UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 28-29, 1913

Volume OD - Pages 453-454

                         Reno, Nevada
                       January 28, 1913

A meeting of the Finance Committee was held at the Office of the
Board of Regents at the University at 8:00 P.M. on January 28,
1913.  Present:  Regents Codd, Reid and O'Brien, and C. H.
Gorman, Assistant Secretary.

The Comptroller's report was read and ordered filed, and the
following recommendations were approved and orders made as

    Mrs. Ed. Salt, Matron of Hospital, to receive $45 per month
    beginning January 1st, until end of present semester.

    Hospital fee of $1 per semester to be collected from each
    student registering in the University and staying at the
    dormitories beginning first semester 1913-14.

    Old notes outstanding against the University to be paid as

        Note of J. E. Stubbs, account Dining Hall at Washoe
        County Bank, $1531.00, interest $71.80, total $1602.80.

        J. E. Stubbs, account University of Nevada, at Nixon
        National Bank, $1253.75, interest $86.00, total $1339.75.

        Claim of Washoe County Bank for money advanced to Nevada
        State Agricultural Society for rent of farm, $450.00,
        interest $36.00, total $486.00

    The following increases in salaries were made effective
    January 1, 1913:

        J. B. Lynch, Supt. of Grounds, from $100 to $125
        A. W. Preston, Asst. M. E., from $100 to $125
        Geo. D. Powers, Asst. M. E., from $125 to $150
        C. H. Gorman, Comptroller, from $150 to $200
        Carl Horn, Buildings, from $75 to $85
        H. A. Blook, Buildings, from $75 to $85

    It was ordered that a bill for Miss Wygal's board for 1st and
    2nd semesters 1912-13 be paid.

    George H. Taylor, Secretary of Board, to receive $25 per
    month from State Funds.

    The Comptroller was instructed to compile all the data con-
    cerning U. S. Land Grants and other matters contained in
    his previous reports not acted upon by the Board and all
    recommendations requiring additional legislation and keep
    in close touch with the Board during the present session of
    the Legislature in order to bring about, if possible, a more
    satisfactory understanding of the powers and duties of the
    Regents, and other matters, particularly those touching upon
    the finances of the University.

    Claims 1735 to 1864 inclusive as per voucher record were
    approved for a total of $8494.48.

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned subject to
the call of the Chairman.

                             H. E. Reid

C. H. Gorman
Assistant Secretary