UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 30-31, 1886


Volume OB - Pages 26-27

                          State of Nevada

                      Reno, January 30, 1886

Pursuant to adjournment, the Board met at Reno, Saturday,

January 30th, at 11 A.M.  Present:  Regents Getchell and Shaw.

Absent:   Regent J. H. Rand.

Regent Getchell reported that the insurance companies had de-

clined to insure the University building for more than $10,000.

M. J. Curtis, Supervising Architect, reported that he had in-

structed Messrs. Burke Brothers, the contractor, to put on an

additional force of workingmen, and that the building would be

completed on or before February 11th.

The resignation of Mr. F. E. Fielding, as Assayer and Mining

Engineer of State University, to take effect January 20th, was

received and accepted.

Professor Orvis Ring appeared before the Board and declined the

Office of Principal of the Preparatory Department of the State


Professor A. J. Willis of Virginia City, was elected Assayer

and Mining Engineer of State University, at a salary of $250

per month, his services to begin on February 15th, 1886.

Regent Getchell was authorized as a committee of one to purchase

ten cords of wood.

Mr. Orlando Evans appeared before the Board, and expressed his

desire to enter into negotiations with the Board to build a

reservoir and lay pipes to the University building for an effi-

cient water supply.  He was requested to embody his proposal in


The Board thereupon adjourned to meet in Virginia City on Monday,

February 1st, 1886.

                             L. W. Getchell

                             President, Pro Tem

H. G. Shaw

Secretary, Pro Tem