UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 29-30, 1987


Pages 17-22



January 29, 1987

The Board of Regents met on the above date in Rooms 321-322,

Western Nevada Community College.

Members present: Mr. Daniel J. Klaich, Chairman

Mr. James Eardley

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mrs. Joan Kenney

Mrs. Jo Ann Sheerin

Mrs. Carolyn M. Sparks

Members absent: Mr. Joseph M. Foley

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Mark H. Dawson

President William J. Berg, NNCC

President Anthony Calabro, WNCC

President Joseph N. Crowley, UNR

President John W. Gwaltney, TMCC

President George Hidy, DRI

President Paul E. Meacham, CCCC

Vice President John Unrue, UNLV

Dr. Warren Fox, Vice Chancellor

Mr. Ron Sparks, Vice Chancellor

Mr. Robert Ulrich, Assistant General Counsel

Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Chairman Klaich called the special meeting to order at 2:00 P.M.

on January 29, 1987, for the purpose of considering several dif-

ferent items as outlined below.

Chaiman Klaich introduced Mr. Rob Meahder, Mr. Claude I. Howard,

philanthropist, and Assemblyman Dr. Marvin Sedway.

1. Approved Contract

Approved the appointment of Mr. Dawson as Chancellor at a

salary of $87,000 and perquisite compensation for housing,

automobile and host expenses, effective January 9, 1987.

At its January 9, 1987 meeting, the Board appointed Mark

H. Dawson as Chancellor of the University of Nevada System,

and requested the Chairman to negotiate a contract.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the appointment of Mr. Mark

H. Dawson as Chancellor at a salary of $87,000 and perqui-

site compensation for housing, automobile and host expenses,

effective January 9, 1987. Mrs. Sheerin seconded. Motion


2. Approved Sale of Building

Chancellor Dawson presented proposals for the sale of the

System Administration building. During the discussion, he

and Endowment Director Edna Brigham explained that the pro-

ceeds from the sale would be earmarked for the construction

of a new building. Chancellor Dawson informed the Board

that two bids have been received for the full appraisal

value of $540,000.

Both offers are for a cash buyout to UNS with the provision

for leasing the building to UNS until a new structure is

finished and the move completed. One offer is for $300,000

cash with an approved loan for the balance. The second of-

fer is for $135,000 cash, with a loan in process for the


Chancellor Dawson recommended the Board accept the offer

where all transactions are complete.

Chancellor Dawson reported that his staff has researched a

number of site locations for the construction of a new

building in the Reno area and recommends the site located

at the corners of North Mc Carran Blvd., Socrates and En-

terprise (Evans Avenue extension). This property was donat-

ed to the Board of Regents as the site for a new System Ad-

ministration building by Mr. William Bradley, Mr. John

Dermody and Mr. Claude I Howard, and accepted by the Board

in December, 1986. The land is located near 3 State insti-

tutions and has easy access to the freeway.

Property located in the southwest area of Reno has been con-

sidered, but the cost of land in that area would require

considerable additional funding.

Mr. Howard has generously offered to construct the new

building and allow the Board to purchase it from him. Ap-

proximate cost will be $700,000 - $1,000,000, with con-

struction completed in about 9 months from beginning date.

Mrs. Sheerin moved approval to sell the current System Ad-

ministration building at 405 Marsh Avenue for its full ap-

praised value, all cash, closing prorations, escrow fees,

etc. to be as normal, and that the offer to sell is not

contingent upon the securing of appropriate financing. The

offer will remain in effect until 5:00 P.M., Friday, Febru-

ary 6, 1987. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Mrs. Gallagher abstain-

ed from voting due to her relations to the Realtor and buy-

er. Motion carried.

The Chancellor was directed to continue to seek alternative

site locations in the Reno area and to report findings and

recommendations to the Board at the February meeting.

Mrs. Sheerin and Chairman Klaich expressed appreciation on

behalf of the Board to Mr. Howard for his continued gener-

osity and interest in the University of Nevada System.

3. Health Care Education Planning

At the January, 1987 Board meeting, a symposium was held on

UNS health care education planning. Following are recom-

mendations for short-term and long-term actions for con-

sideration by the Board of Regents:

A. Nursing Articulation Concerns - Vice Chancellor Warren

Fox made a presentation concerning articulation of

nursing courses among UNS institutions and distributed

a report on Nursing Articulation, filed in the Regents


The 1987 Nevada Legislature will consider a bill calling

for creation of a committee to study the system of ar-

ticulation and transfer of credits for education. Chan-

cellor Dawson and UNS institutions recommend that the

Board of Regents oppose this legislation because the

Board of Regents is constitutionally responsible for

establishing academic policies governing its institu-

tions. The Board of Regents, through its Academic Af-

fairs Committee, is working to address nursing articu-

lation issues and has scheduled time during its April,

1987 Board meeting for further examination.

Mrs. Sheerin emphasized the need to not only validate

courses, but to also validate knowledge, and requested

the Chancellor's staff to research the policies of other

states in this regard. Chairman Klaich requested the

equivalency of courses be the main concern of articula-

tion. Dr. Fox stated the Articulation Board is also

concerned with equivalency of programs between institu-


B. Area Health Care Centers (AHEC) - The UNS School of

Medicine has received a $1 million federal grant to

establish a Statewide AHEC network. Dr. Robert M.

