UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 30-31, 1919

Volume OE - Pages 184-187

                         Reno, Nevada
                       January 30, 1919

The Executive Committee of the Board of Regents met in the
Office of the President of the University on January 30, at 2
o'clock and was called to order by Chairman A. E. Cheney.

The following members were present:  Regents North, Hood and
Cheney and the President of the University.

The first matter to come before the Committee was the approval
of the Claims for the month of January.  Comptroller Gorman
presented these in regular form and explained to the Board
Committee the method of preparing and presenting these Claims,
which included the monthly payroll.

It was upon motion, duly seconded, voted that the Committee
approve list of Claims No. 1, Claims 1 to 9 inclusive for an
amount of $18,250.76 against the State of Nevada.

Upon motion, duly seconded, list of Claims against the State
of Nevada covering Claims 1 to 11, inclusive, for an amount of
$9,135.95 was approved and both lists of Claims were duly
signed by the Committee members.

The President recommended that Miss Edna Clausen, as assistant
in the Comptroller's office, who had formerly been giving part
time, receiving $100 per month as from the 1st of January, 1919,
she now giving full time to work in that office.

It was moved by Mr. North that the recommendation of the Pres-
ident with reference to the salary of Miss Clausen be approved.

    Mr. Cheney           Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

The President presented the matter of the salary of C. S. Neilsen
of the Dairy Department, as given in a letter from Dean Knight
regarding the same, and recommended that Mr. Neilsen be given
$125 per month as from the first of January 1919, in considera-
tion of his performing the service in the Dairy without any

It was moved by Mr. North that the recommendation of the Presi-
dent be approved as to Dr. Neilsen's salary, in consideration
of Mr. Neilsen's performing the work in the Dairy Department
without an assistant.  Vote:

    Mr. Cheney           Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

The President presented to the Committee a system for the pay of
regular Janitors, outlining the system of student labor for this
work in the past, and his plans in the event of the return of
Mr. Gassaway, and recommended a system whereby beginners in this
work, that is regular full time men or women, should receive a
beginning wage of $75 per month, a raise of $5 after several
months if the service rendered is satisfactory and a raise of
$5 at intervals thereafter until the maximum wage of $90 per
month is reached.  Recommendation was made in this connection
that Mrs. Nettie Young, now receiving $75 per month be increased
to $85.  The President explained the fact that Mr. Prescott,
employed more recently than Mrs. Young, was receiving $90 al-
ready.  To equalize the system, and with the concurrence of
Mr. Prescott, his wage is to be set at $80 from the first of
April, this being the amount he would be entitled to had he
started at the $75 wage.  In this manner the pay would be
equitable for the men and women alike and the basis for future
employments and increases set.

It was moved by Mr. North that the recommendation of the Pres-
ident in regard to Mrs. Young be approved and that she be given
$80 per month as from the first of January 1919.  Vote:

    Mr. Cheney           Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

The President recommended the restoration of Lt. Colonel Ryan to
his former status and pay, in consideration of the fact that he
was again Professor of Military Science and Tactics in the Uni-
versity and Commandant of the R. O. T. C.

The President explained to the Committee that the former prac-
tice had been in past years to allow the Military Officer some
pay.  He made a study of the custom of other Universities in
the West in this regard and also obtained an opinion from Wash-
ington in respect to the allowance of pay to Military Officers
already in the pay of the War Department.  The President stated
he was going to study this situation further in the event of
possible changes in this position in the future.

It was suggested by the Chairman that Colonel Ryan resume his
former status and salary from and after the date he was duly
reassigned Professor of Military Science and Tactics.  Vote:

    Mr. Cheney           Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

The President spoke of the death of Mrs. Stubbs in Berkley on
January 29th and read to the Regents the resolutions adopted
by the faculty in respect to her memory, as follows:

    To the family of Ella Sprengle Stubbs the faculty of the
    University of Nevada extend their sympathy for the loss of
    a mother blessed beyond measure with the qualities of
    Christian womanhood.

    The faculty recall her unswerving loyalty to the University
    through the trying years which marked its growth from in-
    fancy to maturity.  In shaping the University, her courage,
    faith and sweet graciousness are closely linked with the
    visioned wisdom of her husband, Joseph Edward Stubbs.  These
    qualities are a part and parcel of the traditions of the
    University, a precious and permanent heritage.

    To the individual members of the faculty she was more than
    this.  Forgetful of self, forgiving of wrongs, she was al-
    ways responsive in time of their good fortune, and invari-
    ably sympathetic in all that would contribute to their wel-
    fare.  In the hearts of the members of this group, she will
    endure, a strong vitalizing force making for right thinking
    and right doing, a high example of sublime faith in God,
    in whose everlasting arms she now rests.

It was resolved that the Board of Regents of the University, in
full sympathy, join with the faculty in the sentiments expressed
in the above resolutions in respect to the memory of Mrs. Ella
Sprengle Stubbs and further resolved that this action of the
Committee, including the full text of the resolutions of the
faculty, be spread upon the minutes of the Board.

Resolution was unanimously adopted.

The matter of expense money for the travel of the Honorary Board
of Visitors in attendance at the yearly meeting of that Board at
the University was fully discussed, with the idea of possibly
having the State pay these expenses.  It was suggested that Sec-
tion 5 of the Act establishing this Board might well be amended
so as to provide for State payment of this traveling expense,
it being the understanding of the Committee that this visiting
Board was a separate and independent body of citizens to inspect
the University.

The Chairman requested that Mr. North make a study of the amount
that might be involved in this traveling expense, and that he
(the Chairman) would then draw up the amendment for presentation
to the Legislature.

The President asked that the several members of the Committee,
as well as the members of the Board not present, place in his
hands the names of men and women in the State who would make
desirable members of this Honorary Board of Visitors, the names
so sent in to be placed in the hands of the Governor when he is
ready to make the appointments.

                             A. E. Cheney

Louise Blaney