UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 1-2, 1980


Pages 73-101



February 1, 1980

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Edward L. Pine

Auditorium, University of Nevada, Reno.

Members present: Mr. Robert A. Cashell, Chairman

Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Molly F. Knudtsen

Mr. John R. Mc Bride

Mr. John Tom Ross

Members absent: Mr. Chris Karamanos

Dr. Louis E. Lombardi

Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Donald H. Baepler

President William Berg (NNCC)

President Joseph Crowley (UNR)

President Jack Davis (WNCC)

President Jim Eardley (TMCC)

President Judith Eaton (CCCC)

President Leonard Goodall (UNLV)

President Lloyd Smith (DRI)

Bonnie M. Smotony, Secretary

Larry Lessly, Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs

Also present were Senate Chairpersons Campana (DRI), Elliott

(TMCC), Gochnour (CCCC), Marschall (UNR), Melrose (NNCC), Moser

(Unit), Pugsley (WNCC), and Van Vactor (UNLV), and representa-

tives of student associations.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Cashell at 9:50 A.M.

1. Report of Investment Committee

Chancellor Baepler reported that there had not been a quorum

present at the meeting of the Investment Advisory Committee

the previous day, and presented the following for consider-

ation by the Board:

A. Recommendation by Mr. Monte Miller of Valley Bank for

the following sales and purchases of stock at market

price on Friday, February 1, 1980. Approximate prices

are listed. Mr. Miller noted in making his recommenda-

tion that there is a 10-15% risk factor in the market

at the present time (i. e., a risk that there will be

a pullback in market prices after the proposed purchase



Approx. Current

Shrs Description Price Total Yield

600 Union Carbide $45 $27,000 6.6%

(already own 400 shares)

800 Schering Plough 36 28,800 4.0%

(already own 600 shares)

400 IBM 69 27,600 4.9%

(already own 400 shares)

1800 Pittston 27 48,600 4.4%

2000 Merrill Lynch 24 48,000 4.0%

900 General Electric 54 48,600 5.2%

3100 General Portland 16 49,600 5.0%

900 General Motors 54 48,600 9.1%




Shrs Description Price Total Loss

1000 Pullman $31 $31,000 $(5,660)

B. Recommendation by Mr. Tom Josephsen of Security National

Bank for investment of cash reserves in the Atmospherium

Planetarium account, as follows:

Trade Approx. Antic. Mkt.

Units Security Price Price Income Yield

30,000 Federal Home Loan Bank 9% 2/15/83, makes 75,000

$ 94 $28,200 2,700 11.10

50,000 U. S. Treasury 30 year maturity - new issue

100 50,000 5,500 11.00

$78,200 8,200 11.05

C. Mr. Bob Lee of First National Bank of Nevada presented

the following buy and sell recommendations, with such

transactions accomplished through a limit order, with

the "Approximate Price" indicated functioning as a firm

price which will trigger the completion of the trans-



Approx. Approx. Antic Mkt. Gain

Units Security Price Value Income Yld (Loss)

50 Bankers Trust Market 2,200 165 7.5 344

12 IBM Market 840 41 4.9 --

2,000 Intl Minerals 52 104,000 6,000 5.8 12,712

5,000 National Dist 31 155,000 9,000 5.8 28,818

10,200 Texaco 35-1/2 362,100 22,049 6.1 (55,464)

7,000 Standard Brands 32 224,000 10,300 4.6 159,903

TOTAL SALES 848,140 47,555 5.6 146,313


10,000 Merrill Lynch 21 210,000 9,600 4.6

10,000 E. F. Hutton 20 200,000 8,000 4.0

3,500 Aluminum Co. of America

57-1/2 201,250 11,200 5.6

4,100 Union Oil Co. 49 200,900 5,330 2.7

4,100 Conoco, Inc. 49 200,900 7,790 3.9

2,900 Sun Co.'s 70 203,000 8,700 4.3

3,200 General Dynamics 62 198,400 3,840 2.0

4,400 United Tech Corp.46 202,400 9,680 4.8

TOTAL PURCHASES 1,616,850 64,140 4.0

D. Proposed new managing agency agreements with First

National Bank and Valley Bank (identified as Ref. D and

E, respectively, and filed with permanent minutes), were

recommended for approval. The term "next market day",

as used on page two, will ordinarily mean the day of the

meeting of the Board as a whole. The report of the

Investment Advisory Committee will be placed first on

the Board agenda to permit the Board to take immediate

action, after which the secretary of the Investment

Advisory Committee will notify the bank representatives

that their recommendations have been approved or dis-

approved. The bank representatives will later receive

copies of the Board minutes as written authorization

for their actions.

Any future managing agency agreements which may be

reached with other banks shall be identical in format

to those prepared for FNB and Valley Bank.

Chancellor Baepler recommended approval by the Board of the

above recommendations.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc

Bride, carried without dissent.

2. Adoption of Consent Agenda

The Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A and filed with

permanent minutes), containing the following items, was

submitted for approval:

(1) Approval of minutes of December 19, 1979, with the

following addition requested by Mrs. Fong:

In the discussion concerning Item 26, Design Develop-

ment Drawings, Henderson Center, Mrs. Fong questioned

the absence of windows in the classrooms and expressed

concern that this might lead to claustrophobia. Presi-

dent Eaton explained that most of the students attend-

ing classes at the Henderson Center would be there for

one or two classes only and she did not believe there

would be any problem.

(2) Acceptance of the gifts and grants as reported in Ref.


(3) Request for extended sick leave for George W.

Schweitzer, Coordinator of State Fire Service Training

Program, UNR, through June 30, 1980.

(4) Approval of 1980 Summer Session Budgets for UNR and

UNLV (identified in Ref. C-2 and C-3).

(5) Augmentation of UNLV Interview and Recruiting Account

by $10,000, and DRI Interview and Recruiting Account by

$7,500, by transfer from the Board of Regents Special

Projects Account.

(6) Allocation of $2,570 to WNCC, and $3,600 to TMCC, from

the Board of Regents Special Projects Account, to pay

the expenses of accreditation visits to these insti-


(7) Assignment of signature authority for UNLV's bank

accounts (withdrawn at request of President Goodall).

