UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
January 25-26, 1947

Volume 6 - Pages 1-6

                       REGENTS MEETING
                      January 25, 1947

The regular meeting of the Board of Regents was called to order
by Chairman Ross at 9:30 A.M. in the President's office.  Pres-
ent:  Regents Henningsen, Sheerin, Hilliard, Cahlan, Ross; Comp-
troller Gorman and President Moseley; and reporters Bob Trego,
Frank Mc Cullough and Paul Weaver.

Motion of Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the reading of the
minutes of the previous meeting, December 21, 1946, be dispensed
with and that they be approved as submitted.

Chairman Ross welcomed the two newly elected members of the
Board, Mr. Albert Hilliard of Reno and Mr. John Cahlan of Las
Vegas, saying that he wished for them the same satisfaction that
those who had served before them had enjoyed.

Organization of the Board

a)  Mr. Sheerin nominated Mr. Ross as Chairman of the Board, and
    he was elected by unanimous vote.

b)  Mr. Sheerin nominated Mrs. Henningsen as Vice Chairman of
    the Board and she was elected by unanimous vote.

c)  Resolution to amend the Bylaws to change the number of mem-
    bers of the Executive Committee from 2 to 3, passed unani-

    Mr. Sheerin nominated Mr. Ross, Mrs. Henningsen and Mr.
    Hilliard to serve as the Executive Committee, and they were
    elected by unanimous vote.

d)  By unanimous vote, it was agreed that the custom of appoint-
    ing 1 or 2 members to a committee be followed:

    Chairman Ross made the following appointments to the Commit-
    tees of the Board:

        Property Committee        - Silas Ross, Albert Hilliard
        Instruction Committee     - Chris H. Sheerin
        Library Committee         - Albert Hilliard
        Student-Welfare Committee - Mary Henningsen, John Cahlan

e)  Motion of Mrs. Henningsen passed unanimously that the Bylaws
    of the Board of Regents be referred to a committee for study,
    with recommendations for revision.

    Motion of Mr. Cahlan passed unanimously that Mr. Ross, Mrs.
    Henningsen and Mr. Hilliard be named as the Committee on
    Bylaws, with President Moseley and Dr. Gorman as advisory
    members.  Chairman Ross appointed Mr. Hilliard to serve as

Governor Pittman and Mr. Robbins Cahill, of the State Tax Commis-
sion, were welcomed to the meeting at 10 A.M.

Governor Pittman stated that the purpose of their visit was to
discuss the University budget with the members of the Board, and
asked Mr. Cahill to open the subject.

Mr. Cahill explained that the Governor considers it vitally
necessary to keep the State tax rate at 64 cents and he has so
stated in his message to the Legislature, and he believes that
to raise it would cause hardship on counties because of the State
law limits the total tax rate to $5.  If the State tax is in-
creased, the counties would have to cut down in proportion.  The
Governor is very sympathetic to the University's need for faculty
increases.  However, all that can be made available from the 64-
cent rate is 2 1/2 cents above the present 12 1/2 cents, making
the total to the University 15 cents, the income from which would
amount to $60,000 per year additional money during the biennium,
making a total of $360,000 per year income to the University.

This amount would be sufficient to meet the $50,000 plan for
salary increases, with $25,000 for the Buildings and Grounds
staff.  In addition to this 2 1/2 cents increase for the Uni-
versity State tax, the Public Service tax will be increased from
1 1/2 cents to 2 cents.

Governor Pittman stated that he intends to recommend 15 cents
for the University in his budget, and that the Board of Regents
may go before the Ways and Means Committee with additional re-
quests from new sources of revenue.  The Governor will go along
with the Legislature if they can find legal new sources of

Motion of Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the Board, the
President and the Comptroller thank Governor Pittman and Mr.
Cahill for their interest in the University and for their clear
presentation of the tax picture as it effects the University.

Reporter Robert Bennyhoff came into the meeting at 10:30 A.M.,
during the discussion with the Governor.

President's Informal Report:

A.  Enrollment - Present figures are:

        Men     1105
        Women    500
        Total   1605

    Of the above students, 867 are attending under the Veterans
    Education Bills as follows:

        Under G. I. Bill                     830
        Under Vocational Rehabilitation       37

    In regard to out-of-state students, President Moseley ex-
    plained that:

    (1)  All Nevada students who have applied and who have
         qualified scholastically have been admitted.

    (2)  Many of those admitted from out-of-state are blood
         relations of people who live in our trade area, from
         Susanville to Bishop, California.

    (3)  We feel that the University should do its duty by ac-
         cepting as many war veterans as it can house and accom-

    (4)  Out-of-state students pay their way; out-of-state tui-
         tion fee is $100 per semester.

    (5)  It is necessary for Nevada students to go out of Nevada
         for education in specialized fields, such as Medicine,
         Dentistry, Forestry, Pharmacy, Nursing and advanced work
         for teaching, etc., and therefore, Nevada must recipro-
         cate by accepting some out-of-state students.

B.  Housing

    Women housed      202
    Men housed        263
    Couples housed     84

    Manzanita Hall           Artemisia Hall       Lincoln Hall
    Students    93           Students   107       Students   127
    Adults       1           Adults       1
                94                      108

    Old Gymnasium            Field House
    Students    39           Students    14
                             Adults       3 (Teaching Fellows)

    Highland Terrace Housing Units
    Dormitory No. 27  Students  40
    Dormitory No. 28  Students  40
    Dormitory No. 30  Students  15 (not under University super-
                                95  vision)

    Couples - 17 (not under University supervision)

    Campus Housing Units              Trailer Court  W. 2nd St.
    Unit No. 1 - Couples       14     Couples          28
    Unit No. 2 - Couples       14
    Unit No. 3 - Couples       14
    Unit No. 4 - Couples       14

C.  Gifts

    a)  Mr. William A. Pappas of Reno has given $500 to be ap-
        plied toward the scholarship fund for the two Greek women
        students at the University.

    b)  Mr. Donald R. Warren of Los Angeles, added $500 to the
        Donald R. Warren Student Loan Fund, which was established
        by him in 1946.

    c)  Mrs. Frank R. Payne of Reno donated $750 to the Presi-
        dent's Discretionary Fund.

    d)  A local firm donated anonymously $250 as a contribution
        to the Student Union Building Fund.

    e)  A former employee of the University has contributed
        anonymously to the General Endowment Fund as follows:

        May, 1941       Cash                               $  250
        September, 1941 Cash                                   50
        November, 1941  Alexander Pantages Bond, p. v.        500
        December, 1941  Cash                                  100
        December, 1944  Mississippi River Power Bond p. v.    100
                        Hudson Manhattan Railroad Bond p. v.  500

        Previous mention of the above gift has not been made by
        the President because of the donor's wishes.

D.  University Calendar for 1947-48, with opening and closing
    dates as follows:

        September 15, 16, 17     Registration and Orientation
        January 30               First semester closes
        February 2               Registration
        June 5                   Second semester closes

                       Summer Sessions

        June 9                   First term begins
        July 16                  First term ends
        July 19                  Second term begins
        August 27                Second term ends

All reporters except Mr. Mc Cullough left the meeting at 11:30

President's Recommendations:

A.  Recommendations for Degrees


B.  Recommendations on Personnel


     1)  That, effective January 1, 1947, Mrs. Elizabeth Leeds
         Scott, Secretary to Dean Griffin, be increased in salary
         from $150 to $160 per month.


     2)  That, effective February 1, 1947, Donald Drown be re-
         appointed as Student Assistant in Animal Husbandry at a
         salary of $50 per month, for the Spring semester, 1947.

     3)  That, effective February 1, 1947, Victor E. Spencer be
         reappointed as Professor and Head of the Department of
         Soils in the College of Agriculture on a 1/3 time basis,
         the remaining 2/3 of his time to be devoted to Soils
         Research in the Agricultural Experiment Station, and
         that his salary, $4000 per year, be apportioned accord-

     4)  That, effective February 1, 1947, Dr. Eldon W. Wittwer
         be returned to active status as Professor and Head of
         the Department of Agricultural Economics at a salary of
         $4200 per year, the salary granted to him at the meeting
         of February 2, 1946.

