UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 1-2, 1887


Volume OB - Page 41

                         State of Nevada

                           Carson City

                        February 1, 1887

In conformity with the call of the Chairman Pro Tem, L. W.

Getchell, the Board of Regents met in the Office of the State

Land Register.  Present:  Regents Getchell, Shaw and the

Secretary, M. D. Noteware.  Regent Getchell in the Chair.

Upon motion of Regent Shaw, the bill of F. Borgle, for books sup-

plied the receivers by account of $57.50, was ordered paid by the

Secretary from the balance ($80.97) to the credit of the Regents

Fund in his hands.

The following claims were approved by the Board, and the Secre-

tary was instructed to present them to the Board of Examiners,


     First National Bank of Reno, Nev. - for insurance - $52.50

     Regent H. G. Shaw - for traveling expenses -          5.00

Nothing further coming before the Board, it adjourned subject to

the call of Regent Getchell.

                             L. W. Getchell

                             Chairman Pro Tem

M. D. Noteware