UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 4-5, 1903


Volume OC - Pages 281-285

                         Reno, Nevada

                       February 4, 1903

The Board of Regents met at 9:30 A.M., Wednesday, February 4,

1903.  All members present.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

President J. E. Stubbs read his report recommending the reorgan-

ization of the Station staff, the appointment of a Proctor, the

purchase of a water heater for Lincoln Hall, the purchase of

a steam heater for the Chemical building, the raising of the sal-

aries of certain Instructors and the employment of an Instructor

in Ethics and Public Speaking.

After full discussion, the following reorganization of the Sta-

tion staff was approved:

                       Board of Control

    J. N. Evans, President                            Reno

    W. W. Booher                                      Elko

    Richard Kirman                                    Reno

    Geo. H. Taylor, Secretary                         Reno

                        Station Staff

    Jospeh E. Stubbs, Director, Publications

    Nathaniel E. Wilson, Vice Director, Chemistry & Dairying

    P. Beveridge Kennedy, Botany, Horticulture & Forestry

    Peter Frandsen, Zoology & Bacteriology

    Samuel P. Doten, Entomology & Meteorology

    Gordon H. True, Agriculture & Animal Husbandry

    Theodore W. Clark, Superintendent of Farm

    Harry H. Dexter, Librarian

    Elizabeth Stubbs, Stenographer

It was ordered that the Superintendent of the Farm shall have

charge of all animals and equipment necessary to carry on the

work of the Farm under the instruction of the Director.

The President was authorized to purchase a water heater for

Lincoln Hall.

The President was authorized to purchase a steam generator for

the Chemical building.

The action of the Board of Regents in employing W. D. Mc Neilly

as Proctor until a regular meeting was approved.  On motion,

it was carried that W. D. Mc Neilly be employed as Proctor until

June first, 1903, at a salary of Seventy-Five dollars per month.

It was ordered on motion that the thanks of the Board of Regents

be and hereby are extended to Wells Fargo and Co. for their kind

offer to carry packages of twenty pounds or less, containing

specimens for the University Museum, free from any point in Utah,

California or Nevada.

On motion, the salaries of the following persons were ordered

raised, to continue until April first, 1903:

    S. B. Doten, One Hundred dollars a month

    S. A. Darling, One Hundred dollars a month

    Elizabeth Stubbs, Seventy-Five dollars a month

    H. N. Dexter, Sixty-Six and 2/3 dollars a month

The President submitted the following communication, which was

read and accepted:

    Nevada State University

    January 19, 1903

    Realizing the advantage of continuing the Department of

    Ethics and Public Sleaking founded by the late D. B. Symon,

    we the undersigned, in cooperation with the students and

    citizens, have established the Students Lectureship in Ethics

    and Public Speaking to continue during the present semester;

    and recommend that the Rev. Robert Whitaker, who had con-

    ducted the work under the Symon bequest, be continued as

    Professor in charge of this Department.

                             Signed:  Anna Woodward

                                      C. Schoer, Jr.

                                      Florence H. Church

                                      A. E. Hershiser

                                      W. D. Driver

                                      S. W. Cushman

                                      J. E. Church, Jr.

                                      J. E. Wier

    The sum of Three Hundred and Fifty dollars necessary to endow

    this Lectureship has now been pledged and we guarantee its

    payment into the University Treasury upon the first of June,


                                      A. E. Hershiser

                                      J. E. Church, Jr.

On motion, Rev. Robert Whitaker was elected to the Lectureship

of Ethics and Public Speaking until May 31, 1903.

On motion, adjourned to meet at Washoe County Bank at 7:00 P.M.

                             J. N. Evans


Secretary Pro Tem

The Board of Regents met at the Office of the Washoe County

Bank at 7:30 P.M., February 4, 1903, a full Board being present.

The Secretary was instructed to make proper acknowledgement to

Pacific Oil Transportation Co. for the generous donation of ten

barrels crude oil for use on the walks of the University Campus.

Claims were allowed from the several funds as follows:

    Experiment Station Hatch Fund - No. 3561-3614

        January Payroll                        $ 708.92

        Evening Gazette                          543.50

        Reno Ledger                                3.50

        Gazette Publishing Co.                     5.00

        James O'Neill                              2.50

        Reno Mill & Lumber Co.                     2.74

        Edward Schmitt                            15.50

        Sol Levy                                   2.10

        Geo. I. James                             50.00

        Daniels & Steinmetz                        3.00

        Porteous Decorating Co.                   24.60

        Cann Drug Co.                              7.85

        Cann Drug Co.                              3.30

        Matt A. Parrott                            1.50

        W. J. Luke                                 4.75

        Wells Estate Co.                      Cancelled

        R. B. Howcroft                             4.25

        R. Herz & Bros.                           19.00

        Reno Mercantile Co.                        4.75

        Reno Mercantile Co.                       24.65

        S. J. Hodgkinson                           1.00

        Riverside Studio                           8.00

        University Book Store                     15.60

        R. B. Howcroft                            20.60

        J. F. Aitken                              36.20

        N. E. Wilson                              45.00

        R. H. Mc Dowell                           22.45

        R. W. Parry                                6.00

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.               1.00

        Sunset Telephone & Telegraph Co.           1.50

        Sunset Photo Engraving Co.                24.00

        Imperial Manufacturing Co.                 6.50

        Blake Moffitt & Towne                     26.50

        Sunset Photo Engraving Co.                 2.00

        California Academy of Sciences             5.50

                                    Total      $1653.26

    Agricultural & Mechanic College Morrill Fund - No. 3473-3509

        January Payroll                        $1626.55

        Geo. H. Taylor                            72.15

        J. F. Aitken                              64.75

        R. Herz & Bros.                           21.50

        Harry Davis                                1.00

        Reno Mercantile Co.                        2.28

        Edward Schmitt                             5.50

        Nevada Engineering Works                  15.75

        Gazette Publishing Co.                     5.00

        Payot Upham & Co.                          4.92

        Payot Upham & Co.                          5.72

        Clot & Crist Machine Co.                   2.25

        Pacific Micro Materials Co.                3.76

        T. P. Andrews                              4.00

        The Mysell Rollins Co.                     3.75

        The Diat Co.                               4.00

        National Geographic Society                2.00

        The North American Reville                 5.00

        The Moulton Publishing Co.                 5.00

        Muim & Co.                                 7.00

        Mac Millian & Co.                          5.00

        The American Forestry Association          2.00

        University of Chicago Press                9.00

                                    Total      $1877.88

    Contingent Fund & Interest Account - No. 1-13

        January Payroll                        $1519.22

        Geo. H. Taylor                            18.70

        Sunset Telephone & Telegraph Co.           5.65

        P. J. Reed                                16.50

        Nevada Power, Light & Water Co.          112.10

        Hinds & Noble                              9.60

        Reno Mercantile Co.                      107.02

        B. J. Genesy                              22.45

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.              27.45

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.              23.18

        R. B. Howcroft                            15.25

        W. W. Booher                              37.40

        W. W. Booher                              45.40

                                    Total      $1959.92

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned.

                             J. N. Evans


Geo. H. Taylor