UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

January 30-31, 1918 

Volume OE - Pages 117-121

                         Reno, Nevada
                       January 30, 1918

The Finance Committee of the Board of Regents met at 4 o'clock
on January 30th, 1918, and was called to order by Chairman

The following were present:  Regents Baker, Sullivan and O'Brien
and President Clark and Mr. Gorman.

The President presented to the Committee his action on certain
matters referred to him at the last meeting of the Board and
certain other matters coming up since that meeting, and the
action of the Committee on the same is recorded as follows:

Miss Ora Lee Risk of Chicago, Illinois on the recommendation of
Dr. Hartman was appointed by the President as Instructor in
Physics to fill the vacancy in that Department caused by the
resignation of Mr. Weatherwax.  Her salary was set at $110 per
month for 6 months, beginning January 1, 1918, with no allow-
ances for transportation.  The President asked approval of this

It was moved by Dr. Sullivan that the recommendation of the Pres-
ident in regard to Miss Risk be approved.  Motion carried, all
voting aye.

Mr. Thorvald Anderson, Dairy Herdsman in the College of Agricul-
ture, Department of Dairying, was recommended for salary of $110
per month, an increase of $10 beginning January 1st.  The Presi-
dent explained that he had been brought here through Professor
Woodward who was now offering him a place at the State College
of Washington; that it would be hard to replace him as he under-
stood our work and conditions.  No Dairyman had yet been appoint-
ed to succeed Mr. Woodward, Mr. Maxwell, a prospective candidate,
having declined to make the application and the retention of Mr.
Anderson was particularly desirable and recommended by Dean
Knight of the College of Agriculture to carry on the work under
the present organization.

It was moved by Dr. Sullivan that the recommendation of the Pres-
ident in regard to Thorvald Anderson, beginning January 1, 1918,
at a salary of $110 per month, be approved.  Motion carried, all
voting aye.

Miss Hester Mayotte having been offered the position in the
office of Director Doten, the vacancy as Stenographer in the
office of the President had been offered to Miss Fru Wortham at
an initial salary of $50 per month, the same effective January
1st.  The President explained that as soon as Miss Wortham be-
came thoroughly acquainted and experienced in the work, her
salary should be increased accordingly.  Approval of this was

It was moved by Mr. O'Brien that the recommendation of the
President in regard to Miss Wortham be approved.  Motion carried,
all voting aye.

The matter of arrangement of the work in the Food and Drugs De-
partment had been referred to the President at the last meeting,
and he reported his action as follows, asking the Committee's

That as Mr. Dinsmore, salary $2750, was on leave of absence,
during the period of the war, and Mr. Wayne B. Adams ($75) was
in one of the training camps, he had made Mr. Bulmer Acting
Director, at a salary of $2000, and had advanced Mr. Kennedy
to $1800 per year, both of these beginning January 1, 1918.
It was explained that the full work of the Bureau would fall
on Mr. Bulmer and Mr. Kennedy for this present semester at
least, and that the title of Acting Director was Mr. Bulmer's
only during the absence of Mr. Dinsmore.

Mr. Clark further explained in connection with leaves of absence
during the war that arrangements made pending the return of men
on such leave had to be temporary arrangements, so as to make
it possible to reinstate the absent men should they at any time
return, or should the war end.  He stated that in the experiment
of trying to have the work done by Mr. Bulmer and Mr. Kennedy
without the addition of other assistance, it might be possible
to work out a plan for financing this Department at a less cost.
He also explained in connection with Mr. Kennedy's increase that
it had been the intention of Director Dinsmore to ask for this
increase.  Some informational discussion of the plan followed.

It was moved by Dr. Sullivan that the recommendation of the
President that Mr. Bulmer be made Acting Commissioner at $2000
per year, and Mr. M. B. Kennedy should receive $1800 per year,
both beginning January 1, 1918, be approved.  Motion carried,
all voting aye.

