UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 7-8, 1969


Pages 192-242



February 7, 1969

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Donald C. Moyer

Campus Student Union, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present: Fred M. Anderson, M. D.

Mr. Thomas G. Bell

Mr. James H. Bilbray

Mr. Archie C. Grant

Mr. Procter Hug, Jr.

Mr. Harold Jacobsen

Mr. R. J. Ronzone

Mr. Albert Seeliger

Dr. Juanita White

Members absent: Mrs. Molly Knudtsen

Louis Lombardi, M. D.

Others present: Chancellor Neil D. Hmphrey

President N. Edd Miller (UNR)

President-designate Roman J. Zorn (UNLV)

Vice President Donald H. Baepler (UNLV)

Dr. Patrick Squires (DRI)

Dr. Donald Driggs (UNR Senate Chairman)

Professor Roger Miller (UNLV Senate Chairman)

Mr. Edward L. Pine (UNR Business Manager)

Mr. Herman Westfall (UNLV Business Manager)

Mr. Edward Olsen (UNR Director of Information)

Mr. Mark Hughes (UNLV Director of Information)

Mr. Joe Bell, ASUN President

Mr. Bill Terry, CSNS President

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Hug at 11:15 A.M.

1. Mr. Hug introduced Dr. Roman J. Zorn, President-designate

of University of Nevada, Las Vegas, noting that although

Dr. Zorn will not assume office until March 1, he was pres-

ent at the meeting as an observer.

2. Bid Opening, Chemistry Building, UNLV

Dr. Baepler noted that bids for construction of the Chem-

istry building had been received by the State Planning Board

January 28, 1969. He noted that the construction budget was

$1,400,000 and the low bid for the building and equipment

was submitted by J. A. Tiberti Construction Company in the

amount of $1,506,000 base bid plus alternates A and B.

(Tabulation of bids filed with permanent minutes.)

Dr. Baepler reviewed a recommendation by the State Planning

Board that the Legislature be requested to appropriate and

make available prior to February 25, the $150,000 originally

budgeted for movable furniture for this building and re-

flected as priority #2 on the System's Capital Improvement

Program for 1969-70. This would make it possible to realize

a useable facility with approximately $60,000 to $80,000

still available for movable type furnishings. Dr. Baepler

further noted that if the appropriation is not made by

February 25, the contract would be awarded to Skyline

Construction Company in the amount of their base bid of

$1,281,300 and new bids would be solicited for the alter-


Dr. Baepler recommended the State Planning Board be re-

quested to award the contract to the J. A. Tiberti Con-

struction Company for the base bid plus alternates A and B

for a total of $1,506,000 and a request be made to the

State Legislature to make the $150,000 available prior to

February 25. Chancellor Humphrey concurred.

Motion by Mr. Bell, seconded by Mr. Bilbray, carried with-

out dissent that the above recommendation be approved.

Dr. Robert Smith, Dean of the College of Science and Math-

ematics, expressed concern that use of the $150,000 orig-

inally intended for movable furniture and equipment, as

part of the construction of the Chemistry building, would

leave them short $90,000. He emphasized that he was not

suggesting any other course of action but felt it important

to call this to the attention of the Regents. He said that

delays in getting the project off the ground had caused the

cost to exceed the budget.

Mr. Bilbray said that Dean Smith's statements should be

noted. He stated that because of delays created by the

State Planning Board, funds are not now adequate for this

project. He suggested that the Board of Regents consider

legislation to limit the powers of the State Planning

Board on University projects. He specifically cited the

delay in the selection of an architect.

Mr. Robert Fielding, architect with Jack Miller and As-

sociates, suggested that part of the problem was based on

the fact that the project was originally programmed and

budgeted in 1965. He noted the increase in construction

costs and noted that a 10% leeway might have made it pos-

sible to bring the completed project in within the budget.

Mr. Jacobsen stated that, in his opinion, the relationship

between the Board of Regents and the State Planning Board

has been excellent. Mr. Fielding stated that the rela-

tionship between the architects and the State Planning

Board has also been excellent.

Dean Smith pointed out that the appropriation for the

Chemistry building was made in 1967 and that almost a year

was lost in the design competition. Mr. Bilbray stated

that this kind of administrative program should be brought

to the attention of the Governor.

Dr. Anderson stated that he did not consider this an ap-

propriate matter to refer to the Governor. He added that

he believed that the State Planning Board has contributed

substantially in helping the University provide better


Mr. Bilbray suggested that the University should hire com-

petent people to provide the services which the State Plan-

ning Board is now providing and suggested again that the

Governor be requested to take some action.

Dean Smith spoke again of the delay caused by the archi-

tectural competition, stating that competition began in

October 1967 but the "go-ahead" on plans was not given

until March 1968. Mr. Grant suggested that this was a

one-time experience and this kind of competition was not

likely to recur.

Mr. Jacobsen asked Dr. Smith if he considered the com-

petition worthwhile. Dr. Smith said that it had reassured

him that they had the right architect.

Mr. Ronzone requested Chancellor Humphrey to check into

the sequence of the activity on the Chemistry building

and perhaps develop recommendations on speeding up the

process. He asked if earlier availability of planning

money would be desirable.

Chancellor Humphrey pointed out that many changes are made

during the development of a project and sometimes if

significant time elapses, the early planning phase is

wasted. He stated that it is important to recognize that

delays are a shared problem between the University and

the other organizations involved.

Dr. White moved, seconded by Mr. Bilbray, that the Legis-

lature be requested to appropriate a total of $240,000 to

make the Chemistry building fully operational.

Dr. Baepler expressed concern that such a request might

jeopardize the request for $150,000. Mr. Jacobsen agreed,

pointing out that timing is important in that it must be

acted upon by the Legislature prior to February 25.

Dr. White withdrew her motion.

3. Request for Exemption of Certain Admission Requirements

Mr. Hug noted that this matter had been introduced at Mr.

Bilbray's request and suggested that he might wish to

comment on it.

Mr. Bilbray stated that he was requesting the Board of

Regents to reconsider its requirement that entering stu-

dents have a physical examination and smallpox vaccination.

He introduced Mr. Darrell D. Luce, representing the

Christian Science Church, who spoke in support of such

an exemption, noting that presently this sort of exemp-

tion is provided to members of the Christian Science

religion by an increasing number of Universities and

Colleges. He specifically listed 22 Universities and

Colleges now allowing some exemption from the medical

examination, chest x-ray or immunization requirements.

He pointed out that this requirement is contrary to the

teachings of the Christian Science religion and requested

an exemption be permitted at the University of Nevada,

Reno and Las Vegas.

Dr. Anderson stated that this requirement is not intended

to be restrictive or punitive to any group of students but

is a matter of public health.

Mr. Bilbray moved that Christian Science students be ex-

empted from the requirement for smallpox vaccinations and

medical examinations. Motion seconded by Mr. Ronzone.

Mr. Bell asked about the regulation that students who are

registered for 6 or less credits not be required to comply

with the medical examination requirement. Dr. Baepler

noted that special students not enrolled in a degree pro-

gram are normally exempt but suggested this was an over-


President Miller pointed out that special students were

also not permitted to live in the Dormitories, which may

have prompted the exemption for that group.

Mr. Jacobsen moved that this matter be tabled until the

April meeting to provide for further study and recommenda-

tion by the Administration. Motion seconded by Mr.

Seeliger. Motion to table defeated by a vote of 5 nega-

tive and 4 affirmative votes.

Dr. Anderson Yes

Mr. Bell No

Mr. Bilbray No

Mr. Grant Yes

Mr. Hug No

Mr. Jacobsen Yes

Mr. Ronzone No

Mr. Seeliger Yes

Dr. White No

The meeting adjourned for lunch at 12:15 P.M. and reconvened

at 1:10 P.M. at which time discussion resumed on Mr. Bilbray's


Mr. Bilbray asked that his motion be restated as follows:

Effective February 7, 1969, upon submission of

certified proof of adherence to the teachings of

any recognized religious denomination which has as

its tenets or principles, healing through the use

of prayer alone, the applicant will be exempted

from all medical entrance requirements.

Mr. Hug said that in his opinion, there is a difference

between a medical examination and a smallpox vaccination.

Mr. Jacobsen again stated that he believed there should

be a study of the matter made before any changes in

existing policy are made.

Above motion was defeated by a vote of 5 negative and 4

affirmative votes.

Dr. Anderson No

Mr. Bell Yes

Mr. Bilbray Yes

Mr. Grant No

Mr. Hug No

Mr. Jacobsen No

Mr. Ronzone Yes

Mr. Seeliger No

Dr. White Yes

Mr. Hug noted that his negative vote was based on the fact

that he did not necessarily feel there should be a re-

quirement for a smallpox vaccination, but he did believe

the requirement for a medical examination should be re-


Mr. Bilbray moved that Christian Science students attend-

ing UNR and UNLV be exempt from the smallpox vaccination.

Motion seconded by Mr. Bell.

Mr. Seeliger expressed concern that this action would

single out only one facet of the problem and suggested

that the Board would be getting a very unclear picture.

He suggested a full study and more information before

action by the Board of Regents.

Dr. White stated that on the basis of the vote just taken

it appeared that Mr. Jacobsen's earlier motion would be

in order.

Mr. Jacobsen moved that action on the matter be tabled.

Motion seconded by Dr. Anderson.

Dr. Anderson added that he felt this matter too important

to go into without further study.

Mr. Jacobsen amended his motion to provide that the Admin-

istration be instructed to make a study of the present

policy as it now exists and consider the possibility of

eliminating the requirement for a smallpox vaccination.

He also requested that a report be brought back to the

Board in June and that the report include the rationale

for excluding part-time students from the requirement

and that it include information concerning whether or

not faculty are required to have a physical examination.

Motion was carried without dissent.

4. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting

Upon motion by Dr. White, seconded by Dr. Anderson, the

minutes of January 10-11, 1969 were approved as distributed.