(8) Authorization for the Community Colleges to use the

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) as an appropriate

means of maintaining an official record of student

participation in significant learning experiences

distinct from the awarding of academic credit or

community service credit. UNR and UNLV have been

authorized the use of CEU's since 1976.

Mr. Mc Bride moved adoption of the Consent Agenda as sub-

mitted, with the exception of Item (7), which was withdrawn

by President Goodall. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong, car-

ried without dissent.

Mr. Buchanan requested consideration of an emergency item, re-

calling that the Board had previously taken action encouraging

the continuation of athletic competition between the two Univer-

sities. He asked that Dick Trachok, UNR Director of Athletics,

be requested to appear before the Board at 11:00 A.M., to explain

why he had cancelled the 1980 football game between the two Uni-


Mr. Cashell suggested that if the Board wished to hear a report

from Mr. Trachok, it would perhaps be desirable to hear from Dr.

Negratti, UNLV Director of Athletics, at the same time. He

pointed out that this matter should be worked out between the

respective Presidents and Athletics Directors, adding that he

did not consider it an appropriate area for Board involvement.

No motion was offered to add this as an agenda item.

3. Proposed Change in Board Meeting Calendar

Chancellor Baepler noted that when the 1980 Meeting

Calendar was adopted, a meeting was scheduled for April 4,

which is Good Friday, and is also the last day of Easter

Recess for the instructional institutions. In deference to

this academic recess, he requested that the Board's calendar

be adjusted by rescheduling the March 7 and the April 4


Mr. Ross moved that the March 7 meeting be moved to March 10

and the April 4 meeting be moved to March 28. Motion sec-

onded by Mrs. Fong, carried without dissent.

4. Report on Workshop for Regents and Officers

Chairman Cashell presented the following report on the

Workshop for Regents and Officers, held in San Diego on

January 6-8, 1980:

This memorandum concerns the recent Workshop for Regents

and Officers and will serve to recount for those of you

who were there and inform those of you who were not con-

cerning the pertinent points discussed at the meeting.

The Workshop, which was conducted under the sponsorship

of the Association of Governing Boards of Universities

and Colleges, was held for the stated purpose of assess-

ment of the effectiveness of the Regents and Officers as

a higher education management team and to seek ways of

improving the performance of that team.

The Board-Mentors who served as Workshop leaders were

very professional and demonstrated an excellent under-

standing of the role of the Governing Board. Their

review and analysis of the results of the self-study

which we completed prior to the Workshop brought into

focus a number of areas which must be addressed if we

are to meet our responsibilities for higher education

in the State of Nevada.

The Workshop format was divided into three general


(1) An exploration and discussion of the role of the

Governing Board.

(2) Analysis and discussion of the self-study and iden-

tification of the strengths and weaknesses revealed

by that study.

(3) Identification and discussion of needs to be ad-

dressed by the University. Among those considered

to have the highest priority were:

A. A review and revision of the major policy docu-

ments of the University -- the University Code

and the Board of Regents Bylaws -- to more

clearly define the responsibilities and author-

ity of the Officers of the University.

B. Development of a long-range academic master

plan for public higher education in Nevada,

including preparation of integrated mission

statements for all units of the University


C. Development of a carefully constructed orienta-

tion program for new Regents and a continuing

orientation program for the Board as a whole.

D. Development of an officer evaluation/assessment


E. Development among the Board of a better under-

standing of the financial information and budg-

eting process of the University, in order that

Regents may take a stronger leadership role in

presentation of the University's needs to the

Governor and the Legislature, and to the citi-

zens of Nevada.

F. Reinforcement of the concept of the Board as a

policy making body.

G. Continuation of the workshop concept (with par-

ticipation of all Board members) as a tool for

self-assessment and education in order to con-

tinue to improve the performance of Regents and

Officers as a management team.

H. An improved relationship between the Board of

Regents and State officials; i. e., Legisla-

ture, Governor and Budget Office.

Finally, an agreement was reached among those present at

the Workshop that if the Board of Regents and the Uni-

versity were to realize maximum long-range benefits from

the experience, we should, as a full Board and with ap-

propriate input from University community, implement

some procedures for addressing these needs which have

been identified. Accordingly, if the Board agrees that

these are appropriate priorities for future action, I

recommend that we proceed as follows:

1. That a committee be appointed by the Chairman of the

Board to proceed immediately with necessary revi-

sions to the University of Nevada System Code to

update that document and to more clearly define the

responsibilities and authority of the Officers and

the prerogatives of faculty. I suggest that this

committee consist of the following:

The Chancellor

The President of each member institution (or

his designee)

A faculty representative from each member

institution and from the Unit (to be

selected from among three nominees

submitted by each Senate).

I suggest that this committee be chaired by the

Chancellor and that October be agreed upon as the

date by which proposed revisions will be submitted

for Board consideration.

I further suggest that the Officers proceed concur-

rently with a proposed revision to the Board of

Regents Bylaws in order to insure compatibility

in the two documents.

2. That the Chancellor's Advisory Cabinet be directed

to develop a proposal for the preparation of a long-

range academic master plan for higher education in

Nevada, including preparation of integrated mission

statements for all units of the University System.

I request that this proposal, including a timetable

for implementation, be discussed with the Board of

Regents at the earliest possible date.

3. That an ad hoc committee of the Board, in consulta-

tion with the Chancellor and the Presidents, devel-

op a procedure for Officer assessment/evaluation,

based on normally acceptable management objectives.

4. That the Board of Regents Finance Committee assume

the leadership in developing a coordinated program

for the presentation of financial and budget infor-

mation to meet the objectives of paragraph E.

5. That the Secretary of the Board assume the respon-

sibility for developing a proposal for an orienta-

tion program for new Regents and for developing a

proposal for a second Workshop for Regents and

Officers to be conducted in the Summer of 1981.

I recognize that implementation of these recommendations

will require a lot of work by a lot of people. At the

same time, I also believe that the effort is necessary

and there is a willingness on the part of everyone con-

cerned to invest the time and effort required to appro-

priately address these issues. I urge your full


Mr. Mc Bride moved approval of recommendation #1. Motion

seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen.

