UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 9-10, 1889


Volume OB - Pages 69-70

                           Carson City

                          Feby. 9, 1889

The Board of Regents met this day.  Present:  T. H. Wells,

H. L. Fish and E. T. George.

The Regents proceeded to organize as a Board and upon motion of

H. L. Fish, T. H. Wells was elected President.

Upon motion, Geo. H. Taylor was elected Secretary of the Board.

Upon motion Hon. Le Roy D. Brown was recognized as President of

the State University.

Upon motion it was ordered that the Board of Regents meet at Reno

on the Thursday after the second Tuesday in each month.

Upon motion it was ordered that the President of the Board and

President Brown formulate rules and regulations for the govern-

ment of the University, subject to approval of the Board of

Regents at a future meeting.

Upon motion it was ordered that all books and papers belonging

to the Board be delivered and shipped to the Board at Reno, on

or before March 1, 1889.

Upon motion it was ordered that H. L. Fish and President Brown

be authorized to employ a Farmer for the University grounds.

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned.

                             T. H. Wells


Geo. H. Taylor