UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
February 1-2, 1886


Volume OB - Pages 27-28

                         State of Nevada

                  Virginia City, February 1, 1886

Pursuant to adjournment the Board of Regents met at Virginia

City on Monday, February 1st.  Present:  Regents Getchell and

Shaw.  Absent:  Regent Rand.

On motion of Regent Shaw, it was ordered that M. J. Curtis, the

Supervising Architect, be directed to notify the contractors

Messrs. Burke Bros., to have the building ready for acceptance

not later than the 10th inst.

On motion of Regent Getchell, Professor A. J. Willis was in-

structed to proceed to Elko to receive all serviceable Univer-

sity property now there and transfer same to Reno, and to dis-

pose of all such unserviceable property as he may find to the

best interests of the State.

Regent Shaw submitted the Register of the University, which was

adopted and 500 copies ordered.

The Bill now before Congress, appropriating $15,000.00 per annum

toward the establishment of Agricultural Experimental Stations

was endorsed, and Regent Shaw authorized to communicate with our

Senators and Representatives in Congress, requesting support of

the measure.

On motion, Regent Shaw was authorized to communicate with Cyril

Hazen, Chief Legal Officer U. S. Army, requesting him to transfer

the "U. S. Meteorological Station" at Winnemucca to the Univer-

sity at Reno; also to communicate with the Secretary of War in

respect to supplying the State University with a fieldpiece, arms

and equipment, in compliance with Sections 1225 of the Revised


On motion of Regent Shaw the Board adjourned subject to the call

of the Chairman Pro Tem.

                             L. W. Getchell

                             Chairman Pro Tem

H. G. Shaw

Secretary Pro Tem