UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 15-16, 1886


Volume OB - Pages 30-32

                           State of Nevada

                        Reno, Feby. 15, 1886

Pursuant to call of L. W. Getchell, Chairman Pro Tem, the Board

of Regents met at Reno, Feby. 15th.  Present:  Regents Getchell

and Shaw.  Absent:  Regent Rand.

M. J. Curtis, Supervising Architect, submitted the following


                          Reno, Feby. 15th, 1886

     To the Honorable Board of Regents of the State of Nevada


     The contractors, in building the State University, have

     taken a longer time than specified; but the work is done,

     and well done.  The contract is finished in every particu-

     lar.  The material furnished and labor performed have been

     the best, and gives great credit to the contractors, Burke


     Although a delay in time, the Hon. Board of Regents have

     been lenient.

     I, as your Superintendent, feel proud to be delivering the

     the keys to your Hon. Board.

     Thanking you for your kindness to me and the confidence you

     have placed in me.  The building is a credit to the Hon.

     Board of Regents, and should be the pride of Reno.

                                   Yours sincerely,

                  (signed)         M. J. Curtis


The Board took a recess of one hour to examine the building.

Upon reassembling, upon motion of Regent Getchell, the building

was accepted.

Upon motion of Regent Shaw, Professor J. F. Mc Cammon of Palisade

was elected Principal of the Preparatory Department at a salary

of $200.00 per month, his services to begin March 1st, 1886.

Mr. S. G. Kendall was appointed Janitor at a salary of $50.00 per

month, his services to begin March 1st, 1886.

Regent Shaw was appointed a committee of one with authority to

purchase such supplies as may be necessary to equip the building.

On motion of Regent Shaw, the following preamble and order in

relation to the public lands of this State was adopted:

     WHEREAS it appears from the statement submitted to the Board

     of Regents by Hon. C. S. Preble, State Land Register, that

     only 4717.84 acres of land were applied for at the rate of

     $2.50 per acre from Sept. 8th, 1885 to January 7th, 1886,


     WHEREAS it has been presented to the Board by the said State

     Land Register that he can sell on behalf of the State a

     large quantity of land provided a reduction be made in the

     rates fixed by the Board in their order of Sept. 8, 1885,


     WHEREAS the Board has reason to believe and does believe

     that further legislation is necessary to secure adequate

     evidence of the character of the public lands in Nevada in

     respect to their value for grazing and Agricultural purpose

     and to properly grade the same;

     THEREFORE it is

     Ordered that on and after Feby. 15th, 1886, the price

     of all Agricultural and grazing lands that have been or

     which may hereafter be granted by the United States to

     the State of Nevada, and which have not been settled upon

     or applied for prior to said date, shall be $1.25 per acre.

     RESOLVED, that it is the sense of the Board of Regents that

     it would materially conducive to the benefit of the State

     School and University Funds of the State and to the more

     profitable administration of the various Public Land Grants

     were suitable appropriations made by the Legislature to

     carry out the provisions of Section 14 of the State Land Law

     for selecting land, and that the Board do recommend in its

     next biennial report to the Legislature that said appropri-

     ation be made.

     By order of the Board of Regents of Nevada.

The Board thereupon adjourned, subject to the call of the Chair-

man, Pro Tem.

                             L. W. Getchell

                             Chairman, Pro Tem

Henry G. Shaw

Secretary Pro Tem