UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 1-2, 1894


Volume OC - Pages 29-30

                        Reno, Nevada

                      February 1, 1894

At a regular meeting of the Board of Regents held this day at

9 A.M., C. E. Mack and H. L. Fish were present, also the

President of the University.  Absent:  J. W. Haines.

Minutes of the meeting held December 2, 1893 read and approved.

Balance sheets showing the several funds on hand at that date

also read.

Judge Webster appeared before the Board in behalf of the students

relative to location of smelter.

Professor Jackson presented his Mining Laboratory reports for

December and January as follows:

         Samples on hand Dec. 1            10

         Received during month             17

                              Total        27

         Worked                            17

         On hand not worked                10

         Samples on hand Jan. 1            10

         Received during month             11

                              Total        21

         Worked                            18

         On hand not worked                 3

Claims were presented and allowed from the several funds as


         Ag & Mech College Fund        1,689.07

         Ag & Mech College Fund           40.30

         Contingent University         1,050.58

         Mining Laboratory               285.84

                            Total      3,065.79

Claims were allowed as follows Dec 30, 1893:

         Ag & Mech College Fund        1,836.60

         Contingent University         1,480.01

         Mining Laboratory               234.55

                            Total     $3.551.16

On motion of H. L. Fish, it was ordered that Frederick

Stadmueller act as assistant to Professor Phillips and

Professor Wilson in their respective laboratories wherever

in the judgment of the President was most required, and that

he receive a salary of Seventy Dollars a month from the

Experiment Station Fund.

President Jones was authorized to pay Mrs. Taylor $3.33 per

month to assist the University Chair in Music.

President Jones was instructed to call on the heads of all the

Departments to show how a reduction of 30% can be made in the

running expenses of the several Departments for the year 1894

and report same to the Board at the next regular meeting.

Committees were appointed as follows:  H. L. Fish to consider

erection of smelter, H. L. Fish and C. E. Mack and J. W. Haines

on Dormitory for male students, also Gymnasium.  Mr. Fish to look

into the necessity of a set of heliographs for Military Depart-

ment.  Mr. Mack and Mr. Haines to consider how a reduction can be

made in Mining Laboratory expenses.

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned.

                             H. L. Fish


Geo. H. Taylor