Owing to the death of Dr. Mack on January 18, 1918, it became
necessary to appoint an Acting Director of Veterinary Control
Service as that position carried with it the office of Quaran-
tine Officer for the State, and for this reason required the
approval of the Governor.  That there might be no difficulty in
this connection, the President reported that he had appointed
Dr. Edward Records, best fitted for this position and thoroughly
familiar with the work done by Dr. Mack in the Veterinary Control
Service and in research, as Acting Director until the next meet-
ing of the Board of Regents, and subject to the approval of the
Finance Committee, there being no additional salary for the same.

It was moved by Dr. Sullivan that the recommendation of the Pres-
ident be approved in appointing Dr. Edward Records as Acting
Director of State Veterinary Control Service, without addition-
al salary, until the Board met in March.  Motion was carried, all
voting aye.

The President advised that Mr. Harry Stephens, a student assist-
ant to Miss Mack in the conduct of the Dining Hall, was allowed
compensation of $5 per month in addition to receiving his board,
the same to begin January 1, 1918.  The President explained that
he thought the trial of this arrangement might work out so that
the Dining Hall might be successfully run at a smaller cost.
Discussion arose as to the services of the Y. W. C. A. Secretary
-- Miss Shade -- who assisted in the conduct of Manzanita Hall,
it being the consensus of opinion that in this way she would earn
the allowance provided her by the University for board and room,
and at the same time she could do practical work in her own line.

      (Unknown amount of data missing at this point)

It was moved by Mr. O'Brien that the recommendation in regard
to Mr. Preston and Mr. Mc Kinlay of the Engineering faculty that
arrangements had been made with the Sparks Shops (S. P.) whereby
Mr. Franklyn Arthur Anderson, Assistant to the Assistant Foreman
of the Shops, would come to the University on Tuesday and Thurs-
day afternoons and on Saturday mornings, to give instruction in
practical shop work, for the remainder of the College year, be-
ginning January 7, 1918, his compensation to be $15 per calendar
week, time to be reported by Professor Boardman.

It was moved that the recommendation of the President relative
to the engagement of Mr. Franklyn A. Anderson dating from Jan-
uary 7, 1918 at $15 per week be approved.  Motion carried, all
voting aye.

The matter of arranging for adequate compensation for Professor
Frandsen for his services in taking charge of the Hygienic Labo-
ratory work from September 1 until November 12, 1917, having been
referred to the President at the last meeting of the Board, he
reported his action as follows:  That for this service he had
recommended that Professor Frandsen receive the sum of $300, the
regular salary of a Director of the Laboratory being $250 per
month.  Dr. Morrison in this interim had taken charge of all
Pasteur treatments, and the allowance for Mr. Frandsen together
with the amount claimed by Dr. Morrison was less than the regu-
lar salary of the Director.

It was moved by Dr. Sullivan that the recommendation of the
President in regard to compensation of $300 for Professor
Frandsen be accepted.  Motion carried, all voting aye.

The President read a letter from Dr. Mullin, dated Vancouver,
B. C., January 12, 1918, setting forth his continued claim
against the University for 1/2 of September, 1917, salary.
No action taken as letter was for the information of the Board
only and would be presented in the March meeting.  The Presi-
dent's reply to Dr. Mullin was also read.

The President read a telegram which he had sent to the Vocational
Board, in response to a questionnaire from that board as to the
war emergency facilities of the University of Nevada to train
men in certain lines, such men to be sent to the Colleges from

Mr. Gorman, Comptroller, presented Claims to the Committee and
the following were, upon motion, approved:

    List of Claims against the State of Nevada No. 29 for a
    total of $6,743.50, Claims 368, 374 and 375.

    List of Claims No. 30 against the State of Nevada, Claims
    numbered 383 to 400 inclusive, for a total of $15,360.68.

    List of Claims No. 31 Claims numbered from 401 to 407 in-
    clusive, for a total of $9,926.78.

    Also Checks Nos. 143 to 154 inclusive, for a total of

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

                             E. C. Baker

Louise Blaney