Mr. Buchanan objected, stating that he was not aware of any

problem with the Code or the Bylaws that interferes with the

orderly operation of the University or the Board.

Chairman Cashell explained that his recommendation for a

committee to study the Code was the result of discussions

which had occurred at the Board's Workshop and which had in-

dicated that there were several areas in both the Code and

the Bylaws that needed modernizing to conform those docu-

ments to current practice, and to more clearly define the

authority of the Board and the Officers of the University.

Mr. Mc Bride recalled that such a study of the Code and the

Bylaws had been requested by Mr. Karamanos at an earlier

meeting and, although no objection to such a study had been

raised at that time, no progress had been made either. He

pointed out that any revisions to either document which

might be proposed as a result of such a study would be sub-

ject to Board consideration and final approval. He agreed

with Mr. Buchanan that the Code had been changed in various

sections from time to time in the past, to resolve specific

problems, but suggested that it was now time for the entire

document to be addressed.

Mr. Buchanan expressed concern that a committee composed of

Administrators and faculty would propose revisions which

would tend to erode the authority of the Board. He sug-

gested that the problems first be identified and the Board

could then deal with each specific problem.

Mr. Ross suggested that at least one member of the Board be

appointed to the committee. Mr. Mc Bride accepted that

suggestion as an amendment to his motion. Motion then

carried with Mr. Buchanan opposing.

Chairman Cashell requested that Mr. Buchanan serve as the

Regent-member of the Committee. Mr. Buchanan agreed, but

asked that he still be recorded as opposing the establish-

ment of the committee.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval of recommendation #2. Motion

seconded by Mr. Mc Bride, carried without dissent.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval of recommendations #3, #4 and


Mr. Buchanan objected to recommendation #4, stating that

although he believed the Finance Committee was doing a fine

job, he was concerned that this additional assignment pro-

posed for the Finance Committee would result in those mem-

bers of Board not on the Committee not being sufficiently

informed concerning the budget.

Mr. Cashell pointed out that the thrust of recommendation #4

was to insure that a procedure would be developed that would

serve to fully inform all Board members concerning the budg-

et, and it was not intended that the Finance Committee would

be making decisions for the Board.

Mrs. Knudtsen agreed with Mr. Buchanan, expressing her fear

that budget decisions would take place in Finance Committee

meetings and would not be fully explored at the open Board


Mr. Mc Bride pointed out that all meetings of the Finance

Committee are open, having been posted in accordance with

the Open Meeting Law, and all members of the Board are in-

vited and encouraged to attend. He further noted that dis-

cussions which occur within the Finance Committee meetings

are not intended to take the place of presentation to the


Following extensive discussion, during which concerns were

expressed that budget matters should continue to be a sub-

ject for consideration by the full Board, Mr. Ross moved to

amend recommendation #4 to read "..... that the Board of

Regents Finance Committee assume the leadership in develop-

ing a coordinated program for the presentation of financial

and budget information for full information and dissemina-

tion to the Board .....". Motion to amend seconded by Mrs.

Fong. Motion failed by the following roll call vote:

No - Mr. Buchanan, Mrs. Fong

Yes - Mr. Cashell, Mrs. Knudtsen, Mr. Mc Bride, Mr.

Ross (five affirmative votes are required to

carry a motion)

Mr. Mc Bride asked that his vote be change to a no vote.

5. Revision to Policy Related to Acceptance of Gifts

Chancellor Baepler noted that Board policy concerning

approval, announcement and acknowledgment of gifts to the

University is contained in Title 4, Chapter 3, Section 5 of

the Board of Regents Handbook. This policy reserves to the

Board of Regents the sole authority for acceptance of gifts

to the University System or to any of its member institu-


Chancellor Baepler and the Presidents recommended revision

of this policy to provide that authority shall be delegated

to the cognizant officer for acceptance of gifts, under the

following conditions:

(1) The purpose of the gift shall not constitute an excep-

tion to approved University programs, policies and

construction projects.

(2) Acceptance of the gift shall not involve a commitment

for more than five years.

(3) Acceptance of the gift shall not obligate the institu-

tion to expenditures or costs for which there are no

established fund sources.

(4) Expenditure of the gift funds does not involve the

construction of facilities not previously approved by

the Board of Regents.

(5) Value of the gift is not in excess of $100,000.

(6) The gift does not involve an interest in real property.

The Officers further recommended that in reporting private

gifts to the Board of Regents, the following two categories

be used: (1) those gifts which have been accepted by an

Officer under the above delegation of authority; and (2)

those gifts which do not fall within the authority of the

Chancellor or President and which must specifically be

accepted by the Board of Regents.

Mr. Buchanan objected to this proposed delegation of author-

ity, stating that acceptance of gifts was the Board's pre-

rogative and one that should be retained. He further stated

that he knew of no instance when a gift was lost because of

the Board's failure to accept it prior to the end of a cal-

endar year, and further expressed his personal concern that

such delegation of authority could result in a situation

where a President might accept a gift which the Board would

find unacceptable for some reason.

Mr. Buchanan moved that the proposed revision to the gift

policy be denied. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong.

President Crowley commented that it was not the intent of

UNR in proposing this revision to preempt any of the Board's

prerogatives, but to present a better profile to donors. He

offered to withdraw the proposal.

Mr. Buchanan asked that there be a vote on the motion.

President Goodall suggested that perhaps some consideration

be given to a delegation of authority to the cognizant Of-

ficer for the period extending from the last meeting of the

year through December 31, to accept gifts on behalf of the


Mr. Lessly agreed that the Board could delegate its author-

ity in this matter as long as it restricts that delegation

and very clearly indicates to the Administration what the

parameters are. In response to a question from Mr. Buchanan

as to whether any gifts to the University had been lost be-

cause the Board had not formally and legally accepted the

gift by December 31, Mr. Partridge pointed out that where

the problem really arises is when someone who is advising a

client for tax purposes inquires about the Board's policy

concerning acceptance of gifts. The client may then be ad-

vised against making the gift to the University because time

would not permit its formal acceptance by the Board prior to

the end of the tax year.

