UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 6-7, 1904


Volume OC - Pages 312-315

                         Reno, Nevada

                       February 6, 1904

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Regents was held in

their Office on Saturday, February 6, 1904.  Present:  Regents

Bray and Booher.  Absent:  Regent Kirman.  Regent Booher acting

as Chairman.

Minutes of January 2 read and approved.

Upon the recommendation of the President and faculty, Richard

Tobin was granted a diploma from the School of Mines as the

Class of 1901.

The following letter was received from Professor Young:

    Dr. J. E. Stubbs


    State University

    Dear Sir:

    I respectully suggest that the following rule be adopted for

    the guidance of your Professor:

    The Assaying and Metallurgical Laboratories are to be used

    only for the purpose of student instruction, post graduate

    instruction, research work and such analytical and assaying

    work as may be required by Law.

    My reason for proposing this rule is that recently and in the

    past, requests for the use of the Laboratory for commercial

    work have been made and have been refused in most cases.

    These refusals have in some cases resulted in personal feel-

    ing and it is to avoid this that the above is proposed.

Upon motion, the above rule was approved.

On the recommendation of President Stubbs, Professor Young was

authorized to furnish Mr. M. W. Ogden of the Pacific Jupiter

Steel Company of San Francisco such information relating to the

analysis of iron ores in this State as may be in his possession

or on record in his Laboratory.

Communication from Marcus Frederick relating to insurance on

University buildings received and ordered place on file and the

Secretary of the Board was instructed to notify Mr. Frederick

that no insurance expires until next August, at which time his

application would be acted on.

Upon the recommendation of President Stubbs, it was ordered that

the records of the Mining Laboratory shall be kept opened for

the inspection of the public at such times as shall be convenient

to the Professor in charge.

Claims were allowed as follows:

    Contingent and Interest Account - No.176-188

        January Payroll                        $1178.34

        January Payroll - Students               208.60

        Geo. H. Taylor                            33.40

        W. W. Booher                              38.90

        Nevada Power Light & Water Co.            77.95

        J. R. Bradley Co.                          5.55

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.              13.88

        R. B. Howcroft                            31.00

        R. S. Chapman                             32.00

        O. F. Heizer                               4.38

        Sunset Telephone & Telegraph Co.          10.45

        B. J. Genesy                               8.00

        Flanigan Warehouse Co.                    97.77

                                    Total      $1740.22

    Agricultural & Mechanic College Morrill Fund - No. 1-38

        January Payroll - Salaries             $1651.20

        Geo. H. Taylor                             8.25

        Geo. H. Taylor                           139.26

        Geo. J. Young                              2.34

        Flanigan Warehouse Co.                   146.21

        Sol Levy                                   1.35

        Cancelled                                   .00

        Reno Mill & Lumber Co.                     6.25

        Reno Mill & Lumber Co.                    92.60

        Reno Mercentile Co.                       37.13

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.               2.50

        Daniels & Steinmetz                       36.00

        Mysell Rollins Co.                         7.50

        Library Bureau                             4.55

        J. B. Colt Co.                             3.00

        Engineering & Mining Journal               8.50

        American Academy of Political Science      1.75

        W. H. Guild & Co.                         37.00

        Emier & Amend                               .60

        Payot Upham & Co.                          2.50

        Payot Upham & Co.                          1.53

        F. W. Braun & Co.                         10.00

                                    Total      $2200.02

    Experiment Station Hatch Fund - No. 4101-4134

        January Payroll                        $ 922.70

        Geo. H. Taylor                           112.53

        Marcus Frederick                           4.50

        Harry Davis                                1.50

        Cann Drug Co.                             13.05

        J. E. Stubbs                              36.65

        Reno Mill & Lumber Co.                    17.40

        Reno Mill & Lumber Co.                      .90

        Gazette Publishing Co.                     1.65

        Sunset Telephone & Telegraph Co.           3.00

        J. O. Jacobs                               5.00

        Samuel B. Doten                            3.55

        Reno Mercentile Co.                        1.50

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.              13.70

        Flanigan Warehouse Co.                    31.85

        S. J. Hodgkinson                           1.15

        W. J. Luke                                 2.00

                                    Total      $1222.73

It was ordered that the Register be held over and submitted to

the Board at its next meeting.

Upon motion of Regent Bray, the communication between President

Stubbs and the Nevada Power Light & Water Co. relating to an

increase in cost of lights in the University buildings and the

action of President Stubbs was approved.

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned to meet at

the first Saturday of March.

                             R. Kirman


Geo. H. Taylor