UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

January 27-28, 1945 

Volume 5 - Pages 432-439

                       REGENTS MEETING
                      January 27, 1945

The regular meeting of the Board of Regnets was called to order
at 9:40 A.M. in the President's office.  Present:  Regents Ross,
Henningsen, Mc Namee, Sirkegian; Comptroller Gorman and President
Moseley.  Absent:  Regent Sheerin.

The minutes of the regular meeting of November 19, 1944, and of
the special meeting of January 13, 1945, were approved unanimous-
ly upon motion of Mr. Mc Namee.

Mr. Ross presented his credentials of election as Regent for the
term January 1, 1945 to January 1, 1949.

Organization of the Board for the Ensuing Biennium:

Mr. Mc Namee nominated Mr. Ross for Chairman.  Mr. Ross passed
his vote.  All others voted in favor.

Mr. Mc Namee nominated Mrs. Henningsen for Vice Chairman.  Passed

Chairman Ross appointed Mr. Sirkegian as the 3rd member of the
Executive Committee, making this committee composed of Chairman
Ross, Vice Chairman Henningsen, Regent Sirkegian.

Upon motion of Mr. Sirkegian that the Chairman of the Board ap-
point committees at his own discretion, which passed unanimously,
Chairman Ross left all standing committees as they were.  Com-
mittees are as follows:

    Executive Committee          Silas E. Ross, Mary Henningsen
    Property Committee           Silas E. Ross
    Instruction Committee        Chris H. Sheerin
    Library Committee            Paul J. Sirkegian
    Student Welfare Committee    Leo A. Mc Namee, Mary Henningsen

President's Informal Report:

 (1)  Enrollment at close of registration, January 20th, was 472,
      distributed as follows:

      Sex           Classes             Colleges

      Men   126     Freshmen     197    Arts and Science     358
      Women 346     Sophomores   107    Engineering           47
            472     Juniors       61    Agriculture            5
                    Seniors       54    Home Economics        34
                    Specials      25    Graduates             28
                    Graduates     28                         472

 (2)  Residential Halls are housing a total of 154 at the present

      Manzanita Hall        Artemisia Hall          Lincoln Hall

      34 students           72 students             49 students
       1 supervisor          2 supervisors
       7 faculty members
      42                    74                      49

 (3)  Academic -

      (a)  Calendar - as adopted by faculty at its meeting on
           January 26, 1945, for the school year, 1945-46.

                         FIRST SEMESTER

           Sept. 15     Saturday            Dormitories open
           Sept. 16     Sunday, 4-6 P.M.    Reception and enter-
                                            tainment for new stu-
           Sept. 17     Monday              Registration
           Sept. 18     Tuesday             Instruction begins
           Sept. 18     Tuesday, 8-10 A.M.  Orientation for new
                                            Physical examination
                                            and mental tests of
                                            new students
           Sept. 29     Saturday, 12 noon   Registration closes
           Oct. 30      Tuesday             Grade reports due
           Oct. 31      Wednesday           Admission Day
           Nov. 12      Monday              Armistice Day
           Nov. 22-25   Thursday-Sunday     Thanksgiving recess
           Dec. 15      Saturday            Grade reports due
           Dec. 20      Thursday, 4 P.M.    Christmas vacation
           Dec. 21      Friday              Dormitories close
           Jan. 2       Friday              Dormitories open
           Jan. 3       Thursday, 8 A.M.    Instruction begins
           Jan. 26-31   Saturday-Thursday   Semester examinations
           Jan. 31      Thursday, 4:15 P.M. 1st Semester closes
           Feb. 2       Saturday, 12 noon   Final grades on file

                        SECOND SEMESTER

           Feb. 4       Monday              Registration
           Feb. 5       Tuesday             Instruction begins
           Feb. 15      Saturday, 12 noon   Registration closes
           Mar. 13      Wednesday           Grade reports due
                        Saturday            Mackay Day
           Apr. 17      Wednesday           Grade reports due
           Apr. 17-25   Wednesday-Thursday  Easter recess
           May 30       Thursday            Memorial Day
           June 3       Monday              Senior grades on file
                                            with Registrar
           June 3-7     Monday-Friday       Semester examinations
           June 7       Friday              Meeting of Honorary
                                            Board of Visitors
           June 8       Saturday, 12 noon   2nd semester closes
                        Saturday evening    Phi Kappa Phi banquet
                                            and address
           June 9       Sunday              Baccalaureate address
           June 10      Monday              Commencement
           June 12      Wednesday, 9 A.M.   Final grades on file
                                            with the Registrar