5. Resolutions of Appreciation

Upon motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Mr. Seeliger, and

unanimous vote, the following resolutions were adopted:


WHEREAS, FRED M. ANDERSON, M. D. has served with

distinction as a member of the Board since January,

1956, and

WHEREAS, he was elected Chairman of the Board of

Regents in January, 1965, and

WHEREAS, during the past four years he has provided

wise, effective and constructive leadership to the

Board of Regents during a vital and challenging

period of the University's growth and development,

devoting himself to the pursuit of excellence in

all of the Universities' programs, and

WHEREAS, he has retired as Chairman of this Board as

of January 10, 1969, although continuing to serve

a new term as a member of the Board,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the other members

of the Board of Regents of the University of Nevada

System that they hereby acknowledge the devoted

service to the University of their distinguished

colleague, FRED M. ANDERSON, M. D., and express to

him their deep and lasting appreciation for his

devoted service and leadership during his term as

Chairman, at the same time noting with satisfaction

that they may look forward to his continuing service

as a member of the Board in the term ahead.


OF NEVADA SYSTEM, given at Las Vegas, this 7th day

of February, 1969.


WHEREAS, MOLLY F. KNUDTSEN, has served with distinc-

tion as a member of this Board since January, 1961,


WHEREAS, since her election as Vice Chairman of the

Board in January, 1965, she has also given dedicated

service to this Board in that capacity, and to the

University, and

WHEREAS, in addition to her service as Vice Chairman,

she has also served as Chairman of the Honorary De-

grees and Administrative and Personnel Committees,

and as a member of the Investment Advisory, Educa-

tional Policies, Student Affairs and Research Commit-

tees, and

WHEREAS, the appropriate and proper growth and develop-

ment of the University of Nevada on both Campuses have

always been an abiding concern to her, and

WHEREAS, the welfare of the Universities' students

throughout the rural counties has always been a

matter of particular interest to her, as evidenced,

for example, by her long standing "District Three"

scholarship, and

WHEREAS, she has retired as Vice Chairman of this

Board as of January 10, 1969, although continuing

to serve a new term as a member of the Board.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the other members

of the Board of Regents of the University of Nevada

System that they hereby gratefully acknowledge the

devoted service to the University of their distinguish-

ed colleague, MOLLY F. KNUDTSEN, and express to her

their deep and lasting appreciation for her devoted

service and leadership during her term as Vice Chair-

man, at the same time noting with satisfaction that

they may look forward to her continuing service as

a member of the Board in the term ahead.


OF NEVADA SYSTEM, given at Las Vegas, this 7th day

of February, 1969.

6. Report of Gifts

Upon motion by Mr. Bilbray, seconded by Mr. Bell, the

following gifts and grants were accepted by the Board:

University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adams, Las Vegas - $13

The Schick Foundation, Wilton, Connecticut - $5000

Mrs. Ruth Harris Stewart, Las Vegas - $500 in memory of

the Mattie Wattis Harris Foundation.

Mr. R. J. Ronzone, Las Vegas - $5 in memory of Della


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Siefert and Mr. and Mrs. James

Cashman, Jr., Las Vegas - $25 in memory of Mr. Charles

H. Sloan.

Mrs. Ryland G. Taylor and Mr. Russel B. Taylor, Las Vegas

- $50 in memory of Mr. A. E. Cahlan.

Performing Arts Center:

Mr. J. H. Mc Beath, Henderson - $200

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Mc Daniel, Las Vegas - $250

Mr. and Mrs. Angelo J. Manzi, Las Vegas - $250

Mr. and Mrs. Abe Miller, Las Vegas - property valued

at $12,000

Dr. Juanita White, Boulder City - $500

Mrs. Lillian Witcher, Las Vegas - $1000

Louis A. Woitishek Memorial and Mr. and Mrs. Harold

J. Lowe, Las Vegas - $10,000

Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Zucker, Las Vegas - $1000

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Jones, Las Vegas - $350

Athletic Program:

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Davis, Las Vegas - $500

M. J. Wiens, Las Vegas - $1000


Utah-Nevada-Idaho Hotel and Motel Association, Las Vegas -


Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Reno - $200

University of Science and Art, Denver, Colorado - $164.50

Music Concert Series:

Mr. and Mrs. Barton Gray, Las Vegas - $25

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Camera, Las Vegas - $5

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mc Laughlin, Las Vegas - $15

Dr. and Mrs. H. L. Daiell, Las Vegas - $25

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kinnory, Las Vegas - $5

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bushell, Las Vegas - $15


Mr. and Mrs. Max Herman, Las Vegas - $500 for unrestricted


University of Nevada, Reno


Dr. Fred Anderson, Reno - 52 books and other material.

Mr. H. Bernecker, Salt Lake City, Utah - copies of the

Union Pacific Time Tables, April 25, 1965 and Traveler's

Official Railway Guide of the United States and Canada.

Mrs. Marie D. Burrell, San Francisco - $10

Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Cummings, Reno - $5 in memory of David

Ross, Jr.

Mr. Graham Erskine, Reno - copies of "Architectural Record",

"Architectural Forum" and "Progressive Architecture".

Mrs. George Dunseath, Reno - 110 books including a set of

novels of Charles Dickens and the Harvard Classics.

Alice M. Hansen and Dorothy Dungate, Reno - $7 in memory

of Thomas Burner.

Mr. Larry Kirk, University of Nevada, Reno - early edition

of Mark Twain's "Roughing It".

President N. Edd Miller, University of Nevada, Reno - 7


Dr. and Mrs. William C. Miller, University of Nevada, Reno

- $300 for the purchase of microfilm of California papers.

Mr. Edwin C. Nelson, Reno - collection in excess of 50


Mrs. George A. Southworth, Jr., Reno - $25 to the George

Southworth Memorial Fund.

Mr. Brian J. Whalen, University of Nevada, Reno - $10 to

the Thomas Burner Memorial Fund.

Mr. and Mrs. George Wisham, Bakersfield, California - $100

to the George Wisham, Jr. Memorial Fund.

Miscellaneous Gifts

Mr. Brian J. Whalen, University of Nevada, Reno - $10 in

memory of W. S. Eddelman.

ASARCO Foundation, New York City - $1000 toward the purchase

of ore microscopes for the Geology-Geography Department.

French Cultural Services, French Government, San Francisco

- $100 in appreciation of work accomplished by the Uni-

versity in the study of French language and culture.

Bell of Nevada, Reno - $50 to the Nevada Prize Exam in

High School Mathematics.

Professor John N. Butler, University of Nevada, Reno - $220

to defray expenses of student travel within the Mackay

School of Mines.

Development and Resources Corporation, New York City - a

2-volume study entitled, "Soil Survey of the Southwest

Region of the Ivory Coast", with an accompanying tech-

nical appendix to the College of Agriculture.

Dr. V. E. Elliott, Fallon - $100 to the Medical School

Fund in the names of Dr. A. J. Dingacci, Dr. C. P.

Mc Cuskey, Dr. Clarence Nelson of Fallon and Dr. Stephen

Phalen of Reno.

Mrs. Enid Kernan, Reno - 94 orchid plants.

Nevada Society of Professional Engineers, Las Vegas - $25

to the Nevada Prize Exam in High School Mathematics.

Northern Nevada Mathematics Council, Reno - $25 to the

Nevada Prize Exam in High School Mathematics.

Edward S. Parsons, Reno - $75 to the President's Discre-

tionary Fund.

Radio Corporation of America, Hollywood, California - a

sampler kit, Q2200 of solid state integrated circuits,

valued at $71.

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Russell, Reno - $30 to the Medical

School Fund as a gift in the names of Dr. and Mrs. Fred

Anderson and Dr. and Mrs. John M. Edmiston.

Mr. and Mrs. Sol Savitt, Reno - $500 to the Journalism

Department as an addition to their Sierra News Company's



I. O. O. F. Grand Lodge of Nevada, Reno - $600 scholarship

stipends awarded to Marilyn Maroon, Waynette Conrad and

Kay F. Salazar in the amount of $200 each for the Spring

semester, 1969.

Sierra News Company, Inc., Reno - $525 to the Sierra News

Company Scholarship Fund.

Mr. L. H. Winer, Mill Valley, California - $50 scholarship

for the outstanding student in the College of Education.

Contributions to the Robert A. Hanson Memorial Scholarship


Virginia B. Haley, Carson City - $1

Julia C. Bulette Chapter, E. Clampus Vitus, Virginia

City - $61

Lillian Koskela, Sparks - $10

Mrs. Charles Lanpher, Sparks - $1

Mr. Phil Mc Cormick, Carson City - $5

Mr. Wayne Pearson, Carson City - $25

Pleasant Valley Fire Department, Steamboat - $100

Mr. John W. Riggs, Reno - $10

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Rollins, Carson City - $25

Mr. Jack Sutherland, Reno - $1

Mr. Richard Tilton, Carson City - $5

Mrs. Annie Wagner, Reno - $5

610 Handicap Leagues and Lila Mill, Beula White, Laura

Champion and Margaret Brown, Reno - $17.50


Department of Health Education and Welfare, Washington,

D. C.:

$132,373 for use by the University in the operation

of the National Defense Student Loan Program for

the fiscal year 1969.

4 new National defense Education Act Graduate Fellow-

ships for tenure beginning with the academic year

1969-70. The approved doctoral degree programs in

which these fellowships may be used are: Chemistry,

Geology and Earth Science, Physics, Political Science

and Psychology.

National Science Foundation, Washington, D. C. - $4800 for

support of a project entitled, "Undergraduate Research

Particpation" under the direction of Dr. Richard Burkhart.

United States Department of Justice, Law Enforcement

Assistance Administration, Washington, D. C. - $18,800

to help finance College study for law enforcement person-

nel and students preparing for law enforcement careers.