Motion failed by the following roll call vote:

Yes - Mr. Buchanan, Mrs. Fong, Mrs. Knudtsen, Mr. Ross

No - Mr. Mc Bride, Mr. Cashell

Mr. Ross and Mrs. Knudtsen asked that the problem be ad-

dressed in some other manner, through consultation of the

Officers with counsel, and the matter be placed on the

next agenda for consideration by the full Board.

6. Proposal for Improvement of Sound Systems for Board Meetings

Chancellor Baepler recalled that several months previous,

the Board requested some consideration be given to improve-

ments in the sound systems used for Board meetings. Accord-

ingly, UNR and UNLV each submitted proposals for upgrading

the existing equipment used in the UNLV Education building

and in the UNR Pine Auditorium. (Proposals identified as

Ref. B and filed with permanent minutes.) Specifically, the

UNLV proposal estimated a cost of $4,850, and the UNR pro-

posal estimated $10,875, with $2,642 going toward upgrading

the existing sound system in the Pine Auditorium.

The Officers requested an allocation of $15,725 from the

Board of Regents Special Projects Account to purchase the

equipment necessary to provide the quality sound systems in

the Board's two most frequently used meeting rooms.

Mr. Buchanan suggested that the expenditure of funds for the

upgrading of the existing sound system in Pine Auditorium

would be more properly an expense of the Student Union. It

was pointed out, however, that the permanent equipment in

the facility must be upgraded in order to make the portable

equipment work properly.

President Crowley also noted that this proposal was sub-

mitted in response to a request from the Board of Regents

and was not initiated by an identified need of either the

Student Union or other Departments at UNR.

Mr. Ross moved approval of the allocation as requested.

Motion seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen, failed with Mr. Buchanan

and Mrs. Fong opposing.

In response to Mrs. Fong's request that UNR provide some

matching money to fund this purchase of equipment, ASUN

President Ritch pointed out that the existing equipment in

the Pine Auditorium is satisfactory for the purposes of the

Union and its users. The proposal to upgrade the existing

system is solely to accommodate the Regents' request.

At the Chancellor's request, this matter was withdrawn for

consideration at the next meeting.

7. Photographs of Officers

Chancellor Baepler recalled that subsequent to 1956, it was

the practice of the University to commission official por-

traits of each President. In 1978 the Board directed that

this practice be resumed and the collection brought up to

date by requesting an official photograph of each former

institutional President or Chancellor, and that the photo-

graphs be suitably displayed in an appropriate place in each

institutional administrative building.

Based on information gathered for this purpose, it was es-

timated that a total of $14,000 would be required to restore

the oil portraits of eight former Presidents (Stubbs, Jones,

Brown, Hartman, Moseley, Hendricks, Love and Clark), and to

complete the collection by securing either framed photo-

graphic enlargements or having new photographic portraits

taken of current and former Officers. The Officers request-

ed that an allocation of $14,000 be provided from the Board

of Regents Special Projects Account to bring the collection

of official photographs up to date.

Mrs. Knudtsen questioned the high cost estimated for the

photographic portraits (up to $500 per photo), and asked

about the quality, suggesting that if they are not to be of

archive quality they would not be satisfactory.

Mrs. Fong expressed concern about the type of photograph

which might be used for those Officers who had served the

University a number of years ago, suggesting that perhaps

oil portraits painted from an existing black and white photo

might have to be considered, and noted that the cost for

that would run considerably more than $500 each. She also

expressed concern about the size which might be under con-

sideration and the amount of wall space required.

President Crowley noted that this item was on the agenda in

response to a request from the Board, pointing out that UNR

has no desire to spend money unless it is directed to do so.

He noted that the Board had requested that the practice be

resumed, that the old paintings be found, and that informa-

tion concerning what it would cost to restore them be se-

cured. That has all been done. If, he added, the Board

wished additional information on this before voting, it

would be helpful to know what was required in order that it

also could be obtained.

Mrs. Knudtsen suggested that the idea of restoring the old

paintings was a good one and perhaps could be considered

apart from the matter of the photographic portraits.

By consensus, the matter of the photographs of Officers was

tabled until the next meeting.

The meeting adjourned for lunch, reconvening at 1:30 P.M.

Discussion resumed on Item #3, Report of Workshop for Regents and

Officers, with Chairman Cashell requesting that the total report

and its recommendations be held over for the next meeting. In

view of the Board's concurrence, this was interpreted to mean

that the action taken by the Board in reference to the recommen-

dations were effectively set aside.

8. Report of Finance Committee

Mr. Mc Bride reported that the Finance Committee had met the

previous day, and he submitted the following partial report

from that Committee:

(1) After an in-depth review of the spending patterns of

all Departments and Colleges, the Finance Committee

finds that those spending patterns conform substan-

tially to the Work Programs in all cases. This review

included both appropriated and estimative budget areas.

A report showing comparison of funds work programmed

to balances remaining in the accounts was distributed.

(2) Proposals from UNR and UNLV for augmentation to their

1980-81 Work Programs were presented (details filed

with permanent minutes), and the Finance Committee

recommends the Board authorize a request to the State

Budget Office and the Governor for augmentation of the

UNR budget by $290,966 and the UNLV budget by $379,097.

These augmentations will permit the expenditure of un-

appropriated income received by each institution dur-

ing the current fiscal year which is in excess of that

work programmed.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval of the Finance Committee report

and recommendation. Motion seconded by Mr. Ross, carried

without dissent.

9. Change in Credit Hour Requirement for Graduation

President Crowley reported that the Electrical Engineering

Department has revised its curriculum to meet current stand-

ards and to follow suggestions from ECPD, the engineering

accrediting agency. The new total requirement will be com-

parable to that of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, both of

which require 132 credits.

Dr. Crowley recommended that the credit hour requirement for

graduation in Electrical Engineering be changed from 128 to

132 credits.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc

Bride, carried without dissent.

10. Relocation of U. S. Post Office Facility

President Crowley reported that the U. S. Post Office has

agreed to relocate its facility now in the Travis Student

Union building to the northeast corner of North Sierra and

Artemisia Way, into a new building to be constructed by the

University for that purpose. The building will be approxi-

mately 4,600 square feet, costing approximately $380,000.