      (b)  Summer Session -

           Dates - Intersession, June 4 to July 13
                   Summer Session, July 16 to August 24

           The following courses will be given by Mr. Thad
           Stevens of Oakland, California:

               Audio-Visual Aids in Education
               Teaching Global Geography
               Workshop in Air Age Education - sponsored and
                   paid for by the United Air Lines

           Home Economics Conference, usually held at Lake Tahoe,
           will be held at the University.  Credit will be given
           for attendance.

           Clinic in reading and arithmetic in the form of a
           demonstration school will be given for about 50 to 60

           Workshop in Nutrition Education, where experiments
           will be performed.

           A course in "The School Library" will be given by Mr.
           J. J. Hill, University Librarian.

      (c)  The "I" Grade.  The Administrative Council recommends
           to the faculty that the grade of I (Incomplete) be
           used when a student has been unable, for acceptable
           reasons, to complete the required work by the end of
           the semester.

      (d)  Dr. Inwood has completed curriculum on courses in
           shorthand and typing and these courses will be pre-
           sented in the forthcoming University catalogue.

 (4)  Fees.  Dr. Moseley spoke briefly on the need for increased
      revenue to the University through student fees.  The Nevada
      tuition fee is lower than that charged to Nevada students
      by other State Universities.

 (5)  Clerical Help.  Regulations and agreements were adopted by
      representatives of various Divisions of the University as

      (a)  Working hours - Monday through Friday, 8:30 A.M. to
           4:30 P.M.  Saturday, 8:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.

      (b)  Beginning pay $125 per month, to be advanced by rec-
           ommendation to the President, to $150 per month for
           work of a general nature, and to $200 per month for
           office work requiring special training and experience.

      (c)  Student rate for competent help - 62 1/2 cents per

      (d)  When a vacancy at higher salary occurs, clerks already
           employed shall be given a chance to apply.

      (e)  When work is unsatisfactory, opportunity shall be
           given for placement in another clerical position on
           the Campus.

      (f)  Temporary transfer of help due to urgency of Univer-
           sity business will provide constant employment for

 (6)  Use of Gymnasiums.  Dr. R. S. Griffin has been made
      Custodian of the two Gymnasiums.  A schedule of charges
      and rules for use will be worked out and reported at the
      next meeting of the Board.

 (7)  YWCA.  Effort is being made to secure a full time YWCA
      Secretary for the University.  Mrs. Lora J. Knight has
      offered $1000 and the Community Chest has $1000 available
      for us.  The University will give room and board.

 (8)  Moves on the Campus as follows:

      Military Department from the basement of Stewart Hall to
      the new Gymnasium (Miss Sameth to remain in the old Gym-
      nasium for the present).

      Professor Martie from the old Gymnasium to the new Gym-

      Coach Aiken from Morrill Hall to the new Gymnasium.

      Dr. Griffin from the President's office to Dean Thompson's
      room on the second floor of Morrill Hall.

      Dean Marsh from the Library building to basement of Stewart

      Loafing room, perhaps called "Y Hut", will be in the base-
      ment of Stewart Hall.

      Browsing room will be made in the Library, where students
      may browse among books placed there for that purpose.

 (9)  Fraternities.  President presented proposals of Dean
      Thompson for better rushing, substituting for the tradi-
      tional "Hell Week", a week of "Greek Spirit".

      (a)  Scholarship.  Minimum average of 1.7 to be required of
           candidates for initiation.  Failure to make this aver-
           age in 2 semesters is cause for dropping.  Dean of Men
           is to check scholarship and recommend to national of-

      (b)  Finances.  Audit of fraternity books by representative
           of the University at least each semester.  Diploma and
           transcript will be refused members in arrears.  Regis-
           tration will be refused if member is in arrears unless
           satisfactory arrangement is made with the Dean of Men
           and the Alumnus advisor.