University of Nevada, Reno, Alumni Association:

C. Julia Amari, Boulder, Colorado - $25

Fred M. Anderson, Reno - $15

Fred M. Anderson, Reno - $535

Oliver C. Aymar, Sparks - $10

Mildred N. Baker, Bakersfield, California - $10

Clyde O. Balaam, Sacramento, California - $50

June D. Barrett, Markleeville, California - $10

Samuel M. Basta, Reno - $10

Eillen K. Baldwin, Alturas, California - $10

Charles H. Batchelder, China Lake, California - $5

Helene Ann Batjer, Arlington, Virginia - $20

Edward F. Beaupeurt, La Mesa, California - $25

James D. Benson, Reno - $5

Julius Bergen, Reno - $50

Agnes G. Berthiaume, Elko - $5

Angus Y. Bethune, Oglesby, Illinois - $25

Jerome W. Boettcher, Wheat Ridge, Colorado - $800

Helen Boldra, Reno - $25

Melvin Borden, Reno - $2

James I. Botsford, Reno - $106

Lloyd Nason Bowen, Reno - $5

John M. Boylan, Sparks - $25

Karyn Sue Branch, San Francisco, California - $5

Judith Marie Brann, Reno - $5

Julius Broili, Jr., Reno - $10

John R. Brooke, Sparks - $5

Audrey Brooks, Reno - $10

Gerry H. Brumund, Yuba City, California - $5

Agnes Buckingham, Sparks - $2.50

Frank A. Burkham, Reno - $25

Julia A. Callahan, Reno - $5

William Canessa, Bakersfield, California - $10

Gerald T. Cardiff, Pomona, California - $75

James J. Carlson, Reno - $10

Dudley Cate, Reno - $3

Jack G. Catich, Inglewood, California - $20

Anka Cerneka, Long Beach, California - $5

Hubert B. Chessher, Jr., Reno - $25

Roger W. Christensen, Reno - $25

Walter C. Christensen, Sparks - $5

Richard J. Cinani, Castro Valley, California - $10

Victor A. Cipolla, El Cerrito, California - $5

Henry Clark, Sparks - $10

Walter Van Tilberg Clark, Virginia City - $25

R. Marion Clawson, Chevy Chase, Maryland - $10

Bonnie Lee Cody, Reno - $5

Thomas A. Cooke, Reno - $5

George W. Corfield, Phoenix, Arizona - $10

William Crawford, Sparks - $10

Carol W. Cross, Vallejo, California - $10

William J. Crowell, Carson City - $10

Frances E. Crumley, Reno - $10

Donald M. Dallas, Carson City - $5

Dawna Daniels, Reno - $5

Ronald B. Darney, Reno - $5

Fred A. Davis, Jr., Reno - $20

Franklin H. Delaplane, Reno - $2

Col. Theodore Demosthenes, Menlo Park, California - $5

Mae Denevi, Sparks - $10

Eldon Dobyns, Reno - $5

Fuiro N. Dondero, Carson City - $20

Jarnail Singh Dosanjh, Reno - $20

Helen Dunham, Battle Mountain - $10

Calvin Dunlap, Reno - $5

Richard Eason, Denver, Colorado - $25

Joseph J. Eberle, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - $10

Howard P. Eells, Jr., Cleveland, Ohio - $100

Herbert L. Eikelberger, Reno - $5

Anna S. Elam, Glendale, California - $5

Evelyn English, Altadena, California - $10

Paul M. Escallier, China Lake, California - $10

Eli Evasovic, Ely - $10

Lt. Robert P. Felton, San Francisco, California - $25

Leona B. Fowler, Reno - $5

Glenn S. Franklin, Jeffrey City, Wyoming - $20

Paul W. Freitag, Sparks - $5

W. Tracy Gaffey, Jr., Santa Ana, California - $25

Harry E. Gallaway, Reno - $10

Franklin K. Gardner, Woodland, California - $5

John R. Gent, Reno - $10

Farol Lee Gilbert, Reno - $25

Lois C. Gilding, Sacramento, California - $20

Emily D. Gilmartin, Sparks - $10

Virginia M. Glaser, Halleck - $10

John A. Goetz, Jr., Endicott, New York - $50

Lt. Col. Floyd E. Gori, Bellevue, Nebraska - $10

Lincoln B. Grayson, Pleasant Hills, California - $20

James J. Halley, Reno - $15

Ella L. Hanks, Fallon - $5

Wilber D. Hannibal, Mt. View, California - $10

Stanley Hansen, Boulder City - $10

Ruth Hatch, Burke, Virginia - $25

Ruth S. Hatch, Burke, Virginia - $25

Paul Havas, Reno - $1000

Editha Hayes, Los Angeles, California - $5

Howard Heckethorn, Las Vegas - $5

Howard E. Heckethorn, Las Vegas - $5

Howard E. Heckethorn, Las Vegas - $10

Howard E. Heckethorn, Las Vegas - $5

Erich A. Helfert, Palo Alto, California - $25

Alexander D. Henderson, Jr., Awahnee, California - $99

Viola S. Herrick, Alhambra, California - $10

Fred Hertlein III, Honolulu, Hawaii - $20

Kathleen Herty, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - $5

Richard Arno Herz, Reno - $5

John W. Hessel, Reno - $5

Marianne Hill, Orinda, California - $5

W. Scott Hill, Weston, Connecticut - $15

Emily Hilliard, Reno - $10

Beatrice Hoge, Nevada City, California - $10

William T. Holcomb, Reno - $2

Robert C. Horton, Reno - $10

Donald B. Hudson, Sparks - $10

Janet Hughes, South San Francisco, California - $10

Frances M. Humphrey, Reno - $5

Dan P. Hunt, Las Vegas - $5

Lee D. Hunt, Las Vegas - $100

Arthur I. Imagire, Sacramento, California - $10

John I. Jelavich, Yuba City, California - $5

Peter S. Jensen, Lake Stevens, Washington - $10

David F. Johanson, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida - $5

Kern S. Karrasch, Reno - $25

Howard Ray Kelly, Sparks - $2

Howard Ray Kelly, Sparks - $2

Frank C. Kendrick, Sparks - $5

Arthur E. Kess, Reno - $5

Donald E. Kinkel, Suisun, California - $25

Ralf Kuehnert, Santa Rosa, California - $20

Dorothy R. Kleespies, Reno - $5

Marjorie Jean Klem, Reno - $2

Teresa D. Knipe, China Lake, California - $5

Katy Kolodziejski, Playa Del Rey, California - $25

Nellie M. Laird, Dayton - $5

David L. Langberg, Reno - $5

John R. Lar Rieu, Walnut Creek, California - $25

Philip L. Lawton, Stockton, California - $10

Don B. Leahy, Carson City - $2

Ronald Lienau, Sparks - $2

Roy T. Lindquist, Reno - $20

Cornelius W. Lingenfelter, Reno - $10

Harry Lipparelli, Elko - $5

Harry A. Lipparelli, Elko - $5

Louis E. Lombardi, Reno - $100

John J. Lukasko, Reno - $5

Samuel Macias, Reno - $5

Joseph P. Mack, Chatsworth, California - $5

John D. Mackay, Kentfield, California - $10

John D. Mackay, Kentfield, California - $100

Francine P. Mannix, Reno - $100

Charles W. Mapes, Reno - $100

John E. Martinson, Bishop, California - $5

John W. Masier, Sacramento, California - $5

Clyde Marshall Mast, Reno - $10

Judith B. Mc Carroll, Las Vegas - $5

Jessie G. Mc Carthy, Reno - $5

Frank Mc Culloch, Washington, D. C. - $25

Philip Mc Guire, Reno - $20

Margery Mc Knight, Reno - $10

Murdock Mc Leod, Wormleysburg, Pennsylvania - $25

Frank A. Metcalf, Sunland, California - $25

Glenn E. Millar, Sacramento, California - $10

Ted C. Moore, Winnemucca - $5

Theodore H. Moore, Winnemucca - $5

Roger B. Morrison, Golden, Colorado - $25

Jack A. Myers, China Lake, California - $10

National Lead Foundation, New York - $20

Frank K. Nelson, W. Babylon, New York - $25

Ted R. Nickolich, Phoenix, Arizona - $10

Grace F. Nielsen, Reno - $5

Bill Nixon, Jr., Placerville, California - $10

Harold Nolte, Sunnyvale, California - $5

Eric C. Nummela, Metairie, Louisiana - $10

Daniel Orlich, Reno - $50

Albert F. Pagni, Reno - $15

Bethel Palma, Reno - $5

Peter L. Palzis, Honolulu, Hawaii - $25

Edgar F. Pearson, Lake Oswego, Oregon - $10

Toni J. Pimentel, Reno - $10

Edward L. Pine, Reno - $25

Neil W. Plath, Reno - $100

William H. Pollard, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania - $10

Frank J. Powers, Berkeley, California - $5

Laura M. Rains, Reno - $5

Michael M. Rauhut, Norwalk, Connecticut - $10

Eleanor C. Rhodes, Yerington - $5

Robert Rice, Stockton, California - $100

Don Richter, Reno - $5

Stella Ann Riesbeck, Reno - $5

Elizabeth Riker, Reno - $5

Emmy Lou Ritz, Porterville, California - $10

Earl T. Ross, Reno - $10

Peter H. Royce, San Mateo, California - $15

William C. Sanford, Reno - $100

Cheryl Sawyer, Las Vegas - $15

Harry W. Sawyer, San Francisco, California - $20

Donald I. Segerstrom, Sonora, California - $15

Maude Senseney, Reno - $100

Oliver G. Seymour, San Francisco, California - $15

Donald Shanks, Sparks - $5

F. De Armond Sharp, Reno - $5

Philip F. Shore, Rockville, Maryland - $10

Robert J. Smeath, Reno - $25

Dale O. Smith, Palm Beach, Florida - $10

Arthur E. Sommer, Reno - $10

Jack D. Stevens, Middletown, Rhode Island - $10

Robert H. Stimmel, Arcadia, California - $10

C. Kerby Stoddard, Westfield, New Jersey - $20

Thomas H. Stoner, Reno - $50

James F. Stubbins, Richmond, Virginia - $15

James F. Stubbins, Richmond, Virginia - $20

C. Coe Swobe, Reno - $25

Wallace E. Taber, Walnut Creek, California - $25

Alyce L. Taylor, Reno - $20

Charles R. Thomas, Reno - $5

William C. Thornton, Reno - $15

Capt. Elmer James Towle, San Francisco - $10

Marion Trabert, Reno - $5

Thomas E. Trabert, Sparks - $5

John Henry Uhalde, Reno - $10

Edward R. Uhlig, Pittsfield, Massachusetts - $25

George L. Vargas, Reno - $25

Bobby Jo Walker, Longview, Texas - $5

Inez Walker, Sparks - $10

William Watt, San Francisco, California - $5

Leland J. Whipple, Portland, Oregon - $5

George W. Whitehead, Nashua, New Hampshire - $10

Donald K. Wilkerson, Elko - $25

Donald K. Wilkerson, San Francisco, California - $10

Joann P. Willey, Sacramento, California - $25

Delbert W. Wilson, Huntington Beach, California - $20

Layton Yee, Sunnyvale, California - $15

Sandra Yoffie, San Rafael, California - $10

Desert Research Institute

Max C. Fleischmann Foundation, Reno:

$22,041.13 for the purchase of a Magnetic Tape Selec-

tric Typewriter, an IBM Magnetic Tape Selectric Com-

poser and a Rotary Copy Sorter.

