UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 3-4, 1897


Volume OC - Pages 110-112

Reno, Nevada

February 3, 1897

A special meeting of the Board of Regents was held on Wednesday,

February 3, 1897, same being called by J. N. Evans. Present:

J. N. Evans, H. S. Starrett. Absent: W. E. F. Deal.

At the request of President Stubbs, the reading of the minutes

of meeting held on January 5, 1897 was dispensed with until the

next meeting.

President Stubbs took up the matter of the Deficiency Claims of

the Girls and Boys Dormitory buildings and requested the Presi-

dent and Secretary of the Board and Mr. Brown to meet with the

Board of Examiners at Carson on the 9th of February to explain

any questions regarding same.

The following claims were approved:

Agricultural and Mechanical College Fund

J. E. Stubbs Salary 225.00

W. Mc N. Miller Salary 116.67

R. D. Jackson Salary 166.67

T. W. Cowgill Salary 150.00

Henry Thurtell Salary 150.00

Robert Lewers Salary 150.00

J. W. Phillips Salary 150.00

Charles P. Brown Salary 100.00

H. K. Clapp Salary 100.00

Richard Brown Salary 150.00

Henry Heritage Salary 16.55

Geo. Bliss Salary 17.00

J. W. Libby Salary .75

C. P. Richards Salary 14.75

Laura Smith Salary 20.00

Laura Smith Salary 20.00


Girls Dormitory, Furniture & Equipment - Deficiency Claims

W. A. Schrock 571.25

Heywood Prost & Co. 36.00

Sanborne Vail & Co. 22.50

Schlueber & Volberg 175.50

Courtois & Co. 12.68

Cala Electrical Works 66.78

Schlueber & Volberg 180.09

Cala Furniture Mfg. Co. 161.50

Geo. H. Fuller Desk Co. 25.65


Boys Dormitory, Furniture & Equipment - Deficiency Claims

W. A. Schrock 571.25

C. F. Marwedel 6.55

Morris & Leng 25.10

Courtois & Co. 11.40

Geo. H. Fuller Desk Co. 25.65

Cala Gas Fixture Co. 246.85

Heywood Prost & Co. 166.50

Sanborne Vail & Co. 48.15

Schlueber & Volberg 400.00

Richard Brown 1.25


Richard Ryland - Deficiency Claims

Extra work setting stone in Boys building 250.00

Claim for Richard Ryland for $250.00 extra expense in stone

work on Boys Dormitory building was also approved.

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned to meet at the

call of the President.

J. N. Evans


Geo. H. Taylor