      (c)  Arrangement for cooperation will become effective for
           such fraternities as accept it; acceptance to be in

(10)  Nevada Art Gallery.  A letter from Dr. Church to Senator
      Scrugham gave information of the plan to secure gifts of
      land to be added to those gifts already received from 21
      donors, to be converted to a bird refuge and art gallery
      at no cost to the University.  The plot of ground so con-
      verted will be from West Street to Nevada Street on Uni-
      versity Terrace.  Acceptance of this gift was authorized
      by the State Legislature 2 years ago.

(11)  Mrs. West has offered the medical library of her husband,
      Dr. C. W. West, deceased, to the University of Nevada.
      Upon motion of Mr. Sirkegian that the books be accepted and
      that President Moseley express appreciation on behalf of
      the Board of Regents by letter, passed unanimously.

(12)  President Moseley offered gift of approximately 1000 books
      from the libraries of his father, grandfather and great-
      grandfather, to the University Library.  More volumes will
      be added to the gift.  Motion of Mrs. Henningsen that the
      books be accepted and that the Board, in lieu of a letter,
      here and now express appreciation, passed unanimously.

      Motion of Mr. Mc Namee that the Library Committee with Mr.
      Hill determine a proper means for indentifying gift books
      passed unanimously.

(13)  Legislative Program.  The Alumni Association, the American
      Legion and the Labor Organizations are voluntarily backing
      the legislative program of the University.  The members of
      the Legislature have accepted an invitation to visit the
      Campus and to have lunch at the University Dining Hall on
      February 6th with the students.  Any and all Regents were
      invited to be present.

President Moseley presented the following recommendations for the
consideration of the Board:

A.  Recommendation for Degrees

    The University Faculty at its meeting January 26, 1945, ap-
    proved for graduation the following list of students who
    completed their work December 21, 1944, and recommended that
    they be granted the indicated degrees and diplomas:


    Bachelor of Arts

        Jeanette Taylor Cloud           Hellen Meaker

    Bachelor of Science

        Laura Marilyn Bradley


    Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

        Arthur Weller

    Upon motion of Mr. Mc Namee, passed unanimously.

B.  Recommendations on Personnel

    (1)  That, effective February 1, 1945, George Morgan, Assist-
         ant Chef in the Dining Hall, be granted an increase in
         pay from $8 per day to $10 per day.

    (2)  That, effective February 1, 1945, Mrs. Karen Waxman,
         Stenographer in the President's office, be granted an
         increase in salary from $125 per month to $135 per

    (3)  That, effective January 22, 1945, Mrs. Eva Ray Lathrop,
         Stenographer in the President's office, be granted an
         increase of salary from $125 to $205 per month in com-
         pensation for additional service as Assistant to the
         Hostess in Artemisia Hall.  It is understood that from
         this pay increase amounting to $80, Mrs. Lathrop is to
         pay $40 per month for room and board.

    (4)  That, effective January 1, 1945, Dr. Ernest Inwood, Head
         of the Department of Economics, Business Administration
         and Sociology, be returned to active status at a salary
         of $3600 per year, which is the salary granted to him at
         the January 7, 1944 meeting of the Board.

    (5)  That, effective January 1, 1945, Mr. Fred Humphrey be
         appointed as Acting Assistant in Geology at $100 per
         month, and as Assistant in the Bureau of Mines at $200
         per month, making a total salary of $300 per month, to
         May 15, 1945.

    Upon motion of Mr. Mc Namee, recommendations on personnel
    passed unanimously.

C.  Recommendation on Policy

    That the Board of Regents ratify the action of the University
    Faculty of January 26, 1945, in approving a new curriculum to
    be known as the "Pre-Medical Technologists' Curriculum",
    which is a 3-hour course with 66 required credits and 28
    elective credits leading to a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor
    of Science degree to be granted by the University upon com-
    pletion of this curriculum plus a 12 to 18-month training
    course presented by an approved hospital laboratory.