     5)  That, effective February 1, 1947, the title of Louis
         Titus be changed from Associate Professor of Agronomy to
         Professor of Farm Mechanics, in the Department of Agron-

     6)  That, effective February 1, 1947, Professor Louis Titus
         be increased in salary from $3200 to $3800 per year.

     7)  That, effective February 1, 1947 and until June 1, 1947,
         Verner E. Scott be appointed as Professor of Dairy and
         Poultry Husbandry in the Department of Animal Husbandry,
         on a 1/2 time basis, the remaining 1/2 time to be devot-
         ed to the Agricultural Extension Division, and that his
         salary, $350 per month, be apportioned accordingly.

     8)  That, effective February 1, 1947, Dr. Laraine E. Dunn
         be appointed as Associate Professor of Soils in the
         College of Agriculture on a 2/3 time basis, and Assist-
         ant in Soils Research in the Agricultural Experiment
         Station on a 1/3 time basis, at a salary of $3800 per
         year, apportioned accordingly.


     9)  That, effective February 1, 1947, Professor J. R. Van
         Dyke, Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering,
         be increased in salary from $3800 to $4200 per year.

    10)  That, effective February 1, 1947, Professor I. J.
         Sandorf, Head of the Department of Electrical Engineer-
         ing, be increased in salary from $4000 to $4200 per

    11)  That, effective February 1, 1947, H. B. Blodgett be ap-
         pointed as Professor and Head of the Department of Civil
         Engineering at a salary of $4200 per year.

    Economics, Business Administration and Sociology

    12)  That, effective February 1, 1947, the resignation of Mr.
         Ellis Chadbourne as Instructor in Economics and Business
         Administration, be accepted.


    13)  That, effective February 1, 1947, the resignation of
         Miss Joanna Chapman as Assistant Professor of Education,
         be accepted.

    14)  That, effective February 1, 1947, Miss Mildred Huber be
         appointed as Lecturer in Education, in place of Miss
         Chapman, resigned.  Miss Huber's salary will be paid
         entirely by the State Board for Vocational Education.

    15)  That, effective February 1, 1947, Mr. Lloyd Dowler be
         appointed as Lecturer in Education.  Mr. Dowler's
         salary will be paid entirely by the State Board for
         Vocational Education.

    Physical Education for Women

    16)  That, effective July 1, 1947, Miss Ruth Russell, Assist-
         ant Professor of Physical Education for Women, be grant-
         ed a leave of absence for the academic year, 1947-48, at
         1/2 salary, $1300 for the year.

    Agricultural Extension Division

    17)  That, effective January 22, 1947, Mr. William S. Hayes
         be appointed as Extension Forester on a 1/2 time basis,
         salary of $1800 per year, to be paid $1200 from Federal
         Norris-Doxey funds and $600 from University State Offset
         to the Norris-Doxey funds.  Mr. Hayes will devote 1/2
         time to the position of Assistant State Forester Fire
         Warden, for which the State will pay him $1800 per year.

    The Board acted also as a Board of Control for the Agricul-
    tual Experiment Station in items 3 and 8.

    Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the above items
    1 to 17, inclusive, be approved.

C.  Recommendations on Policy


Comptroller's Report:

1)  Motion of Mrs. Henningsen passed unanimously that the Comp-
    troller be authorized to invest $25,000, received on January
    8, 1947, from the Raphael Herman Estate, in U. S. Government
    Series G Bonds.

2)  Motion of Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the claims
    presented as follows, be approved:

        List No. 7, dated January 25, 1947, covering Regents
        Checks No. 67-168 to 67-173, inclusive, for a total
        of $52,706.05.

Reporter Mc Cullough left the meeting at 12 noon.

