UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 1-2, 1956

Volume 7 - Pages 208-209

                      February 1, 1956

The Executive Committee of the Board of Regents met for a
luncheon meeting at the Riverside Hotel at noon on Wednesday,
February 1, 1956.  Present:  Regents Hardy, Thompson, Lombardi
and Ross; Comptroller Hayden and President Stout.  Dean William
R. Wood was present to give a report on Southern Nevada Branch
land matters.

Use of University Facilities

    Mr. Hayden, who had been authorized to process requests for
    use of University facilities by outside groups, reported on
    the request of the Parochial P. T. A.  Last September he re-
    ceived a telephone call from a representative of that organi-
    zation asking for use of the Gymnasium for a "benefit".  He
    did not grant the request, basing his action on previously
    set policy.  Later, a letter was received by the President
    making the same request, and the letter was answered in the
    same vein.  An attempt was then made by the church group to
    secure a suitable place other than the University Gymnasium.
    Apparently unsuccessful, the University was again approached.
    Since the last request was in the nature of an "appeal", the
    Executive Committee was called together.

    Following general discussion,

    Motion by Mr. Hardy carried, with the following vote, that
    the Regents support the University Administration in its
    handling of the request, and that the policy for use of Uni-
    versity facilities by outside groups be studied and redraft-
    ed.  Vote:  Regents Thompson, Hardy and Ross - aye; Regent
    Lombardi - no.

Las Vegas Branch

    Mr. Ross reported that the title to the Wilbourn property
    is clear subject to (1) Taxes for fiscal year 1955-56, (2)
    usual reservations contained in Patent, (3) Ordinance No.
    10B of September 14, 1948, Board of County Commissioners,
    Clark County, and any subsequent amendments, (4) The effect
    of Record of Survey as filed May 24, 1955, File 4, page 84,
    and recorded as Document No. 47467, Book 56 of Official
    Records, County Recorder, Clark County.

    Dean Wood discussed the protest of a group of citizens, the
    Southern Nevada Home-Siters, to the University's selection
    of the site for the Southern Nevada Branch.  In reviewing
    the search for land in the Las Vegas area, Dean Wood dis-
    cussed 14 different examinations that were made prior to
    accepting the Wilbourn offer.  The Legislature, in appropri-
    ating money for a building, described the parcels of land
    in the Wilbourn gift and option, as part of the Bill, basing
    the appropriation on this particular site.  This information
    had been passed on to the Home-Siters, but they have remained

    In view of these facts, Mr. Guild Gray had been asked to
    call a meeting in Las Vegas of interested representative
    citizens.  President Stout and Dean Wood will attend the