Daugherty, Dean of the School of Medicine, made a pres-

entation describing the AHEC project and distributed a

report, filed in the Regents Office.

Dr. Daugherty stated that AHEC is a concept, not neces-

sarily an actual building. The AHEC Community Board

will decide where education will be offered. The pri-

mary goal of AHEC is to provide education, not services.

C. CCCC Health Sciences Center - President Meacham made a

presentation on CCCC plans for a Health Sciences Center,

explaining that through their community assessment they

learned one of the most pressing needs in the area the

College serves is in health care services. After much

discussion and faculty input a Health Services Center

has evolved. One site under consideration would be on

the West Charleston property assigned to CCCC.

The Legislative Commission's Subcommittee to Study

Restraining Costs of Medical Care, Chaired by Senator

Ray Rawson, has recommended to the State Legislature,

and S. B. 29 has been introduced, which makes an appro-

priation to UNS for construction of a building for CCCC,

in the sum of $1.2 million for a Health Sciences Center,

which will serve as an "area center for multidiscipli-

nary professional and paraprofessional health education"

and for a UNS "clinic to provide medical services for

recipients of Medicaid."

Mr. Claude I. Howard has generously offered to build a

health care facility and has now agreed to enlarge that

facility to include housing the Medicaid and AHEC pro-


The Board directed Chancellor Dawson and President

Meacham to discuss with the subcommittee the possibility

of amending S. B. 29 to allow the $1.2 million be appro-

priated for equipment and operating expenses in light of

Mr. Howard's generosity.

D. Legislative Health Care Committee - The Nevada Legisla-

ture will consider legislation calling for establishment

of a permanent legislative committee to address health

care concerns. Proposed wording calls for a committee

composed of 3 Senators, 3 Assemblymen, and "one elected

officer representing the governing body of the legisla-

tive commission with appropriate regard for their ex-

perience with the knowledge of matters relating to

health care." Because one of the charges of this per-

manent legislative committee would be to coordinate

health education programs, the Chancellor and the UNS

institutions recommend that the Board of Regents lobby

to have BDR 40-117 reworded to allow for appropriate

UNS representation on the Committee.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval for the Board of Regents

to lobby for amending BDR 40-117 to allow for appro-

priate UNS representation on the permanent legislative

committee that will address health care concerns. Mrs.

Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

E. Future Planning on Health Care - In a report on health

care education plans of UNS institutions prepared by the

Chancellor's Office and presented to the Board of Re-

gents in January, 1987, a number of health care issues

were identified that require continuous dialogue for

long-term planning to be effective.

The Board approved the establishment of a Systemwide UNS

Health Care Task Force charged with indentifying those

health care education issues of Statewide concern that need

to be addressed to help the State of Nevada meet its health

care needs. The Committee would be composed of representa-

tives of the 6 UNS teaching institutions, and would make

regular reports to the Board of Regents through the Academic

Affairs Council and Academic Affairs Committee. This work-

ing task force will be Chaired by Vice Changellor Fox. Mem-

bers will include Bernice Martin, TMCC Director of Nursing

and Allied Health; Sable Shaw, WNCC Director of Allied

Health Programs; Alison Mc Pherson, CCCC Science and Health

Director; Marian Schrum, UNR Dean of the School of Nursing;

Mary Ann Michel, UNLV Dean of the College of Health Sci-

ences; and Dr. Robert M. Daugherty, Dean of the UNS School

of Medicine. President Berg will appoint a representative.

Among its activities, the UNS Health Care Education Task

Force will forward the results of an extensive Statewide

AHEC manpower survey to the Board of Regents in late 1987.

The Committee will consider existing future needs of the

State and its students, consider what health care programs

might lend themselves to Statewide mergers/joint ventures/

interdisciplinary programs, and identify future resources/

space needs trends. It also will be charged with identify-

ing other long-term issues UNS should address.

Mrs. Kenney moved approval of a Systemwide UNS Health Care

Task Force to report to the Academic Affairs Committee.

Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

4. Approved Distinguished Nevadan Award

Approved a special Distinguished Nevadan Award be conferred

upon Mr. Ioannis A. "John" Lougaris on the occasion of his

100th birthday, February 17, 1987.

Mr. Lougaris, an immigrant from Greece, has practiced (and

still practices) law in Nevada since 1927. He will be hon-

ored on his birthday at the Veterans Administration Medical

Center in Reno, which is named in his honor.

Mrs. Kenney moved approval of conferring the Distinguished

Nevadan Award upon Mr. Ioannis A. "John" Lougaris. Mrs.

Sheerin seconded. Motion carried.

5. Legislative Report

Chancellor Dawson and Vice Chancellor Sparks presented a

report on the Governor's recommendations on the UNS 1987-89

Biennial Budget, filed in the Regents Office, and the UNS

legislative package.

Senate Bill 67, which removes certain limitations on author-

ity of Board of Regents to determine standard for admission

to State University, is the only item of UNS legislation

that has been introduced at this time.

The meeting adjourned at 5:45 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser