UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 30-31, 1892


Volume OB - Pages 162-163

                        Reno, Nevada

                      January 30, 1892

The regular meeting of the Board of Regents was held this day.

Present:  Governor Colcord, H. L. Fish, E. T. George and J. D.


Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

Communications read and ordered on file.

Request of Professor Miller for the exclusive use of Assembly

Room No. 6 in the main building was not granted.

On motion of H. L. Fish, it was ordered that the original requi-

sition properly dated for purchases shall accompany the bills ap-

proved by the President of the University when presented to the

Board of Regents.

On motion, it was ordered that Professor Jackson be allowed to

expend Fifteen Dollars per month for advertising in Eastern

papers relative to products of Nevada.

Communications or petition from students asking for a Gymnasium.

Request was not granted at present.

Claims were allowed as follows:

         Contingent University Fund

         Mary E. Emery                           154.16

         Geo. H. Taylor                           25.00

         S. G. Kendall                            75.00

         Mrs. Schulke                             40.00

         R. N. Smith                             100.00

         Geo. H. Taylor                           17.70

         C. J. Brooking                            9.25

         E. C. Sessions & Co.                      9.00

         A. A. Manning                            15.85

         A. W. Cahlan                             20.00

         Reno Water Co.                           35.20

         John F. Aitken                            9.90

         R. K. Colcord                            25.50

         Charles Sehn                             20.00

         Mining Lab Fund                          45.81

         John F. Aitken                          138.00

                                   Total        $738.37

         Agricultural and Mechanical College Fund

         S. A. Jones                             216.66

         W. Mc N. Miller                         166.66

         R. D. Jackson                           166.66

         J. M. Neall                             150.00

         J. Phillips                             150.00

         T. W. Cowgill                           150.00

         Henry Thurtell                          150.00

         Robert Lewers                           150.00

         Richard Brown                           125.00

         H. K. Clapp                             100.00

         W. Flood                                  5.00

         C. A. Thurston                           42.00

         John Taylor                              12.45

         Journal of Commerce                       4.00

         Nevada State Journal                     38.00

         Southern Pacific                         58.47

         Gus Lundberg                             39.37

         Charles Sehn                             32.50

         W. O. H. Martin                          82.36

         Patrick Canters                          37.27

         Elmer Snead                             199.33

                                   Total      $2,075.73

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned.

                             H. L. Fish


Geo. H. Taylor