It can be financed either through investment funds or a

lending institution. The lease rate to be paid by the Post

Office will repay the financing costs, and it is estimated

that the initial investment plus interest would be repaid in

ten to twelve years.

Dr. Crowley noted that relocation of this Post Office facil-

ity, which primarily serves the University community, has

been under discussion for some time. This move will benefit

the University by making additional space available in the

Student Union building, and will benefit the Post Office by

providing a larger facility in a less congested area.

In order to proceed with planning for this relocation, Pres-

ident Crowley recommended that the University be authorized

to employ Mr. Edward Parsons to design the building, and

that Vice President Pine be authorized to negotiate a lease

with the U. S. Post Office, with the final lease agreement

to be submitted for Board approval.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Ross,

carried without dissent.

11. Fallon Center, WNCC

President Davis reported that the Fallon Center of WNCC is

planned for construction on a parcel of land made available

by the Bureau of Land Management through the City of Fallon.

This site is located approximately one mile northeast of the

City, adjacent to Rattlesnake Hill.

Dr. Davis reported that the State Public Works Board has now

informed the College that the Naval Air Station at Fallon

has realigned its Air Installations Compatible Use Zone to

include the proposed site for the Fallon Center. This will

require application to Churchill County for a special use

permit to construct an educational facility within a

residential zone.

Dr. Davis requested direction from the Board concerning this

matter, specifically whether to proceed with planning for

construction of the facility on this site, or to select an

alternate site which would not be within the flight pattern

of the Fallon Naval Air Station.

It appeared to be the consensus of the Regents present that

an alternate site should be selected for the Fallon Center

because of the liability to the College in the event of an


Mr. Mc Bride moved that President Davis be authorized to

contact Officials of Churchill County and the City of Fallon

concerning this matter and that they be asked to review the

land operations available to them and land which might be

available through BLM, and to recommend an alternate site

to the Board of Regents. Motion seconded by Mr. Ross, car-

ried without dissent.

12. Campus Improvements, NNCC

President Berg recalled that the 1979 Legislature had au-

thorized modifications to the Vocational Technical building,

at a cost of $175,000, with $150,000 to come from the insti-

tution's Capital Improvement Fee Fund and the balance to

come from Higher Education Capital Construction Funds.

Dr. Berg noted that NNCC currently has $103,000 available

and anticipates that collection of fees for the Spring se-

mester will bring available capital improvement fee funds

to $125,000, with the final $25,000 expected from the Fall,

1980 registration. In order to minimize the disruption to

the College's educational program by completing as much of

this modification work during the Summer as possible, Dr.

Berg requested a loan of $25,000 from the Board of Regents

Special Projects Account so that the architect can proceed

with the necessary design. Repayment of the loan would

occur after the Fall, 1980 registration.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Ross,

carried without dissent.

13. Request for Budget Augmentation, DRI

Vice President Dawson reported that in developing the 1979-

80 Finance Plan for DRI, allocations were approved for six

months, with the understanding that a review of expendi-

tures and revenues would be made before allocating funds

for the last half of the fiscal year. That review has now

been made and the following augmentations from Indirect

Cost Recovery were requested:

Original Total

Alloc Incr Rcmnd

Atmospheric Sciences Center $120,000 $150,000 $270,000

Bioresources Center 10,750 10,750 21,500

Energy Systems Center 62,500 46,250 108,750

Social Sciences Center 4,000 4,000 8,000

Water Resources Center 50,000 50,000 100,000

President's Office 12,000 7,000 19,000

Vice Pres. for Administration 10,000 7,500 17,500

Miscellaneous N. O. C. 50,000 40,000 90,000

Las Vegas Administration 28,066 15,000 43,066

Boulder City Administration 18,000 10,000 28,000

National Advisory Board 10,000 3,000 13,000

Mr. Dawson also requested an increase of $50,000 in the

operating account of the Reno Lab Sales, due to an unantici-

pated increase in the number of water analyses being con-

ducted by the lab.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc Bride,

carried without dissent.

14. Amendment of Board of Regents Bylaws

Chancellor Baepler recalled that at the December meeting the

Board accepted for first reading a proposed amendment to the

Board of Regents Bylaws to accommodate membership of the

Foundation Fund Board Chairmen on the Investment Advisory

Committee. Final adoption of the following revision to

Article IV was recommended:

Section 1. The Board shall have the following standing


The Investment Advisory Committee and the Finance


Section 2. A standing committee shall consist of not

fewer than 3 persons who are elected members of the Board

and, except as provided below, for the Investment Advisory

Committee, may have not more than 2 persons as advisory

members who are not elected members of the Board and who

possess special knowledge, skills and experience in a re-

lated field.

a. A standing committee shall meet as directed by the Board

or when called by the Chairman of the committee.

b. Notice of meetings shall be furnished to all members of

a standing committee by the committee Chairman or the

Secretary of the Board at least three days in advance of

the meeting. All meetings of the committee shall be

called and held in compliance with the provisions of NRS

Chapter 241.

c. A majority of the membership of the committee shall

constitute a quorum to transact business; however, a

vote of at least two of the Board members shall be

required for action by the committee.

d. Committee members and the Chairman of the committee

shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Board for a

term of two years, or until the next organizational

meeting of the Board.

e. In addition to the two public advisory members provided,

the Investment Advisory Committee shall have as members

the elected Chairperson of each Foundation Fund Board,

with authority to vote on investment matters pertaining

to the foundation fund represented.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.


Mrs. Fong noted that Mr. Parry Thomas of Valley Bank was a

member of the UNLV Foundation Fund Board and that Mr. Wayne

Condon of Security National was recommended for appointment

to the UNR Foundation Fund Board, and pointed out that both

banks handle portions of the University's endowment account.

In response to her question concerning a possible conflict,

Mr. Lessly agreed that if either were elected as Chairman of

the Foundation Fund Board on which he serves, he would be

precluded from voting on recommendations made by his bank.

However, Mr. Lessly also pointed out that the actions of the

Investment Advisory Committee are recommendations only and

the final decision rests with the Board of Regents.

Motion carried without dissent.

