UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

January 28-29, 1939 

Volume 5 - Pages 239-243

                       REGENTS MEETING
                      January 28, 1939

The Board of Regents met in their Office at the University at
9:30 Saturday morning, January 28, 1939.  There were present
Messrs. Ross, Brown and Williams and Mrs. Wardin of the Board
and Dr. Hartman.  Dr. Olmsted was unable to come because of

On motion of Mr. Ross the minutes of December 17, 1938 meeting
were approved by the following vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Judge Brown nominated Mr. Ross as Chairman for the ensuing two
years.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Not voting
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

Judge Brown nominated Carolyn M. Beckwith as Secretary for the
ensuing two years.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

Mr. Williams nominated Judge Brown for Vice Chairman.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Not voting
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

Mr. Williams nominated Mr. Ross, Judge Brown and Mrs. Wardin -
the 3 Reno members - to constitute the Executive Committee.  Car-
ried unanimously.

Chairman Ross appointed the following Committees:

    Property Committee          Silas E. Ross
    Instruction Committee       A. C. Olmsted
    Library Committee           Frank Williams
    Student Welfare Committee   George S. Brown
                                Mrs. Wardin

On motion of Judge Brown, the Regents approved the payment by Dr.
Hartman of $50 to the Engineers' Council for Professional Devel-
opment for committee inspection this Spring of our Mechanical
Engineering curriculum.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

In order to make it possible for members of the Legislature to
participate in Engineers' Day, if they so desire, Dr. Hartman
recommended, in accord with general faculty action, that (1)
mid-semester reports this year be due March 15 instead of the
scheduled March 8 and (2) that Engineers' Day be moved forward
from March 18 to March 4.

On motion of Mr. Ross, the Regents approved the two changes in
dates recommended by Dr. Hartman and, this year, will offer a
prize of $25 to that graduate of a Nevada high school who, on
Engineers' Day this Spring, is adjudged as having presented the
best mechanical drawing in a contest sponsored by the Engineer-
ing students of the University, the prize to be payable to the
winner one week after his enrollment in the University next Fall
as an Engineering student.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

Dr. Hartman made the following report on delinquent tickets:

    Total delinquent tickets issued for the Fall of
    1938, unpaid November 19, 1938                       $1203.00

    Paid from Nov. 19, 1938 to Jan. 28, 1939  $795.25
    Cancelled                                   23.25
    Remaining unpaid to date                   384.50    $1203.00

    Cancelled and paid on delinquents that were due
    prior to the Fall of 1938                            $ 160.85

Dr. Hartman recommended the following list of 23 names of mid-
year graduates covering the issuance of 21 bachelor degrees and
of two high school diplomas, as approved by the general faculty
at its meeting January 26, 1939, for the indicated degrees and


    Bachelor of Arts

        Norrison Beatty                *Robert Metten
        Virginia Beckley                Oliver S. Ness
        Teofisto Hermosa                Fitzgerald Salter
        Elizabeth Kohlhoss              Barbara L. Schmidt

    Bachelor of Science

        Shek Ying Lam                  *Paul J. Leonard
        Ernest Larkins                 *Floyd Smalley

    Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

        George E. Dukes

    Teacher's Diploma of High School Grade

       *Margaret Jensen                 Elizabeth Kohlhoss

       *Class of 1938


    Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering

        Harvey Holhoss                  Victor Kral

    Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

        Richard Sauer


    Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

        Archie Albright                 Hudson Lee
        Bruce Button                    Carroll Williamson
        John Gustafson

On motion of Judge Brown, Mr. Carpenter's request, as presented
by Dr. Hartman, that he again be permitted to serve the State as
an expert in Colorado River matters in Washington, D. C., or
elsewhere, if called upon to do so by the Governor, on under-
standing that, during his absence on such service, he is to re-
ceive no University compensation, was unanimously granted.

Dr. Hartman presented a letter from Professor Harwood, Master of
Lincoln Hall, offering two alternatives as to "preferred" stu-
dents in Lincoln Hall, as now appearing on page 115 of the cur-
rent catalog and requesting that the word "one" should be changed
to "two" in the italicized note following this matter.