$50,000 as the support for the 2nd quarter of the 3rd

year of the grant.

Mr. and Mrs. Sulo O. Maki, Las Vegas - $40,000 for use by

the Desert Research Institute of the University of Nevada

for space and facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada.

System and General

Mrs. William Knudtsen, Austin - $500 to the District Three

Scholarship for use on either Campus of the University of


The Lorne Marshall Phillips Foundation, Henderson - $500

to the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of

Nevada, Las Vegas to become members of the Inter-Univer-

sity Communications Council (EDUCOM).

7. Scholarship in Special Education

Vice President Baepler reported an offer for a scholarship

in Special Education to the University of Nevada, Las

Vegas, and recommended its acceptance (conditions of

scholarship filed with permanent minutes). Mr. Humphrey


Motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Dr. White, carried

without dissent that the Joseph and Margaret Friedenthal

Scholarship be accepted and administered in accordance

with the stipulations set forth.

8. Bob Davis Scholarship Fund

Chancellor Humphrey reported that final settlement has

been made of the estate of Madge Lee Davis and distribution

will occur shortly. He said the University will receive

$2,865,000 to be used as an endowment to establish the

"Bob Davis Scholarship Fund" with the income from the

endowment to be "used to defray the expense of College

education in whole or in part of any poor young men or

women, preferably Nevada born, who are selected by the

trustees of the University of Nevada in their sole dis-

cretion as the best suited for College educations and

financially unable to defray the expense of such educa-

tion in whole or in part."

Mr. Humphrey stated that the criteria for distribution

of scholarship endowment, adopted by the Board on Novem-

ber 8, 1968, had been used in the development of recom-

mendations for the distribution of the Davis Scholarship

Fund. (Criteria filed with permanent minutes.) He sug-

gested that it would be appropriate for the endowment

income to be divided between UNR and UNLV based upon the

Fall 1968 enrollment of regular undergraduates, noting that

the enrollment at UNR was 4951 and UNLV was 3160. He rec-

ommended that distribution of 61% of income be made to UNR

and 39% to UNLV and that the Presidents be requested to

develop proposed regulations for the awarding of these

scholarships in conformity with the bequest and that

their proposals be referred back to the Board not later

than April 1969 meeting for consideration by the Regents.

Mr. Jacobsen moved that the above recommendations be

approved. Motion seconded by Mr. Seeliger.

President Miller stated that in his opinion, Criteria #2

applies in this case and would seem to determine that

this was a gift to the University of Nevada, Reno. He

added, however, that he was not unhappy with the proposed

division of income.

Dr. Baepler stated that there had been no opportunity for

staff review of this bequest but it appeared that the

intent was to help students, not to help an institution.

He asked that an opportunity be provided for internal

review before the distribution was determined.

Dr. Anderson stated that he would not be opposed to di-

viding the income as recommended by Chancellor Humphrey

but wanted to point out that it would be making an ex-

ception to the criteria adopted by the Board. He noted

that Mr. Davis had been closely associated with the Uni-

versity of Nevada, Reno, and had deposited his scrap-

books with that Campus before his death.

Professor Roger Miller objected to allocation of funds

before staff review. He suggested that the needs of

UNLV 10 years from now should also be considered in any

distribution of funds.

Chancellor Humphrey noted that the criteria had been

adopted by the Board of Regents following review and ap-

proval by the Advisory Cabinet. He also stated that he

did not see that distribution of this endowment income

was subject to staff review, but rather that it was up

to the Board to determine whether or not the adopted

criteria statement was being followed. He referred to

Dr. Anderson's comments about Mr. Davis' contact with

the University of Nevada, Reno, adding that if the

criteria is that vague it needs to be restudied because

it would encourage both institutions to compete to honor

wealthy persons with the objective of establishing a claim

upon possible future gifts.

Motion carried without dissent.

9. Report of Personnel Actions

Upon motion by Mr. Seeliger, seconded by Mr. Ronzone, the

following personnel appointments were approved.



Jean Davis, Cooperative Extension Home Economics, 1-15 to

6-30-69 - annual rate $7470 (replacement for S. Stoner)

Robert M. Dixon, Adjunct Associate Professor of Soil

Science, 1-1 to 6-30-69 (new position)

Christian W. Worm, Jr., Research Assistant in Agronomy,

1-1 to 6-30-69 - annual rate $7070 (replacement for Daniel



Emery S. Fletcher, Assistant Professor of Physics, aca-

demic year 1969-70 - $9475 (replacement for William T.

Scott on sabbatical)

Elizabeth Ann Gardner, Graduate Assistant in Psychology,

Spring semester 1969 - $1350 (replacement for William S.


Anatole G. Mazour, Distinguished Retired Professor of

History, Spring semester 1969 - $6000 (temporary position)

Richard A. Rardin, Graduate Assistant in English, Spring

semester 1969 - $1250 (replacement for Mary Roman)

Theodore L. Rowland, Graduate Assistant in Music, Spring

semester 1969 - $1250 (replacement for Daniel Augustine)


John Ahern, Graduate Assistant in Marketing & BBER, Spring

semester 1969 - $1250 - (filling two 1/4-time vacant posi-


Alfred James Peever, Lecturer in Management, Spring semes-

ter 1969 - annual rate $9150 (temporary appointment in

vacant position)

Stephen H. Spencer, Graduate Assistant in Marking - 1/4

time Spring semester 1969 - $625 (temporary position)


Andrew W. Schollett, Graduate Assistant in Civil Engineer-

ing, 2-1 to 6-30-69 - $1250 (unfilled position)


Liang-Chi Hsu, Assistant Professor of Geology, Assistant

Minerologist, 1-1 to 6-30-69 - annual rate $12,150 (re-

placement for Alexis von Volborth)

Irving J. Goldstein, Graduate Research Assistant in Bureau

of Mines, 12-1-68 to 6-30-69 - $2000 (replacement for Eddie


Alexis von Volborth, Adjunct Professor of Geology, 1-1 to

6-30-69 (new appointment as Adjunct Professor to complete

research project)


Louise Alcott, Adjunct Professor of Nursing, academic year

1968-69 (new position)


Mary B. Spellman, Assistant Reference Librarian - 3/4 time

1-1 to 6-30-69 - annual rate $7860 (temporary appointment

in vacant position)


F. A. Espinosa, Jr., Research Assistant, 12-17-68 to 6-30-

69 - $666 per month ("C" contract - DRI, Las Vegas)

Carl Lukkes, Graduate Research Assistant, 9-15-68 to 6-30-

69 - annual rate $1250

Robert D. Neville, Assistant to the Curator, Atmospheric

Planetarium, 1-1 to 6-30-69 - $7080 annual

Peter B. Wagner, Research Associate, 12-9-68 to 6-30-69 -

$13,710 annual (monthly payments of $1147 - salary for

December through June)

10. Approval of Check Registers

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval of the check

registers as submitted by the office of the Business

Manager, UNR (check registers filed with permanent minutes).

Motion by Mr. Bilbray, seconded by Mr. Ronzone, carried

without dissent that the check registers be approved as


11. Approval of Fund Transfer

Vice President Baepler requested the transfer of $2000 from

Contingency Reserve, UNLV, to the Department of Biological

Sciences, UNLV, to provide operating funds for the Spring

semester. Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Motion by Mr. Ronzone, seconded by Mr. Bilbray, carried

without dissent that the transfer be approved as requested.

12. Report of Investment Advisory Committee Meeting of January

10, 1969

Chancellor Humphrey presented the minutes of the Investment

Advisory Committee of January 10, 1969 as follows:



Minutes of Meeting

January 10, 1969

The Committee met at 12 noon in the Mobley Room of the

Jot Travis Student Union building. Present were: Com-

mittee Members Mr. Thomas G. Bell, Mrs. Molly Knudtsen,

Mr. James H. Bilbray and Mr. Procter Hug, Jr.; Public

Members Julius Bergen and Arthur M. Smith, Jr. Also

present were: Regents Fred M. Anderson, M. D.,; Bank

Advisors R. O. Kwapil and Walter D. Bradley; and Chan-

cellor Neil D. Humphrey.

An investment review dated December 31, 1968 has been

distributed by First National Bank of Nevada and this,

plus a letter dated January 3, 1969, was discussed.

It was moved by Mr. Bilbray, seconded by Mr. Bell and unani-

mously approved that the Bank would have the authority to

sell approximately $130,000 of municipal bonds presently

in the Davis Estate portfolio when that portfolio is trans-

ferred to the University of Nevada System.