15. Recommendations for Award of Tenure

The following recommendations for award of tenure, effective

July 1, 1980, were submitted for preliminary approval, with

action to be requested at the March 10 meeting:

A. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Marianne Tortorici, College of Allied Health

(Radiologic Technology)

*Robert Brown, College of Arts and Letters (Art)

James Frey, College of Arts and Letters (Sociology)

Marilyn Lester, College of Arts and Letters (Sociology)

Mary Phelps, College of Arts and Letters (Philosophy)

Nils Ranstedt, College of Arts and Letters (Art)

Richard Soule, College of Arts and Letters (Music)

P. Diane Turbough, Arts and Letters (Psychology)

George Urioste, College of Arts and Letters


Demmar Hartley, College of Business and Economics


John Nixon, College of Business and Economics


*James Abbey, College of Hotel Administration

David Christianson, College of Hotel Administration

*Katherine Bell, College of Science, Mathematics and

Engineering (Biological Sciences)

Boyd Earl, College of Science, Mathematics and

Engineering (Chemistry)

*Thomas Schaffter, College of Science, Mathematics and

Engineering (Biological Sciences)

Jeffrey Dundon, College Of Science, Mathematics and

Engineering (Physics)

Edwin Grayzeck, College Of Science, Mathematics and

Engineering (Physics)

Sari Phillips, Office of Information

Kathleen Street, Financial Aids Office

* Also recommended for promotion in rank.

B. Truckee Meadows Community College

Frank C. Barnes, Occupational (Administration of


Paul B. Davis, Liberal Arts (Political Science)

Jerald Frandsen, Occupational (Real Estate)

C. Western Nevada Community College

Richard Arrigotti, Liberal Arts (Mathematics)

Donald Mc Daniel, Student Services (Financial Aids)

Howard R. Panik, Liberal Arts (Science)

Joyce Starkjohann, Occupational (Business)

D. Clark County Community College

Carmen Annillo, Jr., Veterans' Affairs

Roy Burrows, Student Services

William Christopher, Science Department

David Comaron, Science Department

Tom Crenshaw, Admissions and Records

Joan Doggrell, English/Foreign Languages

Candace Kant (Kearns), Social Science

John P. Keith, Social Science

James C. Mitchell, Physical Plant

Richard Nuzzo, Developmental

Phil Palermo, Student Services

Melvin J. Pedras, Tech, Trade Ind'l Education

Dorothy Perkins, Student Services

Louella J. Reed, Student Services

James C. Smith, Public Service

E. Computing Center

Richard N. Belaustegui

Thomas J. Kendall

Dale P. Seaman

F. University of Nevada, Reno

Gary J. Blomquist, College of Agriculture (Biochemistry)

John N. Chappel, School of Medicine (Psychiatry and

Behavioral Sciences)

Ada F. Cook, Student Services (Special Programs)

Burton A. Dudding, School of Medicine (Pediatrics)

Billy J. Fuller, College of Business Administration

(Accounting and Information Systems)

Edward E. Gickling, College of Education (Curriculum and


Marilyn Goad, College of Agriculture (Cooperative

Extension Service)

*Piotr Hoffman, College of Arts and Science (Philosophy)

Richard E. Hughs, College of Business Administration

*Stephen H. Jenkins, College of Arts and Science


*Perry Jones, College of Arts and Science (Music)

John A. Kleppe, College of Engineering (Electrical


Kenneth E. Knight, College of Business Administration

(Managerial Sciences)

Constance Mc Kenna, College of Agriculture (Cooperative


*Richard W. Rust, College of Arts and Science (Biology)

*Peter S. Test, College of Agriculture (Cooperative


Lloyd L. Walker, College of Engineering (Engineering


Milton T. Wolf, Library

*Joan S. Zenan, Library

*Also recommended for promotion.

16. Recommendations for Promotion or Assignment to Rank

The following recommendations for promotion or assignment

to rank, effective July 1, 1980, were submitted for prelim-

inary approval, with action to be requested at the March 10


A. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Virko Baley, to Professor of Music

Andrea Fontana, to Associate Professor of Sociology

Marie-France Hilgar, to Professor of Foreign Languages

John Unrue, to Professor of English

Vernon Mattson, to Associate Professor of History

Jerry Simich, to Associate Professor of Political


*Robert Brown, to Associate Professor of Art

*George Urioste, to Associate Professor of Anthropology

Tarun Mukherjee, to Associate Professor of Finance

Judith Dettre, to Professor of Education

G. Eric Martin, to Associate Professor of Education

*James Abbey, to Associate Professor of Hotel


*Katherine Bell, to Associate Professor of Biological


Stanley Hillyard, to Associate Professor of Biological


*Thomas Schaffter, to Associate Professor of Mathematics

Stephen Duffy, to Associate Professor, University


Chester Davis, to Rank III, Library

Myoung-Ja Kwon, to Rank III, Library

Charles N. Moody, to Rank IV, Operations and Maintenance

Richard Carhart, to Rank III, Educational Services

*Also recommended for tenure.

The following assignments to rank were reported for


Linda Robinson, to Assistant Professor of Nursing

Wai-Mei Borgel, to Rank II, Educational Services

Burt Teh, to Rank II, Educational Services

B. Desert Research Institute

David L. Koch, to Rank IV, Bioresources Center

Peter B. Wagner, to Rank IV, Atmospheric Sciences Center

Fredrick Brown, to Rank III, Atmospheric Sciences Center

C. University of Nevada, Reno

William W. Baker, to Associate Professor of Engineering


David A. Barber, to Rank III, Cooperative Extension


Jane P. Davidson, to Associate Professor of Art

Robert L. Dillard, to Professor of Speech and Theatre

Robert T. Griffin, to Associate Professor of Art

Donald L. Hardesty, to Professor of Anthropology

*Piotr Hoffman, to Associate Professor of Philosophy

*Stephen H. Jenkins, to Associate Professor of Biology

Bruce P. Johnson, to Professor of Electrical Engineering

*Perry Jones, to Professor of Music

Frank S. Lucash, to Associate Professor of Philosophy

John P. Marschall, to Associate Professor of History

William D. Phillips, to Rank III, Physical Plant

Ronald C. Reitz, to Professor Of Biochemistry

*Richard W. Rust, to Associate Professor of Biology

Lawrence T. Scott, to Professor of Chemistry

Frank J. Tobin, to Professor of Foreign Languages

Robert J. Watters, to Associate Professor of Geology

Jack D. Wise, to Rank IV, Cooperative Extension Service

*Joan Zenan, to Rank III, Library

The following promotions were reported for information:

Ardith A. Eudey, to Assistant Professor of Anthropology

David A. Hansen, to Rank II, Student Services

Delpha Sue Hoffman, to Rank II, Cooperative Extension


Patricia A. Myer, to Rank II, Cooperative Extension


Tey Diana Rebolledo, to Assistant Professor of Foreign


*Peter S. Test, to Rank II, Cooperative Extension Service

*Also recommended for tenure.