Old Business

President Moseley reported that he had made several attempts to
have Mr. Ogilvie call a meeting of the Citizens Agricultural
Advisory Committee, but that he had been unsuccessful because,
first, Mr. Ogilvie was away from Elko, and then was unable to
leave his farm work, and now, with the Legislature already in
session, Mr. Ogilvie felt that the Committee might not be able
to meet and to prepare a report in time to be of value to the
University.  The Regents expressed a desire to have the Citizens
Advisory Committee meet at the University as soon as possible.
Mr. Sheerin was designated to contact Mr. Ogilvie personally and
President Moseley to call him by phone, requesting that he call
a meeting of the Committee.

The Board recessed at 12:15 noon for luncheon at the University
Dining Hall and was called to order by the Chairman at 1:20 P.M.

New Business

I.   (a)  The Regents recommend to the 1947 Legislature the
          adoption of a budget for the biennium, 1947-48, for
          salaries, operation and maintenance, in the total
          amount of ..............................$1,700,955.50

          Less total anticipated income, based upon
          current revenues ....................... 1,171,516.50

          Total additional amount to be requested of
          the 1947 Legislature ...................$  529,439.00

     (b)  The Governor's message regarding the University's
          budget was discussed, following which Chairman Ross
          summed up the understanding and agreements of the
          Board as follows:

          (1)  The Board is grateful to the Governor for the
               additional 2 1/2-cent tax for the support of the
               University's program and the additional 1/2-cent
               for the Public Service Division.

          (2)  Comptroller Gorman is to be the Legislative Rep-
               resentative of the Board of Regents and is to go
               to the Legislature and ask for the difference be-
               tween the 2 1/2 cents and the amount needed by the
               University to carry out its budget.  If it is not
               possible for the Legislature to give this amount
               of money and if they should ask the University to
               cut it down in any way, he is to say that that is
               a matter for the Regents.  The Regents are then to
               get together for a decision.

          (3)  Neither the President, nor any member of the Board
               of Regents or the faculty, is to go to the Legis-
               lature without being invited and then such invita-
               tions and such visits are to be reported to the
               President's office.  No commitments are to be made
               by anyone, except on what has been already approv-
               ed by the Board.

          (4)  The Board approves of the assistance the students
               and alumni are attempting to give, as outlined on
               the brief presented to the Board of Regents.  The
               Board is to familiarize the Alumni Committee and
               the Student Improvement Committee with its pro-
               cedure and request their cooperation.

          (5)  President Moseley, Comptroller Gorman and Dean
               Creel are to get together and work out the neces-
               sary plan and budget to carry out the program for
               the College of Agriculture and the 2 University
               Farms, which will be a supplement to the budget
               submitted to the Board of Regents at this meeting.

               Dr. Gorman is to present this, also, to the Legis-
               lature as coming from the Board of Regents.

          (6)  The State Planning Board has recognized the needs
               of the University's building program, and has ap-
               proved the sum of $1,500,000 for this program.
               The Legislature is to be informed that this is our
               need and that we need it badly.  The Classroom
               building having already been given to the Univer-
               sity, the priority for the 6-year building program
               is as follows:

               (a)  Heating Plant
               (b)  Life Science building
               (c)  Wing on the Engineering building

               with no order of priority for the

                    Library building
                    Wing on the Agricultural building
                    Agricultural Administration building

     By unanimous vote, the above program was adopted, and Comp-
     troller Gorman was instructed to represent the University
     on this basis.

II.  President Moseley presented the request of the students in
     changing their Constitution to increase the ASUN fee from
     $12.50 to $13.50 for the Spring semester, 1947, and to
     $13.00 for each semester thereafter.  The increase at this
     time is necessary so that the Artemisia Board may receive
     additional income needed for publication of the Artemisia.
     This would give the Board $4 instead of $3 for the coming
     semester, and $2 for each semester thereafter, making $4
     per year.

     Motion of Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the Regents
     go on record as authorizing the Comptroller to collect
     this money if the changes in the ASUN Constitution are ap-
     proved by the students.

The meeting adjourned at 3:45 P.M. until the regular Commencement
meeting, unless an emergency should arise and then a special
meeting will be called by the Chairman.