    Upon motion by Mr. Sirkegian, recommendation on policy passed

Comptroller Gorman asked for approval of the claims that have
been approved by the Executive Committee of the Board, as fol-

    List No. 5, dated November 30, 1944, covering Regents Checks
        45-93 to 45-118, inclusive, for a total of $76,659.74;
    List No. 5, dated November 30, 1944, covering State Claims
        45-63 to 45-79, inclusive, for a total of $41,686.97;
    List No. 6, dated December 21, 1944, covering Regents Checks
        45-119 to 45-139, inclusive, for a total of $63,414.87;
    List No. 6, dated December 21, 1944, covering State Claims
        45-80 to 45-97, inclusive, for a total of $33,257.14.

Upon motion of Mr. Mc Namee, passed unanimously.

Mr. Louis Capurro, Mr. Joe A. Zunnini and Mr. J. L. Hash, com-
prising the Executive Committee of Nevada's Star Grange No. 16,
were admitted to the meeting.  It is their desire to build a
Grange Hall costing approximately $35,000, for which they have
been accumulating funds since 1936.  They requested the Regents
to make some sort of arrangement with the Grange, suitable to
both parties, for the Grange building to be located on the north-
east corner of the old University Farm, this parcel of land being
a triangle near the Cochran Ditch, which, because of its peculiar
location, is unused.  The hall would not be rented out for profit
but could be secured for use of groups in functions of general
interest and benefit.  Title of the land, if granted, would be
made to the Executive Committee as trustees, since the Nevada
Grange is not incorporated.  The National Grange is incorporated
and the Nevada Grange is subordinate to the National Grange.  Be-
fore the Regents would have power to act upon the matter, legis-
lative action would be required.  By informal vote, it was unani-
mously agreed that a committee be appointed and that the Regents
delegate them full authority to make negotiations and submit
recommendations in connection with the negotiations.  Chairman
Ross appointed President Moseley, Vice President Gorman and
Regent Mc Namee.

Comptroller Gorman reported that the Governor's instructions in
the preparation of the University budget had been followed and
the budget submitted to the Governor for presentation to the
Legislature, as follows:

1.  The regular budget including an extra $25,000 per year for
    faculty salary increases, requiring a continuation of the
    University 12 1/2 cent tax levy.

2.  Statement of the Regents' contemplated expenditure of the
    surplus funds accumulated during the past biennium, as

    a.  Purchase of land north of Campus              $ 14,000
    b.  Remodeling of old Gymnasium for ROTC            20,000
    c.  Completion of new Gymnasium                     45,000
    d.  High pressure boiler for Mechanical
        Engineering Department, including housing       12,500
    e.  New equipment for Engineering College           20,000

The Attorney General has ruled that all monies received by the
University, from whatever source, become State money and that
the Regents have no authority to expend State money for purchase
of land or to rebuild buildings without legislative consent.  In
the case of the new Gymnasium, inasmuch as the Legislature made
an appropriation of $300,000 for the express purpose of con-
structing this building, the assent of the Legislature must be
had before any State money in excess of the $300,000 is spent on
this project.  Legislative consent for items "a, b, c and d" will
therefore have to be secured.

Item "e" may be made available without legislative action if the
Governor decides to include it in his regular budget.

It was the sense of the Board that we should ask the Legislature
for 12 1/2 cents tax levy and the spending of the $111,500, and
this was the instruction of the Board to the Administration of
the University.

Comptroller Gorman reported informally on the following:

(1)  University Retirement Plan.  The 1-cent tax levy that sup-
     ports the University Retirement Plan has created a surplus
     of $16,545.86 as of December 31, 1944.

(2)  Special needs of the University were copied into the budget
     statement verbatim from Dr. Moseley's letter to the Governor
     with the exception of the request for $25,000 per year for
     faculty salary increases.  As stated before, this item was
     included in the regular budget with the Governor's consent.

(3)  The budgets for the various Departments in the Public Serv-
     ice Division were prepared on substantially the same basis
     as for the last biennium with the exception of the Agri-
     cultural Division, which is asking for an increase of ap-
     proximately $5,000 per year in order to switch L. E. Cline's
     salary to State Funds.  Because Mr. Cline has reached re-
     tirement age under U. S. Civil Service, he can no longer be
     carried on federal funds.