17. Recommendations for Promotion to Emeritus Status

The following recommendations for promotion to emeritus

status, effective July 1, 1980, were submitted for action

at the March 10 meeting:

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

William Carlson, Professor of Education

Holbert Hendrix, Professor of Education

Richard Strahlem, Professor of Accounting

University of Nevada, Reno

E. Maurice Beesley, Professor of Mathematics

Harry H. Bradley, Coordinator of Community Development

G. A. Broten, Professor of Recreation and Physical Education

Robert M. Gorrell, Professor of English and Vice President

for Academic Affairs

John W. Morrison, Professor of English

Walter S. Palmer, Professor of Accounting

Edward L. Pine, Vice President for Business

Howard J. Weeth, Professor of Animal Science and Animal


18. Recommendations Concerning Budget Parameters for Biennial

Budget Request

Chancellor Baepler recommended the following budget para-

meters be used in the development of the 1981-83 Biennial

Budget Request:


(1) Student-Faculty Ratio - The student-faculty ratio

used for each principal budget will be:


Lower Division 24:1 24:1 24:1 24:1 24:1

Upper Division 16:1 16:1 N/A N/A N/A

Graduate 12:1 12:1 N/A N/A N/A

Nursing 7.5:1 7.5:1 7.5:1 7.5:1 7.5:1

Allied Health 15:1 15:1 N/A N/A N/A

Developmental N/A N/A 14:1 14:1 14:1

Occupational N/A N/A 18:1 18:1 18:1

Rural Factor N/A N/A 12:1 N/A 12:1

Dental Hygiene N/A N/A 5:1 N/A N/A

Based on current enrollment at each of the institu-

tions, application of the above ratios would result

in the following full-time faculty positions:

UNR 342.88 current FTE - 334.35

UNLV 315.11 " " - 296.01

CCCC 170.69 " " - 154.78

TMCC 83.88 " " - 74.61

WNCC 56.15 " " - 55.78

Faculty at TMCC and CCCC will be distributed 60%

full-time and 40% part-time.

Northern Nevada Community College will be an excep-

tion to the entire formula approach.

(2) Faculty Compensation - A 15% increase per year will

be budgeted, subject to a final recommendation from

the System Professional Compensation Committee.

Part-time faculty salaries will be budgeted as


Community Colleges - $300 per credit hour for first

year - 400 per credit hour

for second year

Universities - $450 per credit hour for first

year - 600 per credit hour for

second year

(3) Graduate Assistants - Three regular graduate as-

sistant positions equal one FTE (full-time equiv-

alent faculty). For budget purposes, there will

be one graduate assistant position for every ten

faculty positions. Graduate assistant salaries

will be budgeted at the levels approved at the

December, 1979 meeting.

(4) Classified Positions - There will be one classified

position budgeted for every five full-time equiv-

alent faculty, exclusive of the Deans' staffs.

(5) Wages Positions - There will be $500 budgeted for

each FTE faculty member.

(6) Operating Expense - Operating expenses will be

budgeted based on need.

(7) Out-of-State Travel - $200 per full-time equivalent

faculty, excluding graduate assistants, will be



Each University will budget $100,000 per year for

research stimulation.


Formula and budgetary needs are yet to be determined.



These areas will be budgeted on a needs basis.

Chancellor Baepler stated that, if approved, these param-

eters will be used in the development of a rough budget

showing the general magnitude of the University's request.

Following approval by the Board of the bottom line figures

that will be shown by that rough document, a final budget

document will be prepared for Board approval at the June

meeting, still allowing time for changes if necessary be-

fore the Biennial Budget Request is due in the Governor's

Office on September 1.

Dr. Baepler commented on the parameters which are recommend-

ed, pointing out that the student-faculty ratio has no

bearing on the actual distribution of faculty on a Depart-

ment-to-Department basis, but rather is an institutional

figure. The actual distribution is revealed in the Work


Some of the ratios are determined by the specific require-

ments of accreditation; e. g., the School of Medicine, and

those are not changed from previous years. There has been,

however, an effort to recognize the significant difference

at the two Universities between the lower and upper divi-

sion and graduate courses in terms of class size and cost

factors, and the difference at the Community Colleges be-

tween occupational courses, developmental courses, and the

general education courses which are the University-type

transfer courses, and a formula is suggested which takes

those differences into account.

Dr. Baepler also pointed out that there are several factors

which have to be taken into consideration as the budget

request is developed and which may cause a certain shifting

in the parameters suggested; e. g., the total magnitude of

the request which is produced using these parameters, and

any Federal guidelines which may be imposed in the area of

wage and price controls. He also pointed out that the pro-

fessional salary increase projected may be altered, depend-

ing upon the final report from the System Professional

Compensation Committee.

In the areas of graduate assistant, classified and wages

positions, these conform roughly to current staffing pat-

terns; operating expense will be projected based on need;

and out-of-state travel will once again be projected at $200

per faculty member in an effort to get that increased from

the present $50 per faculty member appropriated by the last


Dr. Baepler emphasized that research is an integral part of

a University and research money is again requested for the

two Universities. Added to that request will be funds for

faculty development at the Community Colleges, and seed

money for the Desert Research Institute.

The Library staffs will be asked to develop a proposal for a

common approach to budgeting, not only in terms of book and

journal acquisition, but in terms of staffing.