On motion of Judge Brown, it was unanimously decided (1) to ac-
cept the 2nd alternative, i. e., continue the present rule with
understanding that "Nevada" students are to be interpreted as
those giving a home address in this State and whose parents live
in Nevada and (2) that the word "two" be substituted for "one"
in the note.

Dr. Hartman presented the request of President Coleman to absent
himself from the University for the period April 3 to 6 in order
to attend the sessions of the National Physical Education Associ-
ation to be held in San Francisco at an expense of $27.50.  Dr.
Hartman recommended the granting of the leave and of the expense
of $27.50 from general University funds.

Mr. Ross moved the approval of the President's recommendation.

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

Dr. Hartman presented a letter from Professor C. C. Smith in
which he asked for the judgment of the Regents in the matter of
his running for Councilman of the 5th Ward.  Mr. Williams moved
that permission be granted Mr. Smith so to run.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          No
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             No
    Mrs. Wardin          No

Dr. Hartman presented a physician's certificate in support of
student Ralph Horlacher's request to be permitted to park his
car near Morrill Hall on the afternoons of Monday, Wednesday
and Friday of this semester.  The Board unanimously granted this
request for this semester only and on understanding that this
exception to their parking rule could not be granted to Mr.
Horlacher any other semester.

Dr. Hartman announced the $230 annual gift of the Women's
Christian Temperance Union of 5 scholarships of $50 each in
memory of the following 5 leaders of the temperance movement in
the nation and State:

    (1)  Frances E. William
    (2)  Lucy M. Van Deventer
    (3)  Nettie P. Hershiser
    (4)  Florence Humphrey Church
    (5)  Alice Hitchcock Chism

The winners of these scholarships for this year are:

    (1)  Viva Leonard
    (2)  Malcolm Musson
    (3)  Beulah Leonard
    (4)  Mary Arentz
    (5)  William Ogle

Dr. Hartman presented, with his approval, the recommendation of
Dr. Wood that Instructor Everett W. Harris (1) should be advanced
in rank to Assistant Professor in Mathematics and (2) be granted
a leave of absence, without pay from the University for the year
1939-40, with the privilege of extending the leave for an addi-
tional year, when and if Mr. Harris receives a Graduate Assist-
antship at the University of Wisconsin.  If he should not go to
Wisconsin there will be no advance in rank.

Mrs. Wardin moved the granting of the request.  Carried unani-

Dr. Hartman approved the granting of Dr. Wood's request that Miss
Margaret Jensen be reappointed Assistant in Mathematics for the
year 1939-40.  Judge Brown moved the granting of this request.
Carried unanimously.

Dr. Hartman presented the recommendation of Mr. R. B. Jeppson of
the Vocational Education Board that Mr. R. L. Ivins be elected
to teach the course of Methods in Farm Mechanics at the Univer-
sity for the year 1939-40.  The Board desired that the nomination
for this position should come through the customary channels -
that the Dean of the College of Agriculture should make the rec-
ommendation to the President.

Dr. Hartman presented Director Fulton's report on his activities
to date with regard to the University of Nevada exhibit at the
1939 Golden Gate Exposition, which will bear the legend:

                      University of Nevada
                  Mackay School of Mines Museum
                          Reno, Nevada

and listed the items which he requested permission to place on
display.  The Board unanimously granted permission with the ex-
ception that they wished one only, instead of the two specified
by him, of the crushed timbers from the Con. Virginia to be in-
cluded in our exhibit.

After counselling with Colonel Clark, Professor of Military
Science and Tactics, the Board unanimously denied the request of
Julian Mapes, a student, that the University should reimburse him
for $5 which he advanced to a former Sergeant in the Military De-
partment to apply to the purchase of a pair of field boots to be
purchased for Mr. Mapes by Sergeant Hustis from military stores,
since this was a matter between Mr. Mapes and the Sergeant and
one in which the University has and had no part or responsibil-

Dr. Hartman presented Director Fulton's report in two parts,
covering his Directorship (1) of the Mackay School of Mines and
(2) of the State Bureau of Mines.