It was moved by Mr. Bergen, seconded by Mr. Smith, that

the liquidity of the portfolio, presently approximately

$670,000 or 15.7% of total assets at current market value,

be approved and continued for the time being.

Mr. Humphrey reported that Dr. Robert P. Gelhart, Associ-

ate Professor and Coordinator of Special Education at

Nevada Southern University, had requested that the E G & G

stock held in accordance with the terms and conditions of

the gift of Mr. Robert B. Patten for the Lewis Fussell

Memorial Fund be sold and the proceeds placed in a special

fund for the purchase of equipment to further the develop-

ment of the Special Education Program. It was moved by Mr.

Smith, seconded by Mr. Bilbray and unanimously approved,

that the request by Dr. Gelhart as administrator of the

Lewis Fussell, Jr. Memorial Fund be approved and executed.

Committee adjourned at 1:15 P.M. It was agreed that the

next meeting would be held at noon, Friday, March 7, 1969

at the University of Nevada.

Submitted by Neil D. Humphrey


Secretary, Investment Advisory


Motion by Mr. Grant, seconded by Mr. Bilbray, carried

without dissent that the recommendations of the Investment

Advisory Committee as reflected in the minutes be approved.

13. Proposal to Establish Department of Management, College of

Business, UNLV

Vice President Baepler requested that this matter be with-

drawn from the agenda at this time, noting that an examin-

ation of records has revealed that some programs have been

approved for UNLV while others were approved in principle

only and others never formally approved. He stated that

this matter would come back to the Board at a later meet-

ing at which time the Board would be given a complete list

of all Departments and all degree programs now offered by

UNLV with a request that they be formally ratified.

Motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Mr. Ronzone, carried

without dissent that this matter be removed from the

agenda as requested.

14. Request for Authorization to Dispose of Property

Vice President Baepler requested authorization to dispose

of certain property which had been received by UNLV as

gifts for the Performing Arts Center:

a. 1/2 interest (approximately 20 acres) of undeveloped

land given to the University by Abe P. and Linnea C.


b. Property received as a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Wing

Fong on the north side of Jay Street, 200 feet east

of Thom Boulevard about 5.5 miles northwest of down-

town Las Vegas. The property consists of approxi-

mately 20,000 square feet.

Chancellor Humphrey noted that neither parcel is con-

sidered useable by the University and recommended that

the Board authorize the sale of these two parcels with

the terms of final sale subject, by law, to approval by

the Board of Regents, the Attorney General and the


Motion by Mr. Bilbray, seconded by Mr. Jacobsen, carried

without dissent that the above recommendation be approved.

15. Concerning Purchase of Property

Vice President Baepler noted that there is interest in the

Legislature in appropriating sufficient money to purchase

by condemnation the property of a Dr. Bernard Joseph, ad-

jacent to the UNLV Campus. He noted that there is presently

a 52 unit apartment house being constructed on the property

and it is estimated that the total price might be high as

$100,000 in its current stage of completion.

Dr. Baepler recommended that the University not make an

attempt to purchase at this time but rather wait to see

how the master plan develops. He suggested that the

Board acknowledge with appreciation the special interest

of the Legislature in this regard. Mr. Humphrey concurred.

Mr. Humphrey also noted that if the University or the

State Planning Board had had the right of eminent domain

this matter could have been taken care of at the proper

time. He stated that he believed it to be entirely proper

that the University have the right of eminent domain but

said that he believed it futile to propose it at this


Motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Mr. Ronzone, carried

without dissent that the above recommendation be approved.

16. Proposed New Bachelor's Degree Program in Social Services

Vice President Baepler requested that a Bachelor of Arts

degree in Social Services be approved for initiation at

UNLV, effective June, 1969. He noted that the program

is currently financed 75% by Federal grant and assurance

is given that the grant can be expected to continue

through FY 1972 and that the current annual budget, in-

cluding Federal funds, is $54,000. (Details of proposal

are on file in Chancellor's Office.)

Dr. Baepler also recommended that a Department of Social

Services be designated within the College of Social Science

to administer the program. Chancellor Humphrey concurred,

noting that this program and one at UNR are essentially

duplicative, but added that justification for such dupli-

cation has been presented. He recommended approval.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Jacobsen, carried

without dissent that the above recommendation be approved.

17. Plant and Property, UNR

A. President Miller spoke of a story appearing in the

Nevada State Journal on Friday morning concerning

a Physical Education facility. He noted that such

a facility is on the approved list of capital im-

provement projects for UNR but funding is not ex-

pected in the coming biennium. He noted that since

its approval by the Board, he had encouraged the

Physical Education Department to initiate long range

planning and as part of this planning process a model

was built by a member of the University faculty. He

noted that no drawings or plans have been made and no

expenditure of funds has been made. He also emphasized

that this is in the preliminary planning stages and

has received no approval either at staff level or by

the Board of Regents. Dr. Miller stated that he had

approved the news release but had pointed out to the

news media that the model was only part of a planning


Chancellor Humphrey stated that staff of the Physical

Education Department should be commended for this

early planning, noting that they have devoted maximum

staff effort to the definition of the project. He re-

called that similar planning effort had been expended

on the College of Education building and that when

this early planning was not done the University suf-


Mr. Seeliger asked if the College of Education had

received authorization to proceed with planning. Pres-

ident Miller noted that the State Planning Board has

now authorized the use of appropriated funds for plan-


Mr. Hug expressed concern that the newspaper article

was somewhat distorted and had caught the Regents by

surprise. Mr. Jacobsen suggested that lack of Plant

and Property Committee meetings might have contribut-

ed to the lack of prior information on the part of

the Regents. He suggested that at least two meetings

of this Committee be held each year.

Mr. Hug concurred but suggested that committee meet-

ings be scheduled at times other than the regular

Board meeting dates.

B. Request for Authorization to Purchase Property - Mr.

Pine reported that two parcels of property adjacent

to UNR Campus and at a high priority for acquisition

are available to the University for purchase. Parcel

#1 is identified as 1126 and 1144 North Sierra Street

and 45 Artemisia Way. Mr. Pine reported that pre-

liminary negotiation has resulted in a firm purchase

price of $48,000. Parcel #2 is identified as 1168

North Sierra Street and preliminary negotiation has

resulted in a firm purchase price of $16,008. Mr.

Pine noted that both parcels are at or below appraised


Mr. Pine recommended that funds be provided from the

UNR Capital Improvement Fee Fund for the purchase of

the two parcels noted above and that $650 also be

provided from this fund for payment of the appraisal

fee. President Miller and Chancellor Humphrey


Motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Mr. Ronzone,

carried without dissent that the above recommendation

be approved.

C. Mr. Pine reported that the General Services Administra-

tion has requested the Board of Regents to transfer to

Sierra Pacific Power Company a 10-foot easement to

provide access to the water mains serving the Stead

Campus. All branch lines from the mains to various

buildings will be the property of the University.

Mr. Pine recommended that the Administration be

authorized to execute the necessary documents to

transfer the easement, subject to approval by the

Attorney General. President Miller and Chancellor

Humphrey concurred.

Motion by Mr. Grant, seconded by Mr. Ronzone, carried

without dissent that the above recommendation be


D. Sewer Line Easement, Main Station Farm - Mr. Pine

reported that the City of Reno has requested an ease-

ment across the Main Station Farm for construction of

a sewer line. He noted that there is an agreement

that the City will pay the University $44,115 damages

for crop loss and relocation of structures. In addi-

tion, the land involved will be appraised and a value

agreed upon.

Mr. Pine recommended that right of entry be granted

to the City subject to the acceptance by the City of

the terms set forth above and that the Administration

be authorized to execute all appropriate documents

granting the easement, subject to approval by the

Attorney General as to form and subject to final

approval by the Board as to the price of the land.

Chancellor Humphrey noted that Dean Price had con-

curred in the above recommendation and he recommended

approval by the Board.

Motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Mr. Ronzone, car-

ried without dissent that the above recommendation be


E. Mr. Pine reported on the status of negotiations with

the State Highway Department, noting that corres-

pondence had been exchanged concerning the widening

of North Virginia Street. He noted that assurance

had been given the State Highway Department that if

an overpass were built over North Virginia Street to

provide access between the Campus and the Dormitory

area, the University would agree to removal of the

traffic control light presently installed there.

F. Mr. Pine submitted a progress report on capital im-

provement projects at UNR.

18. Approval of Purchases in Excess of $5000, UNR

A. Mr. Pine reported that bids were opened January 24,

1969 for 42 items of baseball and track equipment:

The Sportsman, Reno $5,277.85

(low bidder on 33 items)

Outdoorsman, Las Vegas 947.28

(low bidder on 8 items)

Wolverine Sporting Goods 41.50

(low bidder on 1 item)

Other bidders were Track and Field News, Western

Sports, Smitz Manufacturing Co., Champion Products,

Blue Ribbon Sports and Pacer American.

Mr. Pine recommended that the contracts be awarded

to the low bidders on the individual items as in-

dicated above. Funds will be provided from student

fees and gate receipts. President Miller and Chan-

cellor Humphrey concurred.

B. Mr. Pine reported that bids were opened January 20,

1969 for fertilizer, oat seed and bailing wire, at the

Fallon Field Station Laboratory.

Consolidated Feed & Lumber, Fallon $5,725.00

Albers, Inc., Reno 6,020.39

Globe Seed & Feed, Twin Falls, Idaho 5,452.00

The last bid was for 2 items only. The low bidder

had a lower figure on both items.

Mr. Pine recommended award of the contract to Con-

solidated Feed & Lumber with funds to be provided

from Federal funds and State appropriation. Chan-

cellor Humphrey concurred.

Motion by Dr. White, seconded by Mr. Seeliger,

carried without dissent that the above recommenda-

tion be approved.

