UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 26-27, 1956

Volume 7 - Pages 207-208

                      January 26, 1956

The Executive Committee of the Board of Regents met in the Presi-
dent's office at 10:30 A.M. on Thursday, January 26, 1956.  Pres-
ent:  Regents Hardy, Thompson and Ross; Comptroller Hayden and
President Stout.

Southern Nevada Branch Site

    A letter was received from the Southern Nevada Home-Siters,
    Inc., requesting the University to reconsider its decision
    to construct the Southern Nevada Campus on the land secured
    from Mrs. Wilbourn on Maryland Parkway.

    In the discussion, it was pointed out that if the University
    does not act upon its original decision to use the Wilbourn
    property, the University would lose the appropriation of
    the Legislature for a building in Las Vegas, which was based
    upon raising $35,000 by July 1, 1956 to take up the option
    of the 20 acres so designated.  The money has now been raised
    for purchase on the option.  In the meantime, enrollment in
    the high schools of Las Vegas is increasing steadily and it
    could become necessary at any time for the Las Vegas School
    Board to ask that the University discontinue use of its
    facilities for classroom purposes.

    President Stout recommended that the $35,000 which was re-
    ceived from the Las Vegas Fund Raising Group be placed in
    escrow in the Washoe Title Insurance Company, and that the
    Wilbourns give clear title to the land, including title
    insurance, that the University pay 1/2 of the cost of title
    insurance and escrow charges.  He recommended further that
    when the University secures the land, the State Planning
    Board be asked to appoint the architects so that the Univer-
    sity may work with them in drawing up the plans for the
    first building.

    Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the recommenda-
    tions be approved.

    Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that a letter of
    thanks and appreciation be sent to Mr. Guild Gray of Las
    Vegas for his efforts in heading the Fund Raising Campaign
    for the $35,000 and that the letter be made public.

Lowell Daniels House for the President

    In view of the fact that the bequest of Lowell Daniels made
    possible the purchase of a home for the President,

    Motion by Mr. Thompson carried unanimously that the following
    resolution be adopted:

        WHEREAS, Lowell Daniels, a worthy citizen of Nevada,
        named the University of Nevada as one of his benefici-

        WHEREAS, $60,000 of this gift was used by the Board of
        Regents to purchase a residence for the President of
        the University of Nevada at 1080 Mount Rose Street in

        THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that this residence be known
        as the Lowell Daniels House for the President of the

The meeting adjourned at 11 A.M.

Regents Hardy, Thompson, Lombardi and Ross then joined the Pres-
ident and party to go to Carson City for a meeting with Governor
Russell concerning the University's needs and their inclusion on
the agenda for a special session of the Legislature.