In accord with the plan of the Regents that faculty members
should be retired at the age of 70, Dr. Hartman recommended that
the following 4 members should be retired at the end of their
respective salary years in 1939:

    Maxwell Adams
    J. E. Church
    H. P. Boardman
    Katherine Lewers

Judge Brown moved the adoption of the above recommendations with
understanding that the amounts of the retirement annuities to be
paid each of the above should be ascertained and submitted to
the Regents for approval and transmission to the Governor for his
approval at the close of the present Legislative Session.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

In connection with the above, Dr. Hartman recommended that the
teaching of the Classics be added to the present Modern Language
Department, on understanding that the courses taught shall be
absorbed, so far as possible, by the present staff of the Modern
Language Deprtment and that the name of the Department be changed
to the Department of Foreign Languages or perhaps, to the Depart-
ment of Ancient and Modern Foreign Languages.

Dr. Hartman is not ready at this time to make a recommendation
concerning the teaching of the Art Appreciation courses which
Dr. Church has built up through the years so acceptably, but
will have a recommendation concerning this ready at the next
meeting, in time, he hopes, for inclusion in the new catalog.
With respect to the work now handled by Miss Lewers, he hopes
to have the Mechanical Engineering Department handle the Mechani-
cal Drawing and to distribute the other courses among the Home
Economics and Education Schools - this matter also, if possible,
to be ready for recommendation at the next meeting.

Judge Brown moved that Dr. Hartman's suggestions concerning the
consolidation of the Classics and Art Departments, as such, be
approved, understanding in this connection that he would, of
course, consult with the Dean of Arts and Science and the Heads
of the Departments of Modern Languages, Education and Home
Economics, before making his further recommendations to the
Regents.  Carried unanimously.

On motion of Mr. Williams, the Board granted permission to Mr.
Robert Prescott to purchase a parcel of land consisting of .075
acres on the eastern edge of the Campus, at a cost of $75, the
enabling act to be drawn for the Legislature to be left to the
Executive Committee with power to act.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

Chairman Ross read the letter of January 28 1939 from Mrs.
Florence B. Bovett as Secretary of the Nevada State Farm Bureau
in which the Bureau "presents for .... consideration the name of
Mr. Cecil W. Creel, Director of the Agricultural Extension of the
University of Nevada" as President of the University of Nevada.
The Secretary was instructed to advise Mrs. Bovett that this com-
munication had been received and acknowledged.  Carried unani-

Controller Gorman presented his report which was concerned pri-
marily with the budget and included matters covered at the annual
meeting of the Association of Business Officers of Colleges and
Universities of Western States held at Eugene, Oregon, December
19 and 20, 1938, which he attended.

On motion of Judge Brown, List No. 7, Regents Checks Nos. 8979 to
8994 inclusive for the net sum of $54,458.70 and List. No. 7,
State Claims, Nos. 39000 to 39021 inclusive, for the net sum of
$27,669.99, were approved by the following vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

Recessed for luncheon.

Recessed meeting came to order at 1:30 P.M.

The Regents received the report of the Alumni Committee on the
Athletic situation at the University, but will take no action un-
til the Legislative Committee makes its official report.

Dean Stewart appeared before the Board and presented his Commit-
tee's findings on the proposed new Pension Plan of the Univer-
sity.  Copies of his typewritten report were available to each
member of the Board.  This matter was unanimously referred to
the Executive Committee for further action and, perhaps, opinion
of Attorney General as to whether Regents have right to enter
into arrangements for group insurance with Life Insurance Com-
panies, etc.

On motion of Mr. Ross, Director Fulton's report on his Director-
ship of the Mackay School of Mines and State Mining Bureau was
also referred to the Executive Committee for consideration and
action.  Carried unanimously.

Noting Director Fulton's request for $28,135 for the support of
the State Bureau of Mines for the next biennium has gone to the
Governor and has been included in the Governor's budget without
recommendation, Judge Brown moved that Mr. Fulton be instructed
to advise the Governor that he desires to reduce the amount to
not more than $20,000 for this purpose.  The total grant for the
last biennium was $10,000.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

Judge Brown moved that the Engineering Experiment Station be
abolished until the State Legislature shall establish it and
provide funds for its operation.  Carried unanimously.

Mr. Williams moved that the Board rescind its previous action to
charge registration and incidental fees of University students.

    Judge Brown          No
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             No
    Mrs. Wardin          No

Judge Brown moved that the Board adjourn, the next meeting to be
subject to call of the Chairman.  Carried unanimously.

                             Silas E. Ross

Carolyn M. Beckwith