UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 8-9, 1887


Volume OB - Page 46

                       Carson City, Nevada

                       February 8th, 1887

The Governor, Secretary of State and Superintendent of Public

Instruction met in the Office of the Governor at 11 A.M., and

were sworn in, in accordance to law, as Regents of the University

of Nevada, by Hon. R. Leonard, Chief Justice of the Supreme


The Regents then proceeded to organize as a Board, and upon

motion the Governor was elected Chairman.

Upon motion the Secretary of State was elected Clerk of the


The new Board, as organized, then proceeded to the Office of the

Surveyor-General and requested M. D. Noteware, Clerk of the

Board, to deliver to the new Board all the books, papers, moneys,

and other property belonging to the University of Nevada, now in

his possession.

Mr. Noteware asked time until he could have legal advice on his

right to comply, and pending such time the Board ajourned to

meet at the call of the Chairman.

                             C. C. Stevenson


J. M. Dormer

Clerk of Board