. Harter, only wanted to hear

     the opinions of all the Regents.

     Dr. Derby stated there was a unanimous vote of the Regents'

     Search Committee to forward the name of Dr. Harter to the

     Board of Regents.  She stated no outcome could have been

     predicted before the Committee meeting earlier that day

     because the Committee had only decided during that meeting

     what the procedure would be.  She related that she was

     absolutely stunned that the Board had not accepted the

     recommendation of the Committee.  She stated that the

     Committees felt most strongly that a healing process had

     been ongoing during the 9 months of the process and they

     had come to a consensus at the end.  Dr. Derby stated the

     Committees had worked together hard and honorably, and felt

     it was a very serious matter for the Board to reject the

     recommendation after the process which had been undertaken.

     Mr. Alden spoke in favor of Dr. Shelton for the Presidency.

     Mrs. Berkley stated her position had been to pay deference

     to the decision of the Institutional Advisory Committee and

     they had come up with the candidate who had received almost

     a two-to-one vote.

     Mrs. Sparks asked for clarification of the motion on the

     table, with General Counsel Klasic recommending a vote be

     taken on this motion.

     Mr. Graves stated that this was a difficult decision but

     he did not feel the Board should be bound by the Advisory

     Committee.  He added that he felt a number of constituencies

     had not been represented on the Committee, and reminded the

     Board that the Alumni Association had voted unanimously for

     Dr. Shelton.  He related that Dr. Shelton would bring much

     needed national accountability to the University.

     Mr. Klaich stated that he felt a great deal of attention

     should be paid to the decision of the Advisory Committee

     for they represent the people who will be working on a

     daily basis with the next President.  He continued that

     the Advisory Committee had sent a signal of their prefer-

     ence; that Dr. Harter will provide the leadership to

     Campus and State that is needed.  He added that he did

     not agree with Mrs. Price's Point of Order.

     Chairman Eardley stated that the Regents' Committee was to

     present information to the full Board, but that it is the

     responsibility of the full Board to make the decision.

     Dr. Derby stated she felt it would be devasting to the

     University if the Regents overturned their decision.

     Mrs. Sparks again stated she felt there should have been

     more discussion prior to the vote being taken.

     Motion failed on roll call vote:

         Aye:  Regents Alden, Graves, Gallagher, Phillips

         Nay:  Regents Berkley, Derby, Foley, Klaich, Price,


     Mr. Klaich moved that the Board appoint Dr. Carol Harter

     as President of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  Mrs.

     Price seconded.

     Mr. Graves stated that the decision of the Board was very

     clear and the new President should have the unanimous

     support of the Board.  Mr. Alden agreed.

     The motion carried unanimously.

 2.  Public Comment

     Ms. Stephanie Boixo stated she was a member of the Advisory

     Committee representing CSUN.  She continued that she was

     very upset that Mrs. Price would suggest there was discrim-

     ination or harassment during the committee process; that

     there was none.

The meeting adjourned at 3:05 P.M.

                             Mary Lou Moser

                             Secretary of the Board