UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 7-8, 1887


Volume OB - Pages 44-45

                         State of Nevada

                           Carson City

                        February 7, 1887

In conformity with the call of the Chairman Pro Tem the Board

met in the Office of the State Land Register.  Present:  Regents

Getchell, Shaw and the Clerk, M. D. Noteware.  Regent Getchell

in the Chair.

Regent Shaw as a committee of one to obtain information concern-

ing claims of J. F. Mc Cammon and Burke Bros. reported having

laid before the State Board of Examiners, his report concerning

said claims.  Upon motion of Regent Shaw, he was relieved from

further duty as such committee.

Regent Getchell as committee of one on repairs of floor of Uni-

versity building reported as follows:  Manning and Jacques of

Reno had been engaged by him to make the requisite repairs at an

expense not to exceed the sum of One Hundred and Fifty ($150)

Dollars.  Regent Getchell required further time to report more

fully as such committee.  Upon motion of Regent Shaw his request

was granted.

The claims of L. W. Getchell for $72, and H. G. Shaw for $12,

travelling expenses were approved by the Board and the Clerk

instructed to present said claims to the Board of Examiners.

Regent Shaw introduced the following resolution which upon motion

was adopted:

    RESOLVED, that Robert M. Clarke, Esq. be requested to take

    such steps as they may deem necessary to test the constitu-

    tionality of all or any legislation at the Thirteenth Ses-

    sion of the Legislature in Nevada in regard to the interests

    of the State University of Nevada affecting the control of

    the University by the Board of Regents and other matters

    relating thereto.

    RESOLVED, that Messrs. Clarke and Ellis be employed as

    attorneys of the Board of Regents to act in accordance with

    the foregoing resolution.

    RESOLVED, that these resolutions be spread on the minutes

    of the Board of Regents and that the Clerk of said Board

    transmit a copy thereof to Robert M. Clarke and A. C. Ellis.

On motion, the Board adjourned subject to the call of the Chair-

man Pro Tem.

       (get signature of)    L. W. Getchell

                             Chairman Pro Tem

M. D. Noteware

Clerk of Board