In preparing a budget request for the areas of Academic

Support, Student Services, Institutional Support, and

Maintenance of Plant, Chancellor Baepler explained that

these areas do not lend themselves to a formula approach,

and projections for these areas will be developed on a needs

basis, using historical data and proposed new programs and

facilities where appropriate.

Mr. Mc Bride reported that the Finance Committee had review-

ed the proposed budget parameters the previous day, and the

Committee recommends adoption of those parameters as a guide

in the development of the 1981-83 Biennial Budget Request.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval of the proposed budget param-

eters as presented, with the understanding that if adjust-

ments in the parameters are required, further consideration

by the Board will be scheduled. Motion seconded by Mr.


Mr. Mc Bride also reported that the Finance Committee had

expressed a concern that appropriate adjustment of faculty

salaries should be the Board's number one objective in the

Budget Request.

Mrs. Fong, on the other hand, stated that students are an

important consideration; both are needed if the University

is to function.

It was noted that the proposed parameters were not priori-

tized and that if priorities were desirable at some future

point in time in the development of the budget, such prior-

ities would be a matter of Board decision.

Mrs. Fong also urged that some consideration be given in the

development of the budget to funding a program of active

recruitment, counseling and retention of students.

Motion carried without dissent.

19. Scholarship Report, 1978-79, UNR

President Crowley introduced Dr. Robert Mc Queen, Chairman

of the UNR Scholarships and Prizes Committee, who presented

the Scholarship Report for 1978-79 (report on file in the

Office of the Board of Regents).

Among other data reflected in the report, the following were

emphasized by Dr. Mc Queen:

Annually paid scholarships for the period covered in

the report yielded $285,281, an increase of 26 percent

over the preceding year; endowed scholarships yielded

$364,836, an increase of 51 percent, and total dollars

distributed in scholarship stipends rose to $659,117, a

38 percent increase over the previous year.

Dr. Mc Queen also pointed out that the $659,117 paid in

scholarship stipends represents 35% of the total of

$1,850,000 collected by UNR in 1978-79 in registration fees.

20. Appointment of Foundation Fund Board, UNR

President Crowley recommended the following appointments to

the UNR Foundation Fund Board:

Wayne Condon, President, Security National Bank

The Honorable Alan Bible, former U. S. Senator

George Vucanovich, Vice President, Bally Distributing

Moya Lear, President, Lear Aviation Corporation

Janice Pine, Reno City Councilwoman

William C. Thornton, Attorney

George Basta, Owner, National Oil & Burner Co.

Rollan Melton, Newspaper Columnist

Sidney Stern, President, Nevada First Thrift

Fred M. Anderson, M. D.

William Kottinger, Vice President, Paine, Webber,

Jackson & Curtis

Robert E. Mc Donough, Owner, Sierra Fuel

Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

21. Proposal to Name Central Mall Area, UNLV

President Goodall recommended that the Central Mall area of

the UNLV Campus be named "The Helen Thompson Mall" in honor

of Miss Thompson and in recognition of her contributions

toward the development of this area. He noted that Miss

Thompson is a long-time resident of Las Vegas and has been

a generous supporter of higher education in Nevada, and of

UNLV in particular. She served as a member of the Board

from January, 1971 to October, 1976 and has continued her

interest in the University through regular financial

contributions to UNR, UNLV and CCCC.

Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

22. Appointments to Truckee Meadows Community College Advisory


President Eardley recommended the following appointments to

the TMCC Advisory Board:

One-year term ending December, 1980:

Dr. Lloyd Diedrichsen, Dentist and Washoe County School

District Trustee

Dr. Marvin Picollo, Superintendent, Washoe County School


Mr. Ted Sanders, Superintendent of Public Instruction

Mr. Harold Sexton, Manager, Baker & Taylor Publishing Co.

Mr. Frank Titus, Owner, Village Drug Store

Mrs. Shirley Wedow, Member, State Board of Education

Mr. Hans Wolfe, Vice President, First National Bank

Two-year term ending December, 1981:

Ms. Estela Delgado, Centro de Informacio Latino Americano

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa, Attorney

Mr. Fred Dolven, Architect

Mr. Tim Grant, Vice President and Manager, KOLO Radio

Mr. Jerry Higgins, Vice President, John Ascuaga's Nugget

Mr. Luther Mack, Mc Donalds

Mr. Mike Newmarker, Administrator, Washoe Medical Center

Mr. Ronald Player, Mayor of Sparks

Dr. Carlos Romo, Human Relations Officers, Community

Service Agency

Mr. Don Stevens, Treasurer-Controller, Harrah's

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen,

carried without dissent.

23. Report of Meeting of Athletic Councils

At the December meeting, President Crowley and President

Goodall were requested to convene their athletic councils

to look into the problem of makeup credits, and to specif-

ically examine the question of whether it should be re-

quired that all makeup credits be completed in Nevada in-

stitutions, with a report concerning this to be brought

back to the February meeting.

Dr. Crowley and Dr. Goodall requested that their report be

deferred until the next meeting.

24. Proposed Amendment to EPA Lease

President Goodall reported that EPA has requested an amend-

ment of its lease with UNLV in order to upgrade the ventila-

tion and improve safety and energy conservation character-

istics of its laboratories on Campus. They proposed that

the University engage an architect engineer for the plan-

ning, which will be subject to approval of both the Univer-

sity and EPA. The project budget would be $260,000, with

the University receiving $17,600 overhead cost for managing

the construction budget. All of the work will take place

within the interior of the building.

Dr. Goodall also reported that EPA hopes to modify the lease

further for small remodeling jobs from time to time. He

recommended that the modification of the lease be approved

and be executed by the Chancellor, with approval delegated

to the President of UNLV for such remodeling jobs as are

desirable and which do not include any additions to the

buildings or modifications to the exterior design of the


Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

25. Request for Right-of-Way

Chancellor Baepler asked that the Board consider, as an

emergency item, a request from Sierra Pacific Power Company

for a right-of-way for underground power through the TMCC-

DRI complex in north Reno, noting that the request had been

reviewed and approved by institutional Officers concerned.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

The meeting adjourned at 2:45 P.M.

Bonnie M. Smotony

Secretary of the Board