19. UN-DRI Financial Agreement

Chancellor Humphrey noted that after several conferences

between UNR and DRI, President Miller and Vice Chancellor

Mordy (represented by Dr. Squires) have agreed on the


Due UNR for services related to:

Controller's Office $ 36,650

Purchasing Office 11,174

Non-Academic Personnel Office 6,104

Library 24,289

Buildings & Grounds 139,372

Insurance 5,650

Central Office Services 6,284

Fee Waivers for Graduate Assistants 21,784

Total $251,307

Due DRI for teaching services related to:

Teaching $ 44,227

NSF Grant 22,789

Graduate Equipment 8,130

Total $ 75,146

Net due UNR from DRI $176,161

Chancellor Humphrey noted that DRI would make payment to

UNR from receipt of indirect cost payments by Federal

contracting or granting agencies. He recommended that:

(a) The Board of Regents approve this agreement for

1968-69 for DRI to pay UNR $176,161;

(b) This money be considered a receipt of UNR Fund 1,

thereby providing the 1968-69 budgeted receipt of

$168,000 for indirect costs. This will allow the

$126,000 "Reserve for DRI Indirect Costs" to be re-

leased and the Contingency Reserve to be increased

to $126,000. Transfers from the Contingency Reserve

would occur in the usual manner. The remaining $8161

plus any UNR generated indirect costs will offset any

unrealized income to UNR Fund 1 for 1968-69;

(c) The DRI and UNR renegotiate this agreement for fiscal

year 1969-70, specifically the Buildings and Grounds

charges, joint professional appointments and any

overhead charges between the two Divisions.

President Miller stated that he had no comments on this

matter except to note that he was satisfied with the resolu-

tion of the problem.

Dr. Squires stated that while it is true that the UNR and

DRI have agreed on a portion of the problem, it is not true

that they have agreed on the total matter. He referred to

the Chancellor's recommendation in (c) above, noting the

lack of any inclusion of overhead charges in the computa-

tions of the amounts charged by each Division and suggest-

ed that no decision be made by the Board until an agree-

ment had been reached on overhead charges. He contended

that since there is not inclusion of overhead in the

1968-69 figures, it will be difficult to negotiate this

item for 1969-70. He stated that there was a difference

of $30,000 which had not been resolved. He contended

that the $30,000 claim is valid and requested that no

action be taken by the Board until agreement had been

reached on that item.

In response to a request from Mr. Grant for some back-

ground, Chancellor Humphrey recalled that overhead, from

research grants, was distributed according to a policy

set by the Board of Regents until July 1, 1968, at which

time all overhead generated by DRI was credited 100% to

DRI with the understanding that they would negotiate a

settlement for services rendered by UNR.

Dr. Squires requested that the Board add a tentative over-

head charge by DRI to UNR for teaching for the 1968-69


President Miller pointed out that in a conference in his

office, Dr. Squires had agreed to the document under con-


Mr. Humphrey concurred, noting that the same document had

been present at that conference involving Dr. Miller, Mr.

Pine, Mark Dawson and himself and that Dr. Squires had

not indicated reservations at that time. He further noted

that Dr. Squires had agreed to these figures on another

occasion also.

Dr. Squires again requested that the unresolved question

of overhead remain open.

Mr. Jacobsen pointed out that the Administration had been

authorized to negotiate an agreement for services render-

ed to one Division by the other and stated that it appeared

to him than an agreement had been reached.

Mr. Grant asked if the Chancellor was satisfied that the

charges made to DRI were fair to UNR. Chancellor Humphrey

stated that he was, but observed that even more important

was the fact that President Miller was satisfied that the

charges were fair.

Motion by Mr. Bilbray, seconded by Mr. Jacobsen, carried

without dissent that the Chancellor's recommendations be


20. Discussion of DRI National Advisory Board Report

Chancellor Humphrey noted that this report had been schedul-

ed for discussion at the January Board meeting but had been

deferred because of lack of time. He requested Dr. Squires

to comment on the report.

Dr. Squires reviewed the report, specifically noting the

responses by the Advisory Board to Chancellor Humphrey's

questions presented to the Board at the time of their

meeting in November, 1968.

Following Dr. Squires' comments, Mr. Ronzone referred to

the recommendations of the Advisory Board concerning the

Computer Center and its transfer to the direct supervision

of the Chancellor. He suggested that this be given con-

sideration at the appropriate time.

Motion by Mr. Bilbray, seconded by Mr. Jacobsen, carried

without dissent that the report be accepted by the Board

and the assistance of the Advisory Board be gratefully


21. Designation of Independent Auditors for FY 1968-69

Chancellor Humphrey recommended that the Board of Regents

designate Kafoury, Armstrong, Bernard and Bergstrom,

Certified Public Accountants, as the independent auditors

for FY 1968-69. Mr. Jacobsen asked for an opinion from

Mr. Humphrey on the wisdom of keeping the same firm as

auditors from year to year. Mr. Humphrey stated that there

are arguments for both points of view: by retaining the

same firm you profit from their familiarity with the Uni-

versity System; by retaining a different firm you gain a

different viewpoint. He recommended that if a change is

made, it not be made for 1968-69.

There was also some discussion of separate auditors for

each of the Campuses. Chancellor Humphrey pointed out

that this kind of arrangement would not be feasible

until UNLV is handling more of its own business affairs.

Motion by Mr. Seeliger, seconded by Mr. Jacobsen, carried

without dissent that the firm of Kafoury, Armstrong,

Bernard and Bergstrom be designated as the independent

auditors for fiscal year 1968-69.

22. Proposed Legislation

Chancellor Humphrey noted that some recent changes in bene-

fits under the State Group Insurance Plan have generated

considerable interest among faculty members concerning

the lack of University representation on the State Com-

mittee on Group Insurance. NRS 287.041 presently reads:

There is hereby created the committee on group

insurance to be composed of 5 members, as follows:

1. 2 members shall be selected by the Board of

Directors of the Nevada State Employees Associ-


2. 1 member shall be the Director of the Department

of Administration.

3. 2 members shall be appointed by the Governor.

The Committee is presently structured as follows:

Department of Administration 1 member

Highway Department 2 members

State Department of Agriculture 1 member

Division of Health 1 member

Mr. Humphrey pointed out that an average of 4700 State

employees participate in the insurance program, of

which 1063 are University employees, or 22.6%. He

recommended that the Legislature be requested to revise

NRS 287.041 to include, as a regular member of the Com-

mittee, a representative of the University of Nevada


Motion by Mr. Bilbray, seconded by Mr. Ronzone, carried

without dissent that the above recommendation be approved.

23. Proposed Revision to University Purchasing Policy

Vice President Baepler noted that unlike the bookstore at

the University of Nevada, Reno, which is operated by the

ASUN, the bookstore at UNLV is operated by the University

and sufficient experience has been gained to justify a

specific purchasing policy for that operation. He recom-

mended that the University's purchasing policy be revised

to reflect a procedure for the bookstore at UNLV.

Chancellor Humphrey concurred and recommended that the

Purchasing Policy as reflected in Faculty Policy Bulletin

#67-14, be amended by adding the following:

8. UNLV Bookstore. The bookstore is a retail

store selling textbooks and other books and

supplies to students and faculty. Since

specific textbooks and certain brand name

merchandise must be secured for resale, the

following special regulations will apply:

A. The bookstore manager may issue direct

purchase orders for merchandise for resale

up to a limit of $2000 per order without

following formal bidding procedures.

B. The bookstore manager may issue direct

purchase orders for textbooks without follow-

ing formal bidding procedures.

C. The bookstore manager is charged with the

responsibility of following generally ac-

cepted business procedures in making such

purchases and will observe the spirit of

No. 2, supra, concerning in-state preference.

D. A copy of all bookstore purchase orders will

be immediately delivered to the UNLV purchas-

ing department. The purchasing department

will post-audit these orders.

Motion by Mr. Ronzone, seconded by Mr. Bilbray, carried

without dissent that the purchasing policy be revised as


24. Discussion of FY 1968 Audit Report

Chancellor Humphrey reviewed his earlier recommendation to

the Board that the Administration be instructed to comply

with all recommendations of an administrative nature con-

tained in the management letter section of the FY 1968

audit unless exception is taken and an explanation made

to the Board by February 8, 1969. He presented the fol-

lowing exceptions for Board consideration:

1. The auditors recommend that the Accounts Payable

Revolving Fund be augmented by securing legislative

authority for an advance of a portion of each year's

appropriation. This would be quite satisfactory and

if it were done the existing $100,000 Accounts Pay-

able Revolving Fund could be returned to the State

Treasury. It should be noted, however, that if the

Legislature does not agree to an advance of the

appropriation (on a quarterly basis, for example)

the present revolving fund will be totally inadequate

when UNLV accounts are handled separately. I recommend,

therefore, that we seek the quarterly advance of the

State's appropriation.

2. The auditors have recommended for 4 years the estab-

lishment of a complete cost accounting system for UNR

Dining Commons operations. This has not been done

because we considered the expense to be prohibitive.

In view of the auditors' continued recommendations

concerning this, we will try 2 separate 2-week experi-

ments (March and May) of complete cost control. When

the results of those 2 trial periods are known, we

will report back to the Board.

3. The auditors recommend an automated fee audit at UNLV.

This is feasible as soon as the computer problems are


4. The auditors have again recommended development of a

Fiscal Administrative Procedures Manual by and for

DRI. Instructions have been given to Mr. Mordy, Vice

Chancellor and Director of DRI, for the earliest pos-

sible implementation of this recommendation.

5. The auditors note that a loan was made to a student

who failed to meet the required grade point average

and recommended that any waiver of student loan re-

quirements be approved in writing by the Dean of the

College in which the student is enrolled. I recom-

mend that only the President, UNR or UNLV, be author-

ized to approve loans made in exception to stated

student loan policies.

6. The auditors recommend "that the Board authorize the

development of a fully integrated administrative

management information system." This would be highly

desirable; however, there is expense involved. The

first step would, in my opinion, consist of further

development of analytical methods to support program

budgeting. A further step could be accomplished

through use of consultants, such as the independent

auditors. The estimated cost of such consultations

is between $155,000 and $175,000. As soon as I am

ready to make a recommendation on this, I will do so.

Motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Mr. Bilbray, carried

without dissent that the Chancellor's recommendations be


25. Proposed Amendment to Patent Policy

Chancellor Humphrey noted that the University's Patent

Policy, adopted by the Board of Regents July 8, 1967,

provides that the Director of DRI administer the policy

for the University. He pointed out that it now seems

reasonable that under the status accorded UNR, UNLV and

DRI, the policy statement be amended to provide that

administration of the patent policy become the responsi-

bility of the executive officer of that Division. He

recommended that Section IX of the Policy Statement, as

reflected in Faculty Policy Bulletin #67016, be amended

to read:

Administration of the patent policy for each

Division (UNR, UNLV, DRI) will be the responsi-

bility of the executive officer of that Division,

or his delegate.

Motion by Mr. Bilbray, seconded by Mr. Ronzone, carried

without dissent that the above amendment be approved as


26. Community College Development

Chancellor Humphrey reviewed a letter from Governor Paul

Laxalt in which he proposed that the Board of Regents

accept responsibility for development of a Community College

System in Nevada. Governor Laxalt specifically proposed


1. A Community College Division be established by the

Board of Regents as a 4th Division of the University

of Nevada System;

2. The Legislature appropriate a maximum of $500,000 for

the 1969-71 biennium to the Board of Regents to im-

plement the program;

3. The UN System "take whatever steps are necessary to

adequately support and improve upon the program

presently being offered at the Elko Community College

by providing $1000 for each full-time equivalent stu-

dent in the College transfer and vocational-technical

phase of the program";

4. The UN System "provide sufficient funds to establish

a central Administration for the development of a

Statewide System";

5. The UN System "provide adequate funding for the es-

tablishment of a long range Community College develop-

ment plan";

6. That consideration should be given to the possibility

of bringing about an "amalgamation" of the present

programs being offered by the Nevada Technical Insti-

tute, the UNLV College of General and Technical

Studies and the proposed program of the Community


7. That the Chancellor consult with the Superintendent

of Public Instruction, Burnell Larson, "with the aim

of utilizing to the fullest extent vocational and

technical monies from the Federal level and the appro-

priations presently included in the UN System's budgets

to further the concept of the Community College."

Chancellor Humphrey also noted that the Board of Trustees

of the Elko County School District and the Advisory Board

of the Elko Community College have adopted a resolution

approving the Governor's recommendation. (Resolution filed

with permanent minutes.)

Chancellor Humphrey recommended that:

1. The Board of Regents indicate its intention to create

a Community College Division of the University of

Nevada System, in compliance with the Governor's rec-

ommendation, if the Legislature appropriates funds

for this purpose;

2. The Board of Regents express its appreciation to Gov-

ernor Laxalt, the Elko School Board and the Advisory

Board of the Elko Community College for their expres-

sions of confidence; and

3. The Chancellor be instructed to develop a proposed plan

of organization and basic program plan for implementa-

tion of these recommendations and that in developing

such plan he consult with Governor Laxalt, Mr. Burnell

Larson, President Richard Lynch of Elko Community

College, the two Elko boards, and the Chancellor's

Advisory Cabinet.

Dr. Anderson stated that this seems to be a highly desir-

able conclusion to a long period of study. He noted that

this goes ahead with the development of a Community College

System without a proliferation of boards and super boards

and will possibly provide a model for a Community College


Mr. Seeliger agreed that this was a desirable step for the

State of Nevada to make, particularly in view of the fact

that Nevada is the last State to enter the Community College

field. He stated that in his opinion this is a most ap-

propriate action for the University.

Dr. Zorn spoke of his experience with Community Colleges in

New Hampshire. He noted that there are presently six vo-

cational-technical schools under the supervision of the

State Commission of Education and that they are presently

proposing to broaden these programs into Junior College


Mr. Grant asked why the cost figures included in the Arthur

D. Little report were so large. Chancellor Humphrey noted

that the Little report proposed that an entirely separate

System with 3 Campuses be established. What the Governor

has recommended, he said, is to make it a Division of the

University System and take it one step at a time beginning

with the already established program at Elko. This also

envisions taking maximum advantage of the vocational-

technical schools and the technical institutes at both

Campuses and utilizing existing facilities in the communi-

ties wherever possible.

Mr. Bilbray asked if Elko wants to go to a Community College

or to a 4-year school. He suggested that the Board of Re-

gents meet with the officials of Elko Community College to

find out where they want to go.

Chancellor Humphrey noted that Elko is now aimed toward

a transfer program and vocational-technical program and

community services. He agreed that a meeting of the two

Boards would be desirable after adequate staff work has

been accomplished.

Mr. Grant asked if it would be expected to merge into the

existing Campuses or would the Community College Program

require separate facilities. Mr. Humphrey stated that it

is not anticipated that there will be new Campuses created

in Reno and Las Vegas during 1969-71, rather existing facil-

ities would be used. However, he said, as the State grows

and these programs grow, additional facilities will be need-


Mr. Jacobsen suggested that the pilot program at Elko would

provide much information on the future of Community Col-

leges. Mr. Seeliger agreed and stated that the idea of

using existing facilities should be encouraged wherever

those facilities are available, either in public schools

or University facilities.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Jacobsen, carried

without dissent that the recommendation of the Chancellor

as set forth in (1), (2) and (3) above be approved.

Upon motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Mr. Bilbray, the fol-

lowing items were added to the agenda:

27. Correction to the Minutes of January 10-11, 1969

Chancellor Humphrey presented an additional record of ac-

tions taken by the Board of Regents at its meeting of

January 10-11, 1969, but omitted from the minutes of that

meeting as distributed. He recommended that the minutes be

corrected to include the following action:

(23) Approval of Check Registers

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval of the check

registers as submitted by the office of the Business

Manager, UNR (check registers filed with permanent


Motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Mr. Ronzone,

carried without dissent that the check registers

be approved as submitted.

(24) Approval of Transfer of Funds

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval of fund

transfers, as follows:

(a) $1181 from Retirement Fund Premiums (Statewide

Programs) to Radiological Safety Board (State-

wide Programs) to provide funds for a 1/2 time

Secretary for period January 1 through June 30,


Motion by Mr. Ronzone, seconded by Mr. Jacobsen,

carried without dissent that the fund transfer

be approved as recommended.

(b) $230 from the Board of Regents Special Projects

Fund to the UNR President's Discretionary Fund

to underwrite luncheon expenses for the 9th

Annual Educators Conference at the University

of Nevada, Reno.

Motion by Mr. Seeliger, seconded by Mr. Ronzone,

carried without dissent that the fund transfer

be approved as recommended.

(c) University funds needed to match Federal funds

for Spring semester are as follows:


National Defense Student Loans $8579.44 $4840.45

Nursing Program Loans 692.44 2555.89

Total $9271.88 $7396.34

It is recommended that transfers be made from the

following accounts to provide the necessary

matching funds:

Alice Dimmitt $ 2,577.00

A. B. Christensen 2,000.00

Hayden Elliott 2,091.22

Goodfellow Loan 3,500.00

Garvey Rhodes Loan 3,000.00

David Russell Loan 3,500.00

Total $16,668.22

Motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Dr.

Anderson, carried without dissent that the

above transfers be approved as recommended.

Motion by Mr. Ronzone, seconded by Mr. Bilbray, carried

without dissnt that the minutes be corrected as indicated.

28. Research Support Office, UNR

President Miller recommended that a Research Support Office

be established within the Office of the Graduate Dean and

the Research Advisory Board be recognized an an official

UNR Board with responsibility for developing policy for

coordinating of UNR research activities and the allocation

of unassigned overhead monies. He further recommended

that Dean Thomas D. O'Brien be designated Coordinator of

Research, UNR, and presented an estimative budget for the

operation of this activity for the period February 1

through June 30, 1969 (budget filed with permanent minutes).

Chancellor Humphrey endorsed the above recommendation, not-

ing that the proposal would duplicate a position now in the

Chancellor's Office. However, he pointed out that it was

the original intention when establishing a Federal Projects

Officer in the Chancellor's Office that this position would

continue only until both Campuses were adequately staffed

in that area.

Dr. Driggs asked about the responsibility of the Research

Advisory Board in the allocation of overhead funds. Dr.

Miller stated that he anticipated they would continue to

use research planning committees for the review of faculty

research proposals and recommendations concerning alloca-

tion of funds.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Ronzone, carried

without dissent that President Miller's recommendations

be approved as set forth above.

29. Designation of Architects List, Interim Office Building,


Vice President Baepler noted that the Legislature has been

requested to give early consideration to the funding of

the UNLV Interim Office building in order that occupancy

by early Fall, 1969 might be possible. The State Planning

Board has requested that the University designate a list

of at least two architects from which they will choose one

to design the facility. He recommended that the following

names be submitted to the State Planning Board:

Julius Gabriels and Associates

Tate and Dobrusky

Dr. Baepler noted that both are Las Vegas firms and both

have designed similar structures for the Clark County

School District.

Chancellor Humphrey concurred in the above recommendations.

Motion by Mr. Bilbray, seconded by Mr. Grant, carried with-

out dissent that the above recommendations be approved.

30. Candidates for Degrees

Upon motion by Mr. Grant, seconded by Mr. Ronzone, the

following students were approved for graduation in January

1969 with the degrees as listed:



Charles Ralph Adkisson B. S. in Bus. Adm.

C. Eugene Baker B. S. in Bus. Adm.

Thomas L. Brooker B. S. in Bus. Adm.

Lawrence Joseph Cook B. S. in Bus. Adm.

Andrew Anthony Farina B. S. in Bus. Adm.

Robert W. Fulwider B. S. in Bus. Adm.

Joel Henry Gunter B. S. in Bus. Adm.

Park Krieger Haws B. S. in Bus. Adm.

