UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 31, 1891


Volume OB - Pages 120-122

Reno, Nevada

January 31, 1891

At a regular meeting of the Board of Regents held this day the

following members were present: H. L. Fish and E. T. George.

Minutes of meeting held December 22nd read and approved.

No further business appearing the Board adjourned sine die.

E. T. George


Geo. H. Taylor


Reno, Nevada

January 31, 1891

At a regular meeting of the newly elected Board of Regents

formed this day, there were present E. T. George, H. L. Fish

and J. W. Haines. The following business was transacted.

The Board organized by electing E. T. George President for the

ensuing year, and Mr. Geo. Taylor Secretary.

Requisitions from Professor Miller for $750.00, Professor

Jackson for $675.00 and Professor Hillman for $375.00 for pur-

chases were approved and to be paid from the Agricultural

Mechanical College Fund.

A communication from Lieutenant J. M. Neall relating to an

increase in salary was held for further consideration.

Professor R. D. Jackson's salary was increased $16.66 per month,

increase to commence January 1, 1891 and to be paid out of the

University and Agriculture and Mechanical College Fund only.

Claims allowed against the Contingent University Fund on

December 22, 1890:

Mrs. Barney 35.00

J. M. Neall 25.00

S. G. Kendall 75.00

Geo. H. Taylor 25.00

C. E. Clough 18.50

W. O. H. Martin 24.88

W. O. H. Martin 15.30

C. J. Brooking 6.60

F. W. Hagerman 3.50

W. Mc N. Miller 6.50

W. Pinninger 6.20

Reno Gazette 4.00

August Ross 9.00

P. Richardson 18.25

Lange & Schmitt 14.75

John F. Aitken 54.25

Mrs. R. Kendall 10.50

Total $352.23

Allowed January 31:

Geo. H. Taylor 25.00

Mrs. Barney 35.00

P. Richardson 40.00

S. G. Kendall 75.00

Mrs. Emery 154.16

Reno Water Co. 79.60

John F. Aitken 53.20

C. J. Brooking 40.00

Mrs. Emery 11.70

Journal 11.00

Reno Water Co. 39.00

M. S. Rosenthal 18.35

Morris Levy 30.25

G. H. Fuller 88.25

W. A. Schrock 142.50

Lange & Schmitt 23.75

L. H. Miller 2.50

W. J. Hollingsworth 31.15

S. H. Carpenter 74.15

C. E. Clough 211.85

A. A. Manning 203.21

Reno Mill & Lumber Co. 175.66

Beebe & Thomas 34.23

W. O. H. Martin 57.05

S. A. Hamlin 10.00

Nevada Candy Factory 2.25

Total $1.668.81

The following claims were allowed against the University

Agriculture & Mechanical College Fund:

S. A. Jones 166.66

W. Mc N. Miller 166.66

R. D. Jackson 150.00

Robert Lewers 150.00

H. K. Clapp 141.66

J. M. Neall 50.00

C. A. Thurston 45.00

C. C. Powning 26.50

Journal 6.00

Geo. H. Taylor 3.50

S. J. Hodgekinson 13.20

G. G. Wickson & Co. 200.00

Williams & Rodgers 25.00

Scott Bannan 85.00

C. A. Bragg 100.00

Total $1,329.18

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned.

E. T. George


Geo. H. Taylor