UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 3-4, 1983


Pages 27-30



February 3, 1983

The Special meeting was held on the above date at the Carlson

Education building at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present: Mr. John R. Mc Bride, Chairman

Mrs. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mrs. Joan Kenney

Mr. Rollan Melton

Mrs. Jo Ann Sheerin

Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Also present was Mr. Gary Jones, Faculty Senate Chair, UNLV.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mc Bride at 2:30 P.M.

1. In accordance with NRS 241.030, Mrs. Gallagher moved that

the Board recess for the purpose of holding a closed person-

nel session to discuss the competency of University of

Nevada System personnel.

The Board reconvened at 4:45 P.M. with all members present.

2. President Goodall read the following statement:

As late as 48 hours ago, I thought I might have to come be-

fore this Board and recommend the discontinuation of foot-

ball at UNLV. As unpopular as that action would have been

I was prepared to bring you such recommendation if that

proved to be the only viable alternative. Happily, the

hard work of the Athletic Director, the cooperation and

understanding of the coaches, the efforts of the Chairman

of the Board of Regents, and the support of other members

of the Board made it possible to work out a reasonable

budget for next year that will include a much reduced, but

still a workable budget for football.

It has been my feeling throughout this process, that with

the opening of the new Thomas and Mack Center next year,

there were simply too many budget uncertainties facing us

for us to make such a final and definitive decision as the

dropping of football. It is worth at least another year of

review and observation.

I believe the budget is built on reasonable and realistic

revenue projections. We have projected increased ticket

revenues for basketball, but no profits or box rentals from

the Thomas and Mack Center are included in the budget. We

have also budgeted no television revenue, and no revenue

from post-season play in any sport. It is quite likely,

that some of these sources will produce revenues which can

be used to meet other revenue shortfalls, to establish a

contingency account or to retire the prior year's deficit.

It is a very tight budget, but one that the Athletic Depart-

ment can live with.

I intend to emphasize to every coach and every Athletic

Department staff member that in 1983-84 there will be no

higher priority in their job responsibilities, including

their win-loss record, than living within their budgets.

That is an absolutely essential element for maintaining

financial control of the program.

I also plan to ask the Controller's Office to establish the

most rigorous kind of month-by-month reporting and control

mechanisms so that we may have an early warning system in

case of any potential problems in the future. With such

a system we can make adjustments quickly if expenditures

and revenues begin to get out of line.

Not only the level of the budget, but the level of our

rhetoric is going to be reduced. In our football program

in particular, the excessive enthusiasm of some people both

inside and outside the University has caused us for years

to try to move too far, too fast. We had not yet won our

first game in the PCAA when there were those calling for

UNLV to transfer the PAC 10 into the PAC 11. There are

those who think that such talk is just good, healthy fan

enthusiasm. I do not agree. I think that such rhetoric

creates unrealistic and unreachable expectations. We have

no reason to apologize for the fact that we are not going

to have an Alabama, Oklahoma, Ohio State or UCLA type foot-

ball program in the immediate future. We do not have 40,000

students on this Campus to pay student fees, or 20,000,000

citizens to pay taxes. That does not mean that we may not

play such teams on occasions, but overall our budget will

not come close to equaling theirs. We want to be a good

competitor in the PCAA. We want to have as good a team as

an 11,000 student University and a sparsley populated state

can reasonably expect to have. We want our goals and ex-

pectations to be realistic.

I want to thank both the Athletic Long-Range Planning Com-

mission and UNLV Intercollegiate Athletics Council for their

comments and recommendations on the University athletic pro-

gram. Many of their ideas are incorporated in the steps

being taken to improve the program.

Finally, I want to thank this Board for the support, time

and effort it has devoted to UNLV athletics. You have con-

tributed far more than any lay board can reasonablly be ex-

pected to do. I wish that months or weeks ago I could have

brought you a simple Presidential recommendation which you

could have acted upon and that would have been the end of

it. But, alas, there were and are no simple answers. I

think we have turned a corner with UNLV athletics. But

there is no final solution that can be guaranteed permanent-

ly. Next year we will have the advantage of one full year

of information on the impact of the Thomas and Mack Center.

If hard decisions have to be made at that time, we should

not shrink from them or delay them further. I am convinced

that UNLV athletics will be better and stronger because of

the attention we have given the current crisis and because

of our response to it.

We are ready to move ahead.

3. President Goodall recommended the following budget:

UNLV Athletic Department Budget 1983-84

Prepared February 1, 1983

Income Projections

Contributions $ 600,000

Tickets 600,000

Conference Guarantee 100,000

Football Gate Receipt 400,000

New Basketball Income 1,088,000*

State Appropriations 600,000

Student Fee 500,000

Total $3,888,000

*Calculation of $8,000 per game time 17 games

at $8 each.

Expense Projections

Women's Sports $ 550,000

Men's Non-Revenue Sports 550,000

Athletic Administration 850,000

Men's Basketball 575,000

Fund Raising 100,000

Football 1,225,000

Total (Not in Balance) $3,850,000

Mrs. Whitley moved to approve the budget. Mrs. Fong second-

ed. Motion carried.

4. President Goodall recommended that the University of Nevada,

Las Vegas and the University System disassociate itself from

all prior organizations that have been involved in Univer-

sity fund raising for athletics at UNLV, including the Uni-

versity Rebels Club. He further stated that if the recom-

mendation was accepted, he would instruct the UNLV Athletic

Department to explore alternatives for fund raising struc-

tures to be used in the future.

Mrs. Gallagher moved to approve the recommendation. Mrs.

Sheerin seconded. Motion carried with Mr. Karamanos

voting no.

The meeting adjourned at 5:10 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser