UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

January 31, 1948 

Volume 6 - Page 63

                      January 31, 1948

The Executive Committee of the Board of Regents met in the Presi-
dent's office at 2 P.M. on January 31, 1948.  Present:  Regents
Ross, Henningsen, Hilliard; President Moseley; Comptroller
Gorman; Director Carpenter; and Mr. Zadra, Supervising Engineer,
Rare and Precious Metals Experiment Station of the U. S. Bureau
of Mines, located at the University of Nevada.

The following claims were unanimously approved:

    List No. 8, dated January 31, 1948, State Claims Nos.
    78-131 to 78-149, inclusive, for a total of $66,974.86.

    List No. 8, dated January 31, 1948, Regents Checks Nos.
    78-187 to 79-208A, inclusive, and 78-209 to 78-219,
    inclusive, for a total of $194,062.22.

Director Carpenter outlined the situation concerning the pilot
plant at Gabbs, Nevada, as follows:

   A letter had been received by President Moseley from Jess
   Larson, War Assets Administration, Washington, D. C., advis-
   ing that an option, which expires January 31, 1948, has been
   given to a private corporation for the Gabbs property, in-
   cluding the pilot plant.  If the option is not exercised, the
   Bureau of Mines undoubtedly would be awarded the pilot plant,
   since the U. S. Bureau of Mines has first priority on equip-
   ment of this type.  Should this Gabbs equipment be acquired
   by the Bureau of Mines, it is probable that Congressional
   funds would be made available to move the plant and erect it
   on the University Campus, provided ground is donated for the

Mr. Zadra requested, also, assurance that ground would be donated
for a permanent building to take the place of the Quonset Hut
near the new Engineering building, which is temporary and will
have to be replaced by a permanent structure.  The intent of the
government, he stated, is to make the local Bureau of Mines unit
into an Experiment Station.  (It is now a Bureau.)

Motion by Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that land be made
available to the U. S. Bureau of Mines for the construction of
a permanent building and for the pilot plant, if and when they
can be secured.

The meeting adjourned at 4:30 P.M.