Comptroller Gorman discussed briefly the following points:

    The University of Nevada has never been definitely incorpo-
    rated.  A corporation should be formed which will control the

    No provision has been made as to appointment of proper of-
    ficers of the University.  Definite provision should be made
    so that the Board would be authorized to accept gifts.

    The financial set-up should be so that if at the end of the
    biennium we had a surplus, we would not have to go to the
    Legislature for permission to use it.

    The following items have already been authorized by the Board
    of Regents for introduction to the Legislature:

     1.  Purchase of land north of Campus (method of payment de-
         pends upon how our surplus is carried in Governor's

     2.  Remodel old Gymnasium for ROTC (method of payment same
         as No. 1).

     3.  Complete new Gymnasium (method of payment same as No.

     4.  New high pressure boiler for Mechanical Engineering De-
         partment (method of payment same as No. 1).

     5.  New equipment for Engineering College.

     6.  Grant right of way to Mrs. Rickard across north boundary
         of University property, to give her access to her prop-

     7.  Grant right of way to Washoe County across Fleischmann
         property for new county road.

     8.  Amend University Retirement Plan extending time for
         acceptance or rejection to July 1, 1946.

     9.  Purchase of lease held by Mike Harrigan on Fleischmann
         Model Dairy Farm, formerly Ladino Dairy Farm.

    10.  Before duties of the Regents can be enlarged, the cor-
         porate status of the University should be clarified.

Meeting recessed at 12:00 noon in order that the members of the
Board might eat at the University Dining Hall at the same time
with the students.

Chairman Ross called the meeting to order at 1:15 P.M.

By informal assent, the Board unanimously voted to refer legis-
lative matters to Regent Mc Namee, the President and the Comp-
troller for final disposition.

Mr. Sirkegian presented a letter from Mr. Frost as Chairman of
the Board of Athletic Control asking the University to present
a bill to the Legislature whereby it could grant a definite num-
ber of admissions to the University from out of the State and not
charge them the regular out-of-state tuition fee.  Motion of Mr.
Sirkegian that the Board give President Moseley the authority to
work with the Board of Control and with the Attorney General,
who is offering his help, and if it is possible to amend or to
add to the statutes provision to take care of the situation re-
garding scholarships for athletics, that he give his formal ap-
proval to such proposed Act, provided that such amounts as would
be charged would not be credited against any of the other appro-
priations of the University, passed unanimously.

After a discussion of salary increases and salary brackets, and
tenure of office, Mr. Sirkegian moved that action be deferred
until the next meeting of the Board.  Passed unanimously.

Comptroller Gorman presented the financial statement of General
Funds from January 1 to June 30, 1945 showing as $190,957.66 and
expenditures as $156,000.00 leaving a balance on June 30, 1945
of $34,957.66.

Mr. Mc Namee requested that the following statement become a part
of the minutes of this meeting, and it was so ordered:  The
Fleischmann gift of the Ladino Dairy has been received, accepted
and has been recorded by the University.

Mrs. Henningsen gave a report for the committee appointed to
study the agricultural situation at the University, in brief:

    The first step in the plan to rehabilitate the College of
    Agriculture is the placing of the 3 Divisions (Experiment,
    Extension and teaching) under one Head so that the benefits
    of all 3 will be available to the students.

    The farms should be self-supporting and that should be the
    goal of operation - not to make money.

    There should be a foreman over both farms under the direct
    supervision of the Dean.

    The herd should be decreased.

    Expert opinion should be secured on the condition and re-
    habilitation of the soil at the Ladino Dairy Farm.

    Some crops should be raised for instructional purposes, if
    at all possible.

    The pastures should be rehabilitated, perhaps for a source
    of income.

    Beef cattle should be purchased, but carefully and gradually.

    In fact, gradually should be the watchword throughout all of
    the program.

It was the definite opinion of all committee members that we are
not interested in disposing of either or any part of the farms.

President read a letter addressed to Dean Wilson from Major
Fleischmann in which he said, "Next Spring or early part of the
Summer when I see you in Nevada, if there are any little problems
that you have with the Dairy in which I can help out, I will be
very glad to do so."

The meeting adjourned at 3:50 P.M., with the understanding that
the next meeting would be held the 24th of March, and that it
will not be called into session in the meantime unless an emer-
gency should arise.