Carl M. Layman B. S. in Bus. Adm.

Robert Bruce Layne B. S. in Bus. Adm.

John G. Miner, Jr. B. S. in Bus. Adm.

William F. Ressler, Jr. B. S. in Bus. Adm.

Chaker Suidan B. S. in Bus. Adm.

Gordon Francis F. Bagot M. B. A.

Virginia Lee Dees M. B. A.

Mary Rather Mc Dorman M. B. A.

George Ann Rice M. B. A.

Bruce R. Smith M. B. A.

Paul T. Swartz M. B. A.


Arlys N. Athey B. S. in Education

Karen Baggelaar B. S. in Education

Craig Alvin Barber B. S. in Education

Robert J. Bischoff B. S. in Education

Iris Woodbury Crosby B. S. in Education

Doris A. Cullen B. S. in Education

Barbara Eileen Dallas B. S. in Education

Berna Jo Gayler B. S. in Education

Dixon Earl Goodwin B. S. in Education

Dixie Jameson B. S. in Education

Kathleen Kelley B. S. in Education

Gene La Fasto B. S. in Education

Lucille M. Lehman B. S. in Education

Rita T. Peal B. S. in Education

Judith M. Pitchford B. S. in Education

Rosemary Allen Rexroat B. S. in Education

Patricia Ann Sepich B. S. in Education

Jean T. K. Sharp B. S. in Education

Carol Day Utz B. S. in Education

Charles A. Branda M. Ed.

Wilma R. Busse Dunfee M. Ed.

Lois Loretta Genoa M. Ed.

Ramona A. Gustin M. Ed.

Laura Jane K. Noland M. Ed.

Frederic W. Watson M. Ed.

Irvin C. Wright M. Ed.

Helen Yosia M. Ed.


Elizabeth Dianna Dixon A. A. in Nursing

Justin David Kaiser A. S. in Electronics


Phyllis M. Barabe B. A.

Mary Jane Trent B. A.

Linda Louise Wright B. A.


James Warren Helton B. S.

James Freeman Lesser B. S.

John W. Turner, Jr. B. S.

Fenton R. Kay M. S.


Charles S. Crawford B. A.

Linda Gail Estrin B. A.

Ronald Le Roy Snyder B. A.

James William Struthers B. A.



Associate of Science in Agriculture

Jensen, Dale Water

Perkins, Stephen John

Prida, Jan Joseph

Prida, Jim Michael

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Arkell, Bruce Douglas

Dedolph, James Robert

Freitas, Allen David

Haas, Daniel Paul

Haas, David Charles

Kreizenbeck, Roy Kent

Lombardi, William De Ray

Shoolroy, Clifton Brown

Timko, Steve Timothy, Jr.

Wines, Thomas Leonard

Associate of Arts in Prekindergarten Education

Connolly, Mary Louise

Landa, Dorinda Lee

Associate of Science in Food Service Management

Quong, Gordon

Bachelor of Science in Home Economics

Bennett, Carol

De Pasquale, Enid Carol

Gadda, Jeri Ann Mc Dermott

George, Claudia Hanchett

Krejci, Leanne Scott

Nevin, Georgia Gale

Shoolroy, Rhonda Jean


Bachelor of Arts

Backus, Gary Charles

Crane, James Robert

Dee, David Dean

Dineen, Robert William

Felt, Kraig B.

Gott, Margaret Hayman

Guild, Clark Joseph III

Harris, Judith Staff

Hutson, Patricia Jo

** Kosso, Lenore Marie

Laiolo, Barbara Ann

Lee, Charles Henry

Maytan, David Jerome

Mc Cann, Eugene Garrison III

Mc Kenney, William Gordon

Northrop, Richard Knox, Jr.

Parson, Michael Duane

Pincolini, Richard Thomas

Rey, Nancy Martineau

Richards, Brian Donald

Robert, Eugene Rene

Sidord, Robert Eames, Jr.

Smits, Elisabeth Sieglinde

Smith, Sharon Rae

Spencer, Rosemary

Starich, Marietta Angela

Wakefield, Richard Charles

Walback, Farrell Dean

Whellams, Michael Richard

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

Reynolds, Janice Sue

Tracy, Richard Lawrence

* White, Louise Eleanor

Bachelor of Science

Antley, Joel Bryant

Crandall, Edwin Malin

Crawforth, Terry Ralph

Fagan, Michael

Fierce, Pamela Mari

Gandolfo, John Francis

Groess, Hermann Erich

Natalino, Ada Kelly

Natalino, Michael Robert

Olsen, Perry Edward

Osborn, Patricia Joan

Porter, William Jay

Timko, Steve Timothy, Jr.

Turner, Brant Fenton

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Blaisdell, Leonard Emerson, Jr.


Associate of Science in Secretarial Science

Campbell, Donna Kathleen

Cohen, Heather Mack

Heckethorn, Cheryl Marie

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Ahern, John

Anderson, Harry Daneel, Jr.

Annoni, Barbara Ann

Bacon, Raymond Earl

Baireuther, James Harold

Ballard, Charles Jackson

Bilyeu, Gerald Stephen

Buck, Thomas Paul

Burrus, Timothy Frank

Capdeville, John Albert

Carpenter, Daniel Edwin

Cave, Curk C.

Combs, Peter Toft

Crawford, John Bruce

Davies, Richard Stuart

Eckland, Charles Peter

Gore, Jay Roger

Graves, Ronald Richard

Hall, Conrad Lynn

Handy, Michael Ralph

Inama, Lynne Caroline

Iqbal, Mohammad Zafar

Lewis, John Loyal

Mac Ritchie, Stewart John

Mulcahy, James Patrick

Nor Velle, Robert Lewis

Overpeck, Jan John

Palumbo, Jack Paul

Pike, Roy Robert

Potter, Mac Lee

Rinaldi, George Michael

Schwarz, Bonita Lynn

Sherlock, Kevin Leo

White, Jerry Lynn

Willison, Reginald Ross, Jr.


Bachelor of Arts in Education

Hatjopoulos, Maria

Nelson, Lauren Cutler

Roche, Carla Ray

Stupar, Patricia Ellen

Swapp, Margaret Robinson

Wolf, David Scott

Bachelor of Science in Education

Adams, Dolores Della

Aramini, Karen Sue

Baldwin, Alice Lorraine

Bateman, Virginia Ruth

Betts, Dorothy Stone

Booker, Kenna Kim

Boskie, Lionel Mahoahoa, Jr.

Brashear, Elizabeth Gail

Brown, Geanie Louise

Chatfield, James Allen

Dallimore, Alice Cate

Danler, Gay Kenna

De Busman, Richard Arthur

Decker, David Lloyd

Dmytriw, Trina Hornefius

Donaldson, Howard Levi

Freitas, Carol Jean

Gaechter, Ann Elizabeth

Gilliam, Robert

Giusti, Susan Leslie

Gosting, La Vaughn Emma

Halgrimson, Donna Ahern

Harlow, Karen Maureen

Hutchings, Bonnie Ruth

Jenkins, Kathryn Dickson

Jense, Marsha Gaye

Jones, Barbara June

Lang, Sherry Lyn

Leach, Janet Johnston

Lemus, Frank Delgado

Luttges, James Edward

Meneni, Robert Warren

Moschetti, Clare Lynn

Murin, Edward Frank

Murry, William Carey

Nielsen, Robert Flaccus

Olson, Clara Jean White

Olson, Peggy Ruth

Rawlins, William Young

Robb, Esther Serena

Rost, Carla Jeanne

Slansky, John I.

Sturm, Helen Sylvia

Thompson, Hilda Audrey

Viksten, Margaret Elaine

Waite, Rulan Kay

Weatherly, Nettie Mildred

Weishaupt, Judy Marie

Williams, Roger Boyton

Wilson, Laurance Alan

York, Edward Perry


Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Banta, Donald E.

Funkhouser, Gary Ross

Jones, Wilfred Louis

Ouaou, Ahmed Mohamed

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Collier, Albert Roger

Firouztash, Hoshang

Hexem, Arthur David

Marshall, Lawrence Allen

Mc Innis, Mervyn Lee

Rodriquez, Manual Antonio

** Rosa, Larry Anthony

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Lambert, Thomas Howard


Bachelor of Science in Geology

Gordon, William Douglas

Kingsley, Alvin Clark

Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering

Stephens, Rogert Kenneth

Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering

Huettich, Noel John

Martin, James Joseph

Stuart, William Joseph

Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering

Ford, Randall Gaines

Rubio, David Marcos


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Ammons, Mary Emily Johnson

Dugdale, Karen Clowers

Lockhart, Julie Anne


Associate of Science in Engineering Design Technology

Klann, Gary Edward

Reynolds, William Jeffrey

Wright, Harry B.


Master of Business Administration

Coakley, John Mills

Grayr, George Abdo

Trinaystich, Stanley Joseph

Master of Education

Carey, Charles Josef, Jr.

Cozart, William Edward

Dallas, Donald Martin

Dollinger, Stephen Hilliard

Irvin, Robert Lee

Johnson, Ruth Ann Heider

Ringer, James Herbert

Robertson, John Mc Donald, Jr.

Shetler, Harold Loren

Master of Science

Brown, Joseph Gurnsey

Cassity, Howard Earl

Klein, Paula Carol

Savage, David Edward

Schuman, Gerald Eugene

Sheeter, Guy Richard

Summerfield, Harry Booth, Jr.

Walkiewicz, John Walter

Doctor of Philosophy

Harsh, John Franklin

Metzger, James Douglas

Scheiner, Bernard James

* Graduated with Distinction

** Graduted with High Distinction

31. Attorney General's Opinion No. 556

Chancellor Humphrey distributed an opinion of the Attorney

General, dated January 23, 1969, concerning the land-grant

status of the University of Nevada System (opinion filed

with permanent minutes). He particularly noted that the

opinion concludes that the components of the System may

not hold individual land-grant status separate and apart

from the System.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 P.M.