UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 14-15, 1868


Volume OA - Pages 30-33

                        Executive Department

                         Carson City, Nevada

                          February 14, 1868

The Board of Regents met at the call of the President at the

Office of the Governor.  Present:  H. G. Blasdel, C. N.

Noteware and A. N. Fisher.

A communication from the Hon. J. S. Wilson, Commissioner of

General Land Office at Washington, transmitting to the Governor

certified copy of List No. 1 of Lands Selected as Indemnity of

School Section Sixteen and notifying of approval of said

selection by the Secretary of the Interior, was received and

ordered on file (see file "N").

A communication from the State Register under date December 28,

1867, concerning lands situated near the base of the Sierras

on the Truckee River included within what is known as the United

States Timber Reserve, was read, ordered on file (see file "O"),

and selection of the even sections of said Timber Reserve was

ordered in part satisfaction of such Grant or Grants as may be

determined by the State Register, title of Grant and number of

acres so selected to be reported to this Board as soon as ascer-


A communication from the same under date February 1, 1868,

requesting selection on application of John Munson was read,

ordered on file (see file "P"), and selection ordered under

such Grant as may be determined by the Register, information to

be reported as provided in preceding selection.

A communication from the same under same date, requesting select-

tion on application of Joseph French, was read, ordered on file

(see file "Q"), and request denied, lands applied for being

double minimum lands and amount deposited being only at the rate

of $1.25 per acre.

A communication from the same under date February 14, 1868, con-

cerning Township Plots for use in his Office, was read, ordered

on file (see file "R"), and request referred to the President

of the Board with instructions to confer and report.

A letter from Britton & Gray, Attorneys of the Board, under date

Washington, D. C., November 27, 1867, was read and ordered on

file (see file B & G - One).

Concerning conflict of State's application with preemption claims

A. G. A. Allen recited in said letter, on motion the State

Register was instructed to procure abandonment of claim by said

Allen, or failing therein, to submit to local United States Land

Office proof of abandonment of claim by said Allen.

Concerning List No. 3 named in said letter, the Register was

instructed to ascertain why said list has not been forwarded

and report to this Board.

With reference to List No. 4 and the best mode of curing objec-

tions of General Land Office to selections within C. P. R. R.

reservation, it was voted that we concur in the opinion expressed

in said letter as to the desirability of an Act of Congress

accommodating of present law controlling selections.

Concerning the statement of said letter as to action of the

C. P. R. R. Agent at Washington looking toward withdrawal of

lands from selection in their favor, thereby preventing selection

on the part of the State, the Secretary stated that upon receiv-

ing said letter, deeming the interests of the State prejudiced

by such withdrawal upon conferences with member Noteware, member

Blasdel being absent from town, it was thought advisable to

instruct Messrs. Britton & Gray by telegraph to file counter-

plated caveat, whereupon, on motion, this action was endorsed

by the Board.

A letter from Britton & Gray under date December 13, 1867, was

read and ordered on file (see file B & G - Two).  Also from same,

letter under date January 3, 1868 (see file B & G - Three).

On motion, the following Preamble and Resolution were adopted,

to wit:

    WHEREAS, it is decreed highly necessary that Congress pass

    such Act, or Acts, as will permit this State to select, in

    satisfaction, or PRO TANTO satisfaction, of Grants of land

    heretofore made to this State by the United States, these

    lying within the limits of the Pacific Railroad reservation

    (in this State) contained in the even sections (excluding

    the 16th and 36th); that said State should have an extension

    of the time in which to select lands in satisfaction of the

    Capital and State Prison Building Grants, of twenty (20)

    sections, each under the Act of March 21, 1864; that this

    State should have the privilege of selection, in part satis-

    faction of said Grants, lands known as "The Upper Timber

    Reserve" on the Truckee River; and

    WHEREAS, this State should have the privilege of disposing

    of its lands, after selection, to those not actually settled

    upon or in possession thereof, therefore,

    RESOLVED, by the Board of Regents of the State of Nevada,

    that A. N. Fisher be, and is hereby authorized and requested

    to proceed to Washington City and represent this Board before

    any Committee of either branch of Congress or Department of

    State with a view to securing the above specified legisla-


On motion adjourned to meet at the call of the President.

                             H. G. Blasdel


A. N. Fisher